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Wednesday 29 June 2011

Fishy Essences

Another lovely Fishy Strawberry dress called Tropic of Cancer (champagne). Brand new, aww look at the way the dress is 'wrapped' around my body and the texture... arghhh love it!

Wearing Sarah Peach 01, an Essences skin I bought at their 1st Anniversary SALE for 10 Linden. Hurry if you wanna buy nice stuff for little money coz all items are priced down to 10 L$ at Essences.

From my closet:
Randomocity Egyptian dreams tattoo
Miel Echo necklace
HoD Mercenary women set
Happy Finds Dark Owl Necklace
TSS darken eyebrow piercing
B.Nuts star lip piercing

Tuesday 28 June 2011


Fireplace of M&M Creations

antique furniture: bedroom

Yesterday I visited my friend 10 Goosson of M&M Creations. She and her partner Marcthur are the owners/designers of this SL fabric/whole sale company. No fancy dresses, shoes nor jewelry in this store but sculpties, boxes full of sculpties. For instance if you wanna make a dress and need sculpted skirt parts or arms/cuffs you can find lots of different sculpties here in boxes, all FP. So no fancy exhibition of items, but boxes. However, when you touch a box the contents will rezz above it or on a platform in front of you, so you can see what you get.

However, there are also trees, flowers, complete bedrooms, antique furniture, a fireplace, a coach and many many more sculpted creations of 10 and Marcthur Goosson.
it's fun to walk around and touch the boxes coz there are so many wonderful items. Interested? Here is your taxi.

Dikke kus 

my prince awaiting me ;-)


the shop

Zoe's raft and D!va's gift

This week I received such a lovely raft from ZG (Zoe's Garden); next to a basket with wine bottles, towels and cushions, it has many nice single and couple poses. All tender and loving (i.e. star watching together, reading, laying with hand in water, and many more). Thanks Adele for this lovely bloggers review item.  

Wearing D!va Maya hair (Cat's eye, Forelock color) and a tintable shoulder  scarf, that has many different textures & colors. Both are the 2nd Anniversary Group Gift of Diva. The Maya hair pack comes in 8 different colors and each hair has a version with and without a forelock as well as an optional ribbon that has a build-in menu to change its color! Wow what a generous gift!

tintable shoulder scarf

I went to the big 1st Anniversary SALE at Essences and bought a cute Gypsy top (02 grey). All items in the shop are priced down for once week to 10 L$ only, even the skins! Awesome!

close up of DIVA hair and ribbon

From my closet:
Silenced (store closed on 20th June) Kaly Jeans Blueberry
LouLou&Co Crepuscule gloves
League Wanderer bracelet in brown
COCO Flatankle boots in black (former Xmas gift)

Dikke kus

Monday 27 June 2011

A horse a horse - a stable for ... NEW reBourne Prefab

Showing 'Colorado, Garden of the Gods', the new reBourne Prefab horse stables, which will be released at 4 pm SLT today (Sunday 26 June) AND.... with a 50% discount for the first 24 hrs ! 

I had the privilege to look around and take pictures of the stables and the horses while Danny and Suite were still busy finishing this awesome place.
And it sure is an awesome place. 
Next to the stables and the field there is a hayloft with lots of fun animations. Curious, wanna see with your own eyes? Here is your taxi

spot the wooden horse it's called Rex and a private joke of Danny

Danny and Suite decided stables need horses. Soooo they started to breed their own. Of course there are various places in SL you can purchase horses from, including reBourne ;-)  

Some tech details:

skybox and ground versions are included in rezzer box.
Price: 7500L$
Footprint: 50m x 50m x 50m
Furniture is not included. Furniture is set individually set for sale. A fatpack is available at a discount.

The stable will hold 13 horses, 26 if a stall is shared.
Field would realistically hold 10, however if you are not worried about the RSPCA coming over, you can stuff it with 84
Humane maximum - 23
Animal rights field day - 110

Dikke kus

Thanks Danny and Suite for having me around this afternoon!

Sunday 26 June 2011


Wow, like the ReBourne moroccan skybox, the Japanese one is maybe even more awesome. I really really love this Japanese home surrounded by water, plants and the sound of birds. When I received the notecard I tp-ed there immediately and happened to meet the creator Danny Bourne himself.
He is Dutch like me, so we were able to chat in our native tongue for a change. He is a nice person and so creative. I admire his work a lot. He told me his inspiration for this Japanese home came partly from the movie 'Memoires of a geisha'.

So today I transformed myself into a geisha, wearing a KIK kimono maniyushage, tabi and Nao*kanzashi hair from a hunt (your ago Teahunt) and returned to the reBourne Prefabs Japanese skybox to take pictures. Take a look at the bamboo trees and the pond, so serene. Wanna go and have a look yourselve? Here's your taxi


Dikke kus

Saturday 25 June 2011

BDR Write on me

I received a lot of new BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) outfits in a bloggers review package yesterday nite late (thx so much Cameron!). I picked this cute 'Write On Me' outfit to blog. It comes in grey as well as white: top, blindfold, tail and ears. As usual there are many many different options and layers. 
The folder also contains neko boots, but although I am with neko ears and tail, I do prefer my Anexx LaceupBoots and Curious dot socks ;-). 

Dikke kus

Thursday 23 June 2011

New Man

Aww, that's so wonderful in Second Life, you buy other hair, shape or ... skin, you add some facial hair tattoo layer and .... you turn into something pixel yummy.
Well Fabio did; yesterday he bought DNA skin Damian and today facial hair tattoo layers of Nanuk et VOILA I have a new soulmate.

I love this facial hair tattoo layer called 'Anders'.
What a difference with a few years ago when men had to buy different skins (or a fatpack) in SL for every stage of facial hair/beard. 

Dikke kus

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Vita's Boudoir - eMo dress

Another lovely creation of Vita's Boudoir: the eMo dress. A black lace body surrounded with feather prims WITH white birds caged inside the shoulder parts that loose a small white feather now and then.  
Posing in Vita her underwater garden next to the butterfly cage.

Dikke kus

Vita's Boudoir - Mermaid landed

This mermaid cut her tail so she could have feet and is able to dance with  her prince ;-)
Wearing Vita's Boudoir Painters Delight Mermaid outfit, which is a sort of cloud of purple and teal fine coral prims surrounding me.  

Dikke kus

Vita's Boudoir - Poppy dress

This morning I visited Vita's Boudoir, I love Vita's dresses: to me she's more an artist than a designer. A very creative person indeed. There are so many lovely dresses at her Boudoir that it's hard to choose, however I had some help ;-)

I will start with the lovely Poppy dress, a super warm colour red that has a skirt that really swirls around the pixel body. Look at the poppies how well they are made you can count the stamens. The finishing touch: a poppy for a hat.

Furthermore, showing the new VIP Group Gift of Elikatira called 'Again 2' in blonde 11.  It's a hairstyle that will be released soon, but I received as a VIP 5 colors of this nice hair, yeah!  
This gift will only be available for 14 days (the amount of time it remains in notices).  After that, it will not be handed out so Elikatira VIP's don't forget to grab it ;-)

Dikke kus

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Retro me

I combined a few new items I gathered over the last days. Especially the hat made me look retro, so retro it had to be. Cath showed me a sim with this awesome pink cruiser ('hoerensloep' in Dutch ... big smile).

IREN Willow skin from TFG no 11   NEW
Ibizarre Lazy Sunday Cache-Coeur with Floral Soul Blossoms bra   NEW
Eclectica Manhattan (hatpin, necklace and earrings) and Eclectica Cloche Hat, which comes with hair and is tintable; the hat, the band as well as the hair (bloggers review items)

The couple in the car are my dear friends Petrov and Cath 
Thx so much sweeties for your patience and time!

I combined this new stuff with the following items from my wardrobe:
Shine Romance/skirt
League Wanderer Bracelets
Bandit Diamond Tornado ring
Maitreya Gold - Shanti eggplant
Artilleri Gladys glasses - former GG 

Cath and me on the hood. Cath is wearing a dress of CP (Cath & Petrov) Design; in other words she made it herself (smart girl)

Dikke kus

Monday 20 June 2011

Indie Rose corset


I hadn't been at Indie Rose for ages, when I looked in my closet for an LM I discovered the shop had moved. Don't remember what made me go there but when I saw this floral silk corset, phew, I had to buy one and decided it should be this silver grey version. 
The corset comes with silk stockings with and without garters and black silk panties in many different layers AND... also includes a naughty option ;-)

Poses used are Miamai model poses Lazy Sundays June.
Pics taken at Fabio's new home.

the naughty option, revealing nipples

Dikke kus

Saturday 18 June 2011

The Fishy Sacred Truth in Poetic Color Roses

Lovely lingerie and more. Not much time though for a lot of text ;-( coz I have to rush to RL. Hope you enjoy me in nude bra and undies ;-)

TDR Fishy Strawberry Damasco corset and soignee nude NEW
S.R. Morning After Tank white (bloggers review item) NEW
Truth Astrid hair in quince NEW
Poetic Colors eyes 'Summer Breeze' bright (NEW freebie at the store)

TeaSoup Mind-Boggling AD pose (Final Sale, which ended Friday 17th)

Have a nice weekend!
Dikke kus

Kooky and me in the Gallery ;-)


Having an exhibition means working ... phew. This evening my friend Kooky visited the gallery and we had fun taking pics for this blog entry. 
Thanks Kooky, Sonnyboy, Ronan and JMB for your visit this evening. A special thanks to JMB for her advise, will follow up!

Dikke kus
Dido is wearing:
the NEW Graffitiwear outfit (bloggers review item); Red Belted Corset and Red Stripey trousers. It's lovely and the texture of the top feels so soft on my pixel body.
Today's FLF hair from Elikatira called 'Again' (mm strange name). For a change I put on the black hair from the pack of 8 hairs (!). Wow, me as a dark haired girl, that's ages ago. 
FLF League Wanderer Jewellery set in black. Super, I already have the brown version, but couldn't resist this black set. 

Kooky is wearing:
Outfit - Concrete Flowers Swag! outfit
Mouth accessory - Somethin' in your mouth - Hooked
Boots - DV8+ Deathrock Candy Kitteh Boots
Tail - +DV8+ Deathrock Kitteh Tail
Hair - Truth Isle Espresso
Eyes - Ibanez ColorGlow Eyes - Fangorn
Skin - *League* Taylor Sunkiss -Feline- Frex

Friday 17 June 2011

Exhibition F & D - BDR Identity outfit

Yep that's me sitting on a RunoRuno noodle chair among the pictures at Gadget's Gallery Expo where Fabio and I have our first exhibition. Sooo dear readers all come and have a look around! I promiss it's worthwhile (well I hope ;-)
Here's your taxi to our exhibition.

wearing: the new BDR Identity outfit 

After returning Tuesday from my short holiday in Sardina I found this cute new BDR Identity outfit of my favorit designer Cameron Vasiliov in my inventory. Wow, I put it on and haven't changed clothes since ;-) 
It comes in many layers and options: two tops, jeans both with white and black lace. The glasses are part of the outfit too as are a pair of ballerina's, a tail, ears, pasties and the tattoo I am wearing with all the text. 

Dikke kus

Thanks Cameron for this awesome bloggers review item.

Wednesday 8 June 2011

BDR Romantica

dress no 3

Showing the new BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) outfit called 'Romantica'. Actually the folder contains 6 different dresses (lace/leather combinations), which all come in shirt/jacket/pants layers. I show you several options in this blog entry. 

Of course you'll find a tail and ears in the folder as well as lace and leather gloves and the sandals shown beneath. Wow, a lot of items as usual. I like 'Romantica', different dresses for all of my moods ;-)
Oh and there are 4 other colors available: red, soft pink and white, as well as a purple version, but that's the +6500 Group Gift of BDR. 

Dikke kus

Thanks Cameron for the bloggers review item!

dress no 2

     dress no 4

                                              dress no 6

the Romantica sandals

Originalia The Docks - put on something red

Exploring with Andy the really awesome sim Originalia, The Docks. Put on something red before you start shooting pictures  ;-)
And there is more at Originalia, coz The Docks is only one part of the Originalia sim. For sure worthwhile exploring. Enjoy!

Dikke kus

Thanks Justininho for the LM.