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Thursday 31 October 2013

G*Field Halloween GG

Wow what a gorgeous gift of G*Field this mesh Halloween Taylor outfit (including cat ears and tail). Luv it!
Thanks soooooo much Cerberus!

dikke kus

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Chasing Gardens

Cameron has been working hard lately coz here's another NEW BDR outfit called 'Chasing Gardens'. I blogged her 'Applause' outfit last Saturday.

Chasing Gardens is a combination of mesh, sculpted parts and system layers.
There are 2 outfits included in the pack: Lady Bee (yellow/black and not shown here) and Ladybug, both are HUD-driven and consist of many many items: a high waist skirt with spikes, stockings, heels (not shown), gloves (not shown either), posture spike collar, a top in jacket, shirt and undershirt layers, wings, antlers and panties. 
The outfit is well textured, creative, fun, super cute and... typical Cameron style, but best of all fits me purrrfectly ^^

Best of all the price...  only L$ 200 for both sets!!! Interested? Visit marketplace or the BDR inworld store.

Thanks Cameron for this awesome bloggers review item!
dikke kus

Coz it's almost Halloween I went to a spooky graveyard and a sleezy empty warehouse to take pics. 

Sunday 27 October 2013


Boo ..... hey it's almost Halloween ^^
Yesterday I received an NC and went to investigate this Vero Modero Immortal gown. When I arrived at the shop I saw Bouquet Babii wearing this particular outfit sooo I said hey that looks cool lemme see, pls don't change. She answered hey I am the owner/designer of this place. 
Arghhh oops I didn't know so I apologized. She said no problem and gave me the facial tattoo, which is really really cool. I thanked her and then she gave me the entire Immortal outfit to blog as well. Well here it is TATAAAA ^^

The Immortal outfit folder contains: a mesh mini dress in black, a choker, an arm accessory (spider arghhh), a head accessory and of course the gown tail in red and black covered with golden spiders. AND the awesome DEADLY face tattoo. Here's your taxi

I took these 4 photos surrounded by Nitro's NEW mesh art creation at his platform. Wow I love it, the black and white pattern, the nasty eyed sort of spermatozoon creatures moving and surrounding me ^^

Poses used:ED (Eternal Dream) Star
Also wearing the special Halloween JD socks (HUD with several cool options to create halloweenish socks) which go with my cool Catty JD booties.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I will do too  
dikke kus

Saturday 26 October 2013


Wearing one of the NEW BDR outfits called Applause. Yeah, of course you recognised this mesh Lady Gaga like outfit: super cool.
It comes in many sizes, with alpha layers (not worn) and a HUD that lets you change the color of the outfit and which contains many cool colors.
Love this one muchos.

Pose used: one of the DM Pumpkin Pinchers GG Halloween 2013 poses 

Happy weekend and wish you all a spooky Halloween this Thursday ^^
dikke kus

Thanks so much Cameron for the awesome bloggers review item!

reBourne Geneve

This awesome house will be released TODAY Friday, October 25 at 11 a.m. SL time by Danny Bourne and there will be a 50% discount sale for the first 48 hours upon its’ release!

Geneve is a romantic getaway cottage has clean modern lines and is beautifully textured with large rooms replete with slatted blinds... AND an awesome shower with hot balls (see pictures I took while visiting with my sweetie) ^^

The house is perfectly nestled in a pristine mountain valley and well suited for a variety of pastoral landscapes. White stone decks look out to a swimming pool that comes with a variety of poses.

dikke kus & wishing you a super weekend!

Friday 25 October 2013

C&P wintercoat

Wow this is such a lovely wintercoat. I truly luv this! Showing the purple one, but it also comes in pink and chocolate. Cool & posh!

It's made by my friends P. and Cath, designers/owners of C&P Casual Wear. Thanks so much Cath for your bloggers review gift. I love it.

Furthermore NEW but unfortunately not so prominently shown on this photo is the JD Halloween Socks Addon: a HUD with super cool halloween textures to change your JD socks (part of JD Catty shoes)

From my invent comes the purple polkadot legging from This is a Fawn.

Here's your taxi to C&P main store.
dikke kus

Meet Sally, the headless girl ...

Introducing Sally ... arghhh she lost her head ^^ Yeah this is Halloween alright.

Yesterday when I was dancing at Jim's place I met Doodle, who is a friend and designer/co-owner of Circus Noir. She looked scary indeed. Sooo I took a pic of her and want to tell you about this awesome avi she made.

It's called Sally (nope no Harry around this time) and it's a total avi outfit consisting of a mesh head with hair and facelight (lol), alpha layer to make your regular head invisible, and a pose to hold the head.
Sooo you buy a complete Sally avatar with skin, shape, hair, eyes, shoulder skeleton pet, and mesh dress in all sizes. Not expensive at all.
So be scary ;-)


Have fun!
dikke kus

Thursday 24 October 2013

Tabita and more

Well rather a lot of Newishness today:

Starting with the NEW MINA hair Tabita a rigged mesh hairstyle with 2 low pigtails and two matching elastic bands. The hair comes with all Mina's new and fresh colors in her brand new HUD. Yeah soo cool. 
I love her new colors and moreover all features are in one HUD, which has a tab for the colors as well as one for Add On's like hair bands or other accessories. Tabita is released for the Boho Culture Fair.

Next is the Corvus mesh 13 dress, yeah bit of Halloweenish ;-)
As well as the Corvus Beaten Up Face Tattoo on the 2nd and 3rd photo. Mmm yeah I hear you think but nah my BF Nitro didn't hit me ^^

On my head the BSD Design Studio - Boho Fair gift Retro Shades red head outdoor; cute shades to wear on your head and more. Oh I love these sunglasses! Such a cool gift.

The last NEW item: the Poetic Colors eyes Autumn Song (shown in the 3rd photo), which are a Group Gift. They come in many sizes and in bright and dark colors. Cool autumn gift indeed!

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review gifts!
Dikke kus

Poetic Color Eyes Autumn Song & Corvus Beaten Up Face tattoo 

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Moving Islands


This evening I explored and visited Moving Islands an installation organized by Eupalinos. Fun, fun fun! 
I enjoyed jumping on the many surprising poses on the super creations by the artists invited by Eupalinos. Never a dull moment with Eupalinos  

I am lazy so I direct you to Quan Lavenders' blog post, which is well written and explains all in detail.
There you go: http://quanlavender.blogspot.nl/2013/10/eupalinos-islands.html

dikke kus

Tuesday 22 October 2013

A Sunday out in SL

Sunday I saw a note that mentioned Grazie Kendal had put all the stuff from her inventory on a LEA sim. This coz of the new Linden TOS.
I went there to have a look and wow there were soo many cool items. What a shame to delete, but ok I respect her choice.  

In the past Gracie had many art projects among them a wide art installation ‘Ce N’est Pas Une Peinture’ on one of the LEA sims. Very colourful and psychedelic! Gracie used her real life art work, paintings, and turned them into this 3D installation. Creative lady.

Of course I couldn't resist to take some photos before all was to be deleted.
dikke kus

Cool poses too

A lovely song Royals by LORDE

Monday 21 October 2013


Not many words this time but just a summary of new things I am wearing:
^;^CaTwA Ladymana Shrug & mesh Katya hair (pieces). I love this hoodie muchly.
r2 A/D/E Kagaya black mesh bodysuit, which I blogged before and is definitely a fav at the moment.

Skin, eyes etc all come from my outfit.
dikke kus

Friday 18 October 2013

Avenue Second Life

This week Ziki Questi contacted me with the request to make photos of Nitro and I to accompany an interview in Avenue SL, THE glossy magazine of Second Life.
Wow, I was flattered. Ziki came, took some photos of us while we were posing and ... of course I couldn't resist to take some tooo ;-)

Then yesterday, Thursday 17 October, the day Nitro and I met 2 years ago (yeah 2 yrs; time flies when you have fun), we were interviewed for the accompanying article to Ziki's photos. 
Exciting and fun.

Sooo watch the new Avenue issue ^^
Wish you a super weekend!
dikke kus

Tuesday 15 October 2013

.Shi Daleth Wrap top and more

Wow, what a great item this is: the mesh .Shi Daleth Wrap top. Super to combine with all kind of outfits and styles. I bought it at Collabor88 and it comes in several nice colors, but ... of course I couldn't resist the black one.

Furthermore NEW is the Yasum mesh Steampunk headset TIMELESS, which I bought at the Fantasy Gatcha Fair (see former blog posts for LM). I couldn't resist this either coz it's sooooo cool ^^

The last NEW item is the JD Tri Bands Neck att. black, a choker which is so well made and comes with a script to resize. This item is exclusively sold at TDR.  

dikke kus

A dragon fairy breathing in my neck

Wearing items I blogged in my previous blog post Sunday shopping day
YS&YS Cara Pale Smoky skin, TDR (The Dressing Room) Oct 2013
Clawtooth Windswept REDS from Collabor88 Oct 2013
Dragon Tesla Fairy made by Riven
Swallow The Ears of Ibiza 2 Gold, TDR Oct 2013
Not blogged before is the awesome mesh Tee*fy Dakota Corset gown, which I bought at Collabor88. The Dakota folder gives you a short and a long version of the dress. The dress fits well and is nicely textured and detailed.

Pose used ED (Eternal Dream) Shoots.
Photos taken the Fantasy Gatcha Fair

dikke kus

close up of my dragon Tesla fairy in purple

Circus Noir is now Circus in the Swamp

wearing (parts of) last years Halloween outfit by Circus Noir

Circus Noir, the shop of my friends Fairy & Doodle moved to a swamp, arghhh of course I had to visit ^^.

I bought a nice dress which I will show you later, however I wanted you to know about their lovely GG this month and the new location and....  so many more.
You know what? You go and see for yourselves and visit this lovely place where they sell creative stuff for little money.
Here's your taxi to the Circus in the Swamp. Have fun!

dikke kus

Circus Noir the shop

Doodle in the outfit 'Moonshiners daughter'

Sunday shopping day

Yeah I went shopping yesterday and bought so many awesome things. Lemme show you some:

YS&YS Cara Pale Smoky skin, TDR (The Dressing Room) Oct 2013
Clawtooth Windswept REDS from Collabor88 Oct 2013
.Shi Fingerless Gloves Set4 which come with a HUD that gives 4 different shades of orange/light red
r2 A/D/E kagaya mesh black bodysuit from Collabor88 Oct 2013
I love this purfectly fitting bodysuit, phew so sexy but not sleezy. The hair is cool for pics in windy weather :-)

The cool poses used are from the Shoots packages by ED (Eternal Dream)  

More photos wearing the same hair, skin and outfit but without the Shi gloves and WITH my atm fav JD Catty black high heel booties with socks.

NEW are:
the cute dragon Tesla Fairy made by Riven, which I hanging on my back and I bought at the Fantasy Gacha Fair Worth a visit for sure this lovely Fair; soo many awesomes goodies for sale on a nicely made sim. I bought several items, difficult not to ^^.
Also wearing the cute Swallow The ears of Ibiza 2 Gold which I bought at TDR.

Dikke kus

with JMB Balogh at what's left of Worlds End

Wednesday 9 October 2013

C&P Pencil dress with Missy shoes

Yesterday I met with my dear friends Catherine and Petrov of C&P Casual Wear. We hadn't met for some time. Sighs, time flies when you are busy and having new exhibitions and opening parties ^^
Before they left Cath gave me this classy mesh black pencil dress with black lace (it also comes with red lace), one of their latest new items in store. Wow I love it.

I combined the dress with the awesome Slave Dressing Room (*S*) Missy shoes. Wow they fit purfectly and moreover they come with two huds; one lets you change the color of skin/nails and the other gives you 8 (!) different colors to use for separate parts of the shoes like the sole, heel, thong, separate straps, studs and more. Cooool!

Thx to the designers for these awesome bloggers review items!
dikke kus

Monday 7 October 2013

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Party time at Nitroglobus this Friday

Poster I made for the OPENING PARTY in honour of our latest exhibition 'Madness Fantastique' by Cold Frog & CatchaFire
When: Friday, 4th October 2013
Start: 0.30 pm SLT (= 21.30 hrs Paris time)
End: 3.00 pm SLT (= 24.00 hrs Paris time)
Where: Nitroglobus gallery
Music by DJ Lex
Dresscode: Halloweenish (pumpkins, ghosts, witches aww looking forward, yeah fun fun fun ^^)
dikke kusDido
 this is how our gallery looks atm 
work of Cold Frog

and of CatchaFire