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Saturday 31 March 2012

Who's that girl?

Yeah Who's that girl? Blogging the Who's That Girl Hunt (WTGH) item of Hot Stuff 'an indeed hot stuff red dress with black string, stockings and awesome necklace that comes in mouth and chest version. Hey I feel cute, cute, cute! Therefore showing you my day and nite photo ^^ (just couldn't make a choice lol).

Furthermore wearing:
Truth hair Kalle in mahogany
Angelic tattoo Freedom in black/white
NEW the Mayfly deep sky eyes Monet Dusk (luv them!)
Filthy GG March skin in cream

dikke kus

Friday 30 March 2012

Now who's afraid of heights?

So what does one do when sitting on top of the Eiffel Tower .... mm talk ^^ 
I had visited the Eiffel Tower before, but again I enjoyed it muchly; so nice to jump off with a chute, or sit on the neighboring moon. Nitro and I were lucky, coz there was nobody there; whe had the entire tower for us. Loved it! Wanna try? Here's your taxi

dikke kus

Paris Metro Couture Beautiful Baggies and pop flower halter (yeah, how appropriate) & Truth hair Kalle roots champagne.

Thursday 29 March 2012

Filthy GG & Shine bag

Showing two new items this evening: the SHINE Mesh Satchel bag in red, forearm animation. What a wonderfully detailed large bag, I will use it for short travels and overnight stays ^^
The SHINE Satchel bag comes in many colors, different patterns and two options to wear hand and forearm. Oh and you can change the color of the stone texture. 

Also new is the lovely  Filthy skin Cream GG March 2012; luv it!
The GG skin folder contains several skin colors and a shape.  

This evening wearing Kalle in mahogany, one of this weeks Truth hairs. Luv this hair muchos, will be a fav!

From my invent:
BOOM I promise lace trim bra
EED (Elemental Earth Design) Stone necklace with tintable stone
LouLou&Co gloves and bracelet Crepuscule

CM (Cracked Mirror) Mercy blouse dress black
Mayfly deep sky eyes Monet Dawn
Miel Chum necklace and bracelet
The Rock caLLie cLine red diamond ring
Water fire diamond ring by Nitro
Angelic tattoo Fredoom black and white version
YS&YS freckles tattoo layer
Mynerva Moles Monroe tattoo layer
Ferrishyn eyeshadow Dark Smokey brown

dikke kus

pictures taken at Angel Labs, my home

Tuesday 27 March 2012


Wearing another NEW Truth hair called Kalle in champagne. Kalle has a tintable band and is non-mesh. Aww I luv it muchly. Really cute cute hair!
The awesome guy with me on the photo is Nitro, my man ^^

dikke kus

Monday 26 March 2012

Mesh girl & particles

All mesh girl this evening ^^ 
Wearing one of the 3 new Truth hairs of this week; this one is mesh and called Savina (w/roots in quince) and a new mesh Maitreya Zipper skinny jeans I bought. Wow I love both items muchos!
Also wearing two other not new mesh items: the ColdLogic top hache.pitch and Maitreya Devi Booties faded teal. 

Furthermore wearing:
League Sia Medium Bloom skin
Poetic Colors Moon lavender eyes
Miel CHUM bracelet and Lish necklace 
Pepper snake belt (TFG)

dikke kus
Savina another supa Truth mesh hair

mesh Maitreya zipper skinny jeans

This evening Nitro took me to a particles show; a demonstration of Tyrehl Byk. Wow breathtaking beautiful accompanied by the enchanting music of DJ Ultraviolet Alter. First and last photo were taken there.

Friday 23 March 2012

Wednesday 21 March 2012

No Scorpio

Anymore Ripper jeans turquesa (comes in many colors)  NEW
AMD Voodoo belt & Atomic tank sheer (part of Atomic outfit)
Truth Parisa mahogany  NEW
Mynerva GG skin Sara Pure (not new)
Angelic Tattoo Freedom
Repulse tattoo Eat me stomach
R.icielli LARISSA minitop floralblack
Scrub black butterly belly piercing
Kosh bendy nail bracelet
SS Soleless Sandles antique china & SLink Jolie Pied barefeeet

NEW pose used: DM Twisted Arcane Scorpio (Twisted Hunt Extra -Arcane Zodiac ) and nope I am no Scorpio ^^
dikke kus

Monday 19 March 2012

Parisa the Truth

Wow I really really adore this Truth hair called Parisa and it's not coz my SL patner is from Paris ^^
Nope, it's because it's mesh AND has a flexi  fluffy attachment, arhhhh it's just WOW! One of the 2 awesome Truth hairs this week, but this one def is my fav! 

Furthermore wearing: 
AMD (Apple May Design) Atomic outfit  NEW
R.icielli larissa minitop violet
Matrioska Samara skin (skintone 2)  NEW
Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes Amber pitch   NEW

dikke kus

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Cu next week

Waves to all, cu next week!
dikke kus

Monday 12 March 2012

Real men

Wearing a new top: 
elly AD team shirt in pink-faded. There are two color tones (faded and non faded) in a pack for the price of one: L$ 119. Not bad huh, and you receive all layers for that price, no sculpted parts. It's a cute shirt and it fits supa with my Paris Metro Couture flower baggy pants (see my former blog post)

Also wearing MINA hair Liss which comes with 2 huds one to change the color of the hair and one to change the color of the beret. Awesome! Price for this fatpack is L$ 1000
This hair and 3 other MINA hair (Yva, Kim and Victoria) are her offers for FLF (Fashion for Life) 2012. All proceeds go 100% to the American Cancer Society. 
Here's your taxi to MINA her booth at FLF

From my closet:
Scribble necklace - hemp & glass beads - red
Miel Echo necklace
Miel - CHUM necklace & bracelet
.HoD. - Nothing's necklace
TSS darken eyebrow piercing
the ROCK red diamond ring by caLLie cLine
water-fire-diamond ring by Nitro
Angelic Tattoo Freedom
Repulse - Eat me stomach wound tattoo
Paris Metro Couture Beautiful Baggies - pop flower

dikke kus
another one of my old time faves: Real Men by Joe Jackson  

Sunday 11 March 2012

I hope you feeling happy now

Wearing the really supa nice black Favole Leanansidhe lace partly mesh evening dress. Look at that texture, the lace of the mesh body is so detailed, yeah really purrfect! The gloves are included and the skirt as well as the non-mesh part of the corset come  scripted as well as non-scripted. Leanansidhe comes in several warm colors.  
This is one of the Favole FFL (Fashion for Life) items and the price is L$ 400; all proceeds will go to charity for Cancer. FFL opened to the general public yesterday (Saturday) 10th March.  

Yep, this is definitely a must have and an item I  will wear often when I visit a formal dancing place. 
The only disadvantage is that I had to reduce my breast size in order to fit into the mesh corset.

Also wearing Kathy w/roots, streaked in Jupiter including the Jupiter hairbase, one of the two new Truth hairs of this week; classy and with a swinging fluffy tail.

And that's not all coz the gorgeous Aquarelle necklace and hair piece I am wearing are from Finesmith and also new. They come with earrings, face and eyes ornament (was a bit too much to wear all) as well as a hud that lets you change the color. Another creative work of Finesmith! 

posing on one of the new DM poses in the shop; awesome as all her poses

I give you a song, one of my oldtime faves: Hedonism by Skunk Anansie. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
dikke kus

Friday 9 March 2012

C&P Bikinis

snowflake bikini - hot pink

babydoll bikini - pink spot 

doublestring bikini - blue/green

Showing off in sexy C&P bikinis, that Catherine (Cath for intimi) of C&P design  gave me as bloggers review items.
  • Snowflake bikini - hot pink (a minimalistic piece of work by Cath)
  • Doublestring bikini - blue/green
  • Babydoll bikini - pink spot
Also new is the Handmade Hair (H.Hair) - Carol on Hollywood 

Furthermore wearing:
Scribble hemp & glass beads necklace - red
Angelic Tattoo Freedom
SLink Jolie Pied: bare feet
Miel CHUM bracelet
Scrub black butterfly belly piercing
Redmint skin pale no. 07

dikke kus

Thursday 8 March 2012

Yummie Paris Metro baggy pants

Paris Metro Couture Beautiful Baggies - Pop flower & halter  NEW (thanks RFB for the bloggers review item!)
Wow I luv this outfit, tough and feminin at the same time.
The pants has translucent sculpted parts which make it look more softer. I didn't know which shoes to wear so I opted for my SLink feet, my first present from Nitro. I know Paris Metro from the more elegant fluffy evening dresses, but these baggy pant with the half taken off top is really yummie!

Furthermore wearing:
LouLou&Co gloves and bracelets Crepuscule
Fri.day hair Deena - scornful red
Poetic Colors eyes bright ice crystal
redMint skin Pale no. 7 
The Underworld collar (necklace)
Acide GSP 7.1 piercing Jam grey
Scrub belly black butterfly piercing
Miel CHUM bracelet
Angelic tattoo Freedom
SLink Jolie Pied with SS soleless sandles - antigue china

dikke kus

Today I listened to a song on the radio, not a new song but one I like. However, I never saw the accompanying video clip, which is too funny. So I included here hope you like as much as I do: Genesis with Jezus he knows me.

Tuesday 6 March 2012

The Dark Side

Revisiting MetaLES with Nitro and dancing while listening to the beautiful music between a wood of white feathers. MetaLES a sim where you will find instalations of women artists and creators of SL, who expose each for a month here, promoting culture and art in the Metaverse. This month Anley Piers  enchants with her 'The Dark Side'. Certainly worthwhile to visit! Here's your taxi.

dikke kus

And I give you a song, one I like muchly. Enjoy! 

"And if you're homesick,
give me your hand and I'll hold it..."

Monday 5 March 2012

AMD Mesh

Wearing a brand NEW AMD (Apple May Designs) outfit consisting of:

a lovely Watercolor scarf - autumn
Sabrina mesh dress - sand
Savannah boots - brown

Wow all these items fit so well and I adore the textures of the boots and the scarf, really awesome!
dikke kus

Poses used: Miamai Model Poses - Strategies  NEW
Photos taken at Angel Labs; my home


Aww how cute this DEW Deawny dess, I adore the white lace peaking out. Luv it! Same goes for the new Truth mesh hair one of 2 new Truth hairs. But this one is my fav. I like the mesh stuff now that I have a new laptop that is fassssssst ^^

Thx to the designers for their bloggers review items!
Dikke kus

DEW Deawny dress black  NEW
Truth Mesh hair Brenna in quince  NEW
Maitreya Radical Mesh Boots red reptile
LouLou&Co gloves and bracelets Crepuscule
Mynerva GG skin Sara Pure
Mayfly Deep Sky eyes monet dawn
Genesis Inc - Heart Ablaze hunt gift tattoo light (part of outfit)
DECO Swank glasses polka dots cherry & Fishy Strawberry college glasses
Water-fire-diamond ring (by Nitro)
League Wanderer necklace black (part of jewellery set)

Poses used:
Miamai Model Pose - Strategies  NEW
Boom /me has a heartatat pose  NEW

Pictures taken at Angel Labs my home 

Sunday 4 March 2012


I visited an awesome mesh store this evening named ColdLogic, wow they really make great mesh clothes. 
I couldn't resist buying some:  
the buckley maroon skirt, the hache.pitch top and the cary.cream dress. I love them coz they fit soooo well and the textures are great. Do visit you won't regret ^^

dikke kus

Saturday 3 March 2012

Dream Catcher

Three new items today in this blog post:

  • the cute Su Vida Dream Catcher tattoo, also available in a back & chest version. 
  • the Anymore derin dress is simple and naughty coz it shows a part of my nipples peaking out, however, coz I am in a brave mood this evening I put on my Boom bra ^^
  • the last new items are the awesome Finesmith Straw necklace and earrings. Not all their jewelry is so 'wearable' but this set is. Luv it!

Enjoy the weekend!
dikke kus

Anymore derin dress  NEW
Finesmith Straw necklace and earrings  NEW
Su Vida tattoo dream catcher  NEW

Boom I promise (Valentines day edition) lace bra 
Randomocity Boxing tape gloves - dark red
BDR Ultimatum socks red (part of outfit)
Glam Affair tattoo layer 04 eyeshadow
DT Yri Lipstick Serie A nr 6
YS & YS freckles add tattoo layer 
Mayfly deep sky eyes Monet Dawn
Water-fire diamond ring (made by Nitro)
Truth hair Maggie w/roots streaked in champagne
Mynerva GG Sara Pure skin

Friday 2 March 2012

Whore Couture ....

There is a Whore Couture Fair going on right now and although well mmmm this isn't really my thing and I wonder if 'whores have couture at all',  but oh well in SL everything is possible so I unpacked some and show you 2 items of favorite designers:

First is the Anymore whore lace dress and panties in red, especially made for this whore couture fair. It's a cute daring outfit and I like the texture. 
Posing in front of a photo of Ini Inaka called 'Slowly', which I bought at Auggers Photo Gallery, where Ini is having an exhibit right now. Do visit Auggers and have a look at Ini her art, coz her work yep that's really art! 

Second whore couture (cannot help but laugh at the Couture word) is the BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) outfit called Ultimatum. I am showing you without the ears and tail and also took off the awesome hoodie that's part of this outfit. Sorry! Like all BDR outfits it comes with many many items (including whore boots) and in many bright colors. I opted for red coz red that's really 'whorish' and daring don't you think? 

dikke kus