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Monday 28 February 2011

Nahla and a messy brown dress at Risk city

This evening I revisited Risk City. I been there ages ago and bought some of Suze her cool dresses and hats at the time. Suze makes hot and weird stuff, I love it ;-) 
This evening I could not resist and bought among other things the messy brown dress, which comes with a handbag and an umbrella. Will show you the rest of the stuff I bought later... big smile.

Wearing one of the two new Truth hairs of this week called Nahla (cranberry). Wow this will definitely be one of my favs. I like this kind of flex and messy hair ;-)

Dikke kus

Thursday 24 February 2011


Introducing Sterre, the new Dutch Touch skin (special VIP Group offer). I have been a fan of DT skins for ages. My first bought skin was DT. So although I have too many skins already I couldn't resist buying this one. 

And please notice the Lelutka 2011 natur lashes I am wearing. Super frustrating to adjust, but thanks to Jule her patience and advise I succeeded. Well.... not entirely according to her stern ordeal ;-(
Thanks Jule, luv yah!

Nite nite
Dikke kus

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Mysterious Wave

This evening I explored Mysterious Wave, couldn't stop taking pictures. Love that sim and the fun poses, the atmosphere, the inspiring creativity, the music. A world apart for sure created by Cherry Manga, Elfe Imako & Anley Piers. Fun to explore. And... of course LM came from my dear SL brother Michiel (kiss sweetie)

Here is your taxi, have fun exploring!
Dikke kus

Monday 21 February 2011


Dancing the Flamenco with Alex at the Catalan sim where he lives. I love the tiles wow they look so real. They make me long to go on holiday and revisit Andalucia ;-)

Nite nite

Sunday 20 February 2011

Minka and Spring

Showing new Exodi groupgifts: Isolde - Spring in several skin tones (wearing Soleil) and Reflective eyes Ice Blue (the gift includes Electro Mint eyes).
I love the latest Truth hair called Minka, showing Champagne and Chocolate. Like all Truth hairs it comes in many many different options (streaked, upper, lower) and with bangs. I love the quality of Truth hairs; super!

Also wearing the Doppelganger Boyfriend Sweatshirt in pink (last FLF)

Dikke kus

Saturday 19 February 2011

Meike in BF's Sweatshirt

MINA is back and she made this awesome new hair called Meike. I love it, it's so cute and funky with a texture changing beanie. There is a special Promo price so hurry to Mina's!
Furthermore showing one of the FLF items of today: the Doppelganger Inc Boyfriend Sweatshirt in dark grey. You get 2 colors and many layers for your 50 L$, not bad indeed. It's simple but nice and I love the wrinkles.

Dikke kus
Nite nite

Friday 18 February 2011


Picture taken at Urbanville, a place worth exploring for sure, wow I loved it! Thanks brother Michiel for the LM. 
Here is your taxi to Urbanville

Alex is wearing: 
Unique skin Jeffrey
Poetic Color Eyes Grey sea
Bryce Designs Edo stone blonde
Mr Poet work shirt black leather
Scars design pants
Mandala Kookai belt black

Dido is wearing:
Twisted and Spoiled sweatshirt and pants 
Fishy Strawberry college glasses
LAQ Vilda skin
YS & YS freckles Add tatoo layer
Poetic color eyes sunny glade
HoD Nothing's Necklace v2
The Rock red diamond ring of caLLie cLine
Truth Adele streaked cranberry

Nite nite
Dikke kus

Tuesday 15 February 2011


Vday; dancing at Catalunya

Simply had to blog the latest Group Gift of LeeZu, coz it's really awesome: the Glitter pants. 
I combined it with another LeeZu item: Valerie Blouse sheer
Furthermore: Crazy bra (part of Glam outfit)
Grazy stockings (part of Mala outfit)
Maiiki StripedStrap gloves (part of outfit)
Truth Adele streaked hair - cranberry
Glam Affair Eva skin, MedTan Vday gift
Erratic Cuff silver
Poetic Color eyes sunny glade
HoD Nothing's Necklace v2
The Rock caLLie cLine red diamond ring

Nite nite

Sunday 13 February 2011

Valentine pffff

I have a RL colleague who told me he hates commercial stuff like Valentines day and refuses to do anything special for his wife coz he lavishes her with love and attention ALL the other days of the year. Yeah ^^
Phew, so many gifts and Sales in SL of pink and red stuff. I wanted to blog earlier however a super busy RL weekend prevented me to do so.

So there we go, wearing:
BOOM Sixteen Seater dress red (of course) bought in their Valentine SALES for 50 L$ (hurry coz today is your last chance). Now THAT is a sexy dress ^^
Glam Affair Eva skin (Valentine Group Gift comes in several tones) 
HoD Nothing necklace v2 (not free): Awwww I LOVE this one.

Dikke kus

Saturday 12 February 2011

Finding shelter

Glam Affair Nina Valentine Day skin NEW at TDR

 finding shelter in an empty house: drying at the fire place

Pig Socks mit Suspenders - fire engine red (one of many gifts at new Pig shop)
Skin: Glam Affair Nina V-Day (TDR)  NEW
Fishy Strawberry Valentine outfit (TDR)  NEW

YS and YS Freckles Add Tatoo layer
Poetic Color Eyes Sunny glade
B.Nuts star lip piercing
Erratic cuff silver
ANEXX FringeSweedSneaker
TRUTH Adele Streaked cranberry

Pictures taken at the awesome sim Bed and Breakfast Experience coming soon of two artist called  Alchemy & Immortalis Cyannis, where I met Andy for the first time last November. When you visit don't forget to take your umbrella coz it's always raining there. Here's your taxi

Dikke kus

Friday 11 February 2011

Pose balls

Having fun with Kooky and Alex testing pose balls yesterday evening: aren't we awesome 3some with all our clothes on ;-)

Dikke kus

Monday 7 February 2011


This weekend I visited Barbee (thanks Michiel, dear brother, for the LM), a Japanese sim. I was impressed: the small corridors and restaurants, the nooks and crannies, the monochrome tones and weirdo light and above all the detailed elaboration. All is in place, which gave me a feeling of serenity. 

When sipping my coffee at one  of the little restaurants I received an IM from Andy, whom I had not seen for almost a week coz his laptop crashed; worst thing that can happen to us playing SL. 
Andy joined me and we continued exploring together, which I think is much more fun coz I am a person that likes to share. 
I took many pictures and now cannot decide which ones to include. Yeah exploring SL one of the best things there is ;-)

a black giraffe and a girl in a tree

Here is your taxi to Barbee Enjoy! 
Oh and when you go there don't forget to put your boots on coz there's water everywhere.
Dikke kus

My sofa

I love my Kosh sofa and the cute poses. Today I used it for showing another NEW Truth hair; this one is called Bea and comes in many options (separate upper and lover part, or as one, bangs, with and without streaks).
The top I am wearing is from the Street Gear outfit of Cherry Bomb. I like the black collar: aww so sexy.
To look more mysterious I put on a pair of dark sunglasses (oculos KR mod4 Big Dark) mm don't think they are still available. Fun!

These awesome NEW bra and panties of BOOM are called 'I Promise'. Showing you the naughty peep bra option (without lace trim) in red. 
Wearing NEW Truth hair called Kymberly. I like it coz it's flex and looks a bit scruffy. 

Hey I go to sleep, nite nite
Dikke kus

Sunday 6 February 2011

Boom(ing) Adele

Truth Adele streaked cranberry NEW - I love this hair!
Boom park Life Hoodie red
Boom I Promise Lace trim bra red NEW (has naughty option showing nipple..). 

LAQ Vilda skin
YS&YS Freckles Add Tatoo layer
Poetic Color Eyes
HoD Fallen Necklace
Coco HighWaistedBubbleSkirt polkadots

Dikke kus

Saturday 5 February 2011

Fun at Diva

relaxing at Diva (nerdie Kooky in the middle)

All of us wearing Mai hair the new Diva 10.000 member celebration gift. Mai hair comes in 8 colors, with a menu to adjust/change hair, scarf and chain. 
Dikke kus

Jochem and Kyra in the rebound

Yeah they sure are a special couple; Jochem and Kyra. I was present at their 1st wedding, I even blogged about it, which was 1,5 years ago. Something went wrong last December and they were separated for 5 long weeks. Now all is well again and yeah they were 'remarried' this Saturday 5th February 2011.

I talked to both of them this week before their wedding which was today, sitting at a platform far above their new home sim, where Kyra will start a photo studio and Jochem will sell his piercings, which are already available on SL Exchange btw, but he assured me the best still have to be made. I placed a creative pic Kyra made here. If you are interested and want her to take your profile pic you can IM her (Kyra Hansome).

Kyra and Jochem they have the same taste and spend 6 to 7 hours a day on SL together or with friends. That is if they are not in Facebook, MSN or Skype or even better visiting eachother in RL. As Kyra said 'I hate it when people say SL is SL and RL is RL, to me it's one you cannot separate one from the other'. 
Jochem added 'yeah 2nd life, 1st life it's all the same, we play it with one heart'.

It was a great wedding sweeties and hope you will be happy together for ages.
Dikke kus

RunoRuno's Loose Body

I have always had a soft spot for the little RunoRuno shop and the nice clothes Jojorunoo Runo makes. Very affordable and super sexy. One of the first items I bought was Teetee (what's in a name) a white shirt which leaves one breast bare. Yeah naughty Jojorunoo.
But also worth mentioning is the sheer silk dress which has a superb belly and ass. And of course the UNDress collection. Phew I love them all.
Sooo when I read that RunoRuno was the special guest at The Dressing Room Blue I rushed over and bought the Loose Body for only 40 L$.

TDR Blue Special guest RunoRuno's  Loose Body

RunoRuno Boob Job in white (new at RunoRuno shop)

I couldn't resist visiting the RunoRuno shop and found this sweater called Boob Job (price L$ 75). Makes my day  ;-)

Nite nite
Dikke kus