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Friday 30 October 2009

Sexy in WTW

WTW lingerie (by Tomoe Zenovka), what a cute little store!!!! You find lingerie and sleepwear there, lots of cotton. Mmm, love the  softness, the colours and designs of Tomoe.
Could not resist buying several sets. My favourite: ver24 flower pink, which comes with a short and longer version of the top.
Thanks Pietertje for letting me use your photostudio yesterday evening. Love the pics.

Dikke kus

ver25 F*brown

ver24 flower pink

ver29 C green/pink

And sure there is a freebee too: this pink set as shown below. Cute, cuter, cutest ;-)


Again freebees at PeppermintBlue, arghhhh this time 3 BatBabydoll dresses (available till 6th Nov). On the pic I am wearing the top Batbabydoll darkorange of the outfit.
However, the folder contained full outfits: tops, babydoll dresses, short, socks and shoes. Really awesome stuff to mix and match.

ROARS Mainstore
Cross the water and you will find Roars. Here I bought the Naughty KID pants for L$100: including prims, black gloves (shown on pic) and a tattoo. 
I love the texture of these pants, the wrinkles, the torns definitely made with an eye for detail. Roars has more nice stuff for little Lindens.

Tattoo not showing on the pic cause I promissed Alphons not to take off mine -an awesome Egyptian tattoo- as long as he wears his. He showed me the super secret spot where to obtain this Egyptian tattoo, but .... I won't tell ;-)

Dikke kus

Monday 26 October 2009

Halloween fun

So much orange freebee stuff these days. Pumpkins everywere in SL, you stumble over them. But I like it, I love the atmosphere.

Yesterday I was at PeppermintBlue where I found lots of free stuff male and female. Several total outfits all in orange included skin, hair, boots, skirts, shirts. I IM-ed my friend Jochem and asked him to buy the male stuff so we could make a pic for this blog entry.
In the pics I am wearing a combination: boots, socks and short of PeppermintBlue and the Sen*2 LongTshirt(dot) Blond.

Jochem wears one of the male PeppermintBlue outfits: leather jacket, jeans and boots. 



When going through my Halloween folder I found this oldtime fav orange dres, last years gift of Fishy Strawberry.


Dikke kus Dido

Crazy cat

Last week my friend Ner tp-ed me to Crazy, an awesome shop. Love at first sight, like Ner said the clothes were 'Dido style'. I bought several outfits, as did Ner. Ner blogged about it for The SL Fashionista. I love her entries, very stylish and sooooo Ner ;-)

Ner and me we bought different outfits. So, I like to share my two fav Crazy outfits with you, which I have been wearing ever since I bought them, together with the (freebee) TnT Neko Hud, ears and tail I bought the same day. Awwww so much fun like to be a cat now and then, hissing and meowing ... 



Dikke kus

Skin: DT, Cleo
Hair: Fri.day Deena
Eyes: Poetic Colors sea weed
Gloves: MAiiKI striped Strapless
Necklace: Rock'n'Rolla chian Gang Bang of NS Design

Friday 23 October 2009

Let the music play

My new SL passion: music and more specific finding good songs for my shifts at club J.A.G.
Last night I started with dancing at Avilion with my Spanish friend Sairemus. Awww such a long time ago I was there. I love the ballroom. Sairemus was dressed as a knight, awesome. Only problem was when he entered the ballroom he could not move anymore because of the sword that was part of his outfit. In Avillion all weapons are forbidden, so .... not sure what happened but I sure had a laugh. Sorry Sairemus but could not help it.

Still in my evening dress I tp-ed away after a while to Alphons' island and sat next to him on a blue velvet sofa. After many weeks of absence he was back inworld. I love his place and there is always something new, or I haven't seen before there: this time it was the sofa and there were also many persian carpets lying around. I think Alphons went shopping for antigues  ;-)
Anyway, don't know how but we ended up talking about music and got more and more enthousiastic. We danced on the veranda and listened to YouTube songs which we exchanged. It was great fun. We both took some nice pics.

After Alphons left I went to The Wave for a little while to dance and Voodoo joined me. I love the atmosphere there, the nice people, Liz, the owner who is always present and so kind. We had fun talking about the moving boobs of the DJ. She had the new version (9.04) of the Emerald viewer. I use Emerald too and it is great fun my moving boobs.

Sooo a busy evening and no time to shop for Halloween goodies, but music, music and more music

Dikke kus

Wednesday 21 October 2009


Everything is so much faster in SL compared to RL. My ex partner Otts from Baltimore used to say an SL week is a RL month.
Sooooo I have been in SL for a looooong time and I have a few friends I know for a long SL time. My friendslist is endless, but are they all friends? Nooooo, I don't even remember how most of them look and where we met. Now and then I have the urge to clean, just erase all except for the few real friends.

Although during the past years I found out that also friendships in SL can change overnight as fast as the shops, clubs and beautiful places to wander around disappear.
My ex partner Otts said goodbye to SL and removed his avi and all the goodies for a reason he never told me. I asked him to come back and have fun, but he won't. We do still chat now and then, which is nice I love to stay in contact but it is different from playing together in SL.

Otts & me ages ago

Alvar my ex Italian BF with whom I lived for over 6 months, who erased me from his friendslist, which I still regret.

with Alvar in Thassa

Julien who went and played other internet games, BUT is back in SL now and then. Although when he enters it's soooo late (those Spaniards with their siestas and late dinners -big smile).

my awesome Spanish friend Julian

Freda, my best friend for over a year, whom I met twice in RL. Poof gone ;-(

Just like in RL people come and go, however this process is much faster. And I regret to loose those I love. I really do, it hurts.
Sometimes though it might be better to start all over again. During my holiday I received a notecard from my friend Wildsoul in which he stated he had removed ALL his friends from his friendlist. If people wanted to be his friend they could apply. I understand him: a fresh new SL... mmmm sounds tempting on one hand but ... I don't want to loose all the nice people.
True friends will come back. Well maybe I will start fresh soon who knows.

Dikke kus

Halloween and Hosting

Club J.A.G. has been rebuild over the past week. There is a mall now, an event area and more. I went there to have a look and was impressed. The club looks much more cooler too.
The website http://www.club-jag.nl/ (including the schedule of DJ's and hosts, which is almost up-to-date yet) is in place. In other words things are getting more and more professional.
I was hosting there this Tuesday (20th October) with DJ Jochem. Jochem played lots of my favourite music, loved it. Many friends came. Fun!
Hope to establish a kind of tradition on 'my' tuesdays. 
Whenyou read this come and see for yourself taxi to club J.A.G.

In Holland unfortunately there is no Halloween tradition. I like the weirdo skins, the orange and purple outfits, the witch hats, the broomsticks, the pumpkins and all the other scary stuff.
Hope we all will wear lots of Halloween outfits next week at club J.A.G. So much fun.

Above a recent pic of me. I love the DT skin and the far away look in my green Poetic Color Eyes.

Dikke kus

Tuesday 20 October 2009


Omg I have fallen in love.... with the new animals one can breed in SL.
I read the blog of Ozimals http://blog.ozimals.com/ every day waiting for the moment I will be able to buy the rabbits, because that is what they are. They look sooo cute, arghhhh cannot wait. But ... I have a problem: what to do with my Sion chickens?

After my holiday I found my mature chickens starved. My own fault ;-( although I had packed them carefully in boxes and put them in my inventory to prevent them from being scattered under the pile of clothes, sofa's, shoes, houses, vehicles and whatever else I have accumulated during the past 2 SL years)
they starved. I should have know. Anyway, I took out 3 eggs from my invent and voila new little chickens are wandering around the coop now: Voodoo (the rooster) and the two hens (his mistresses to be) Deirdre and Sabine.

However, with the rabbits coming.... I have a serious prim problem. I could take all furniture from the house, or remove the entire house.
Mmmm, or rent more prims and/or a bigger island for the rabbits to wander around. But that will cost more L$

See how difficult can a Second Life be.
Dikke kus

Friday 2 October 2009


I have been living at my tiny island at Tohl sim for over half a year now. In the beginning I was surrounded by the ocean and empty islands. Lately, however, more and more neighbours are occupying the larger islands surrounding me.
The nearest island is occupied by an Italian couple: Macya and Poll. One of the first days they lived there I went over to say hi, however there did not respond. I assumed they were busy.

Two weeks ago, however, after installing the Greenlife Emerald viewer (with the awesome radar function ;-) I IM-ed my neighbour Poll. We talked and he told me about Siena, an RP sim he and Macya visit a lot. He gave me an LM and I went there. I took a seat in a carriage with horses, mmmm I felt like a princess. Wow, what an awesome sim, I was impressed as I know the RL city of Siena in Italy: the large square with the fountain, the church, arghhhh super.

I did not have much time during that first visit to Siena as I had to work at club J.A.G. that particular evening. The guy who accompanied me at Sienna told me I could always return there. In Sienna there are bandits/vampires so a lady walking around on her own ......

I went there again this week and took some pics of the Sim. Interested? Visit Siena (youtube video)
Have fun!

Dikke kus