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Monday 24 January 2022

Crystal Gallery SLEA

The SLEA Crystal Gallery: showing an awesome sculpture by Mona Byte 

January 23 was the Grand Opening of the SLEA Crystal Carnival with a great performance of Mario2 Helstein, particles master number 1.
And what an opening it was; over 100 visitors were watching and admiring the show.

poster of the Opening party on 23 January

After Mario's show the CRYSTAL GALLERY was opened and now everybody is welcome to wander/skate around and admire the 2D and 3D art of the 88 artists (see list of participants at the bottom of this blog post), who gave me their works to place on the ice pillars at this enormous space which covers  2 regions. 

No doubt many videos were made of the overwhelming particles show of Mario. Here's one I found to give you an idea.

video by Aedan Charron & Noelaine 

video by Angelo Sahari 


The above two images I made this morning, all other images by Mihailsk

Regi Yifu created the Crystal Gallery; the floor, the light, the ice pillars which were created as frames for the 2D art, the 5 degrees below Ice bar, which is situated under the bridge, and a fun underwater world with seahorses to ride. The underwater world you can enter when you (accidently) fall into the hole in the ice. Go look for it it's fun. 

Apart from Regi our team existed of Mihailsk, assistant curator and myself, curator of the Crystal Gallery. The three of us we were a cool team.

It has been a lot of work and there were days we worked for over 8 hours in a row. The result is there and I am happy. 

Images of the Crystal Gallery by Mihailsk:

the 5 degrees below Ice bar

the underwater world

List of all participating artists to the Crystal Gallery at SLEA:

4pril, Adwehe, Aedan Charron, Ajax Ogleby, Amanda Tamatzui, Angelika Corral, Anja Neobookie, Annabell Barzane, ArtemisGreece, Asperix Asp, Bars Simpson Breaux, Caly Applewhyte, Carelyna, Casta Oh, Ceakay Ballyhoo, Crumbles, Dari Tammica, Daruma Boa, David Silence, Dawn Heartsong, Desy Magic, Deyanira Yalin, Dido Haas, Elise Sirnah. Els Coage, Eta (Etamae). Eviana Robbiani, Gem Preiz. Hermes Kondor, Igielka (Igi), Ilyra Chardin, Ina Inaka, Inara Pey, JadeYu Fhang, Jerzzie Reece, Kalyca McCallen, Kayly Iali, Kraven Klees, Kurk Mumfuzz, Lam Erin, Leonorah Beverly. Madee Moore, Maloe Vansant, Mareea Farrasco, Margherita Hax Waydelich. Marie L'Ensoleillad. Megan Prumier, Melinda Yearsley, Melusina Parkin, Michiel Bechir, Mihailsk, Milena Carbone, Mistero Hifeng, miu miu miu, Mona Byte, Naxos Loon,Nils Urqhart, NoelAine, Olympes Rhode. Onceagain (manoj yachvili), Pearl Hyacinth, Rage Darkstone, Regi Yifu, Riannah Avora. Salvo Waydelich, Selen Love Minotaur. Sheba Blitz, Sina Souza, Smilla Fredriksson. SOUIX, SparksQuiin. Stephen Venkman, Susyyk, Suzanne Graves, Suzen Juel, TerraMerhyem, Terrygold, Tizzy Canucci, Tresore Prada Hawkins, Tutsy Navarathna, Valium Lavender, Venus Adored, VeronicaDesiree, Vic (victom oppewall), Wan Laryukov, Wizardoz Chrome, Zia Sophia (zia.branner) and Zima Blue (sairan Skizm)

A sincere THANKS to all artists mentioned above!
dikke kus

Tuesday 18 January 2022

MINDSCAPES by Moki Yuitza


poster made by David Silence based on an image of Moki

January 2022: I am proud and happy to present MINDSCAPES by Moki Yuitza; an overwhelming installation of shapes and light @ Nitroglobus.
This first exhibition/installation of the year is a complete metamorphosis of the gallery: it's Mokiglobus now instead of Nitroglobus.
The official opening party took place on Monday, 10 January with great music by DJ Jill Agresti. Yeah I know I am late with blogging, my apologies. 

Description of the installation MINDSCAPES by Moki:

'SL is a virtual world in which everything is possible .... space is a mathematical/mental construction in which anything can be realized ... as long as we can conceive it.
When I was young, I loved building everything that popped into my head with colored bricks, and here in SL I used the same basic bricks which were available to give substance to my mental spaces.
Landscapes, formed just with simple prims, in which we, the avatars, move around and to which the avatars give body and dimension.
One is meaningless without the other'.

Moki has been in second life for over 13 years. She is a renowned SL artist who showed her talents and creativity in many very different types of installations and exhibitions over the past years. 
Moki, who is an architect in RL wrote that in this metaverse she found the possibility to realize her idea of space and her architectural fantasy, as well as to share this with other people.


image by Inara Pey

Inara Pey wrote an awesome article 'Moki's Mindscapes at Nitroglobus in second Life' in het blog 'Living in a Modemworld.

'Mindscapes can be very broadly split into two parts. On, over, and under the transparent floor is the 3D element: prims ranging from the relatively small to the extremely large, some apparently jumbled together, others arranged to form patterns and objects or stacked into columns. Around the walls, meanwhile, is a series of 2D images by Moki, presented in the traditional large format used at Nitroglobus.

The latter most clearly offer a visual representation of our avatar-based relationship with prims. Offered as primarily black-and-while / monochrome pieces, the 2D elements used the shapes and forms present within several of the 3D pieces within the gallery to present intriguing landscapes, rooms and situations from the seemingly simple – giant pyramids being looked upon by a couple of avatars -, through to almost alien landscapes filled with what might be giant spores or pollen, or spaces that seem to comprise random shards of light and dark through which two tiny avatars dance.'


image by Frank Atisso

Frank Artisso, back from a short leave, also wrote a great review  'Mindscapes: An Installation by Moki Yuitza' in his blog ART KORNER.

Frank wrote:
'the latest exhibition at the gallery is unlike any we have ever seen before because it involves a complete overhaul of the gallery and incorporates both 2D and 3D art to create an installation that will completely leave any visitor fascinated.'

image by Frank Atisso

'These “mindscapes” formed with simple prims are enhanced by the use of lights, colors and even shadows to create something truly beautiful. They are given a body and dimension by us, the avatars that move through the installation.

Moki’s 2D art, which hangs on the walls of the Nitroglobus Gallery, is largely composed of minimalist photographs of these mindscapes and a couple of avatars interacting with them, as one is often meaningless without the other. It is this interaction of humans with the environment around that lends meaning to the image.'


image by Diomita Maurer

The first to publish a review about Moki's installation/exhibition was Diomita, who wrote in her blog The Maurers: Art in Second Life 2022 (4) Mindscapes by Moki Yuitza.

'For the exhibtion MNDSCAPES a lot of the decoration elements, the coloured spheres, cubs, pyramides and others are also under the floor of the gallery, hence you are literally surrounded by Moki’s coloured bricks.

Some pictures build pairs, one showing a couple in front of or surrounded by the different bricks that form a structured building or geometrial form, in the correspondent picture Moki placed the couple or only their hands in the foreground and the structure(s) in the background. What you see or perceive is all a question of the perspective or of your standpoint. As intended one can loose oneself into the structured mindspace – mind escape – mindscape. Quite fascinating and artful!'

My sincere thanks to all the reviewers!


OPENING PARTY on 10 January 2022:

Main players at the opening party. From top to bottom: Moki Yuitza, DJ Jill Agresti and hEIN (also a DJ, but this time helping out by replacing  Venus and shooting some particles).
Of course I couldn't resist to make many more images. 
Will show some here:

Sunday 2 January 2022

FUNDAY by Cica Ghost


Sunday, 2 January 2022: this afternoon visiting the brand new installation FUNDAY by Cica Ghost with Miha. I love this installation, it's fresh, crispy colours and of course with fun animations and it has a great mood/atmosphere. I used ultra graphics and shared environment light.

I made several images, but advise you to go and explore the installation yourself. When you are lucky you will find Cica there. Give her my love.