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Friday 28 November 2014

Snow in the air

The outfit I am wearing is from drbc: their blow-belted skirt & the drbc cristy double shirt. Both items come with HUDs to change color and/or texture. Showing the black and red version. However, there are many many more cool textures for the skirt as well as for the sweater.

The long hair is NEW too and yes yes it's MINA's Selenia hair for The Arcade
The hair is rigged mesh and comes in 2 versions, a materials one and a none materials.
Where:    τ€€The Arcade Gacha Events
What:      Normal and special packs and 3 rare (Essentials, Pastels, Ombres Pastels)
When:     December 2014 
Price:      Only L$75 per game, collect all 12!!

Thanks to the designer for this awesome bloggers review outfit.

Poses used: NanTra 'Put a Ring On' 

sYs Design cool Dandy tie unrigged mesh comes from The Deck  23 November 2014. It's cute, great fun and sooo Xmas. Just couldn't resist buying.

Monday 24 November 2014

HeLa & Lorelai

HeLa Lennie isn't only an awesome photographer, she's also a great designer of creative clothes. Showing you my latest aquisition at HeLa Designs the mesh Paradise dress. Smexy and soo well made. Chapeau HeLa!

In case you don't know yet, HeLa has an exhibition in the main hall of our gallery at this moment called 'Nightmare', which is truly awesome! Very intriguing work/theme. In case you didn't visit yet, here's your taxi to Nitroglobus. Don't miss it.

 HeLa's shop 

With the dress I wear these elegant Chicago heels of Preptopia for Slink Mid feet in black. These lovely heels come in many many great colors.

Thanks to the designer Lorelai Bonetto for this great bloggers review gift. LoreLai's RL story is fashinating: 
in 2007 she met her RL future husband in SL and after being away from SL for several years in which immigration, building a house, settling down, etc etc took place, she returned to SL in 2013 and wanted to do something different and ceative. Preptopia was born.

'Preptopia brings preppy to SL with bold colors, classic cuts and nautical themes. I put much effort into using high quality textures that look as realistic as possible. Preptopia offers women's clothing and shoes, ranging from casual to formal. From Fall 2014 I also offer meshes that are exclusive to Preptopia under the brand of Preptopia Couture' 

dikke kus

Saturday 22 November 2014


Celebration; a shiny blue mesh Paris Metro evening dress consisting of mesh and flexie parts to give you that swinging romantic feeling.  

Where better to go and make a photo of an evening dress then to Franks' one of the classical dancing places of SL? I met, besides lots of dull silent men, the lovely Talena, who is Dutch like me (we found out after talking English to eachother for a while .. lol). We danced and had fun. Thanks Talena!

Enjoy your weekend

dancing with Talena

dancing alone

!gO! girl go

Found these !gO! items in in my closet and like to show ^-^

!gO! Day mesh hoodie vest former GG
!gO! Viki mesh skirt in turquoise
BAX Ornament leggings fishnet long low-waist
D!va hair Rosa black amber (collabor88)
Glow Designs Hair Bow Aqua GG
Sn@tch basic latex gloves black (for SLINK hands)
HUDSON's Black Denim knee high boots
MS Bibi collar 

When visiting the !gO! shop I found there is a lovely carousel and catcha machines in the back. Couldn't resist to make this snapshot of me wearing one of !gO!'s newest items called 'little witch.

enjoy your weekend

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Sunday Cafe@Nitroglobus gallery 16 November

Pics I made last Sunday 16 November, at our Sunday Cafe@Nitroglobus gallery. This time DJ Ferdy's played 'Travelling music'.
Inspiring music, wonderful witty guests and a great atmosphere. Thanks to all who visited & to our awesome DJ Ferdy for the music!
Enjoy the snapshots of all the beautiful people visiting our Cafe.

dikke kus

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Classy mix and match me

Classy moi is wearing:

CV (Center Ville) Top Posthaus. This awesome mesh top comes in many many great colors, I'm wearing the black one :-). 

Hudson's Clothing: 

  • the basic mesh black angled mini skirt with HUD (luvvvvvv it) & 
  • the black Denim Knee High boots  &
  • Mink clutch bag (the Group Gift which comes with the Loose Mink Wrap: not shown on this photo)

The ribbons I wear are part of the ZED Sensations AnnMarie gown which I was wearing before I changed. Arghhh sloppy me ... .but cute fit :-)

From my inventory come:
D!va mesh hair Rosa (black amber), bought at Collabor88 - cool hair
BAX Ornament leggings fishnet 
Sn@tch Basic Latex gloves black (with SLINK HUD)

Thanks to all the designers for their awesome bloggers review gifts. Appreciated muchly! Thanks to 'We Love to Blog' group for the awesome blogging items :-)

dikke kus

Friday 14 November 2014

Collabor88 November 2014

D!va hair Rosa (black amber wearing) 
ISON bandage back top in black 
both items from Collabor88 November 2014, wow LUVVVVV them both!

dikke kus

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Browny me (Kaithleen & MINA's Carlijn)

Kaithleen's mesh Jeans Apron dress in chocolate, love it. Nicely made and something different. The mesh dress comes in several sizes and with an alpha layer. 
Mesh Hair materials is Mina's Carlijn pastels, Ombres pastels & Essentials for TDR Fusion and is a bit older (24 October). Arghh lol sorry guess not available anymore at TDR, but you can get this awesome hair at Mina's shop no doubt.  

Gloves for SLINK hands by Sn@tch
Boots: Pure Poison Alline boots
Stockings: Miss Canning garter socks white (for SLINK feet)
Mesh thong: PD sexy and I know it thong

Photos made in Nitroglobus gallery in front of HeLa Lennie's awesome work (exhibition 'Nightmare', which will be on the walls of our gallery till half December). 
dikke kus

Sunday 9 November 2014

Nightmare @ Nitroglobus

Overviews of 'Nightmare' by HeLa Lennie, the present exhibition @Nitroglobus gallery. It will be on the walls of our gallery during the months of October & November 2014. It's soo cool and we are truly happy to have HeLa showing her work at our gallery!!

Nightmare tells the hidden meaning of HeLa's life - translated into & described as a nightmare. I'm sure it will impress you as much as it did me.

Taxi to Nitroglobus gallery  

My partner Nitro made a really AWESOME video about HeLa's exhibition. Take a look here: 

http://youtu.be/oIFvmcBG1Pw (sorry couldn't include the video into this blog post. 

dikke kus

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Design in front of Art

Miss Canning mesh Cropped Set, which comes in many sizes, Lolas Tango Appliers,  HUDS to change the skirt as well as the top in 8 different colors/textures. Yeah, another color/combination for every evening of the week. I like this outfit, it fits me well and it's classy but not classical if you know what I mean ^-^

The other NEW item shown is the DBF Savannah skin I'm wearing. This is DBF's item for this months ROOM69 event. It comes in Tan with SLINK feet and hands applier and in 3 cleavage versions.
Room69 is a monthly circular event (1-20 of the month) and includes sales from designers in all classes eg. clothing, shoes, houses, furniture etc.

Posing in our gallery (Nitroglobus) in front of Hela Lennie's stunning art work. The exhibition 'Nightmare' by HeLa will be on the walls of Nitroglobus gallery during the month of November. Soooo enough time to visit. And for those of you that recognise her name, yes HeLa is also a designer of clothes AND furniture. Her gift to visitors of the exhibition is the 'Nightmare bed' I am posing in front of. 

Hair: MINA Iris materials
Shoes: *S* Queen
Jewellery: MS Bibi Collar and SSD Frils Bijou Roulette earrings

DBF Savannah skin Tan

HeLa's 'Nightmare bed'

Sunday 2 November 2014

CaTwA Mimi

Showing CaTwA hair Mimi messy: love it!
Photos were made at the now vanished H22O sim, where it was always raining and water surrounded you everywhere. Great place to wander and make photos, but unfortunately gone now -(

dikke kus & have a great week