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Monday 16 August 2021


image by Fenella Allen

Fenella Allen wrote an interesting analysis in her latest Limoncello News (edition 31) about the present exhibition TOUGH MAN by Hilaire Beaumont @ Nitroglobus. I quote here somes lines, although I recommend to read the entire article.

'The images on show are well-composed, strongly executed and grab the viewer's attention. They focus eyes and minds on Hemingwayesque subjects. So feminised is post-modern Western Culture that "male" and "bad" are often – let's be honest – confused. When did you last see the noun "masculinity" without the adjective "toxic", for example? Men like those in Hilaire's images only feature in plays, movies, art or even advertising as threats – as "bad guys". And even though they're often just like our beloved dads or brothers, we don't seem to question that much.
So maybe a surprised reaction is necessary and overdue? Don't misunderstand us. We're not saying the exhibition was meant (or that we see it) as a lecture, sermon or battle cry. Just that, perhaps, the very notion of manhood needs a fresh look?'....................................'


image by Frank Atisso

ART KORNER published an article about Hilaire's exhibition TOUGH MAN on 12 August. 

Although I copied part of the article here, I strongly recommend to read the entire article! 

'The men in Hilaire’s images may appear strong and invincible at first glance but when you look deeper there are layers to each image which you will uncover. Beneath the steely exterior of these tough men, there is an ocean of emotions… and that is the true beauty of Hilaire’s work. He manages to bring out the subtle hints of emotion which pierce through this mask of toughness worn by these men.

Act tough and hide your weakness” – a rigid social construct that has been subconsciously imbued in the minds of most men leaves many feeling trapped all over the world. The pressure of presenting a tough exterior is immense and can have devastating effects on the health and well being of men who have been forced by the society to bury their emotions.....................'


image made by Inara

Because I went on a short RL holiday on 12 August I totally missed Inara Pey's thorough analysis of Hilaire's exhibition 'The vunerability of a tough man', which she posted that same day in her blog 'Living in a Modem World.' Love this review a lot.   

'Hilaire is well-know for his avatar studies, although he does not tend to exhibit that often in-world – something that makes Tough Man even more appealing. He also does not regard himself as an artist – a point I would dispute, because his works contain all the richness to be found in any true work of art, not just from a technical perspective: framing, lighting, colour, etc., but because of the sheer depth of story each and every image carries with it, together with the richness of life, vitality and emotion each conveys.

This is doubtless in part because of his background in role-play in Second Life. Creating and inhabiting a character is very much an artform it itself; bringing that character to life such that they can be believed and interacted with requires a strength of imagination and willingness to emote and remain in character. Coming from that background gives Hilaire, I would suggest, a deeper connection with his characters, and this is evidenced in the twelve images presented in this selection........'


image by Diomita Maurer

Today, 20 August, another interesting review was published by Diomita Maurer in her blog 'Diomita and Jenny Maurer’s Blog' of the present exhibition @ Nitroglobus by Hilaire Beaumont.
Thanks so much Diomita, appreciate a lot!

'The exhibtion consits of 13 pictures. And at this gallery the pictures can develop strength as they are mirrored on the floor. What are the pictures about? Not surprise, they all show a tough man as the main object. Hilaire shows his avatar as a fighter, as a soldier in varoius epochs, as strong tough man. Other pictures are in our epoch and just show the tough man, not a soldier or fighter.
But there’s also some wit: one picture shows him wearing a gun pointing at a little angel with a bow. Hilaire also shows the other, softer side. The side that a tough man tries to hide as it doesn’t fit to the cliché: playing a violin, or listening music while looking out into the nature, lost in thoughts.

'Tough man' by Hilaire Beaumont is the kind of exhibtion you rarely see in Second Life. The pictures are impressive and thoughtfully made and selected. Thank you for your art, Hilaire.'


Interesting to read these different analyses by Fenella, Frank, Inara and Diomita of the August exhibition @ Nitroglobus.

Want to see for yourself? Here's your taxi to the gallery.

Wednesday 11 August 2021


Hilaire and his partner Blue 

Although the exhibition was in place for several days, on Wednesday, 11 August there was the official opening party for 'TOUGH MAN' by Hilaire Beaumont at Nitroglobus, and what a party it was.  

Special thanks to the main players of this evening: DJ hEIN for his great tunes and Venus Adored for her awesome particles and of course the presenting artist Hilaire.
Also sincere thanks to all who visited and for those who were unable to tp in, the exhibition of Hilaire will be at the walls of Nitroglobus during the entire month of August. 
Snapshots I made of main players and visitors:

particles magician Venus Adored 

professional RL and SL DJ hEIN 

visitors at the party:


Thursday 5 August 2021

'TOUGH MAN' by Hilaire Beaumont @ Nitroglobus


poster made by David Silence, based on an image of Hilaire

The August August 2021 exhibition 'TOUGH MAN' by HILAIRE BEAUMONT @ Nitroglobus

Happy to present to you tough man Hilaire Beaumont. 
I have loved Hilaire's images ever since I saw them for the first time, which is a long time ago. For Nitroglobus Hilaire created new works, never shown before. The theme is obvious and doesn't need much explanation. 
Although the official opening party is next Wednesday 11 August, all is in place and the exhibition is ready to be visited.
Cu soon at the gallery! 

Opening party: Wednesday 11 August, 12 PM SLT @ Nitroglobus
Music by DJ hEIN
Particles by Venus Adored
Dresscode: when you like (not mandatory) come dressed as a knight/cowboy/tough guy - lady in waiting/cowgirl/tough woman


Hilaire discovered Second Life one evening in June 2007. After joining the game and quickly looking around, he assumed he wouldn't stay long.
However, because he had toured around SL so fast, he had overlooked the roleplay community which immediately fascinated him and continued to do so until last year.
The end of the roleplay could have been the final blow to his SL adventure, had it not been that he started to make images of his avatar in RP situations. Since then this is his main activity in SL.

Hilaire doesn't consider himself an artist, no way.. His main goal is to put emotions in his images and "tell" stories which everyone can interpret in their own way. I guess for him this is a kind of continuity of the role-playing game.