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Tuesday 17 May 2022


A week ago I received a tp  to Dukedom from my Explorer friend Ed. He showed me the helicopter hanging in the sky, from which it's fun to jump, with or without a parachute, the rusted pedal boat and the telephone booth. 

Dukedom is a full region created by KnOcks ShadOws (whozyer.daddy) for photography and exploring. It's an adult rated sim with an adult themed area or two. So NO child/teen avatars allowed there. Dukedom is half grungy urban inner city and half country. 

The sim is well made with lots of lovely, cozy and horny places. So there is fun for all. After all it IS an adult sim.

I made a few images then, but decided to return today and explore a bit more of the place. Well there is a lot more to explore. Will show you in some of the many images I made.

I discovered a deserted motel with in front a sort of hippie colony with hookers, nude girls and boys in daring poses. I got inspired and sat on the lap of a guy sitting on a sofa. Luckily he was a bot and super safe 😅

Thursday 5 May 2022

GRAVITY by Lika Cameo


Sunday, 1 May was the opening of 'GRAVITY' by Lika Cameo, the May exhibition at the main hall of Nitroglobus.

After visiting one of Lika's exhibitions in SL not so long ago I was impressed by her artistic skills, not only her images but also the way she presented her art and I invited Lika to create an exhibition/installation for Nitroglobus, which she accepted.
Super happy with the result: GRAVITY is a truly awesome installation.

Lika has a rule that she always gives away one of her artworks, the frame is clearly indicated as 'GIFT', so you cannot overlook. 

My sincere thanks goes to David Silence for the cool poster he created based on an image of Lika & to Adwehe for the impressive light art she created.


About the Gravity collection, written by Lika Cameo:

'You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.' Dr. Seuss

Love can be scary only because you realize you care about someone as much as you care about yourself. You open your hearth knowing that it could be broken, however being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure, joy and excitement, and make you feel that true bond and energy that is pulling you to belong to the other.

The collection “Gravity” outlines the force between the two, that calling and longing which makes two humans to be so attracted to each other. Through this project I wanted to convey that connection and bond. I called gravity a synonym of love, only because, like gravity, love is pulling two sides.

Moreover, with every piece of art comes a POEM:
12 poems are by Celestial Demon*
2 by Pablo Neruda
1 by Lika

* Celestial Demon is a good friend of Lika and an SL character who besides writing cool poetry also creates awesome images.
Take a look at his Flickr collection.

The synonym of Love:

You are gravity...
I am bound to you
My heart’s anchor
My soul’s keeper
You are gravity...
Sink into your gaze
Drown into your smile
Stitched to your skin
You are gravity
My mind’s perception
My DNA complexion
My love magnet
My You...
Poem by Lika Cameo


REVIEWS (in order of appearance):

image made by Susan DeCuir

Susan DeCuir was the first to publish an article about Lika's exhibition in her blog Mein Zweites Leben. Susan used mainly the information from the info giver i.e. the description of the exhibition and the Bio of Lika, so I won't repeat it here. 


image by Inara Pey

The next review 'Love as an Artistic Expression in Second Lifewas published during the opening party by Inara Pey in her blog 'Living in a Modem World'. Of course I shared the url with Lika and all visitors.

Inara wrote as always an indepth analysis:

'The imagery created by Demon’s words is powerful; within the poems we can find obsession, freedom, contentment, happiness, need, desire, comfort … Along with them are three further poems on love. Two are by Pablo Neruda and the third is by Lika herself, and offer the aforementioned more traditional approach to expressing thoughts and reflections on the subject.

Taken on their own, the poems offer considerable insight into the nature of love its push/pull / yin/yang nature it embodies.

Alongside of them, Lika’s art is literally poetry in images. As a mixed media artist, Lika has an extraordinary ability to offer expression and narrative through her pieces. Preferring to work in black-and-white / monochrome (there is one colour trio included in Gravity), she fully demonstrate this ability within this exhibition. There is a stunning richness of life and motion within every single piece on display, a richness that does more than reflect the emotions of the poems, it becomes a visual synonym for the emotions expressed within the poems.'

image by Diomita Maurer

Yesterday Diomita Maurer posted an extensive article in her blog 'Diomita and Jenny Maurer's Blog'.
Diomita wrote:

'I know the gallery space in the meanwhile quite well, yet the mirroring effect of the floor always excites me again. The presentation of the art is simply a piece of art itself and adds a lot to the experience. There’re again some light effect and objects, these were done by Adwehe, another artist who I have covered already a few times in this blog.
Lika’s pictures are showcased at the walls and they mirror in the floor. Take a closer look and you will find differences though. Some pictures are coloured in the mirrored version, others a black an white while the original is coloured.
The large exhibition space is separated by two pictures that are placed into the room. You will notice that from the other side these pictures are partly transparent just leaving the motive standing alone. You get a whole different view!'


image by Frank Atisso

Today, 5 May Frank published a superb review 'Gravity - A Fascinating Exhibition by Lika Cameo' in ART KORNER (Art & Photography News from the Grid).
Frank wrote: 

'Eighteen magnificent pieces of work by Lika Cameo grace the Main Hall of the Nitroglobus Gallery. Among these, there are some pieces which need to be seen together in groups. For example, one of the walls of the gallery has three pieces, which are together titled "I Love You Simply" and in fact, comprise a series which actually depicts the force of love which draws people together.'

'With a sculpture by Mistero Hifeng, the animated light ribbons of Adwehe, the reflective flooring and some 3D artwork by Nitro Fireguard to serve as the accompanying ambiance for this fascinating exhibition, I am sure you will enjoy your visit here to the fullest.'


image by Becca Ordinary

Becca Odinary, who for me is a new blogger, wrote a cool article in her blog 'The SLuggle' about Lika's exhibition. 

'The exhibit itself, Gravity, really impressed me. The individual pieces stand on their own as gorgeous and engaging but when you realize that the gravity here is actually the bond between humans, it's very powerful and the pictures become little stories of love and the forces that push and pull us toward and away from it.'

Needless to say that I am super happy with all the above mentioned reviews/blog posts. THANK you soo much Susan, Diomita, Inara and Frank and Becca! 


The Opening party was on Sunday, 1 May with music by DJ Suzen Juel & particles by Venus Adored and Kurk Mumfuzz
I made lots of snapshots of visitors:

main players at the opening party