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Thursday 28 November 2019

Opening party @ Nitroglobus for Maloe Vansant

Last evening (Wednesday 27 November, European time) I organized an Opening party for Maloe Vansant. Her exhibition 'The Moon lives in the Lining of your Skin' will be decorating the walls of Nitroglobus gallery for the coming weeks.

Many people visited the party yesterday evening to admire Maloe's photos and to dance on the cool music of DJ Sin. 
It was a great party. Thanks to all who visited! To those who couldn't tp in my sincere apologies. Do visit the coming weeks.

Just noticed that famous art reviewer Inara Pey wrote an article in her blog 'Living in a Modem World' about Maloe's exhibition at Nitroglobus entitled 'Art in reflection of Self and Poetry in Second Life'. 
As always Inara made a great analysis of the exhibition. It's worthwhile reading!
Thanks sooo much Inara 💓

Some snapshots of people visiting:

DJ Sin at work

My exploring friend Ed Rhode, who also visited the party made this cool overview snapshot:

Many visitors made great pics. This one by Absentia Indaco is a really cool one, which I like to share here. See all pics she made in her FB album of the event. 


Maloe and I after the party: diva's .......  😛

A song: Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Skating at Da Vinci Gardens

In wintertime we love skating sooo I went skating at Da Vinci Gardens, Kalepa on the frozen pond which has fun skating balls to hop on and go (perfect for lazy girls like me). Miu and Ed joined me.This place has been in SL forever. I hadn't visited for a long long time, but the LM for the skating place in my inventory stil worked.


I seem to fly, but that's coz Ed is such a tall guy :-)

Tuesday 26 November 2019

The four seasons, Orinoco Valley

The group mentions 'Snow Falls is back!' and it sure is.
The four seasons, Orinoco Valley, by Brayan Friller and Elyjia Baxton, is now a well decorated winter sim, great textures, lots of (large) trees covered with snow, cottages, goblins, deer, snow falling from the virtual sky and much more. 
There is a lot to explore and many places to sit/cuddle and enjoy the enchanting surroundings/view. In other words the 'winter Valhalla' for photographers and bloggers.
Joining the group costs L$ 50, and I assume (I didn't try) you can rezz then.

More snapshots I made: 

my family  😜

talking to Santa

A song: Glenn Gould - J.S. Bach - The Art of Fugue.


Monday 25 November 2019

Cherishville in winter mood

Cherishville, a sim owned and designed by Lam Erin, is now for a few weeks in winter mood and ready to be explored and photographed. Visitors can rezz free of charge, as long as they clean up after Lam told me.

Many seats with animations, lots of snow falling down from the virtual sky, cozy warm rooms in the main building, great textures and more. 
But what else can one expect from Lam, who is a well known sim and fashion designer and photographer. 

This 'winter look' is a mutual project of Lam and his SL partner Azaria (amariahrenee). For sure a place worthwhile visiting.
Enjoy, like I did.


More snapshots:

early Xmas feeling

nice rooms in the main building at entrance point

there's is a small frozen pond, phew lucky I had my skates with me 😉

A song:  Winter song by Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson (thanks Lam for input)

Friday 22 November 2019

The Moon lives in the Lining of your Skin by Maloe Vansant at Nitroglobus

NEW, the November/December 2019 exhibition at Nitroglobus Roof gallery.

The title of the exhibition, 'The moon lives in the lining of your skin', which actually is the last line of the poem 'Ode to a beautiful Nude', by Pablo Neruda is a metaphor.

Neruda refers to the glowing skin of the woman by comparing its brightness to the moon - her skin is so beautiful and perfect that it emanates a bright light, in the same way the moon glows in the dark.

Maloe shows us HER interpretation of a 'perfect glowing skin', representing her feelings and desires; the mirror of her soul.

The Opening party will be on Wednesday, 27 November at 12.00 pm SLT (= 21 hrs Amsterdam time)
Music by DJ Sin

However, the exhibition is already in place and you can come and enjoy Maloe's images.

Dido Haas, owner/curator

Fusion - Fleur de Sel

Fusion - Fleur de Sel, is a Japanese look and feel place, not very large but well done with great textures. The designer is Elizabeth Nantes, who seems to have a reputation in building great sims.
It's fun to walk around here, have some food, sake, relax in nature, follow a class, or sit in the teachers room and have a coffee.
Jules accompanied me on this exploring trip and we had great fun and many laughs. Thanks Jules for your patience when I ordered you to: don't move/stay 😉.

in the classroom

relaxing in the teachers room

she didn't say anything ...., but the food was nice

tea or ice cream?

into the wild


a sake to finish our trip

at the school yard

A very appropriate song (btw one of my big favourites): Ane Brun - Big in Japan