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Tuesday 31 December 2013

Wish you all

C&P smexy lace top at Serena Long Cay

My friend Cath of C&P Designs showed me this white mesh lace top she made and oh la la isn't this smexy!
I told her hey Cath I can see your nipples peeking out. She said yeah I guess that's the reason I had so many IM's when I went dancing the other nite when wearing this top ^^

I combined the smexy C&P top with DeColores Psly Boho back mesh Low Waist skirt; a long hippie skirt from my invent and the BND Flower EyesPatch Black Wish coz after all hippies are free spirits ^^

I went to the awesome sim Serena Long Cay: beach, boats you can sail along the shores of the sim, and loads loads of fun pose balls and on top of a hill the super cool apartment of the owner, Franz Markstein (yeah I know sounds very German but he's Italian), with more surprising pose balls and more fun stuff! Yep for sure a place to explore.
The smexy lace top is available at C&P Design.

dikke kus

Saturday 28 December 2013

White hair

Yesterday I went shopping and exploring and here's the result:
I visited TDR (The Dressing Room) and bought this Essences Lorde 02 *Lumiere* skin. The folder contains brown, brunette, ginger and blonde (worn) version as well as a tattoo layer, system top and shirt layer with breast enhancement (worn). Cool skin especially for taking photos.

Showing two different hairs: the one shown above is Zima and is LoQ hair. It comes in many colours with a dito tattoo layer which is absolutely necessary to wear coz otherwise you are partly bald. I had to get rid of one of my (too) many tattoo layers to be able to wear this cute hair with fur hat. BUT ... it's worthwhile.

The other one is a cool mesh hair of my dear friend MINA called Noor, which comes in 2 versions: NB (normal boobs) and BB (big boobs): Mina thinks of all of us lol ^^
Wearing the WHITE hair, which btw is NOT in the HUD, it's the initial hair you receive and the moment you use the HUD to change the color of your hair you loose the white color. Many cool colors available in the HUD as usual.
However, with this look I luvvvvvvved the white hair so I asked Mina for a white version and she promissed to work on it.
The outfit I'm wearing I blogged before it's the EASTERLiNG keyra Sensual mesh dress. 

dikke kus

Thursday 26 December 2013

B.D.R. Xmas Time

Wearing B.D.R. Xmas Time outfit which comes in many awesome colours and with soo many items inside the folder: 
crop mesh top to be worn with or without system layer shirt, mesh skirt, mesh leg warmers,  boots, appliers HUD for Lolas Tango and more.

Thx Cameron for this cool bloggers review item!
dikke kus

Wednesday 25 December 2013


Onyx announced new items just before Xmas and .... all SL fashionistas rushed over to the Maitreya shop to buy this super made mesh outfit that comes in many great colours and consists of the following items:
  • Maitreya rigged mesh Poise dress in milk. The HUD gives you the opportunity to hide the back of the dress in case you opt to wear the cardigan
  • Maitreya mesh Wool Cardigan beige.
  • Maitreya mesh Dahlia Socks in flat and tiptoe with a HUD to show/hide feet (wearing beige).
  • Maitreya Stagioni Xtd Suede boots in Sahara, which come with a HUD to resize

Over the years Onyx has been creating realistic looking clothes, hair, shoes/boots and more all with great textures, colours and fitting well. Onyx doesn't stop surprising everybody with her quality items time after time. Definitely one of my Fav top 3 shops here in SL.

Wish you all happy holidays!
dikke kus

Monday 23 December 2013

Xmas girl

Lots of NEWNESS this evening:
Wearing the Fishy Strawberry Xmas 2013 Group Gift outfit; which consists of 3 different items: 
  • a white Faux Fur Stole (no worries it's artificial pixel fur), which I luv muchly coz I bought a pack at The Attic not so long ago
  • Moto pants (system layer)
  • The Vega Metallic mesh Sweater.
Phew what a great gift!

Furthermore wearing LeeZu Havasu Falls ankle boots in snow. Love them and soo very LeeZu :-)
I am a fan of Lee since years. Her store was one of the first I visited in SL. Nowadays she still is creating great mesh stuff. Luv it!

The hair is Diva's Daisy, which I bought a while ago at The Arcade. The wagtails are mesh and separate items. So very Xmas-like with the stars hairband.

Last NEW item and a DEMO (sorry for the white lines that cross my neckline) is the AMD Lexi pale skin. The fierce red lipstick is mine btw

Poses used: Imeka - Reika pose & Eternal Dream Merry Xmas part of the  Advent Calender 2013 (part 2).

That's it for now.
Have a nice day/evening/nite ^^
dikke kus


Sunday 22 December 2013


Another Easterling item (phew yeah I know Cristine has been creative lately) is the mesh Cameron mini dress that comes with a HUD that lets you change texture as well as colors of the dress. I love the folds sooo natural. Wearing my Bax stockings (luvvvv them).
The cute Dolly shoes (also by Easterling) I blogged before more info read here

Thx Cristine for your Bloggers Review pack!
dikke kus

Angelina jacket

Another cool mesh item from Easterling (Slave Dressing Room's Cristine Easterling) this Angelina jacket.
Wow so classy and great texture. Luv it!

Futhermore wearing the coldLogic buckley maroon mesh skirt, which is not new but a lovely skirt and fitting well.

Have a nice Sunday!
dikke kus

Saturday 21 December 2013

Xmas wishes

Arghhhhh this is my 1000 post.
Time flies ^^
To all my readers and non-readers Happy Holidays & a Healthy, Creative and Fashionable 2014!
dikke kus

Photo made at Nitoglobus Gallery in 'The Tunnel of Light' (the present exhibition by Burke Bode & Maloe Vansant). 
Taxi to Nitroglobus gallery

Friday 20 December 2013

Carlijn & Keyra

Moi in black and white, reflecting my mood this evening.

She did it again; another cool hair from MINA called Carlijn Ombres TDR
Only available for 70 L$ for the next 2 weeks (starting 20 December)  at TDR (The Dressing Room

Super cool mesh Keyra Sensual Dress by EASTERLiNG.
Sincerely love this outfit AND moreover you get many coz the HUD lets you change the texture.  

The lovely Zebra OnyxStones n Pearls Necklace is from Rainbows Custom Jewelry by Rainbow Fairymeadow. Cooool!

Facial expression by YadNi and Friends v3.1/5 Lady A.'s Emoter HUD, which is part of the EmmePose Xmas French Kiss folder.

dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items

Carlijn, a new MINA hair

Friday 13 December 2013

Party time at Nitroglobus

A lottttt of snapshots, which I made during the opening party last Wednesday 11th December at Nitroglobus for Mr. & Mrs B. (Burk Bode & Maloe Vansant)'s exhibition 'Tunnel of Light', an installation made by Burk with photography of Maloe his partner.

The text below I copied from the awesome blog post of Ziki (link to her blog post) coz I couldn't describe better:

It's exceptional not only because of the excellent artistic work of Burk and Maloe, but also and especially because of the installation design. Rather than having their two-dimensional works hung on the walls in a traditional gallery setting, the artists have used projectors to literally shine the works on the bending and curving walls and floors of the space, transforming the experience into one where the gallery itself is the artwork, as are visitors if they wander into the path of the light. This "Tunnel of Light" was originally conceived by Burk, and you can purchase at the landing point a smaller 40m x 40m version for your personal enjoyment (price L$ 1.000).

In case you missed the opening party no worries; Burk's Tunnel of Light will be at Nitroglobus gallery for the rest of the month of December.Here's your taxi to our gallery 
I'm sure you will have a great time wandering around!
dikke kus

Nitro & I dancing at the party

Yeah, Santa was there too ^^ 

the handsome Alexandra

great artist Amona

Captain and his Bianca

our awesome DJ Lex playing cool mixes (thx Lexie!)

Fleur & Graham, their first time visiting a party at Nitroglobus. 
Hope they liked it

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow:  
former exhibitor Cold Frog looking super in white 

Blogger, artist and super woman (she can do it all) Kynne, 
also a former exhibitor  

two great artist Sina (former exhibitor at Nitroglobus) & Amona

The(lm)a & Louise ^^

Ushi & Apmel 

machinima star Vallys, who plays next to Tutsy the leading role in Tutsy's new movie 'The Residents', which was partly recorded at Nitroglobus gallery. YEAH.

Sunday 8 December 2013

Opening party for Mr. & Mrs B. Wednesday 11 December

Hope to cu all Wednesday 
In case  you are unable to attend do know that 'The Tunnel of Light' by Burk & Maloe will be at Nitroglobus gallery during the entire month of December.
Don't miss it!

dikke kus

Vera & Dolly

Thank you muchos Maloe for your tip coz this FLF Glam Affair skin Vera-America is super! Glad I tp-ed to Glam and snatched it last Friday.
Vera comes in several brow colors (love that coz I tend to change between hair color from time to time) and has super cute freckles ^^

The cute rigged mesh Dolly shoes and socks are from Easterling (Cristine Easterling from SLAVE dressing room). The HUD inside the folder lets you change the texture and color of the shoe socks, bow, etc. Luv them! 
I gave you the LM coz it's worthwhile visiting Cristine's shop; such a creative lady.

Lingerie set is Crazy Tulle in pink and now new. 

That's it for now. Wish you a super Sunday. 
dikke kus

Thursday 5 December 2013

Tunnel of Light, the December Experience at Nitroglobus gallery by Mr & Mrs B.

The December Experience at Nitroglobus gallery by Burk Bode & Maloe Vansant (Mr. & Mrs. B.)

Come and look at this amazing tunnel with great art inside. An Experience coz Exhibition is not the right word to capture this overwhelming work of art by Burk and Maloe.
Have a look yourself!

Cu soon
dikke kus

Taxi to our gallery: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Costa%20Blanco/197/131/770

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Rosa in a London Fog

Two NEW items:

I will start with another great pair of Mayfly eyes: Luminous London Fog (cool name btw). I definitely am a fan of Keshie's eyes. 

MINA made another cool mesh long hair called 'Rosa', which will be available ONLY at:

We Love Role Play 
Every hair pack has a 25% discount 
Only from the 4th December at 3 PM SLT. - 31th December

For more information about this event see: http://weloveroleplay.weebly.com/about-the-event.html

Like all MINA's hairs this one comes with a HUD that let's you change the color. I opted to be a brunette this evening. 

dikke kus

Monday 2 December 2013

Alice in gallery land

Wearing Alice the new mesh dress of SLAVE Dressing room. Cristine had some trouble with her laptop lately, but seems all has been solved coz WOW what a great dress this is! I luv it. 
Showing two of the many many different textures.
Alice comes with a HUD that let you change the color/texture of the dress as well as of the belt and the lining. Super cool.

The great stockings I'm wearing are from Bax, my faves and come from my closet as do all the other items.
Poses used: Label Motion Fairy Poses

Photos are made at Nitroglobus gallery in front of my art work ^^
dikke kus

Sunday 1 December 2013

Tweed & Leather by C&P

Yeah, Catherine and Petrov of C&P Casual Wear made a Traditional Tweed & Leather outfit. The outfit comes in 4 colors: beige, pink, teal and blue (shown) and consists of a lovely well fitting mesh tweed jacket and slim pants (look at those cute zippers) as well as a system lace top. Great work of this creative couple.
Thanks soo much for the bloggers review item!

Posed used: SAAL Holding Camera female

dikke kus