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Monday 29 November 2010

Nerdie glasses


Tuli skin Claire tone 3/dk/fr 03 (for Skin Addicition group only)
Clawtooth hair Beg Your Pardon - coco (FLF)
Poetic Color eyes spring meadow (free)

Milk Motion My leather shorts 
Fri.day Dion.Shirt teal (FLF)
Myself Barbara vest black (part of outfit with shirt and vest)
Miel Lo refurbished socks
Tiny Bird Scruffy legwarmers dark grey (FLF)

Dark Mouse round about glasses (gold/black) 25L SALES
HoD Fallen Necklace female
The Rumor Pumpkin ICE Cold As Ice Ring
NX-Nardcotix Kurvy pump black

Dikke kus

Christmas girl Claire

My friend told me that some plurkers have been complaining about me using demo Tuli Claire skin in my blog entry called 'Mwah'. Well to be honest I don't see the problem, however dear plurkers ... as I did not like the blog entry anyway I replaced it with this Christmas girl outfit AND guess what YEAH today after ample consideration I bought the Claire brunette skin.

Price is L$ 1000 and can only be bought by members of the Skin Addict group. For that amount of money you get: 12 different make up options (6 freckled), 8 different lipsticks, several cleavage options and a shape. Not bad, so a sincere thanks to Tuli for being so generous.

Tuli skin Claire tone 3/dk/fr  NEW (NO demo version this time, I bought it Plurkers.. 
MINA Jean hair dark chocolate
Poetic Color eyes Spring Meadow
R.icielli Gabriela military jacket green
Crazy Leire undertop green
MIS Up or Down skirt red
TonTastic biker gloves black
+Mocha short loose socks plain dirtty green
Courtisane La Vivien boots (last year Xmas)

Dikke kus

Saturday 27 November 2010


Second Life is all about emotions. Well nothing new about that, but I am again fully aware of this. Is it bad? Nope, but pfff it's intense to discuss about one's feelings, differences in character and deep thoughts (some safely tugged away), in chat and in a non-native tongue. Most important thing: you cannot see nor hear the other person. So you can only interpret his/her emotions by analyzing the text he/she types, the silences there are (no text), the amount of mistakes made, etc 

Sometimes I wonder why am I doing this, why not keep to myself, behind my safely self built wall and shop, dance, explore and blog about it ... After all I did that for a long long time over the past 1,5 year; i.e. lead a quiet SL, apart from a few lovers....

However, since I met Matt 2 months ago we have become very close. Now that means a totally different SL for me. Now it's difficult not to discuss certain issues that come up and I cannot tp away when I am touched, hurt, bored, or whatever. Reason: I care. 
In the beginning I was sure, after having several BF's in SL, I would do it differently, but nope I guess I have only one way of playing in SL and that's being me, including the usual drama, but isn't that always a part of (second)life.

There are already too many blogs, movies, video's about this topic 'Relationships in SL', but I did wanna share my thoughts with you, my diary

Dikke kus

Wednesday 24 November 2010

My avatar and me

Today I visited the IDFA (International Documentray Film Festival Amsterdam) and the first documentary I saw (of a total of 5) was .... 'My Avatar and Me' (big smile); a Danish creative documentary-fiction film made by Bente Milton – in cooperation with Mikkel Stolt which tells the story of a guy that enters Second Life and the influence on his RL. 

I loved it and OMG the things happening to the lead actor were so familiar to all in SL. And the poses, the dances, the drama arghh I recognized a lot. 

If you are interested visit their website or go and see it in Amsterdam at IDFA. Well that is if you are living near ;-)

Dikke kus

Synopsis (I copied from the website for all you lazy people):
Mikkel Stolt - is a troubled and unsuccessful documentary filmmaker, who decides to create a new identity, and join the pioneers and settlers in the virtual world “Second Life” on the other side of his computer screen. He chooses the name Mike Proud for his “avatar” and starts off with a typical off-the-shelf standard body.
Shortly after his arrival, a mysterious and influential woman named Helena picks him up and takes him under her wing. Helena gives Mike a complete makeover, and turns him into a sophisticated avatar, equipped with all the animations he needs to interact with the most advanced users of Second Life.

Mikkel is very attracted to Helena, and extremely curious to find out more about her, but she refuses to meet him in real life and her true identity remains a mystery.
Helena introduces Mike to Rob, a professional filmmaker who works for BBC in his real life. They become friends and decide to go into business together. The business thrives as Helena uses her in-world influence to pave the way for Mike’s career.................... read the rest of the story on the website of 'My Avatar and Me'

Friday 19 November 2010

Pig Sale and D!va Celebration hair Chisato

Pig is moving to another sim (Lloyd) in the nearby future, coz their present location is being sold. Therefore some items at Pig are being permanently retired and prized down to only 25 L$ (fatpacks 99 to 150 L$)! Furthermore anything black and grey is 50 L$. So hurry over there!
I could not resist to buy the fatpack (150 L$) of my fav cardigan 'Ladies like flowers' (wearing in mud here).  
Showing you the D!va celebration gift (this time for over 8000 group membership), Chisato hair in 4 colors (black amber, cat's eye, onyx and topaz), each with 2 styles (with or without Forelock). Hey I love this hair!

Dikke kus

Thursday 18 November 2010


Couldn't resist these new Tiburon YS&YS ankle boots and combined them with the LeeZu Madison pants.
Initially I also wanted to buy the new LeeZu Maria jacket, but (sobs) .... I could not find a color to match my newly acquired Madison pants. So I took a deep dive into my closet and came up with my 'falling leaves' Pig cardigan and a Miel tulip tank top to match my new pants and boots. 
It was fun, however, to visit the refurbished LeeZu shop; I hadn't been there for a while. LeeZu is one of my first fav shops in SL. I bought a lot of her clothes over the past 3,5 years and it was fun to recognize many items when strolling around the place. Mmm, maybe she will add a brown Maria jacket to the collection, who knows.   

Dikke kus

Skin: YS&YS Sharon 07 Smokey Red
MINA hair Jean Red Orange
L.Fauna Dimples Freckles Pale
YS&YS Tiburon beige ankleboots with lightbrown socks (NEW)
LeeZu Madison pants rust
Miel AM tulip tank Vino
Pig cardigan There b Leaves on it (Seasons Hunt)
Poetic Color Eyes Sunny glade

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Spencer Museum of Art

Yep Smiling and me we went exploring and here's the result. Another awesome place constructed by Cutea Benelli and Blotto Epsilon is no doubt worthwhile a visit. So for all those who did not yet discover: go and be enchanted. 
On the Museum's Second Life island this organic architecture was constructed by a team of the Spencer Museum of Art, part of the Kansas university. Visit their website for more info about the Petrovsky fluxa cluster of devices that grow, assembling themselves from modular units, only to blow apart and rebuild themselves. Sooo take care of your head coz there are constantly parts of the flux falling down. 

Each time they rebuild differently so the place is constantly changing. There is much to explore here! Smiling and me we had fun watching the flying sheep, sitting on the pink moving chair, jumping on the many scattered poses and sipping our wine in the little cafe. And... there is much more to discover. 
Be enchanted, here's your taxi to Spencer Museum of Art 
Dikke kus
returned there this evening ... too much to see 

weirdo creatures

Monday 15 November 2010

Tears of a Clown

Today was a weirdo day for me. My RL best friend is sick, very sick and that influenced my SL a lot of course.
So no words but pics; i.e. the results of a hunt I did to put my mind on something totally utterly completely different: the Bad Juju Happy Birthday Hunt 

There are 17 Birthday packages (blue) hidden throughout the first floor of the store! The prize is a special Birthday clown outfit! Well what you see in the picture is the result of the hunt ;-)

Dikke kus

Saturday 13 November 2010

Piggies in the night

Matt is wearing:
Redgrave Cruz 03b Pale Skin
Poetic Color eyes dark wood
UncleWeb  Jin-Hair02 coffee
Phoenix Rising- William Shirt (White)
AOHARU Jeans VintagePainted Black
Redgrave Strap Loafer -Black
KR Barbed Islands Necklace  

Dido is wearing:
League Taylor skin BlackIce
Uw.St Julie hair
Poetic Color eyes spring meadow
Maitreya Vento skirt with belt
Miel Bo lace black top
XTC Shirley lace gloves
Insolence Barbara stockings (part of lingerie set)
Shoes: Maitreya Verve black

Have a nice weekend!
Dikke kus

League's Amber and Taylor

  Amber Medium Feline (demo version)

Taylor Sunkiss BlackIce

Hey I am a big fan of League skin, for sure I am. So of course I rushed over to the League store the minute I learned about the new Amber skin and got myself lots of demo's. For sure I wasn't the only one, pff lot's of lag.

Sighs well you know... is it me, coz I just don't see that much difference between my League Taylor skin and this new Amber skin? 
Yep, make-up is different, lips slightly differ and the eyesbrows are lighter but the Feline version of the light Taylor skin has too. So, what to do? Doubts have spread all over me and my wallet...... All advice is welcome!

Dikke kus

pssst I think I will buy this Amber skin anyway .... shhhht

Thursday 11 November 2010

Comfy red

Yesterday, the new comfy NS red sweater Matt was wearing, got me into an early Christmas mood ... I put on my red Reindeer sweater and we snuggled in a boat surrounded by falling snow. Felt like December.

Matt had been shopping coz next to the sweater and the Aoharu scarf he also bought new hair from UncleWeb. Wow I like his hair, cool look! Before buying he acquired many (over 10) hairdemo's and liked them all. I bet he will return to UncleWeb...

Matt is wearing:
Redgrave skin Cruz- pale
Poetic Color eyes  dark wood
UncleWeb  Jin-Hair02 coffee 
Sweater: (NS) Cozy Cowl Neck red
Scarf: Aoharu KnitScarf_G2_Snow/Black 
PeppermintBlue: CellFrameGlasses MidnightBlue

Dido is wearing:
League Taylor Sunkiss skin BlackIce
Maitreya Natali red hair
Poetic Color eyes spring meadow
XTC Shirley lace gloves and bracelet
Fishy Strawberry Reindeer sweater 

Dikke kus

Monday 8 November 2010

The last days of Phoenix

Phoenix Rising is having it's closing sale and although I already went there and bought a lot of stuff I could not resist to buy this cute Britney outfit. Matt joined me wearing one of his Phoenix outfits, aren't we looking cooooool...
If you still wanna score stuff at Phoenix for only 25 L$ don't wait too long. 

Matt is wearing:
Phoenix Rising- Sinful Suit (Black)
Buckled Dress Shoes [Charcoal]
Redgrave  Skin -Cruz pale
Amacci Hair Daniel ~ Jet Black
Poetic Color eyes dark wood 

Dido is wearing:
Phoenix Rising - Britney Outfit plum
NX Nardcotix Kurvy T-strap Mary Jane red
Redgrave skin Jessica pale
Maitreya Natalie hair red
Poetic Color eyes spring meadow 

Saturday 6 November 2010

Beige Saturday afternoon

I truly like this new Exodi skin, and especially the light Vivante version with the freckles. The DarkMouse group gift hair comes in several hair colors but with the light skin I prefer to be a blond.
Yesterday evening I bought the Courtisane Esprit De Sable boots, really awesome and a must in everyone's closet. 
This afternoon when inspecting the new Dressing Room collection I couldn't resist this cute ruffled skirt of Fishy Strawnerry. Yep, a beige weekend.

Fishy Strawberry Porcelain Ruffled skirt - Tweed (NEW TDR)
Boots: Courtisane Esprit de Sable Beige (NEW)
Skin: Exodi Sylvan Vivante - Beloved (NEW Sneak Peek - this FLF)
Hair: DarkMouse Kelly - Toasted Almond (GroupGift November 2010)
R.icielli Misseling jacket grayrock
TonkTastic biker gloves
Top: Chikka Design Bangkok
Miel Lo Refurbished socks multi/ebony

Have a nice weekend!
Dikke kus Dido

Thursday 4 November 2010

CStar Cybergirl in China and Japan

I like to blog this CStar gift skin which I received this week. Lots of options and most of them look super. Although the body is not so detailed I like the face, the lips and the eye make-up. 
Also new are the Finesmith Cybergirl earrings. In RL as well as in SL I like modern jewelry, so yeah these are fun.
I was exploring the great wall of China when I arrived at Matsumoto castle: a nice place to take pictures ...

New Finesmith Cybergirl earrings, today (Thursday 4th Nov. only L$ 55)
New CStar Miss November skins 2010 edition, Agility 04 (group gift)
Friday Tatum hair Jealous red
Poetic Color Eyes Spring Meadow (gift)
Maiiki Stripedstrap gloves
Action Womens craze sox
Sassy Kitty Designs Romantic Empire Dress
Bax Coen Le Look la femme boots (gift)

Dikke kus

Monday 1 November 2010

VeGeTal PLaNet

Another great place Smiling showed me during our short meeting this weekend VeGeTal PLaNet.
Where it's the changing colour scheme that enchants you.
Showing pics of my various visits to this sim with Smiling, Mysti and Matt.

Wanna explore the place? Here's your taxi
Dikke kus