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Tuesday 29 June 2010

Graffiti the train - AM Radio sim

Great fun Sven and me had this afternoon at AM Radio sim IDIA Laboratories. You can spray paint and graffiti the wagons of the train. Go and be creative!
Another brilliant AM Radio initiative. Love it! 

Dikke kus

Monday 28 June 2010

The Plastik fantastic

I did it I bought one. Hey only one! Argh I wanted to buy several, so many nice colours, but for now I stick to this one; the Ambrice dress in Aztec sun and sparkle gold. 

All 50 Ambrice dresses come in two colours and many many layers. I show you mine: Aztec sun and sparkle gold. 
Yes Aikea Reiko did it again and made another awesome dress! Yep Plastik definitely is one of my fav shops in SL.

Dikke kus

Pic taken at Utopia01 of Bryn Oh


Yep finally summer has arrived. Sunshine, great temperatures and everybody is happy (especially since Holland won the soccer match this afternoon and we are in the quarter finals). 
Anyway, I was inspired and slipped into my new red Narita swimsuit (5th&Oxford last Friday 50Linden) and visited Las Rocas.

I love the texture of the Narita swimsuit, sort of velvet, which makes it very suitable to wear as a top as well.

Many nice pose balls over at Las Rocas and a sim for dancing and romancing. Mmm, I was alone but nevertheless I truly enjoyed it.

Some pics 

Dikke kus

RMB city

Exploring this weirdo sim, crazy differences combined and why not.. hey this is SL. I loved it!

Enjoy and start at People's hall where you find all info about the 4 RMB cities and direct tp's
RMB city People's hall

Enjoy and be amazed!
Dikke kus

Foul Whisperings (exploring Macbeth)


with Smiling

One of the things I love most in SL and RL: exploring. Well I did today, with my friend Smiling, an explorer himself, who gave me many LM's and accompanied me to a few of the sims. I was amazed at all the creativity and beauty I encountered. Thanks Smiling, I had great fun and you gave me so many smiles ;-)

We started at Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters sim, where text of Macbeth floats around you as well as it is spoken, which adds to a weirdo experience.

Text from Notecard:
Foul Whisperings, Strange Matters is a symbolic treatment of the key themes of Shakespeare's play, Macbeth. Exploring the island allows one to experience the key milestones on Macbeth's journey.
Shakespeare's Macbeth is the story of a serial killer whose emotional journey is one from the will to power, through to bloodlust, moral confusion and ultimately to death.
You can also drill down to investigate themes such as the notions of authorship, adaptation, the playhouse, power and ethics.

Dikke kus

Sunday 27 June 2010

I'm not afraid of RED

I love red, RL and SL. So of course I could not resist the R.icielli Larissa minitop coral. Love it!
I combined it with an LBD Nell skirt red and the Pig lazy sweater RedRed.

Shoes are a GF christmas gift (slingback shoes holiday red rose)

The bag is a 1 L$ MINA opening gift as is the MINA Lotte brown hair. Have to give you the new address of MINA her store

Dikke kus

Who's afraid of Yellow and Blue?

Yeah I know the Red is missing ... will be subject of next blog item ;-)
But I really liked this outfit in Yellow and Blue. Got inspired by the R.icielli shorts, which was a gift. They have awesome minitops at R.icielli btw. Wanted to buy them all.

Skin: League Suntan Smokey
Hair: MINA Jean black

Top: SYSY's summerjuice top lemon
Short: R.icielli Eleanor highwaist short/sea (Gift)
Socks: Naive Vixie socks yellow
Boots: Maitreya Dune calf royal
Bracelet: MandalaTakara bracelet buddha

Who's afraid of blue and purple?

MINA opened a new store (picture taken there) and has several 1 L$ opening gifts hidden. One of them is the Lotte brown hair I am wearing. But also the cute black/white top in the back of the picture is a 1L$ item as are several others. Success hunting ladies.

I am also wearing an oldtime favourite, the Zaara Xacuti wrap top. Now in lilac-turquoise version, which I bought today for little money at the Blue Dressing Room. Awesome!

Last but not least:
I received an NC from Mischief in which Janie Marlowe explained this is her last sale in Mischief history. She will stop with the Mischief lable and start something new.
Meanwhile all outfits and dresses marked down to 90L (greedy packs for 180L) and all single items marked to 50L (greedy packs for 100L). Not sure how long the sale will last. 
I am wearing the MIS Up and Down skirt Blueberry. 

Skin: League Suntan Smokey
Bracelet: MandalaTakara bracelet buddha blue

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Alanis Gallery

I revisited Alanis Gallery to have a better look at the art work. My first visit had been a rather brief one, although then I was fortunate to have the owner, Michiel Seetan showing me around. Michiel and his SL partner Sylvia Fitzpatrick are the owners of the Gallery. Sylvia is the artistic art director, her pictures are exhibited among many others of several erotic artists.

I took my time and walked around taking some pics. Not enough I admit, but I hope it gives you an impression.

I was intrigued by Emiel Drascol’s hyper-erotic studies of Sonia, his RL wife and submissive. Did not publish them in my blog as hey... this is a decent blog... well sort of ;-)
Go and take a tour yoursef at  Alanis Gallery

Dikke kus
 Garry Walton

Temptress Fratica

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Le rouge et le noir

Liked the outfit and the look... sooo this is it Le Rouge et le Noir ;-)


Skin: Pink Fuel Ember maple make-up Beestung
Hair: Mina Lotte hair
Eyes: Poetic Color eyes Easter Lilac
Cardigan: Pig Lazy Sweater RedRed
Dress: Sassy Kitty Design my little black dress
Gloves: XTC Shirley lace gloves
Necklace: Goth1c0  Chain Necklace black metal
Socks: Miel Lo Refurbished socks

Dikke kus

Demi skin - new LaVie Group Gift

Meet Demi  Reloaded a new skin of LaVie (f.k.a. Damiani). Demi will be g.a. on 23 June and sent as a Group Gift to the LaVie group tonite (22 June).

Demi has a face tattoo.. mwah, I like tattoos but not in my face. On the other hand I do love Demi's body, showing faintly the tan lines of a bikini. Very sexy!
It's a hot body, my fav parts: belly, breasts, spine and a detailed pussy (not shown, mm not in a nude mood today).

The LaVie group normally has a join fee, BUT is free for the next two weeks. So hurry ladies!

Demi is being released in 5 skin tones and 15 makeup options, each makeup comes with a haired base as well as the cleavage option as well as one skin clean with cat liner.

Skin: Demi Reloaded Summer fun tan line Tan (preview)
Hair: MINA hair Jean & D!va hair Akana Group Gift
Lingerie: Fishy Strawberry Ignition brown bra and classic panties
Socks: Miel LO refurbished socks multicolor

Saturday 19 June 2010


New cool hair of MINA called Lotte available in store soon.
Sven said when I asked him do you like : 'great hair'

taxi to MINA

Skin: PF (Pink Fuel) Ember maple make-up Beestung (yeah I bought it)

Dikke kus

Friday 18 June 2010

Thanks Seville

Yesterday I was shopping at Maitreya after receiving a message that there are several new items in store: short trench jackets, skirts and an awesome top called Bastille. Onyx LeShelle does it again, and keeps amazing us with her trendy, stylish, high quality designs.

As I stood there in front of the Bastille tops, drooling, there was a girl named Seville wearing the Bastille top in orange. Wow, it looked awesome on her dark skin. I told her so in IM. 
I was surprised and thrilled when she gave me money for a top, telling me to buy one. Wow so sweet of her. 

wearing Maitreya bastille top; demo PF Ember Beestung skin (should I buy?)

As always it was difficult for me to decide which color to buy (me sighs). I asked Seville for help, after all it was her present. She suggested the yellow/gold one, which was one of my favorites. So happy with my yellow Bastille top ;-).
Thanks and hugs Seville!

Later that evening I went to Pink Fuel (PF) shop with Ner to drool over the Ember skin. The Ember, Beestung make-up makes me look so sweet, don't you agree? Should I buy?

Dikke kus

Skin: demo Pink Fuel Ember maple Beestung
Hair: MINA Jean hair black
Skirt: Plastik SephiraDenim Dalia
Socks: Miel Lo Refurbished socks multicolor

Thursday 17 June 2010

Second Life nowadays

When I read stuff about Second Life in the media nowadays it mentions SL is history. The hype was in 2006/2007 when a lot of companies started their virtual offices and many people joined (like me).
I don't think that SL is dead but on the other hand I do notice that it is seldom I meet avi's who are really new to SL. Most have been around for a while OR and that is more and more common nowadays are ALT's.

My experience: 
I was exploring an escort sim and although I was rather 'overdressed' I received an IM of a fancy looking guy. We danced and the conversation was agreeable. I asked him if he was an ALT as he looked too good for a noob. He admitted he was and told me he had 5 avi's walking around and played with them simultaneously. He started to ask me more and more impertinent questions and my level of irritation was building. When he told me that as we were dancing he was making love to another girl with his 1st, 2nd or 3rd avi, don't remember which one, I walked away. 

On the other hand yesterday I was exploring and met a nice guy, an artist in RL. We had an interesting talk about art which took us from Renaissance to Die Brucke. He looked like a gentleman, although not very fashionable. He told me he hardly ever changed his avi. He had to leave to save his cookings, but I am sure we will meet again.

Yesterday evening when dancing in September Rainforest with Sven there was a noob. The guy did not know how to stop dancing (qualifying him as a real noob) no problem, BUT this one was so damn rude. The host banned him in the end as he refused to change his attitude, kept insulting others for no reason at all. 

My conclusion last night: still enough people in SL that are interesting and fun to meet as long as they are no ALT's or noobs ;-)

Dikke kus

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Unwinding in Minute Papillon

Sven and me unwinding

A wonderful place to unwind, explore and meanwhile listen to the sound of crickets and owls. Tastefully made, with good vibrations and a bit mysterious and intriguing as well. Mmm, go and find out yourselves!
Taxi to Minute Papillon.

Dikke kus

China girl

China a sim to take pics and admire the minimalism. I loved it and took pics of something old, something new, something blue ............ nope nothing borrowed ;-)

Dikke kus


Skin: Pulse skin ISabella Passion Freckled
Hair: MINA Jean black
Dress:  Ohmai basic one piece plaid orange navy
Belt: Lelutka MI Vida belt Terra
Shrug: SYSY's shrug burnedorange (NEW)
Undershirt: Dutch Touch .Fishnet tanktop holes (part of Pippi outfit)
Legging: Plastik Bordello leggins Fray-Akane
Stockings: Fishnet stockings Dutch Touch Xtra large mesh
Bracelet: MandalaTakara bangle Buddha blue
Gloves: XTC Shirley lace gloves

September Rainforest re-opened

This weekend I danced at September Rainforest again. Wow, awesome place that gives you the feeling of being in the middle of a tropical rainforest, with an ancient ruin, waterfalls and lots of vegetation and a damp atmosphere. There were up-to-date dances (single and couple), a kind hostess and live DJ... and above all good music.
I had noticed the LM when sneaking into a profile (one of my fav hobbies) and found out the place had re-opened.

Like many others I have good memories of the old September Rainforest. I used to dance and romance there often with friends. The old sim included many scattered romantic areas with nice pose balls. No idea if they are still there as I did not explore but only danced and enjoyed the music. Will do next time ;-)

Searching the web I found an item dated February 2010 on Dementrix blog about the reopening. Very interesting as this explains that the reopening is mainly the effort of Holiday Blitz, a girl who used to be a host at the old September Rainforest. Thanks Holiday!

Taxi to September Rainforest.

Dikke kus

Thursday 10 June 2010

Sales at KA

Sales going on at [KA] (Kyoot Army).
I could not resist this brown outfit: shirt (Denial of Autumn rotten leaves) and skirt (Snake charmer skirt)

Skin: League Taylor Sunkiss BlackIce
Hair: tough looking MINA Megan hair
Belt: OMFG Rusty Cute belt
Boots: COCO flat ankle boots brown 
Stockings: League Ella stockings

Dikke kus

From under the dust ...

Pffff I have been spending hours and hours the past evenings on restructuring my inventory. Still not finished ... (me sighs). But, on the other hand it's fun to find stuff that's in there for ages, a little dusty maybe, but still looking good.
Like for instance the 'Last Call' clothes: I stumbled into an entire folder with outfits. Some of them still look so good and up-to-date. I decided to show you some of the stuff, sometimes in combinations with newer items.

Sorry, but the clothes are no longer available. However, they all are transfer/no copy items .... so you could try to obtain second hand stuff ;-). When Ginny Talamasca died Katterina Dagostino, her SL business partner/friend kept Last Call shop open till March 31st 2008, before starting a new shop with a new partner called Archange. I remember vividly that it was always loaded with avi's at Last Call shop coz all outfits were on sale for only 100 L$ or less.  

So here we go:
 Britney outfit without tie

shirt and tie of Britney outfit combined with Plastik skirt Sephira

Frida trench jacket combined with MIEL Cali Cords Combo skirt

MINA hair Suzan 
Socks: Mocha short loose socks
Shoes: Enkythings Ekota T-Chocolate brown shoes

Tuesday 8 June 2010

MINA's hair

A girl cannot have enough hair...

I am totally in love with my MINA Jean black hair
Jean is shoulder-length hair with razored layers that taper into flared edges. It comes with and without a headband. I prefer the headband version. It falls naturally around my face, looks feminin but not barbie-like.

I visited MINA her shop this weekend and met the designer Mina Makamura, who btw is Dutch like me. So many fantastic Dutch designers here in SL, makes me feel chauvinistic.

Anyway I decided to dedicate a blog on MINA hair. I am a picky customer I know, I have too many hairs in my invent already. Talking about that;  I need to restructure my hair folder too ... meaning hours of hard work, sighs!
I like the Suzan hair: a fuzzy updo hairstyle as Mina calls it. Wow now that's more my style: a bit wild and messhy - love it! So I decided to buy Suzan. After all a girl cannot have enough hair ;-)
Does it suit me as much as it does Mina?

Taxi to MINA

Dikke kus

Looking back over my shoulder...

Sometimes it is good to look back and count your blessings. In SL so many things got better over the years. When I look back at Dido 2007 arghhh. All this thanks to the efforts of all the wonderful designers of skin, hair and eyes that make our avi's look so smashing.

Let me show you the difference. 
Dikke kus
  2007: my first SL pictures

2008: wearing the first skin I bought: Dutch Touch 



Friday 4 June 2010

Shopping with Ner

My friend Ner and me we went shopping for her blog item Flowers. So much fun and very inspiring; as shopping with her means tp-ing around the grid looking for sometimes one specific item. Curious after the result? Visit her blogI love her look and outfit and .... she inspired me to create my own.

It all started with the So Many Styles (SMS) Floral Tulip skirt dress and Chiffon Skirt Red-Blue. I was so enchanted by the skirt that I also bought the yellow/lila version.
I wanted to create a tough but classy look that's why I choose from my closet the laceup boots, net stockings and the hair.
I like the LeeZu jacket for it is a very usefull piece in ones closet. It can also be worn stand alone on a black long skirt thus making a sexy evening dress.

Pics taken at my new home at Tohl sim.

Skin: Plastik LionHeart tale Psyche: Freck
Hair: Maitreya Sasha - Bistre
Poetic Colors eyes: Cosmic Dream (Freebie) New

Skirt: So Many Styles Chiffon Skirt Red-Blue
Shirt: So Many Styles Floral Tulip Dress Pin
Jacket: LeeZu Baxter NightLove FlexiJacket
Stockings: Dutch Touch Fishnet Stockings Xtra large Mesh
Shoes: Anexx LaceupBoots Gray

Jewellery: Dark Mouse Chocolate Sparkles Earrings Silver Gift

New home: back at Tohl sim

my new home

Last week was a busy one: I have been installing myself at Tohl sim with the help of Alphons. Such a creative builder that guy, with an inventory that contains many nice things ;-). 

At first I wanted the awesome bungalow with the separate veranda: my home at Legion Triumphant. However, that meant I had hardly any prims left. So, after a night sleep I decided it was time for a change: I should not hold on to the past, but create a different atmosphere.

Alphons mentioned he had lots of nice houses in his invent. He put them all on my former island at Legion, looked like a weirdo bungalow park there. It was great fun examing them. I picked part of a tree hut with a veranda. Alphons enlarged the veranda and it even has built-in dances now ;-)

I especially like the shoreline of my tiny island: rocks and waves with accompanying sounds.
Thanks Alphons!

Dikke kus