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Monday 25 February 2013

Pin Strip me Down

H.E.D. mesh Pinstrip Me Down Dress, which comes in 2 styles so far. One in red and one in pink; showing Red. Both items are available on the Marketplace. It's a nice sunny dress which makes me long even more for spring, coz I'm really fed up with winter, cold and snow.

Well in SL it's always warm pfffff
dikke kus

Photo taken at Nitroglobus Lab

Sunday 24 February 2013

My Mushroom Trip Through Nitroglobus

Cool movie of Kara 'tripping' through Roni's Eyeworld at Nitroglobus. A must see ^^

Thursday 21 February 2013

Dutch Design at My Attic

 Yeah, presenting the work of two Dutch designers in this blog post, which both created for the upcoming My Attic at the Deck. 
Theme of this My Attic round is Popstar.

First is another cool hair by MINA called Spice. Now here's something different and absolutely a must-have if you wanna be a popstar. 

The other item is SYSY's mesh Devant dress, that comes in many bright and more classic colours. I decided to wear tangarine (bright) coz it fits Spice so well.

Both items will be released tomorrow 21 February at the upcoming 'My Attic' at the Deck. 
They will be ONLY available there and for a limited timeframe (21-28 February) at a reduced price.

Here's your taxi to My Attic

Thx Mina and Sysy for your bloggers review items!

dikke kus

Photo taken at Nitroglobus Gallery.
Don't forget: tomorrow Thursday 21 February we have the opening party of Eyeworld, an installation by Roni Saunders. With music of DJ Lex  
Party starts at 21.30 hrs Paris time (= 0.30 pm SLT).

Wednesday 20 February 2013

February various

SYSY's mesh top and pants 

LaVie Meimei skin (no. 4 H), the Valentine female/Rezzday GG: lips are nice but I am no lipstick addict in SL (I am in RL though), skin color and texture I like, however the tits are not detailed enough for my taste: hardly any nipples. But hey it's a gift ^^ 

KaKia Designs: great texture and colors
Wearing cool newish items that all had to wait too long in my closet to be blogged:

Two great mesh clothes of SYSY's matching well together: the Aquariustop in coffee & the Rayures pants in chocolate. They come in many colors.

I didn't know Kakia Designs until I received this bloggers review item. I love this mesh Bossy boatneck cropped sweater. I am wearing the Lavender one, although the grey and red ones are super too. Nice warm colors and textures.

Pose used: ILAYA kneel pose
Hair: Truth hair Kenzie, which I blogged before in champagne. Luv this hair.

dikke kus

Monday 18 February 2013

Mushroom Opening party 21st Feb at Nitroglobus Gallery

Nitro and I are happy and proud to introduce 'EYEWORKS'; an installation by Roni Saunders. 

OPENING PARTY  will be this Thursday 21st February
Time:  0.30 - 3.00 pm SLT ( 21.30 - 24.00 hrs Paris time)
Place: Nitroglobus Gallery (LM inside the invitation)
Music by DJ Lex.

It's not mandatory BUT I'd like to ask party guests to let their imagination go wild with the theme of this party 'MUSHROOMS'. 
Why mushrooms? Well you'll understand the minute you set foot at Nitroglobus Gallery.

CU Thursday!
Dido Haas

Here's your taxi to the gallery

Thursday 14 February 2013

Valentine day

On this photo I am wearing SYSY's Spashdress in pink, a Valentine day GG. Thx soo much Sysy! Kus.

The cute Valentine pose is from DQ and called 'BAD Cupid' and available at their shop for only L$ 1. Coz Nitro isn't here in SL yet I posed alone... mmm 

Deep Emerald Mayfly mesh eyes

All the rest is from my closet, except the awesome Mayfly mesh eyes, which are a GG: the Deep Sky eyes 'Deep Emerald' (green) & the 'Deep Majorelle' (purple). Thanks and hugs Keshie! 

Wearing the 'anniversary gift dress' of coldLogic'. coldLogic has a photo contest: you have to wear this anniversary dress and make a cool photo.

Valentine day is a very special day for me coz on 14 February 2012 Nitro asked me to be his partner. It has been an awesome year. Luv you sweetie, thanks for being here!

Happy V.day to you all!
dikke kus

Changing exhibitions

Last opportunity to visit the 'Hidden Faces' exhibition at our galllery coz tomorrow evening we will change.
Damn I will miss the awesome art work of Mistero and Nitro.

But, on the other hand looking forward to the next installation of Ronda, which will be super tooo. Keep you posted.

Taxi to Nitroglobus galllery

dikke kus

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Valentine girl

Yeah it's almost Valentine day, which is a special day for me coz eggszackily one year ago Nitro asked me to be his partner on Valentine day ^^

Yeah pink Valentine girl I am, wearing:
DEW February gift babydoll; a lovely sweet pink dress, that makes me feel soooo girlie ^^
G*Field Valentine Gift mesh Sasha boots; wow another awesome gift of Cerberus
Finally Kenzie in champagne one of this weeks Truth mesh hairs. I like this hair, it's my style. Super!

All the rest comes from my closet.

Well that's it wishing you all a great Valentine day!
dikke kus
 Kenzie, mesh Truth hair
DEW babydoll dress

G*Field Sasha boots

Saturday 9 February 2013

Valentine rings by Nitroglobus

Nitro is such a creative guy he made a Valentine ring that's for sale now at entrance point in our galllery for only L$ 139. 

For me he made a special one with our names on it. Cute, cute, cute ^^
However, if you like YOU can order a tailor made Valentine ring and Nitro will but the names of you and your lover/BF/GF/partner on it.
Just IM Nitro Fireguard or Dido Haas, or send us a notecard and we will contact you.

blows you a Valentine kiss

Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus gallery

Friday 8 February 2013

One year coldlogic

Hey there is a SALE at coldlogic; all items are 50% off coz the shop exists 1 year. Yeah time flies. However, this SALE will end this Sunday 10th February. So hurry girls.

coldLogic mesh skirt giles in ruby  
New-ish SLAVE (dressing room) mesh OpenSweater in black. The cardigan is nice with a hoodie and cool pockets and it comes in many colours. In the folder there is a hud that allows you to change the colour as you like. Luv it!
New: AUX Noir Tights, TDR (The Dressing Room) 3 pack

Furthermore wearing:
Elate Silk bow headband (color changing) former GG
Vita's Boudoir Pony girl boots in black (former GG)
MIEL Lish necklace tintable (one of my faves)

Wishing you all a super weekend!
dikke kus

Elate bow and my awesome rings made by Nitro on my mesh SLINK hand

Thursday 7 February 2013

SHade of White by C&P

Hey hey showing you the really really awesome C&P SHade of White Lace mesh top. It's soo cool, I truly luv it!

Yesterday I spoke to Cath (the C of C&P) and she told me there will be a Fashion show tomorrow (Friday 8th Feb) in which C&P will be taking part. One of the new items will be this mesh lace top 'SHades of White'. Oh I luv it; smexy and so well made!

dikke kus

For you fashionista's interested to visit: it's the NBM Mesh Fashion show, which starts 8 February at 21.30 hrs Paris time (SLT 12.30 pm). Here's your taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//176/235/57

Pose used: OV (Ovation) Cara.

Rest of outfit I am wearing:
AUX noir tights - TDR (The Dressing Room) pack (of 3)  that's on sale now COOL!
Elate silk bow headband (color changing)
Blueberry Frensas mesh leather skirt

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Arty mesh ring CALLIPIGE

Cool ARTY mesh ring CALLIPIGE for sale at Nitroglobus gallery

Yep, Nitro made an awesome ring of one of his mesh sculptures 'the fat lady', which he baptized 'CALLIPIGE'. It's for sale for only 139 L$ right now at Nitroglobus galllery in silver and black.

Furthermore, if you haven't visited the 'Hidden Faces' exhibition you have another week to do so. After that it will be gone, coz we will change at the end of next weekend.

Gros bisous/dikke kus


LM to the gallery:

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Fringe Camisk

And now for something completely different ^^ the SLAVE Dressing Room mesh Fringe Camisk in pink.
It's very nicely made, ultra sexy and comes in many awesome colors. I do love the colors Cristine uses so much. 
The several bracelets, anklets etc are included in the folder. So hey this evening I am a kneeling slave girl ...

Furthermore wearing London, one of this weeks Truth mesh hairs in champagne (light blond). Up to speed this week with the Truth hairs ^^

The rest comes all from my invent.
Nite nite all 
dikke kus

Sunday 3 February 2013

Elate Sale

Elate! owner Kellie Iwish is such a sweetheart; after she learned I had my 6th Rezz day recently she gave me this awesome mesh Lily skirt in Navy & Cranberry as a present .... Wow I love it and you know what it's on SALE now coz all items have a 50% discount due to the 5 yrs celebration of the shop.
The other new item is last weeks Truth hair Ursula. Yeah I know I am behind schedule ^^
And of course the DS (Dulce Secret) Machelle skin Bitter.Bare. Luv it!

Furthermore wearing:
Roule Yacine bra busted
Amorous Fallen Grey necklace (Rezz day gift of my dear friend Mina)

Pose used: Miseria Beat pose a bloggers review item.
Photos taken at TIS shop, in front of that awesome graffiti wall ^^

The weekend is over.. toooo fast.
Dikke kus

TIS 5 yrs Elate, Laurie and Machelle

Phew it's been a while since I blogged. Therefore a lot of new items in this blog post, featuring Lex, our DJ who performs at the opening parties of Nitroglobus gallery. 
Lex and I we went exploring the hybrid dancing ball at TIS (There in Spirit), f.k.a. DevShack that has been in SL since 2007 and specializes in club equipment and motion capture animations. It's a dancing ball that combines couple, male and female dances.

Wearing my newly acquired Elate! mesh Natalie blazer in charcoal, which I bought at the SALE at Elate! Reason: Kellie her shop exists 5 years! Wow, chapeau for Kellie coz that is a long time. I remember discovering her former little shop long long ago and buying almost all the items coz they were soo cool. Congrats Kellie!

The other new item shown here is my Truth mesh hair Laurie, which is one of Truth LAST weeks new hairs (sorry Truth I am slow). Luv it! It's definitely my fave of last weeks hairs.

The last new item shown is the DS (Dulce Secrets) skin Machelle in Bitter.Bare, which is a bloggers review item of AnneAlyce Maertens (mmm sounds Belgian to me). I like this skin; it does give me a bit of a sulky expression, but hey that's cooool ^^ 
Machelle comes in many cool skin colours. Thanks AnneAlyce!

Lex is wearing a new shirt: the Kal Rau Casual Shirt_Striped M4. I like Kal Rau they make awesome stuff for guys.

Well that's it for now ^^
dikke kus

Aww lemme give you a song to conclude the weekend: Alicia Keys with Girl on Fire ^^