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Friday 29 March 2013

Two Souls Meeting; April exhibition at Nitroglobus Gallery

The theme of this exhbition is EMOTIONS. 
And, there are a lot of emotions in the artwork of both photographers. Although Paola and Maloe have a different style, they share the need to express themselves in strong sometimes edgy work.   

Lemme tell you something about these artists:

MALOE VANSANT has been around Second Life since 2007 and she started with taking snapshots and making a sort of graphic diary of Maloe's journey in Second Life, showing the emotions Maloe experienced. She uses photoshop to postprocess her work. 
To Maloe her photography in SL is a way of expressing her creativity, her passion, her feelings and emotions experienced in this pixel world and maybe also her dark side. 

PAOLA MILLS also signed up Second life in 2007, after hearing a lot about Linden Lab in the media and being passionate about video games ever since she was a girl. Paola isn't a professional RL photographer but she does like to take pictures when she sees something she likes; a person or a situation, that's the reason she always carries a small camera in her bag. 

Second Life has allowed her to develop, without the need for powerful means, her emotionalism: by capturing a feeling into simple shots that freeze that specific moment in time. 
Unlike many artists in the metaverse she works her snapshots in handicraft way using minimum graphic editing software. 
Paola hopes her photos can be a stimulus of irony, emotions and feelings and that her photography goes beyond a simple observation of the photographer itself.

Interested? Do come and visit, you won't regret.
Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus Gallery.

Have a lovely Easter says Easter bunny Dido; hey hey after all my name 'Haas' means hare in English sooo ^^

dikke kus
bunny Dido

Wednesday 27 March 2013

The Lost Alphabet

The Lost Alphabet is the name of the awesome art exhibition by Haveit Neox at Lost Town (= La Citta Perduta). A must see! 

There is soo much to discover, just walk around and be amazed. 
I also found free creative gifts for the visitor, among them a Harley Quinn total outfit, inclusive skin, shape, boots, hat etc, which is a SK & AG Group Gift and a cute 2 prims scuba mouse and more. Fun, fun, fun. 


dikke kus

wearing Harley Quinn  

Easter time, Bunny time

Easter time, bunny time yeah ^^ 
Wearing the mesh Easter Bunny outftit of Step inSide: this is super cute AND soo complete with the lovely collar, cuffs, the bunny ears and cute tail.

Photos made at the awesome Neva River sim, which is open for public till 29th March. This is such a lovely place, made with a great eye for detail, but hey that's Neva. Great fun to take photos or just wander around, test all the poses and be amazed by the beauty of it all. 
Thanks sooo much Neva for sharing your home!

Oh and the awesome guy in the photo is of course Nitro my partner ^^
dikke kus

Saturday 23 March 2013

True Grey, Your BF wants me ...

Just before the weekend starts showing two new items that I like muchly: 
BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) Your Boyfriend Wants Me dress (in red). This cute Tshirt/dress comes in many many lovely colors. Instead of wearing my usual black ^^ I decided to show you the red version; no mesh, simple but effective and soooo cute.
As usual Cameron made a well filled folder, with a lot of different options among them all layers and the Lolas, BBusty & Lush appliers.  

The other new item are Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh Eyes True Grey. I am a fan of Keshie, she makes awesome eyes.

I like to thank the designers for their awesome review items!
Wishing you all a super nice weekend!
dikke kus

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Over the years

Grazia inspired me with her blog post Elyse, which in its turn was inspired by Tuli's blog post about the same topic: the first pic you ever took of your avi (and how your avi changed over the years).  

So here you go: Dido as she looks now and the oldest photo I could find of her  dating back to 2007. I remember I was sooo proud of the skin and hair at the time ^^

dikke kus

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Tearose and Black

The weekend passed tooo fast; I intended to blog this awesome mesh SYSY's Bodowa dress Sunday evening, but stayed too long dancing at Gitu's gallery for the opening party. 
So here's Bodowa in tearose/black. It's a classy dress, fits my avi super and awww l do so love the wrinkles. Bodowa comes in many many color schemes.

The dress fits purfect coz I am wearing Johanna model, one of the new ANNA SHAPES. I am a fan of Analy her shapes. Hehe tall and slim me ^^. 

Last new item is another great Truth hair called Teddy, wearing champagne w/roots. Yeah I had a blondie mood this evening ;-) 

photo by Ishq Loves (wearing Diva hair bought at Collabor88)

I was spotted at the party wearing the red/black version of this Bodowa dress. Thanks so much Ishq for this lovely photo and your permission to post it here!

A sincere thx to the designers for their awesome bloggers review items!
dikke kus

1st photo taken at Nitroglobus Gallery; standing in front of one of Roni Saunders' artworks of the installation 'Eyeworld'
2nd photo at Gitu's gallery party area

Monday 18 March 2013

Classy in C&P black and white

New classy mesh outfit by C&P Design (Cath and Petrov for intimates) called black and wite check jacket & blouse which I combined with their black weave mini skirt. Cool isn't it?
Wow don't I look classy?
Here's your taxi to C&P main shop.

Pose used is 'SuppressedRedRidingHood' by Mimesis Monday, which I blogged before.  

Thanks Cath for this awesome bloggers review outfit!

dikke kus

Sunday 17 March 2013


I bought a new skin last week: Ava by Belleza. I luvvvvv it!
Black pearls by Mandala, hair by Diva (Collabor88) and mesh hands by SLINK.

dikke kus

Friday 15 March 2013

More Fancy dress & Kasia hair

Arghhh I found out that the awesome mesh Fancy dress by SLAVE Dressing Room, which I blogged this evening comes with a HUD! Really really awesome coz this gives you the opportunity to change the color/texture of the dress and voila you have a completely different one. Soo tahtah ...showing you the uber cute black version (there are 8 different textures). Wow love this dress even more now ^^. 

The pose used (arghh my left arm seems a bit twisted) I bought at the Red Riding Hood sim and is called 'SuppressedRedRidingHood'. It's made by Mimesis Monday who creates poses for prose and poetry. If you are interested here's the taxi to many many awesome poses, each costs L$ 10

The hair I received some minutes ago and it's Truth newest mesh hair Kasia. Awesome as always! I am wearing jupiter w/roots.

That's it. Nite nite!
dikke kus

Thursday 14 March 2013

The other side of the story: fancy dress

This evening I visited the awesome Cherry Manga sim Red Riding Hood - the other side of the story, which is certainly worth a visit.

Showing my new dress; the mesh Fancy dress by SLAVE Dressing Room
Fits really SUPER, without any adjustments! Phew ^^
Love this little dress, makes me feel happy wearing it coz it's bright and holds the promiss of Spring ^^

Pose clinic by Marukin for Collabor88

Furthermore wearing my new Belleza Ava skin, Diva Flora hair also Collabor88,  Mandala black pearls, SLINK mesh feet, SLINK Margot ballet slippers for mesh feet, SLINK mesh hands and my fav Mayfly deep sky mesh eyes Monet Dawn Shadow. 

dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Wednesday 13 March 2013


Here's more newness. First photo showing:
SYSYS mesh Spring Romper, Sysy's item for the upcoming TLC. It comes in many lovely colors. Cute, cute, cute!

The mesh Floral Jersey dress shown below is Peqe's Group Gift. Cool dress; I like the combination of textures. 

Poses used: Juxtapose Kiss My Shamrock

All items shown are bloggers review gifts. Thanks soo much to the designers!
Dikke kus

Irish Wish

Yeah it's almost St. Patricks day in Ireland which means a LOT of green ;-) sooo blogging this awesome Irish Wish evening dress which comes with gloves and a gorgeous hat from Paris Metro and is of course very green ^^. 
Pose used: Juxtapose Kiss My Shamrock.

Both items are bloggers review gifts and I wanna thank the designers for their awesome items!

Dikke kus

Tee*fy (back from RL Paris)

Phew after returning from my RL trip to Paris last Sunday there were sooo many new items ... sighs deep. One cannot miss a day here in SL ^^
However, I picked out the ones I love most and here you go with my first blog in a row:

This Tee*fy Elyse wrapped mesh top I bought at Collabor88 is simply gorgeous and the Diva Flora hair that comes from Collabor88 too ... arhghhh luv it! Soo very Diva with the fluffy locks sticking out. Supa cool!

On the second photo I am wearing the Maitreya mesh mini black skirt, which comes from my invent. 
Furthermore wearing Mandala black pearls necklace and bracelets. SLINK mesh hands and my (facial) tattoos, hey that's me ^^

dikke kus

Tuesday 12 March 2013


The installation EYEWORLD by Roni Saunders will be at our gallery a little longer coz we luv it muchly!
Certainly worth a visit or a revisit ^^
Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus gallery

dikke kus


Wednesday 6 March 2013

Paris holiday

Going to Paris RL for a loooong weekend. Will enjoy it no doubt and moreover will meet my SL partner Nitro. Yeah exciting and cooool ^^

Enjoy your week(end)
dikke kus

Saturday 2 March 2013

At Your Service

Showing smexy Beautiful Dirty Rich (BDR) mesh corset 'At Your Service' which comes with a colour changing HUD and many many add ons like the cap, gloves, mini skirt (all shown in the photo). Also included in the folder are: a panty at knees height with HUD and black boots (not shown). 

At Your Service was made especially for WCF2 (Whore Couture Fair 2) and is only for sale at the Sim of the event atm.

Thanks Cameron for this awesome bloggers review item.

Nite nite and have a great weekend!
dikke kus

Friday 1 March 2013


I found this photo on my harddisk. I made it a little while ago in our gallery (Nitroglobus) posing in front of 'the fat ladies' one of Nitros' mesh sculptures, while experimenting for the coldLogic Anniversary Photo Contest. Wearing their cool mesh Anniversary Gift. Fits my avi super. 

I forgot about the photos, but last evening I decided to edit this one coz I rather liked the image. 

Besides the coldLogic Anniversary gift outfit, I am wearing all stuff from my closet.

Wish you all a super weekend!
dikke kus

I placed this photo in my Flickr account and called it 'Pride' coz I am totally taken atm by Syntax song Pride.


'And I believe in reinvention,
Do you believe that life is holding the clue?
Take away all the lonely moments,
Give me full communication with you.
Your smile, shine a little light, alright?
Don't hide, shine a little light,
Give up on your pride.'