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Monday, 26 April 2010

Exploring a Japan Dream

In a few days I will be travelling to Japan (RL) awww I am so excited. Such a different world, far away from Europe. I am getting more and more anxious as the day of my departure to Osaka approaches.
And yes of course I will miss SL and all my friends here. But I will take a travel laptop with me ...... ;-)

This weekend Eskimo man took me to an SL Japanese sim called Japan Dream Kenjin to get me into the holiday mood. I liked the place although a bit packed, but also many pose balls all around and even a studio as well as many 'pee' pose balls shattered around the sim. Mmm, do Japanese SL users pee all over the place?

An impression:

Outfit: Discord MU-DOU Pink set (gift)
Shoes: Japanese Souri's
Skin: Tuli Sayuri skin (VIP Group Gift)
Hair: Magika hair Earth (free)

Don't think Dido will be blogging for a next couple of weeks, except for my RL blog of course  ;-)

Dikke zoen & hope to be back on 27 May.
Extra kiss for Bas my eskimo man: will miss you sweetie!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Under the Volcano....

I mentioned in my blog 'First Rome then Japan' I would be visiting Rome (RL speaking) to visit the exhibition of Caravaggio in April.
Well I did and it was super! But a day after arriving at the spot in Iceland a volcano errupted and I was stuck in Rome. OMG what drama. Most people reply when I tell them 'not bad being stuck in that city, but it is believe me. Doesn't matter where you are, when you have no clue when you will be able to return to your home, you are not happy. 

Tried alternatives like the international trains, rented cars, busses: all sold out. Well in the end thanks to a lot of luck in getting train tickets to Milano and a dear friend, who drove all the way to the border of Switserland and Italy to fetch us, I made it home last Monday evening late. Sooo I do hope this vulcano will take it easy next week as I fly to Japan on Thursday.

Picture is showing me finally at my SL home after all the drama ;-)


Skirt and belt of Kunglers Group Gift 18 April 2010
Top: MIS casual cami snow


Do like to mention Ner her blog item on The Fashionista blog in which I participated too about Muhi outfit and Tuli skin.

Aren't we cute as Asian girls in our Muhi bodysuits

Dikke kus

Monday, 12 April 2010

Exploring at Fotoscope

Yesterday I went exploring with Eskimo man to a so funny place called Fotoscope. Lots of different kind of funny pose balls over there and me I looooove balls. 
We started high up in the galaxy, sort of free floating on classical music which ended in being shot at by space ships, argh! 

being hit by a laser beam

Ending with a wellknown face that spoke the legendary words 'May the Force be with you' ;-) Loved it and played the last part 3 times.

Then we tp-ed to the earth with lots of other stuff to explore. If you wanna have fun and like surprises ... 

love chairs with several cute animations

 aww dancing in a glass of champagne, sexy dances sooooo I stripped ;-)

Have fun!

Prelude :Lundi Suit Bordeaux
Boots: Bax ankle boots red suede

Dikke kus

Friday, 9 April 2010

The Social Scene

I was exploring this afternoon with Eskimo man. Had so much fun and took lots of pics at awesome places, which I wanna share with you guys. So there we go:

The Social Scene is a too funny place, lots of animations and there is even a condom machine in the toilet area. Do visit the toilets and don't forget to shoot yourself..... Taxi to the Social Scene

Dikke kus

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Now where shall I start by telling you about Michelangelo Rossini, mmmm let me cut and paste some text from his profile that will tell you a lot about this creative Italian guy:

Two are the infinite things:
- The Universe
- The human stupidity
I have doubt about the first. (Albert Einstein)

Archiectural engineer in RL, I live on an wooooonderful tropical island! Built by myself. Look at pic! Wanna see?
GOR: Builders of Gor caste
Builder , scripter I like to create.
I built the BEST SWIMMER for SL, look at web form! ... etc.

My sister Deirdre met Michelangelo (let me call him Mike) when she was a slave in Gor. He was master there of many slaves, with whom he used to walk around all on a leash. Deir used to ask him if he was walking his doggies ;-) 
But lets skip Gor.

Michel is a builder and one of his latest project is a Harem, which he created on his own sim for all his girls to stay. Visitors are welcome too, however there are a few restrictions. The most important one is that you have to be female and wear a silk.
So sorry guys. You could make a female avi and enter of course ;-)
I visited the harem and took several pics, it looks cool and I was impressed with the details. I especially loved the tile fountain and bath and the lovely frescoes.

Mike was accompanied by Julia, one of his girls, for the picture shoot. When I entered I found Mike and another girl in a hot embrace. Walking away and acting as if I did not notice them she must have noticed me, coz she suddenly disappeared. Mmm, not necessary coz she was a classy girl ;-)

We discussed Gor, BDSM and Histoire d'O. Mike has rather outspoken opinions on these topics (and many others). Although I don't always agree with him, I did enjoy myself. He is an intelligent and creative person that likes to build nice things in SL and cares about the ones he loves.
When you like visit his harem. Here is the taxi
Want to know more about the swimmer and the waterski AO's he made?  Visit YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k_MvrosQdk)
Dikke kus

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fancy in brown and orange

After visiting Lollygagger lane with Bastian this afternoon I went back and dressed in brown I took this snapshot.
The jacket I am wearing is part of a Bare Rose outfit called Voyage. My friend Ner was wearing it last time I saw her and she showed me where she got it. So sweet of her. The outfit is great fun, not sure if Ner will blog it, so keep an eye on The SL Fashionista blog. Thanks again Ner, love you!


Jacket: Bare Rose Voyage jacket brown (part of outfit) 
Dress:  Ohmai: basics one piece in Orange navy
Stockings: Crazy Mala stockings (part of outfit)
Boots:  Redgrave girls biker boots sand
Gloves: XTC Shirley lace gloves

Pic taken at Lollygagger Lane (see my blog item)

Dikke kus

Lollygagger lane

Awesome sim I explored with Eskimo man this afternoon. I could not stop taking pics as you can see.
Here's a taxi ... have fun like I did ;-)

He is crazy and I am wearing an outfit from a shop called Crazy ;-)

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Eskimo man

This week I was at Escort club and met a strange guy he had black skin and was wearing a cape. He took me dancing on a cloud. Later I met him in the Australian Outback and he had rasta hair.
He asked me to marry him in Las Vegas ..., so much fun with this crazy eskimo ;-) 
Snapshot shows us dancing at my place.

Sassy Kitten Designs : 
Overall purple (comes in many layers and options) daring and ubersexy if you ask me ;-)
Stretched Tank black and white. I am wearing the normal black one (comes in sheer too)

Dikke zoen

Now who's afraid of heights?

Last week I was exploring when my friends Pietertje and Svenlo joined me at Dragon's Chyld Studios a true 'Dragon paradise'.
I was kindly welcomed and told this was NOT a mature sim, so no kissing and messing about, no dirty words either.

You can buy dragon outfits and lots of other amazing 'dragon like' stuff there. One of the dragons, a sweet and very patient lady gave us a tour first walking and later flying around. The two guys on her back and me between het big claws. I am sure I would never have the guts to do this RL ;-)

 Pieterje, Svenlo and me flying high on dragon Cora

Worth exploring, enjoy!

Dikke kus

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Outback Australia

With my Emerald Viewer snapshot working again (thanks Chris for your help & patience, xxxxx) I was really inspired. Went exploring in the Outback Australia (thanks Michiel for the LM).
Took a horse ride and loved it. Even swam in a pool with a rhino arghhh
Sim is nicely made and the tour is fun, no lag (not yet).
Wanna go? Here is your taxi to the Outback

League 50 Linden Thermal dress purple
League Thermal stocking (former 50 Linden)
Boots: Friday Journey boots duo eggplant (also 50 Linden)

Arghh 50 Linden Friday girl ;-)

Dikke kus

Friday, 2 April 2010

Wet boots

I love dancing so much that I don't mind having my boots full of sea water. Sven didn't either. Love these pics.


Crazy Mala dress comes with stockings and thong
Boots: Courtisane La Vivien Xmas boots (ruined now)

I love presents

I received an Easter gift, wow I love gifts. Svenlo gave me this awesome sexy outfit. I wanted to blog it two days ago but every time I tried to take a snapshot I crashed. So frustrating. I managed somehow to take the black/white picture shown beneath. Strange effect (a crash pic).
However, I am back blogging with a smile and taking snapshots on Emerald Viewer. Had to uninstall my existing one and download a 'fresh' Emerald but hey it works. I am truly happy and inpired to blog again.

snapshot that made me crash

I am wearing the Solange Traction outfit. It's really really gorgous and high quality. When you don't like it to be all black leather you have a choice of different colours. It has rotating small wheels on the nipple bolt (which btw comes in 12 different options!), belt and gloves. It has a short and a long flex skirt (mmm skirt I rather call it a silk). Arghhh I bet this outfit is a prim eater but I love it! Thanks Sven.

Dikke kus

Thursday, 1 April 2010

New SL Viewer hick ups

I am not happy at all with it and I am not the only one. Talking about the Second Life Viewer 2.0.
This week I had another few fine examples of how things can go wrong with this new viewer. Although I must admit I did have a good laugh as well.

I entered SL with the new viewer. Tough me, I had decided to give it another chance. Mmm, I entered as a noob: my skin, hair, eyes, shoes all had disappeared; not a very promissing start. Btw what skin and hair can do for a girl ;-)

My friend Sparks came over and helped me. He stayed calm and explained where to find essential features like music, toggle, rebake, etc. He even logged off and came back on SL 2.0 viewer himself to help me and that during my super dark/frustrated mood. Thanks Sparks for your patience!

My landlord IM-ed me and asked me over to test new dances. I tp-ed over, still on new Viewer. Like Sparks he logged off and used the new Viewer too but arghh .... he was fuzzing with his invent and all of a sudden I was dancing with a boyish noob. Had such a laugh and could not resist to take a pic. However, I have the pic only in my invent. Sooo if you like to see it, IM me ;-)

At least I could take pics without crashing, coz that's what happens on Emerald I crash everytime I touch the snapshot button. Very very frustrating.

Dikke kus