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Wednesday 30 December 2015

MINA's Cecilia & a BDR winter outfit

Since ages I wrote a post about fashion. Yeah ^-^
Wearing some of the awesome BDR items that were in Cameron's 22nd December folder: the destroyed Jeans Stone, which are a layer for my Maitreya Lara avi. Yeah soo cool.
The lovely knitted BDR sweater is called Random Cold Day Sweater and comes in many warm colors, I opted for the grey one coz that fits so well with my new boots. 

This weekend my friend Kooky visited me and she was looking awesome as usual, wearing these J's Studded Long boots in red. I had to have them. I bought the grey ones, other colors available are black and white. 
The boots come with a HUD that lets you change the height of the right and left boot separately. Cool boots. 

Last but not least is another super cool MINA hair called Cecilia. It's Mina's contribution to Shiny Shabby that started on the 20th December and will last till the 15th of January next year. For a change I am a red haired girlie.

Wish all my readers a wonderful, healthy, prosperous 2016 full of love and happiness. Cu next year!

dikke kus

Monday 28 December 2015

Happy Holidays & a new gallery

Dear readers of my blog. I wish you all happy holidays & a wonderful, healthy & loving 2016.  

For me, the new year will bring a NEW gallery; The HALL (Nitroglobus Hall).
You can enter already, although you'll have to wait till next month, January 2016, when Ini Inaka will be the first artist to show brand new work at my gallery. Sooo proud she said yes. Cannot wait ;-)
At the moment I placed some of my work on the walls. 
You are welcome to come and explore.  

I am forever grateful to my dear friend Joa for his kind offer to have my new gallery at his sim. Hugs you tight my friend!

dikke kus and talk to you next year

 the logo of The HALL (Nitroglobus hall)

Thursday 10 December 2015

Every End has a New Beginning (Closing party @ Nitroglobus gallery)

Last Sunday, 6 December I organised a closing party @ Nitroglobus gallery. The gallery hosted many impressive exhibitions over the past 3,5 years and it hurted a lot to tear it all down.
However, since my beloved partner Nitro Fireguard passed away on 7 November, I couldn't afford to keep the sim/gallery and decided to close it.
Don't be sad, I will open a new place soon @ a dear friends sim. Will keep you all posted.

Last Sunday we celebrated all the good times with great music of DJ Ferdy and an impressive performance by SaveMe.

Thanks all for being there!
dikke kus
Dido Haas

Some snapshots:
colors by SaveMe Oh performing

Cold Frog visiting

Cat visiting

Cold & GoodCross

me dancing with Sirius


Maloe, Vallys


MM with a nice gentleman dancing 

Mr and Mrs S




Tuesday 10 November 2015

You will always be in my heart

On Saturday 7 November at 2.10 pm Paris time my beloved Partner Nitro Fireguard passed away.
Although I knew this was inevitable, it still was a shock. After all nobody wants to loose a loved one. The only redeeming thought is Nitro doesn't have to suffer these horrible pains anymore.

Nitro and I, we had 4 wonderful years together in Second Life. 
It all started when we met at the installation 'The Path' on 17 October 2011.
We flirted, fooled around, got partnered on Valentines day 2012 and started a gallery. 

We both worked very hard in/for the gallery, which we enjoyed a lot.
How bizarre that eggszackily 4 years later, even on the same day, Nitro made his own 3D mesh sculpture installation 'The Paths of Life'
, which opened on 17 October. 
I am truly happy he could be present at this opening party, enjoying the good spirit and the many artist friends attending that evening. It was his goodbye to SL.

Nitro loved art, he was a very creative person, always had been in RL and SL. Over the years his 3D mesh sculptures were getting better and better, and he gained name as a sculptor.
Most of his sculptures and installations (like the Maze) were shown at Nitroglobus

walking Nitro's maze

He exhibited his works alone or with others (who doesn't remember the exhibition 'Hidden Faces' he did together with Mistero Hifeng in January 2013).
Last but certainly not least, there were his sculptures in the main hall of Nitroglobus, as he always 'fitted' the gallery to the theme of the exhibitions by guest artists. That's what made Nitroglobus gallery a unique place.
So unreal to know this will never happen again. 

Second Life is empty without him and his always loving care for me. Now that you are gone sweetie I realize more and more how dear you were to me my soulmate!
Gros bisous mon cheri, may you rest in peace.

You will always be in my heart!

Claude the man behind the keyboard of Nitro
I am happy we met twice in Real Life.
(this photo was made by a RL professional photographer friend of Claude)

Jessye Norman - A Portrait - When I Am Laid In Earth (Purcel) 
thank you Joao for this song

Sunday 1 November 2015

MINA's Jildou

Super cool NEW MINA hair Jildou, with an Add On for The Gacha Garden, which started today on the 1st of November. 
More info on http://www.thegachagarden.com

Everytime someone plays the machine 20 times at the Gacha Garden there will be a price. MINA's price is the All Specials colorpack Jildou Seeds.

I made photos of 2 different combinations of hair/add on.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
dikke kus

Thursday 29 October 2015

ISON Lace top

ISON lace crop top black, bought at Collabor88 
I love it, also bought the white one 

Tattoo: Letis Inermis for Maitreya
Hair: [e]Lena Exclusives by Elikatira

dikke kus

Wednesday 28 October 2015

I went shopping & exploring

new tattoo: Letis Inermis for Maitreya
Sn@tch Temptress eye makeup (black); I bought a fatpack at TDR (The Dressing Room) this week
Hair isn't new, it's [e]Lena Exclusives by Elikatira

First 3 images made @ our gallery (Nitroglobus gallery)

NEW is the mesh Comfy tank for Maitreya of Apple May Designs (AMD)
I combined this with the Maitreya mesh mini skirt in black for Lara and my awesome CD (CandyDoll) Arabella black boots for Maitreya Lara. I luvvvv these boots muchly.

Next images were made at Saint Pete City, the awesome sim by Neva.

Addams Nikki jacket rolled up which I bought this evening at Uber. It comes with a top (not shown on the photo coz I am wearing the AMD comfy tank.

dikke kus 

'What If' by Senna, MM & Nitro @ Nitroglobus gallery

poster for the exhibition 'What If', made by MM (Mysterr)

Nitro and I are proud to present the work of the talented MM (Mysterr) and famous photographer Senna Coronet, in our gallery.
Senna is well known and respected by the entire SL art world for his high quality awesome photography.  For MM this is her first exhibition. 
We love both their work, which is so full of expression and emotions, something that's not easy to capture in Second Life. 

A sincere thank you to both the artists, whose work we think fits so well together because both artists play with light, shadows and emotions.

For this exhibition 'What If' Nitro created an installation of mesh sculpture groups of people walking a path. There are many paths one can choose from: the regular path, and the more difficult, windy and less traveled ones: it's a choice.
The regular path shows people walking the path of life, getting children, growing old and ends with Sisyphus rolling his stone up the hill, a heavy task.
The various windy paths lead to different endings; one brings you to angels, the others to demons.
 'What If' you would have chosen the other path instead of the path you walked in life?
You'll never know.

Don't miss it. Here's your taxi to our gallery
dikke kus

Some images I made of our gallery to give you an idea:


Tuesday 13 October 2015

Closing party 'Fade to Grey' for Mr. B. @ Nitroglobus

Last Sunday, 11 October we celebrated @ Nitroglobus gallery the Closing party for the temp exhibition 'Fade to Grey' of Burke Bode (Mr. B.).
Right from the start when DJ Ferdy started to tune, SaveMe Oh showed up and started performing and this went on till the midnite. Ferdy and SaveMe managed to be sync and it was a great show. Everybody enjoyed coz the sim stayed loaded.

A sincere thank you to all for visiting and to Ferdy and SaveMe for entertaining us. Mr. B. hugs for helping out in filling our empty walls with your awesome work and for being a true friend.

Cu all soon at our next party!
dikke kus
Dido, curator Nitroglobus gallery

Some snapshots:

Nitro & I

Skippy and Nur

Yoon dancing

rocker Captain Walter Gedenspire


DJ Ferdy and Yoon

Senna and MM, our next exhibitors

SaveMe performing

Sina Souza