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Wednesday 29 April 2015



Love this pencil dress it's sooo classy and my partner Nitro loves it too.
I made these pictures a while ago, but due to lots of work in our gallery over the past weeks, I had no time to focus on blogging. However, since the new exhibition 'E-Motions' is up and running I can relax a bit now and focus on other things too. 

Phew long story, so let's get to business:
wearing the Nya's PencilDress in the color SilkAlmond and the Nya's Springjacket in toasted almonds. Super set and like I mentioned sooo classy.
Here's your taxi to Nya's shop

Wearing MINA hair Joelle goes it goes well with this outfit. It's simply gorgeous.

Dikke kus

An appropriate song:  

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Pretty in pink

I'm not the pink type of girl, but for this lovely mesh corset by ECRU, the Raquel corset blush I made an exception. It fits perfect around my Lara mesh Maitreya body.

Furthermore new and reasonably new are:
  • the gorgeous D!va hair Doris in Onyx bought at Colabor88 April and didn't take off ever since 
  • the Persefona pink butterflies in my hair, which is an addON and comes in many colors. Fun!
  • the katat0nik bright pink bow wrist strap, wich was also bought at Collabor88 April. The folder contains many great colors. Love it
Not sure if I blogged the wonderful Elysium Emily skin freckles chai, which next to the normal skin comes also with a HUD for the mesh Maitreya Lara avi. Phew, so now I have freckles again over my entire body and not only on my face.
And of course I wear the nn (No Name) Butterfly arm tattoo, which is an Applier for Lara.
The black leather Blueberry Frensas mesh leather mini skirt is not new, but still gorgeous.
The Marsali flats in coal are by fri.day and fit my Lara feet purrrfectly.

Dikke kus

Sunday 26 April 2015

E-Motions exhibition by Yoon & miumiumiu at Nitroglobus gallery

We did it, we changed exhibitions at Nitroglobus gallery.
We say goodbye to 'Body' by Paola Mills and welcome 'E-motions' by Yoon (Toyono) & miu miu miu (Miumiumiusecond).

For Yoon and miu miu miu this is the first time in their SL life they exhibit their work in a gallery, although they both are active in Flickr and/or Facebook. However, until now those platforms were more or less the only ones they used to express themselves with images.

E-MOTIONS:The title refers to how we as humans always are being moved by emotions. They literally cause 'motion' in our lives. They make us go forward, backward, up and down or move in endless circles.

Miu and Yoon interpreted the theme of E-motions in their own personal way. Yoon's work is very personal. Her expression can be called conceptual with a fixed idea about what had to be expressed and in what context. Miu on the other hand is expressing her avi in several moving images, some hard, some tender. Miu calls her approach an impulsive one, meaning she will do a shoot without a prepared idea how it should become.

And of course Nitro made awesome sculptures for this exhibition as he always does.

E-Motions will be on the walls of Nitroglobus gallery for some time and all are welcome to visit. Here's your taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondl…/Costa%20Blanco/…/117/771

dikke kus

Opening party shots (dresscode was 'colorfull').

Yoon & miumiumiu at their party


former exhibitor Paola Mills also was present

Friday 10 April 2015

In the bamboo forest

Dress: The Plastik Arona dress Noir. I am totally in love with this super fitting sexy dress; no alpha spots needed. So well made and create textures. I placed a front and back view of this truly awesome dress.

SySy's Fedora hat, one of her items for the !nterlude event, which opens this Sunday, 12 April @ 6 pm SLT with a big party. The creators had to inspire their items on a song. SySy chose Bruno Mars's song 'Uptown funk'.
The hat comes in 3 colors (black, brown and tan) and with a HUD, that lets you change the color of the Rim. Cute fedora. Love it.

MINA's latest hair Joelle; super fitting under SySy's fedora hat. Love this hair.

Also NEW (see picture below) is the Lushish Catz  Group Gift - Peach Bikini, which contains also a HUD for Maitreya mesh avi Lara. There is a fee to join the group of L$ 50.
Somehow I have the feeling we are going back to former system clothes :-(

dikke kus

Thursday 9 April 2015

Roses & Butterflies in my new MINA hair

Outfit: Hudson's Clothing Co. - Floral Flair set Almond mesh by Candace Hudson
Hair: MINA Joelle materials
Hairpiece and butterflies: Persefona Vissela Wreath (black roses) and Persefona Butterfly AddON (black butterflies around the head).

Body: Maitreya Lara 3.0
Eyes: Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh eyes Mountain Lake
Skin (Face): Elysium Lena
Collar: MS Bibi Collar

dikke kus

my more 'arty impression' for Flickr

Saturday 4 April 2015

Paashaas (Happy Easter)

Happy Easter to all the readers of this blog and the members, exhibitors and visitors of our gallery (Nitroglobus gallery).

Wearing the bunny outfit (Easter PJs) in baby blue (it also comes in pink) of Phunk. Wow this is soo much fun, smiling all the time when wearing this silly outfit. 
The Phunk Easter PJ's folder contains bunny ears with or without headband, funny bunny slippers, a white bunny tail and of course the Easter PJ's in several sizes.  The cool guy on the photo is of course Nitro, my sweetie.

Last but not least showing the brand new MINA hair Aranka, which Mina made especially for the latest FaMESHed that started the 1st of April. It's sooo gorgeous. 

Enjoy the Easter holidays!
dikke kus