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Sunday 30 September 2012


Meet Samantha.  
Although I already blogged items of Cristine this weekend, I simply couldn't resist blogging this NEW mesh outfit of SLAVE Dressing Room called Samantha, which exists of:

  • a poncho (beige, brown or dark), 
  • boots (black, brown or taupe), 
  • a skirt (3 different shades of beige) and 
  • a sculpted black belt. 

Wow, great textures and fit. 
Wearing taupe boots, the brown poncho & skirt no. 3 in the photo above.
Pose used: aDORKable pose Honey

dikke kus

Saturday 29 September 2012

Frou Frou at C I C A

Nitro and I visited C I C A last nite; awesome very fast place in bl/w. Do visit, it's worthwhile!

Wearing new SLAVE dressing room FrouFrou in blu (it's also available in pink). Wow very sexy; with one bare nipple. It comes with a white and a black sculpted thong (wearing the black one in the pics) and a tiny bow nipple piercing (soo cute). 
The bufferfly on the pics is a free C I C A gift to be obtained at sim entrance point.
C I C A is created by Cica Ghost and had it's official opening at 27th September. Sooo very new ^^

Moreover showing the SLAVE Dressing Room Fantasy eye make-up no 14 (combined with Plastik facial tattoo Soul Ink-Oedipus). This eye make-up comes in many colors, my fav: the black/grey version.  

On the above photo I am wearing the lovely SLAVE Dressing Room Dragonfly MeSh necklace. Hey hey Butterfly me ^^

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
dikke kus

Thursday 27 September 2012

DS skin for a great price

Two new items this evening:
Lemme start with the NEW gorgeous Mayfly Liquid Light eyes called Pale True Grey. Wow I truly like them. 

Next is the skin I am wearing that's brand NEW DS (Dulce Secrets) Ashby Bitter Wood Bark V skin. I took of my clothes to show you the body; I luv the  full lips, legs and the belly. What's amazing is the price of this skin: only L$ 55! Arghhh girls... here's your taxi coz this is such a great bargain!

In my opinion skins in general have become soooo much better nowadays when compared with 5 yrs ago.  

Furthermore wearing:
My fav D!va hair Aya in Citrine (combination of Mesh part & type B hair)
Acide! Jam Grey piercing
TSS darken eyebrow piercing
Ferrishyn Dark Smokey brown eyeshadow tattoo layer
Mynerva freckles Light-Hundreds and Thousands tattoo layer
Plastik (old GG) Soul Ink Face tattoo layer 
Crazy Tulle panties pink
LouLou&Co gloves Crepuscule
Slink women natural barefeet mesh rigged
Juicy Box mecha tattoo
S*E (Sparkly Ephelant) Part-Che Tattos Wildflowers
!SSD Frills Bijou Roulette earrings

That's it for now ^^ 
dikke kus

Pose used: DM (Del May) - Visage

Monday 24 September 2012


Back from my RL holiday in Portugal, which was fun ... BUT where I had drama  too coz my suitecase was stolen from the trunk of the rented car. Meaning I had nothing left but the clothes I was wearing atm ;-( 
Damn I really really hate the person that did this to me, coz I lost my trust now... can one travel around and trust people? Sighs deep.....

Arghhhh so many new items after 10 days away from SL. 
The hair is from Diva and called Aya; which I bought at Collabor88 this evening. Love it coz it's 'meshy' supa cute and soo me ^^

dikke kus

Tuesday 11 September 2012

Cu in 1,5 wks

Waves to Nitro, all SL friends and followers of my blog.
Cu all in 1,5 wks after my holiday!

dikke kus & gros bisous ^^

Monday 10 September 2012


Who doesn't love presents?
Last week Nitro surprised me with a pair of NEW mesh black pearl bracelets from Mandala.
Love them! Thx soo much sweetie.

dikke kus

Saturday 8 September 2012

Weekend Newishness

It's weekend and sooo many new items coming in phew. 
I choose a few to show you:

DS (Dulce Secrets) Nyree.Pernod.dark (V) skin, which together with Darkness Evil eyes (not shown) is DS offerings for the Twisted Hunt. I like this pale skin with the dark lips. 

Furthermore wearing one of the 3 new Truth hairs of this week: Briony w/roots in mahogany (non-mesh). I noticed I am turning to brown lately. I like this loose updo. 

The mesh red GlamHalter dress is SYSY's. Yeah Sysy is back and totally into making mesh nowadays. And she does a great job! The dress comes in 5 base and 5 bright colors. I choose the base red. 

Last but not least (I hope you can see) is a new tattoo which is really awesome and goes well with the red Sysy dress ^^. It's the Part-Che Wildflowers tattoo of a new brand Sparkly*Ephelant, which is only available in Market Place shop (I included the link). I like the color and how it wraps over my shoulder.

Have a great sunny weekend! 
dikke kus

Oh and do come this Sunday 10-12 am SLT (6-8 pm GMT) to the opening party of Gitu at Nitroglobus Gallery with DJ Justininho!

Thx to all the designers for their awesome Bloggers Review items! Appreciated.
Hey wow I added ALL the LM's phew.

Opening party for Gitu at Nitroglobus gallery


Opening party for Gitu Aura her exhibit 'Spirit of the Wild' at Nitroglobus Gallery will be this Sunday 9th September from 10 - 12 am SLT (6 - 8 pm GMT and 7 - 9 pm Paris time).

Come and join us in dancing to the tunes of DJ justininho and in between please take a look at the awesome work of RL and SL artist Gitu Aura. You won't regret it!
Cu Sunday!

dikke kus

here's your taxi

Thursday 6 September 2012


I just received this cute SYSY's GG mesh Vintage Tunicdress. The folder contains different sizes and each size has a different color. My size is in metal.
I like this dress although I had to shrink my really not big tits to fit in. Sighs .. mesh is nice, but very often trouble and fighting with ass and tits.

Furthermore wearing:
EMOtions Tracy hair in brown (my attic item)
JuicyBox Mecha tattoo
HUSH Lily ravish vanilla skin
Finesmith 'Touches of heart' necklace  

Pose used: Epiphany Omni (flash sale item)

dikke kus

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Blood Lust

SLAVES mesh Sexy Shirt in blue & white 
Truth mesh hair Tristana w/roots in smurf (this is one of this weeks' new Truth hairs)
SR (Sacred Roses) Blood Lust skin for Twisted Hunt 2012
Graffitiwear Lace thong panties blue (love them, thx for bloggers fatpack!)

From my closet:
Mayfly Deep Sky eyes Monet Dawn Shadow
LouLou&Co Crepuscule gloves and bracelet
Acide GSP 7.1 facial piercing Jam Grey
SSD Frils Bijou Roulette earrings

dikke kus

  mediterranean sundance (summer is not yet over)

Gitu Aura at Nitroglobus Gallery

photo by Gitu Aura

September 2012: Gitu Aura 'Spirit of the Wild' at Nitroglobus Gallery

To Gitu art is very important being a RL artist working with glass. Photography is one of her fav hobbies and she loves to work with B&W & Sepia.
In her most recent work 'Spirit of the Wild' Gitu expresses her love for nature and animals in her own creative way. Her model is her friend and fellow artist Ini Inaka, who also exhibited at Nitroglobus Gallery a few months ago.

We are proud to have Gitu's art on our walls!
gros bisous & dikke kus
Nitro & Dido

Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus gallery: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Costa%20Blanco/198/117/771

sneak preview of our September exhibit with in the front Nitro his rotating art objects

Tuesday 4 September 2012

Disco Tristana

Phew back from my looong weekend to Munich (awesome town I recommend to visit, I enjoyed it muchly) and deep sigh soo many things happened here in SL .... well too busy to catch up with all so I will restrict myself to two new items I like really wel ^^:

First is Tristana, one of the two new Truth mesh hairs of this week (showing mahogany w/roots). I like this one: it's classy with a bit of 'Amy' ^^

Second are the scripted (bling) Disco earrings of PiNK Cherry designed by JaneDark Miles (wearing the silver pair). They come in 5 colors and are so detailed and nicely made and cost 99L$/pair.  

The rest is from my closet and I am too lazy to mention it all coz I blogged it last week ^^

Nite nite
dikke kus