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aanhef blog

Monday 28 May 2012

Waves cu after my holiday

Hello from my holiday address in the south of Italy ^^
Enjoying myself muchly, but do miss all my SL friends and above all my partner and soulmate Nitro. Take care sweetie.

Anymore mesh Hanky dress flowers red
SaKrO Gitana Silver bangles & bracelet 
Truth hair Mercedes w/roots in brown (release 5 May)

dikke kus

Oh and all you guys if you weren't there yet, please don't forget to visit the exhibit of intriguing photos by Ini Inaka at Nitroglobus Gallery  

Monday 21 May 2012

The Dome; the new ReBourne prefab

Being a friend of Danny and Suite Bourne the designers/owners of ReBourne,  I had the opportunity to visit Danny his latest creation 'the Dome' two weeks ago and take photos being there all alone; hey hey lucky me.

Showing you this awesome new prefab 'The Dome' Danny made. His idea was to create a fusion between a modern contemporary and a cosy warm house. He took his time creating it: he started work in December last year and worked on it every now and then as learning mesh took a lot of time. 
In March and April he speeded up work and now it's there. 
Danny is a perfectionist; loads of small details are incorporated in this prefab. Oh and please don't overlook the photo hanging at the chimney, yeah that's a real 'Dido Haas' ^^. 

Some tech details:

groundversion unfurnished no lights: 300
groundversion unfurnished with lights: 368

skyboxversion unfurnished no lights: 305
skyboxversion unfurnished with lights: 375

Price: L$ 9500 unfurnished. Furnished: to be announced

Loads of great pose balls too to enjoy yourselves when visiting. 
Just received info from Suite that The Dome is at the home expo. So here's your taxi

dikke kus

Sunday 13 May 2012

Sporty me in Chronokit

Sporty me in Chronokit mesh long Tshirt in white, combined with:
Maitreya mesh Zipper skinny jeans.

Also new is the shape I am wearing: Anna Shape Giulia Model (wow cute me), as well as the IREN Gaby pale blue skin & freckles tattoo layer & the D!va hair Vivienne Type A Rhodolite both acquired at Collabor88 earlier today (see my blog post)

Furthermore wearing:
Crazy Leire Grey top
Mayfly Deep Sky eyes Rainshower Shadow
Angelic Tattoo Freedom

dikke kus

Goodies from Collabor88

This morning I went shopping and couldn't resist buying loads of goodies at Collabor88, lemme show you:

Tres Blah (tb) C88 Daydram Babydoll mesh dress in cream
D!va hair Vivienne (Type A/Rhodolite) 
IREN Gaby pale blue skin & IREN Gaby freckles pale

Furthermore wearing:
Mayfly Deep Sky eyes Rainshower Shadow w2 (NEW) 
SaKrO Gitana Silver bangles & bracelet (NEW)

Angelic Tattoo Freedom
SSD Frills Harmony earrings Goth A
Anymore panties superhero pink (haha not shown on the photo but lol I am wearing panties ^^)

dikke kus

without you

Thursday 10 May 2012

Ini Inaka at Nitroglobus Gallery - Opening Party

Proudly presenting the work of Ini Inaka at Nitroglobus Gallery.
Awesome work of an intriguing artist. What can I tell you about Ini... lemme use her own words 'It  doesn't matter what I have in my hands; pencil, brush, pen or keyboard, I want to show what I see with the heart.'
Which is eggszackily what she does; Nitro and I, we love her photos. I bet you will too!

Opening party for Ini her exhibit, with live DJ, will be this Sunday 13 May from 1-3 SLT (which is 22.00 - 24.00 hrs GMT+1) at Nitroglobus Gallery.  Come and join us, you are all invited!

dikke kus

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Angelique & Mercedes

Posing in front of a painting of Ini Inaka, who will be exhibiting her awesome work very soon at Nitroglobus Gallery. Will keep you posted ^^

BeautyCode lingerie Angelique in black (also available in red & white)
Damn I love this lingerie set, the textures and wrinkles are really awesome!

Also new is this weeks Truth mesh hair Mercedes (wearing quince w/roots). Love the mesh hair and this long hair is really stylish.

HUSH Lily skin Natural - cream 
Mayfly Deep Sky eyes Hazel Shadow

dikke kus

Thx to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Monday 7 May 2012


Exploring is fun to do. Last week I explored Mentalpad, awesome tits :-)
Here's your taxi

Dikke kus

Call Me in Coral

A few days ago I went to The Dressing Room (TDR) and bought this classy MichaMi Call Me in Coral mesh outfit (skirt and top).
Nice textures and color. Hey I'm not afraid of red ^^

Furthermore wearing:
G*Field strap shoes Alex in red
Mayfly deep sky eyes Hazel Shadow
Dutch Touch sTeRRe skin caramel
Truth Georgina hair w/roots mahogany

dikke kus

Thursday 3 May 2012

Anymore coldLogic

This evening I visited coldLogic store and bought this flynn marina mesh shirt. It's supa made and fits really really well with every move I make. I cannot say the same of all mesh items. 

Furthermore wearing Anymore boots blue, their Group Gift. I love these boots. 
Great gift, thx soo much Luciana!

From my closet:
K&L Crimson kitty mini denim skirt & panties (part of outfit)
Truth Georgina hair w/roots jupiter
Hush Lilly Natural skin in cream
Mayfly deep sky mesh eyes monet dawn shadow
Miel Lish necklace
Pasarella's stocking collection laced black (part of Diabolique dress)
Angelic Tattoo Freedom

dikke kus

Pose used: Epiphany RusalkaDeUmbrella 03

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Nitroglobus Gallery refurbished

Dear Art Lovers,

Do come and visit our totally refurbished Nitroglobus Gallery. Industrial look now thanks to Danny Bourne (owner of the awesome ReBourne prefabs) who helped us with great textures. Hugs Danny!

Also new are the kinetic sculpties, intriguing pieces of SL art, by my supa SL partner Nitro Fireguard, as well as new work of me.

In the main hall of the Gallery the colorful photos of Michiel Bechir are still on display for another week. Sooooo come and visit!

gros bisous & dikke kus
Nitro & Dido

Nitro's choice

Nitro likes this dress muchly so I blog it ^^ It's the Graffitiwear Silver Cocktail Dress their May Subscriber GG. Awesome gift don't you think!

Pose used: Epiphany - UmbrellaDeRusalka model walk

Furthermore wearing:
Hush Lilly skin Natural - cream
Mayfly deep sky eyes Monet Dawn Shadow
Miel Lish necklace
Angelic Tattoo freedom
Truth Georgina hair w/roots jupiter
SSD Frills harmony earrings - Goth A
LouLou&Co Crepuscule gloves and bracelet

dikke kus

Lilly in Leo dress

Showing two new items as well as a supa newish pose:
HUSH Lily skin: yeah that's a long time ago that I tried a new skin, but this one is nice. I prefer the nude version in cream and vanilla, but that's a personal choice. 
Lilly comes in many skin tones and in 5 make-ups: Natural (shown), Bewitch, Seduce, Captivate and Ravish (shown).
Wanna see more HUSH skins? See their Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/hushskins/

The lovely TwinS FaShIoN (TF) leo dress in red I am wearing comes in many colours even fierce yellow, but I prefer this warm red.  

Pose used in first photo: Miamai Model pose Pulse 10, which I bought at the Pose Fair.

dikke kus

Lilly Ravish skin in Vanilla 

Lilly Natural skin in Cream

Thx to the designers for their bloggers review items!