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Wednesday 29 January 2020

'Feelings' by Rose Hanry @ Nitroglobus

Happy and proud to announce the February 2020 exhibition by Rose Hanry @ Nitroglobus.

To Rose Second Life is more than a game and the avatar is more than a pretty doll. There's a human behind the keyboard, who experiences feelings and hopes, has a Real Life with the normal issues that life offers, Some are good and some are not so good. To her Real Life is not detached from Second Life as most people think, or want to make us believe.

In this exhibition Rose tries to show that an avatar is very natural and can show feelings as in Real Life.

In her works she expresses feelings or tells stories using (and creating) her own poses, and work the light and colors, inspired by many things: songs, Second Life/Real Life events and moods from her own life experience. Some of her images are really intimate; exposing herself, her feelings and thoughts.

Opening party set for 29 January at 12 pm SLT (= 21 hrs Amsterdam time)
Music by DJ Ferdy


Wednesday 22 January 2020

Lost Lagoon 2020

These last two days I visited Lost Lagoon several times, a lonely swamp island created and owned by Jana and Mark Knight. 'Witnesses of bygone days and paradise for those who seek solitude and nature' is the description made by the owners. You can rezz your own poses with a group tag. Joining the group costs L$ 150. There are many nice single and couple poses everywhere on the sim, the overall atmosphere is romantic and relaxed. A great place to make images AND that is what people do. 

Let me illustrate with images to give you a better idea. I used the region WindLight for all snapshots (lazy me).

at entrance point I like this bookcase and the magazines  shelf

the waiting room at entrance point

you can change the textures of the seat covers when you like

luvvvv piano's

great textures and colours

doggies and I

Tuesday 21 January 2020



Arriving at a nicely decorated barn from where you can move on and explore Summerland, an idyllic garden, where your spirit may rest and rejuvenate, the homestead land is owned by Iniquity Constantine. The place is created as a sort of atol and tastefully decorated, great textures of flowers, trees, water falls and more.  

You will find many many animated (including love and adult) seats everywhere on the sim. At entrance point the Magic Stone circle will (if you wish) teleport you to intimate places, among them high up in the sky a romantic tent (The Clouds), the Moon, The Library and the Treehouse.

More snapshots:

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Forbidden Fruit exhibition In the press

Short blogpost this time just super happy and proud with this review by Inara Pey in het blog Modem World. As always a great analysis of the exhibition and the artist. Please read it.

The exhibition 'Forbidden Fruit' by Monique (Moni) Beebe will be on the walls of Nitroglobus gallery for another 10 days, before I change exhibtions. 

When arriving at the gallery, you cannot overlook the mesh sculpture, which Kai Kohime made exclusively for this exhibition: you will be welcomed by drifting cherries and pears.

Monday 13 January 2020

Reflection and Rising by FionaFei


Yesterday I visited the installations Reflection and Rising created by FionaFei at her Shiu Mo Gallery. I was impressed, love at first sight. 
Fiona creates using shuimo (ink wash painting, an ancient form of art found in East Asia) a mystifying black and white 3D world that soothes the mind. 

Her bio mentions the following:
As a Chinese American, the Shui Mo series is my way of not only connecting with my ancestry, but it's also a way for me to celebrate centuries of art and old masters who painted in this beautiful art style. I wanted to take full advantage of Second Life's virtual environment to provide a new perspective on this traditional art style by adding depth, making what has traditionally always been portrayed as 2D pieces into 3D art. When the viewer looks into the art, they are looking into a 3D space, and depending on the angle they are viewing it from, the art changes.

the entrance area

There are two separate installations/rooms you can enter: Reflection (shown above) and Rising: an accusation against abuse/rape of women all over the world. These two installations are connected by a large entrance area in the middle, which by itself is worthwhile exploring. For instance try the different poses on top of the umbrellas. Here you also find information about the designer and there is a lovely gift: an umbrella and a koi fish, which you both can wear.

with gift umbrella on a pose in the entrance hall

Rising is a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on earth will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. That’s one billion women. 


In this installation Fiona tries to capture the moment when a person who has endured rape, sexual abuse, or violence of any kind finally breaks free of the pain that they've experienced, be it physical or emotional. The rising hand-drawn particles of women floating up is a literal interpretation of "one billion rising". When you click the information giver in this room you receive the particles of rising women as a gift (particle typer).

AND, I had the pleasure yesterday evening to meet Josef K. in Reflection, both being dressed in black, we fitted well into the surroundings. We agreed 'Reflection' reminded us vaguely of a Chinese minimal place created in black and white in SL, which existed years ago. I went there often, so did he.

meeting Josef K

Saturday 4 January 2020

Carla - Walk in the darkness by Terrygold

This evening I visited the installation 'Carla, Walk in the Darkness' by Terrygold which opened at her place SoloArte. 
The installation consists of several scenes with some animations, to give the scenes a more lively effect. 

The story is about Carla, a girl, with a dream to become a prima ballerina, who ended up as a heroin hooker. You walk through the phases of Carla's life, with on the black walls text that explains her situation/thoughts at that moment in her life. 
Terrygold was present at the end scene, where you will find all kind of information about the horrible effects of drugs on a human body. 
When I asked Terry if this story/installation was about somebody she knew, she acknowledged and told me it was about a close friend. 

I liked the installation a lot, great work. Do visit, I recommend.
Don't forget to set your WL to midnight.


prima ballerina dream

it started with smoking weed

ending in an alley

a ballerina only in her restless dreams

Friday 3 January 2020

Slice of Heaven - Luanes Wold Winter season

Yesterday (with my friend Ed) and today on my own,  I explored 'Slice of Heaven', a part of Luanes winter sim. A while ago I already wrote a blog post about Luanes Magical Winter world

However, this particular part 'Slice of Heaven', I think is more fun when you like to ride a snow scooter, a bumpy ice car or descent down the mountain on a sledge. Many poses (singles and couples) everywhere, but also when not in a romantic mood, you will enjoy the place.  

Let my snapshots tell the story:

the bumpy ice cars, lots of fun

the snow scooter

the sledge

great views

on top of the mountain

balloon has lots of poses, but doesn't do a tour