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Sunday 29 September 2013

Madness Fantastique at Nitroglobus gallery

(Photo by Cold Frog)
Nitro and I are sooo proud to present our October exhibition 'Madness Fantastique'
Two artists, friends, both Belgian and both 7 years in SL.
They met not so long ago and discovered they share the joy of taking creative photos here in Second Life.
They make crazy photos of crazy topics, using crazy avi's set in crazy surroundings... yep that's Cold Frog and CaTcHaFiRe: fun, humor, imagination and madness.

All work shown is new, never shown before, but was exclusively made by Catcha and Cold for this exhibtion at Nitroglobus.
/me whispers thx soooo much girls!
And of course again my awesome partner Nitro adjusted our gallery for this exhibition: a mountain covered with autumn leaves and with a diving board on top (dive into art he he), dangerous biting mesh big fishes, halloweenish fog. Yeah he's supa!
Come and see for yourselves. Here's your taxi to our gallery
Dido Haas, manager
Nitroglobus Gallery

Friday 27 September 2013

LAST DAY of Sina's exhibition at Nitroglobus

Tomorrow (Friday, 27 September) is your last chance to admire the awesome work of Sina Souza at the walls of Nitroglobus Gallery, coz we will be changing exhibitions over the weekend.
So hey ... what are you waiting for? Here's your taxi to our gallery

It's a dualistic feeling for me coz it always hurts a bit when we change exhibitions. Especially the moment when we take down the art from the walls and the gallery is empty. I get sort of used to the look and feel of an exhibitor his/her work and how Nitro makes the gallery fit around that work. 

But mmm on the other hand it's exciting of course to set up a new exhibition. This October exhibition will be super cool. More info in the next days ^^

dikke kus

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Keeping the balance

Cool mesh top Jane by Corvus, which I loved sooo much that I bought the grey as well as the black edition. Never visited this shop until now but it's worthwhile a visit  soooooo hey I give you a TAXI to Corvus

The rest all comes from my invent:
the awesome orange necklace is called the 'Pumpkin Pearl Back drop choker' and it's from Dahlinks and a former halloween item.
Skin: The Skinnery Sasha Spring in champagne
Hair: D!va hair Tina in Amber from Collabor88 September 2013
Pants: Fall Out 'With Love Hunt' jeans ... mmm lol it's ages ago I obtained these :-)
Shoes with socks: JD Catty black 

Dikke kus

Sunday 22 September 2013

Volar & Kalli2

I visited MIEL last Friday and for a Fifty Linden Friday price I  bought this cute Volar mesh dress, which comes with a HUD that lets you change the color of all parts of the dress; i.e. top, belt, skirt and strings. There are 12 different colors so many many combinations possible.

Also showing Kalli2 another new DIVA hair in amber, which I bought at Seasons story, a lovely place to shop coz it's in an enchanting forest. Here's your taxi
DIVA hair is definitely a style I love (a bit messy ^^).

Enjoy what's left of the weekend
dikke kus

I took the photos while I was visiting Mistero Hifeng's new exhibition at Plusia Ars Island 

Saturday 21 September 2013

Daisy & Catty

More Newishness:
SYSY's mesh Daisy Dress, which will be available at My Attic (opening today at midnite SLT) and available only there for 10 days for a discounted price.
I am wearing SolidMosss, however, Daisy comes in 6 floral textured and 6 solid colors (HUD to change color, texture and belt included in the pack).  

Also showing an item I bought yesterday and I love muchly: the JD (Just Design) Catty mesh shoes in black with high mesh thighs in green. 
The shoes come with a HUD that lets you change the color or the sole, lacquer, strings and metal of the shoes as well as the socks and high socks. Soo many options.

The rest all comes from my closet: 
hair, eyes and skin: see my previous blog post 
the awesome orange necklace (a previous halloween item) is Dahlinks Jewelry pumpkin pearl wrapped back drop choker.

All pictures were made at Nitroglobus gallery, where Sina Souza is exhibiting in the main hall till the end of this month. Sooo if you didn't visit yet ...... ^^

That's it for this evening.
dikke kus


New hair and eyes

Yesterday evening Nitro and I went to a romantic spot: a lovely garden where we found a cozy cave with a basket filled with champagne and caviar AND a blanket full of romantic and more ^^ poses. 

Of course I couldn't resist making a few shots to show you my new eyes and hair:

DIVA hair Tina wearing in Amber color, which I bought at Collabor88 super cool as well as the really awesome new Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh eyes Twilight Sea Shadows. I've been a fan of Keshie's mesh eyes for years.

The skin I am wearing is Sasha Spring (champagne) of the Skinnery (not new but sooo smexy)

Have a lovely weekend
dikke kus

Thursday 19 September 2013

Summerish Patricia in School Girl Outfit

Phew it's been a long time ago since I blogged fashion here. I have been so busy RL with travelling (holiday and a few loooong weekends) as well as promoting our gallery and exhibitors.  
However, I'd like to be active as an SL fashion blogger again and this evening I'll start with showing you 2 items I received Monday evening and thus are very very very NEW ^-^

H.E.D. Hot for Teacher Hunt School Girl Outfit: such a nice combination of mesh & non-mesh. The black shirt and the cute skirt are mesh and come with alpha layers. The bra and the panties are the non mesh part of the outfit. 

Very very NEW is MINA's hair Patricia, which is released yesterday. Patricia comes with HUDs to change the hair and the hairband. Another cool and classy MINA hair.

Eternal Dream (ED) Summerish poses pack 01 and 02: cool poses

dikke kus

 Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Wednesday 18 September 2013

MINA's Ineke

I truly love this hair: Ineke - Ombres a new MINA hair color pack, which is only available at The Dressing Room FUSION for a period of 2 weeks. 
The hair comes with a lovely headpiece (a sort of chain) with a colour changing HUD

What:     Ombres hair pack (new) & the dark brown and blonde hair pack
When:     from September 13th  - September 27th
Price:      70 L$ (phew little money for such a great wig)

The pink bra and panties are part of the H.E.D. Hot for Teacher Hunt School Girl Outfit
Pose used: Eternal Dream (ED) Summerish 

dikke kus

REMINDER: Sina Souza exhibiting at Nitroglobus gallery

Just a REMINDER when you haven't visited the exhibition 'The Reflections of My Mind' by Sina Souza at Nitroglobus gallery yet. You still have till the end of this month. 
All images shown reflect parts of Sina’s past, her deepest feelings and thoughts. They tell about her wishes, concerns, past and the eternal search for her soul, which seems unreachable in the cage of her mind. 
Sina is an autodidact who loves to be creative and let others participate in her life with the help of her work, as well as is proud when others get ‘touched’ by her images
Here's your taxi to our gallery 
CU at Nitroglobus
dikke kus

Saturday 7 September 2013

Sina's party at Nitroglobus

Last Thursday we had Sina Souza's party; i.e. the opening of her exhibition at Nitroglobus
Many came and joined us in dance on the tunes of the one and only DJ Lex.
Great fun and creative avi's dressed according to the dresscode for that evening 'jail or masked' ^^
I couldn't resist to take some photos before and during the party. Here they are. Enjoy!

The exhibition 'The Reflections of My Mind' will be on our walls till the end of September.
Here's your taxi to our gallery 

dikke kus

Monday 2 September 2013

Party time at Nitroglobus - Thursday 5th September

OPENING PARTY for Sina Souza her exhibition 'The Reflections of My Mind' this Thursday the 5th of September.

Time: 12 pm - 3 pm SLT (= 21 - 24 hrs Paris time)
Place: Nitroglobus gallery
Music by DJ Lex
Dress code: masked or jail (be creative ^^)

dikke kus