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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Falling for Autumn

Great total outfit from H.E.D. called Falling for Autumn, which exists of:
  • the mesh falling for autumn poncho in several sizes with alpha layer. Wow, great quality this poncho and very detailed too.
  • the Henley dark green long shirt and bottom part of the shirt in all layers  
  • jeans in pants layer
  • brown as well as green 'wear under poncho' layer 
  • Monica boots chocolate, including alpha layer and HUD to stretch the boots
Yep a really well made and super fitting outfit and although the shirt and jeans are no mesh items, I really like them; great colors and textures. 

Not showing you the Monica boots coz I preferred to combine with the COCO gift Suede boots in brown ^^

Although I usual stick to my own 'Dido shape' I am at this moment totally in luv with Angel shape of Anna Shapes. It's on sale at Flawless & Hunt Harvest event that ends on November 7th. For 500 L$ you buy the Angel Shape pack, consisting of 3 sizes: Small, Normal and Model (wearing Model in the photos).

Here's your taxi to the event.

dikke kus

Monday 29 October 2012

My cup of tea

Wow aren't they SUPER the hats Fairy & Doodle, the designers of Circus Noir make? Look at this awesome one 'My cup of tea' one, which comes with the romantic dress I am wearing. New and available at their shop now. 
I like their stuff coz it well made and always has a touch of humor to it.

Phew have I been productive this evening. But now I go and dance with my sweetie.
dikke kus

Bewitched by BDR

Another great Halloween outfit from BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich): the Bewitched outfit... aww sooo cute! The dress (sculpted skirt and mesh corset) comes with witch hat, fishnet socks and booties (not shown).

The attached notecard explained why I hadn't seen any clothes lately from Cameron. She wrote: 'this is my first work after being absent for more than 5 months'. 
But hey she managed to make 5 halloween costumes even with a graphic card that needs updating. Chapeau and welcome back Cameron! I have missed your creative outfits. 

dikke kus

Jester by BDR

Wow this is a truly great fitting mesh (!) Halloween outfit called Jester catsuit by Beautiful Dirty Rich (BDR)
Jester comes with 2 different hats with resizer (wearing hat B) and heels (not shown). I love this model, the design, the color, the sexy zipper just yummie! 
Thx so much Cameron for this awesome bloggers review item!

Pose used: DM Flutter

dikke kus

We are never ever....

All new items this evening, which I combined in one blog post:
First the cute red/white dotted top of the Hot Stuff mesh outfit 'We are never ever'. The outfit comes with dark grey shorts (not shown). 
The second is another great new Truth mesh hair of this week called Rebel, showing raven w/roots.
Third new item is the antique cross necklace of Bens Beauty, luv it.
Last but not least Anna Shapes Angel Model (yeah I am trying another shape ^^)

Then there is the Maitreya Stefani mesh pants in lightgrey I bought early this evening coz I couldn't resist it ^^. It fits purfectly and has lovely details, great quality as can be expected of Maitreya. Stefani pants come in many lovely colours.

From my closet:
Boho HoBo feather hair extensions
S*E Part-Che Wildflowers tattoo
SLINK womens natural barefeet mesh rigged & Margot ballet slippers red
Amarelo Manga set flapper onyx ring
Mandala pearl rain bracelets
redMint skin pale no. 7
Mayfly deep sky eyes monet dawn shadow
Acide Jam Grey piercing

Pose used: DM Planet Del

dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Sunday 28 October 2012


One of the three awesome Truth mesh hairs of this week: Josie. Luv the braid and the way the hair falls around my face. Supa!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
dikke kus

A Passion for red

Here's the other cool AD Creations mesh red dress by Aliza Karu for AVENUE 255 (see my former blog post about Covetousness).
This one is less romantic I think and more daring/different. I luvvvvvvvv it !
It's called the Passion mesh dress and for the next 3 weeks only available at the Avenue sim.

Just wanted to show you this one tooo coz it's just supa!
Enjoy your weekend!
dikke kus

Friday 26 October 2012

Circus Noir Halloween outfit

Cool the Circus Noir made a very sexy Halloween outfit; wow I luv the back of this outfit ..... arghhhh ^^
It exists of: a crow sitting on your shoulder ^^, a witch hat with pumpkins, a bat top, black thong, spider legging and spiderweb skirt. Absolutely yummy for L$ 250. Mmm, what are you waiting for? Here's your taxi to the Circus.

Wishing you all a hot and scary Halloween 
dikke kus

Wednesday 24 October 2012


Wow luvvvv this dress, it's called Covetousness and is one of the new AD Creation outfits by Aliza Karu for AVENUE 255 and for the next 3 weeks only available at the Avenue Sim.

It's red in its purest form, also known as RGB 255, and next to black that happens to be my fav RL as well as SL color. Sooo yep I do adore this one.
It comes with a mesh skirt, sculpted addons, mesh corset and a sculpted hat. 

dikke kus & nite nite

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Almost Halloween ^^

Halloween is approaching and there are more and more hunts and gifts ^^
Showing you a few:

  • BAX Ornament Leggings Spiderweb comes in tattoo and underpants layer
  • Circus Noir Bruised and Beaten tattoo layer makeup (very very Halloweenish). Arghh nah my sweetie didn't beat me, he would never do so... lol ^^
  • COCO Suede Boots GG, which is not very Halloweenish, BUT a gift of great quality. Showing you the two different options. I love these boots!
dikke kus

Monday 22 October 2012

Indra by Amarelo Manga

Wow, Indra really is a super mesh top by Amarelo Manga (AM). It fits my avi purrrrfectly and I don't even need the alpha layer. I love the back of the top look how sexy; really yummy.
Yep definitely a lovely item from the Fall/Winter collection of Amarelo Manga.
I combined it with my mesh Chaos black jeans.

Thanks Luana for this awsome bloggers review item.
dikke kus

Sunday 21 October 2012

Falling Cheyenne

Blogging two NEW items this Sunday evening:
First is SySy's Falling mesh skirt for My Attic which has a hippy/boho/romatic feel. Showing the red version although it comes in many lovely colours. Great quality and it fits super on my avi!
All items at My Attic are only 95L$ and available untill 31 October. 

Second is Cheyenne one of the three awesome new mesh Truth hairs of this week (shown is champagne colour). Great quality as always!

Furthermore wearing Sn@tch Liza PePlum top, which I blogged yesterday, luv it and BoHo HoBo feathers in my hair.

That's it for this evening, sleep well ^^
dikke kus

Saturday 20 October 2012

Sn@tch Liza at Serenity

relaxing in Serenity

Totally taken by this awesome mesh Liza Peplum top of Sn@tch it's absolutely yummie. Instead of buying a folder containing all sizes of the product, at Sn@tch you indicate your size and receive a folder with all colors in your size. 
Luv it coz this mesh top fits me super and the see through tulle part is so precise and well made. One of the best mesh tops I have so far. Chapeau for Ivey Deschanel!

First photo I took last nite when Nitro and I visited Serenity an enchanting sim. I found the LM in Kara Trapdoors' Flickr (thx so much Kara for keeping us posted on all the lovely places worthwhile exploring in SL). Here's your taxi to Serenity.

The picture above gives you a very detailed image of the top, sitting at the Japanese house at my home using Yoko Ireto her pose (see uncropped below). 

Furthermore wearing:
Chaos mesh black jeans 
A&A Misa hair 
Mandala black pearl rain bracelets
Tattoos: Sparkly Ephelant, Juicy Box, Plastik

Enjoy your weekend!
dikke kus


This mesh see through lace blouse Tilla from the Fall/Winter collection of  Amarelo Manga is sooo nicely made and very sexy. Definitely a fave of mine.
I have been wearing it a lot since I received it as a bloggers review item and will in the future.

Have a lovely weekend!
dikke kus

Friday 19 October 2012

Feathers in my hair

NEW is the Amarelo Manga mesh dress Valery (orange). Great fit, design and made with an eye for detail: look at the neckline, the way the skirt is fixed to the upper part of the dress AND the see through lace on the back. Wow, really awesomely made!

Furthermore wearing the BoHo HoBo feather hair extentions (definitively gonna be an all time fave) haven't taken it off since I received it. It's one of the BoHo Culture Fair items (another is the purple crochet vest) and also NEW.
Here's your taxi to the fair.

That's all for now ^^
Nite nite
dikke kus

Thursday 18 October 2012

Envyme hippie

These lasts days I received many really good bloggers review items.
One of them is the Envyme (EM) hippie outfit consisting of blue line mesh top and harem pants. This outfit really has great textures and fits my avi super! 

RL it's autumn and getting colder but here in SL it's still warm and sunny ^^

dikke kus

Wednesday 17 October 2012


Mr. Lapin bought a new shirt and it's really cool so I decided to blog it. It's the NEW grey mesh shirt of TCHIKY. The shirt actually comes in 4 colors, Nitro bought the black one.
I found it in a blog post of All4Fashion Victims yesterday afternoon and took Nitro shopping there late yesterday nite and phew he liked it too ^^. 
Looks great on his avi don't you think?

dikke kus

Tuesday 16 October 2012

My Gothly Queen

Totally in love with AD (AngelsDemons) Creations of Aliza Karu. 
Sooo for the party last nite I didn't have to think twice; I bought the awesome My Gothly Queen mesh dress. The folder comes with a mesh skirt + a flexi one (I am wearing both the flexi on top of the mesh one), a mesh collar, a mesh corset and a sculpted hat.
I like Aliza her designs they are non-mainstream, creative and well made. Her shop is an adventure itself.   

It was a super party with great music (hugs DJ Lex!), lots of enthusiastic  visitors and a good atmosphere. Thx to all who visited!
Oh and in case you couldn't make it last evening, no worries coz the exhibition 'Moments in Time' will be at the walls of Nitroglobus Gallery for the entire month of October.
Dikke kus

Monday 15 October 2012

Nitroglobus Gallery movie

Great short movie Nitro uploaded this weekend of Yoko her exhibition 'Nudes' at Nitroglobus gallery last August. Luv it!

dikke kus

text by Nitro (YouTube):
Yoko Ireto has been making photography her main occupation in her Second Life. She appears to be in the quest of a reality which may be in between this virtual world. She kept exploring the insides of virtual bodies using the few avatars of her intimate circle. One could be facing the underlying crack between desires and passion for life, a question that may be crucial when healing from heartache. 
Virtual visitors of the gallery had a chance to stir their own feelings while experiencing these not so innocent images.

Music by AM Forte, 
recorded in Second Life at the Two Roses Café by Nitro Fireguard
Image and editing by Nitro Fireguard
Recorded at Nitroglobus Gallery, Costa Blanco, Second Life
Nitroglobus Gallery is managed by Dido Haas.

Halloween Cheapie

Dancing the nite away!

Plastik Halloween Cheapie / Pumpkin outfit (mesh skirt and top and non-mesh torment warmers). Cool outfit for little money.

Moreover wearing my NEW SLINK mesh hands elegant awww luv them ^^,
as well as Truth hair Izzie w/roots in guince.

Nite nite
dikke kus

Sunday 14 October 2012

15 Oct: Party & Freebies at Nitrogobus Gallery

This awesome Halloween bat hat WITH emotions (click the bat and choose your expression) is one of the free gifts for all visitors at the Opening party for the exhibition 'Moments in Time' on 15th October at Nitroglobus Gallery. The hat is designed and donated by our friends Fairy Fanshaw and Doodle Stickfigure of Circus Noir (do visit their awesome shop!). 
Thx sooo much girls, mwah!

Moreover, Nitro made a cool sort of 'Halloweenish' orange mesh top featuring his RL art and matching the Circus Noir bat hat. It comes in male & female version and also is a free gift to be obtained at the Gallery on 15 October. Cool guy I have!

texture used 'rouille' made by Nitro

For those who forgot .... the opening party is on Monday 15th October from 12.00 - 2.30 pm SLT (= 21.00 - 23.30 hrs Paris time) at Nitroglobus Gallery.
Live music by DJ Lex.

dikke kus

Saturday 13 October 2012


Wow, this is the best Halloween group gift I have seen until now! Super total outfit called Demonia; great textures, great fit, great all. Totally in love with Demonia from Purple Moon (PM). Joining the PM group costs you L$ 50, but hey that's nothing for this awesome Halloween outfit.
Ladies what are you waiting for ..... here's your taxi to Purple Moon.

Have a supa weekend!
dikke kus

Oh and don't forget to make a note in your agenda: Monday 15th October Opening party at Nitroglobus Gallery with live music of the one and only DJ Lex! Cu there.

Friday 12 October 2012

Kidnapped sheep

This evening I visited with my friend Fabio Inis Caiseal (thx Olympes for the LM) a coastal Irish residential rental cottages for decadent escapes on the sea, which is part of the Alchemy Immortalis Bed&Breakfast Experience. We  recognised the B&B sim immediately: the hills, the music, the sound of the sheep. A truly awesome place. Fabio kidnapped a sheep and jumped into the boat ^^

NEW are the Secret's mesh Top - I love U & mesh Shorts Grey Denim I am wearing. Cool outfit they make together. Luv it!
Also NEW is the VIP gift for customers of NOYA: a set of silver bangles (wearing the right bracelet only)
Newish is this weeks Truth mesh hair Havana w/roots in jupiter. Quality as one can expect from Truth. Lovely hair that I completed with the tintable Elate silk bow headband.

From my closet:
Legit Stars and Spikes belt black (former FLF item)
LouLou&Co crepuscule gloves

Nite nite
dikke kus

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Party Time at Nitroglobus Gallery

Party time at Nitroglobus Gallery: Monday 15 October  from 12.00 - 2.30 pm SLT (21.00 - 23.30 hrs Paris time) we will have a smashing 'OPENING PARTY' for the exhibition 'Moments in Time' of Nitro & Friends. 

So if you don't know what to do on this lazy Monday, come over dress 'Halloweenish' and dance dance on the tunes of DJ Lex, have fun and in between take a look at the awesome art on the walls of our gallery ^^

Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus Gallery

dikke kus

Monday 8 October 2012

Ice Chess

Inspired by Alessa, whom I met at an opening party, I went shopping at AD (AngelsDemons Creations) and couldn't resist to buy the same outfit. Hope you don't mind Alessa, but it's too good not to blog.
I loved the shop and remembered I had been there ages ago, but somehow lost the LM. Great inspiring outfits and creative fun shop. Here's your taxi

Wearing the AD Burla (partly mesh) outfit, which consists of mesh pants, gloves, shirt, sculpted sleeves and a non-rigged mesh collar. The shirt layer exists of the corset and the pasties. If you don't wanna show your tits you'll have to wear another layer underneath. 

I am utterly in love with this creative outfit which has great textures and is supa detailed. 
Kiss to Alessa. A special kiss and thx to Nitro for the great ice and snow textures!

I used DM (top pic) and Miamai poses.

dikke kus

Sunday 7 October 2012

We joined the Circus (Noir)

Yeah, Nitro and I we joined the Circus (Noir)*
Fairy, designer/co-owner of Circus Noir is a friend and when I met her yesterday in Nitroglobus Gallery she was wearing the newest CN creation; the Harlequin dress. Aww, I had to have it coz it's really awesome. 
The mesh dress comes with a (non mesh) collar with bells, hat with bells, staff and striped stockings with lotsa holes. Great outfit for a great price (L$ 250).

Nitro has been a fan of the Circus Noir for ages. On the photo he is wearing their bat hat and male baggy pants (both not new). Oops the baggy pants is rather dirty, lotsa stains yak yak, lol he forgot to wash it ^^
So hey hey what about our circus act.

dikke kus


* about the Circus Noir:
Fairy and Doodle are the 'Noire sisters' i.e. designers/co-owners of Circus Noir.

As in the story of Alice, at Circus Noir, they make it a practice to believe at least six impossible things before breakfast.

If you're a bit unusual, if people don't quite know what to make of you, or if you have a taste for things that are clockwork, gothic, and off the beaten path, then Circus Noir is the place for you.

There is an MM board, a lucky cage, a red light district and a dance cloud. You can have your fortune told, swing on a trapeze, take your picture riding an elephant, or visit the freakshow. 

Saturday 6 October 2012

Moments in Time; new exhibit at Nitroglobus Gallery

Phew I worked my butt off these last days for the new exhibition 'Moments in Time' at Nitroglobus Gallery. I made lots of posters to announce the exhibit of my partner Nitro Fireguard and mmm finally choose one with Nitro on it; simply but effective.

The exhibit is really awesome: on display are during the month of October several RL 'silicons' Nitro made as well as work of former exhibitors Ini Inaka, PetsiKat Markova, Yoko Ireto and Gitu Aura. And btw ... I was asked to contribute 2 works too ^^

Nitro describes the silicons as follows: 
'Walking in the streets of Paris and finding a bit of a toy, and old ID picture, a piece of earring, a telephone chip, a feather, a decayed tooth, a dried insect… 
The memory investigation starts and after a melting in silicon it is there: a Moment in Time'.

To give you an idea I included a detail of one of his silicons, awesome isn't it?

Here some try outs of posters I made; mmm I rather like them ^-^

You are all invited of course to visit the exhibition. Lemme give you a taxi

And yes yes, there will be an opening party of course. Mmmm think this will be around 15th October coz ...you know what that's the day one year ago Nitro and I met for the first time in SL at 'The Path'
So celebration time it is!

dikke kus and wishing you a supa weekend!