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Friday 26 February 2010

Two Fish

Wednesday evening I went exploring after receiving an LM of my friend Michiel (hugs darling) in Two Fish. Aww what a place that is. I urge you all to go and have a look. Awesome artistic landscape with many amazing spots to sit and enjoy or take pictures. I was impressed! The sim is not finished yet, building is still going on.

It reminded me a little of Immersiva cause this place too has a theme; the story of Susa Bubble.
A sweet but savage tale about how single Susa doubles up (see youtube story).   

This Is the Tail
Of Susa Bubble
Who went to bed single
And woke up double
Woke up as two
In her single bed.
Who are you? Who are you?’
She said, she said,

There was no holding on after that
Some were happy, others sad
They all came in the same tiny size
Had short little fingers
And blue round eyes

All of a sudden it stopped finally
And they ended up with thirty-three

(Rose Borchovski)

As usual when I am visiting a place (fortunate me) I met the creative Rose Borchovski; a lovely lady with a beautiful avi and ever so kind to all visitors.

Rose Borchovski

Of course I could not stop taking pics. Here are a few to give you an impression. If you see Rose say hello from me ;-) 

Dikke kus

Wednesday 24 February 2010

Just fun pics

When going through my directory of pictures I found a few that are too nice not to use. Here we go:

  Svenlo and me at Sey shop on pose balls

 Reve de Sable

  in Thassa

Dikke kus

Fri.day girl with a Dutch touch

Here's a picture of me with new skin, hair and dress and matching WoE hoodie Shrug in color sea (not new). Yep I've been spending some Lindens  ;-) 

The Miley hair is nice as I like my hair to have a 'messy look', with a loose side pony. I bought the brown series as I'm gradually changing from black to brown hair.  

The Sweet.heart dress comes in 8 colors and has a color changing belt, a sculpted skirt and a low back. For a change I bought Emerald and not black or red (my fav RL and SL colors). And you know what without the sculpted skirt it looks cool on a pair of jeans.

I liked the DT Valentine MaaN skin gift right away, although I normally wear more lighter skins. However, MaaN is available in Cocoa tone only. Ikki told me this personally when I asked her in IM after noticing her on my radar in DT store. So no use waiting for other skin colors: I bought the Extended Smokey makeup version. I love smokey eyes, but you've noticed that no doubt  ;-)  MaaN comes in 9 Single MakeUps or all 9 in FATPack, and also 4 sets of Duopacks (so in total there are 17 makeups), inclusive Eyelashes, Hairbase and Cleavages.

picture taken at Two Fish (see my blog item on this subject)

My friend Svenlo always complaints when I am wearing a different hair/skin (I never change my shape). He likes me best with the 'Svenlo look' as I call it; Abyss hair and League skin. He gets really annoyed when I am wearing a demo skin. Sometimes I do to decide if I really like that particiular demo skin enough to buy it - 'Dido demo girl'.
My landlord Alphons calls it 'Dido under construction'. I also have my 'Alphons look' btw.

Dikke kus

Tuesday 23 February 2010


Last Sunday I visited the little RunoRuno shop, and every time I do, it makes me smile. Nice things for a very nice price (almost all items are $L 50). I already have many of Jojorunoo her items, but could not resist to buy some more. I bought the lace dress in black and white, the new Weave coat and the dollarbee noodle chair with new poses. Sparks and me we had fun with the chairs (right chair on the picture is with new poses).

All Jojorunoo's items come in various options (long/short skirt, different layers and prims) and always very sexy/daring. Especially the Undress items are revealing, although she gives you 3 layers of plasties to cover up your nipples.

Wanna know more about this creative lady read the interview with her. 
My first RunoRuno item ever was her white sweater that leaves one breast bare. Loved it! 
Pics taken at my home, except the first one that's at RunoRuno shop.  

Dikke kus

the noodle chair (dollarbee) in the shop with Sparks

the Undress short version (there are many in black and white)

black lace dress short version (back)

satin dress comes in various versions (sexy and sheer)

Friday 19 February 2010

My cute yellow dress ...

Cute, oh so cute .. my new yellow mini sexy dress. And the ass OMG isn't it awesome.
It is called Linc The Mini yellow Chickiehs (mmm what a name for a dress ...) of Luck Inc.
I combined it with my XTC Shirley Lace gloves and bracelet and my LeeZu Corazon stockings gold (love them) and not shown on the pictures my Bax Coen black suede ankle boots. 

Dikke kus


Skin: DT Cleo
Hair: Magika Biji
Eyes: Poetic Color

Thursday 18 February 2010


LINGERIE... awww who doesn't love it and wants to have loads of it? Well I do for sure!
RL and SL lingerie in my eyes should be sexy, a bit provocative, well made with an eye for detail, nice material (i.e. lace), have the right colors and should certainly NOT be slutty, cheap looking bling bling stuff.

Yesterday my friend Ner, see her blog at The SL Fashionista, gave me a tp to Fishy Strawberry. After the mist disappeared in the shop (pfff so much lag there) we found what we were looking for and both drooled over the Ignition lingerie set. So nicely made and with lots of options and layers. 
Ner gave me the url of a website that showed the RL version of this Ignition set. Super but ... mmm EUR 300. The SL version is a bit less expensive ;-)

The ignition set includes the following options:
  • the balconette bra 
  • the corset with garters 
  • the simple corset
  • the garter belt (with and without garters) 
  • sheer lace classic panties 
  • two kinds of stocking: shiny and opaque.
But what color, arghh always difficult to decide which color to buy...  
In the end Ner and me decided for repectively oldrose and brown. This set has so many options and layers. You can wear it even as a top under a jacket or on a jeans when you go out dancing, or just as lingerie to seduce your SL lover/BF.

Have a hot evening!
Dikke kus

PS Ner will be back blogging for The SL Fashionista this week (pfff so happy as I really missed her inspiring entries) cause her new laptop will arrive tomorrow. Super Ner!

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Letter from Gor part I

my sister Deirdre

Let me be blunt and not beat around the bush: this is my sister Deirdre who is living as a slave girl in the Gorean town Petra.
Yeah I know many questions like how did she get there, what happened... Well I could tell you the whole story but believe me it is the usefull stuff 'was found in the woods, taken to the planet of Gor, collared by her master and now living as a slave in his house.
She managed to send me a note (don't ask me  how, must have been a lot of pigeons/other Gorean birds and bribed warriors that carried it to Earth). She even managed to include a few pictures.
Deirdre is wearing camisks and silks and other revealing stuff (mmm hardly can call them clothes) seems her master tells her to wear these garments. All slaves do or are (partly) naked depends on the whims of their masters. I include a few pics:

kneeling at my Masters' feet during a game a Kaissa (kind of chess)

To give you an idea I quote part of her letter:
........ was horrible, painfull and don't want to describe dear sis.
My Gorean master collared me on February 1st and I am his property now. However, I should not complain as I am his only slave and he seems to care about me. Although I have to work hard and obey him in all his whishes. I feel fortunate when comparing my situation with that of sister slaves, who are leashed, caged and treated bad.

After arriving in Petra my master brought me to the doctor for an inspection and my '3 shots'. I felt like an animal, but doctor Venus is a kind woman and made me feel at ease. It's the normal procedure in Gor. The fluid injected keeps the slaves young and beautiful. I felt lousy after the second and third shot, stomach pain, headache. Doctor Venus had to give me antidote tablets. But don't worry sis I am ok now.

at the doctor

I have a couple of sister slaves, who became dear friends in a relatively short time. Although one of them left Petra this weekend with her master. Pitty as this girl Claire was a driving force. I had a lot of fun with her. She is Gorean experienced and was teaching me how to belly dance and serve drinks/food to please my master. I still have a lot to learn.

Which troubles me most is that I have to greet all Masters and Mistresses, kneel for them and stay on my knees keeping my mouth shut. Especially the
last is difficult for me. Well you know me....


There her note ends. Mmm not much info, however I am happy with her sign of life, although i cannot help worrying about her. 

Keep you posted.
Dikke kus

Sunday 14 February 2010

Saying goodbye

Today my dear friend Barry left SL. I received a notecard in which he mentioned he would leave. Too many nasty things had happened which made him decide to leave.

Hi there Dido just a short note to explain I am giving second life away you have been a good friend and If you want to keep in touch with me then not a prob this is my email addess you can send and let me know what is happening xxxxxx@xx

so keep in touch you seemed to be a genuine Friend so sure please feel free to keep in touch with me Barry

last dance

Broke my RL heart. I IM-ed him and he promissed me a last dance before he would deinstall SL. He came and we danced at my home. Awww I cried RL tears, breaks my heart every time a good friend leaves. He is such a kind man and true friend. 
But is good to know he will focus now on RL. I sincely hope he will found the love he is searching, he deserved it.

wishing you well Barry

Dikke kus for Barry, my awesome Aussie man, gentleman and Gorean warrior (steel and honor ;-)

Thursday 11 February 2010

Viva El Andaluz

What an awesome place I visited last weekend on several occasions with different friends: El Andaluz. I love this place in RL but I can recommend to visit its SL version too. For sure worthwhile!

I loved to dance at and walk around the gardens of the Generalife, see the lion fountain in the Alhambra (Granada) and suddenly found myself praying in the Mezquita (Cordoba). There is also an islamic school with an extensive library containing books in Arabic as well as in English. When I was there girls were talking about their faith in Allah.

Dikke kus

An impression:

take a tour around the sim on a flying carpet

the famous Lion fountain

the Generalife

with Sparks : see I love tiles

 washing our hands and feet in front of the Mezquita

praying in the Mezquita with Cat and Sparks

yeah I do love tiles

girls in the Islamic school

Monday 8 February 2010

Pulse skin Isabella: a Passion to Remember...

Awww I cannot decide which one of the new Isabella skins of Pulse I should buy. Yeah yeah I know I have many skins already and some of you readers like me most in a particular one ;-)

BUT.... i love this new Pulse character skin called Isabella and you know what I don't wanna look like a sweet girl. So please help me: which one Passion or Remember???

Isabella Passion

Isabella Remember

The difference? Passion has a pink lipstick and Remember is a more nude skin especially the lips are awesome, and the freckles. OMG I love freckles!

Dikke kus

Suzerella dress

I was pleasantly surprised when Suze gave me the Suzerella evening dress. I mentioned this dress earlier in my blog about Risk City. Actually I think it is not a dress but a piece of art. It reminds me of the RL dresses of Jean-Paul Gaulthier. Aren't they cute those nipple covers.

hanging in front of a picture of Suze herself in her art studio

showing the back of the dress in front of Suze's fountain made of undies

Wanted to share the Suzerella dress with you, so I returned to Risk City and made some pictures of me in the dress. Mmm, I made so many and so difficult to pick one therefore I put in four.

Thanks Suze!
Dikke kus

Monday 1 February 2010

Risk city - a mysterious art place

This weekend on Friday and Sunday I visited Risk city, the place of SuzeLaRousse Milo. Suze is a creative person with a good sense of humor and interested in mysterious art and sexy things as you will experience when hopping on the various pose balls.
At the entrance there are easy operating tp platforms that swiftly bring you to the place of your choice. I started with Icestorm: an enchanting and creative place to start.

I also explored the other places and the shop, where I bought funny hats and a disk that shoots cheerfull coloured balloons into the sky. I drooled over sexy see-through dresses and a 'fountain' made of undies.

At the shop you can also find an awesome pose stand with over 200 poses before a background of sky scrapers (nice photo shoot). Oh and I should not forget to mention the many many beds with hot sex poses.

Icestorm, awesome atmosphere

I investigated the other places as well: the cholate factory, the secret dressing room (funny poseballs), a bathing place and the shop. And yeah I know I could not stop taking pics ;-)

  hanging over the secret dressing room

I bought this hat (3 colours) in the shop (when I am not mistaken I paid L$ 100) 

sitting on a giant pin curl

Do hope I inspired you all to visit this awesome sim Risk city
And you know what, when I looked into the folder of the hats I noticed the names of the hats were in Dutch. Arghhhh another Dutch girl making awesome things in SL.

Dikke kus

Wearing a few of the 50L Friday stuff of 29th January I just had bought:
black bolero jacket: Adore and Abho
plaid dress (comes in more colours) :  Ohmai
stockings pink: League
grey Jersey left:Tres Blah

undress black dress of RunoRuno