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Friday 31 May 2013

Karina's draped scarf

Two new items I like to show:
The super cool mesh Loovus Dzevavor Incognito draped linen scarf I bought this week. Wow luv this item muchos! It comes in many bright colors but I opted for this less outspoken color.. hey that's me ^^

Second new item is my shape which comes from Anna Shapes and is called Karina (showing Model version). Cool luv this one for a special reason ....
Thx soo much Analy for the bloggers preview item!

Not new but an item I like A LOT: the pubic hair muff (wearing light brown) of Nearly Tactile by Bation Nitely. I also have their sculpted nipples (yummie too). 
Forever grateful to Bation for giving me the fat pack.

Pose used: ED (Eternal Dream) Boobies pose

All the rest comes from my inventory.
Dikke kus

Thursday 30 May 2013

Amerie rediscovered

Years ago I used to visit Amerie (then Amerie Naughtyfrequently and bought lots of clothes there. Somehow, I forgot all about the store of Amerie Spitteler. 
However, yesterday for no special reason I  suddenly remembered and found an old LandMark and guess what.... it worked ^^
Sometimes shops stay over the years, good shops do.

Amerie offers mesh clothes now although you can still find the still awesome non-mesh sculpted clothes there.  
Wow memories, memories phew I loved it and couldn't resist buying this mesh  leather corset dress. The upper part covering the breasts is a layer, which combines really super with the mesh dess.
Nicely made, great texture and YEAH it fits purfectly.

Here's the taxi to Amerie

dikke kus

Pose used: Ploom BCool pose

Sunday 26 May 2013


Showing you one of the new BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) outfits. This super smexy mesh dress is called Naughtylicious ^^
Naughtylicious comes in many different colors/textures/options (pasties are included as well as a thong and several alpha layers), which Cameron always does with her designs. 
Naughtylicious is available in Leopard & plain skirt with a top of lace, fishnet or plain. Showing the plain/lace combination in my photos.

Oh and you know what Naughtylicious Zebra version is this months BDR Group Gift! So what are you waiting for?

Thanks Cameron for your awesome bloggers review items!

dikke kus

Pictures taken at World's End Garden

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Opening party of Nur Moo at Nitroglobus (20 May)


Thanks to all who visited Nur's opening party last Monday at Nitroglobus gallery. It was a great party, relaxed atmosphere and cool music of DJ Lex, who was so kind to fill in the gap of Antonio, who cancelled at last minute. Thx again Lexie.

More photo's on Nic her blog post (The SL Fashionista). Nic visited our gallery for the first time and made a lovely blog post with loads of cool pics. Thanks soo much Nic! 

dikke kus
Nitro & Dido

Medus hat

First of all a sincere thanks to Quan Lavender who informed me about this cool Medus mesh hat of Lode 
Quan tp-ed me to the store where I bought the hat in white for only 1 L$ !! If you hurry there are still 8 more available for the same prize ^^
The hat comes in many other colors too, however only the white one is prized down to 1 L$. 

Furthermore wearing in the 1st and 3rd photo Maitreya Dakota dress black brushed chiffon, which is a lovely mesh dress with a refined shoulder strap.

On the 2nd photo I'm wearing part of the fog outfit, made for the Meta Body project by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu. Not new but still super!

That's it for now
dikke kus

Wednesday 15 May 2013

DEW Loose dress

Wow another cool NEW item this DEW mesh Loose dress which comes with a multi texture HUD giving you many super colors; showing dark blue. Fits my avi purfectly.

Furthermore wearing stuff I blogged before like Penelope the new ANNA SHAPE, Truth mesh Elisha w/roots hair in champagne & Hush April GG skin night cream lb.

Pose used: Ploom Bcool 3

dikke kus

Hush a Rockstar

Yeah I know I am far behind schedule, but catching up ^^

Wearing the really lovely Hush April GG skin (Night cream lb) as well as another color of the Truth Melody Bustier; this time in Antique. 
Different shape/face: ANNA SHAPES Penelope shape.

The hair is Truth mesh Elisha with roots - champagne, not new (30 March 2013 release) but soooo cool and definitely a fav!

Pose used: ED (Eternal Dream) Rockstar 06

dikke kus


Pfff behind on schedule in showing you all the new cool stuff. Trying to catch up. Showing here:

Truth mesh Melody Bustier. This 'truthly' great top (fits sooo well) comes in many awesome colors, showing marine, but Antique, Olive, Onyx, Pewte, Rust and Vintage are super tooo ^^.
Furthermore showing Penelope a new shape by ANNA SHAPES.
Pos used: Ploom BCool pose 3 curvy.

Photo taken at Nitroglobus gallery in front of an art work of the one and only Nur Moo. Do come and visit our gallery it's worthwhile.
Here's your taxi

dikke kus


Picture taken first nite after my return from RL holiday at Lollygaggers, where Nitro is exhibiting his mesh art. 

Wearing NEW Amarelo Manga items: 
Jumpsuit Veruska (Turquoise) & Bracelet Istanbul (Emerald)
The hunk next to me is my partner Nitro ^^

dikke kus

Tuesday 14 May 2013

NNN - Nur's Nudes at Nitroglobus

Nitro and I are very happy and proud to present 'NNN' - new art work by Nur Moo which she made especially for this exhibition at Nitroglobus gallery.

Here's your taxi to the gallery: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Costa%20Blanco/208/128/771


Moreover, I like to share this awesome video Nitro made of the exhibition 'Hidden Faces' by Mistero Hifeng art work and Nitro's mesh sculptures which was on show at our gallery last January-February.

Worthwhile to watch! Enjoy.
dikke kus

Sunday 12 May 2013


hey hey I am back ^^
dikke kus