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Saturday 30 April 2011

Egyptian Tattoo

For ages now (actually since Alphons my ex landlord showed it to me) I have been wearing an Egyptian tattoo. It's an awesome one and I never saw anybody else wearing it. Only Alphons did and the three lovers I showed the place where to fetch it in the past. I therefore was surprised when today I received this bloggers review item from Randomocity: Egyptian Dreams tattoo... YEAH another one and this one is super to be honest even better than my old one ;-)

Also showing two other bloggers review items:
Bounce Madame Eiffel dress in salmon orange and
2 MFd! woven steel vases (no 1 and no 2) 

From my closet:
Hair: A&A Kimba Dark Rose
Skin: Essences Katy 01 + cat eyeliner (tattoo layer)
Gloves: Randomocity boxing tape lt gray
Jewelry: B.Nuts necklace, lip piercing and bracelet
Boots: M'z Western boots dark brown leather

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items

Brownish/Greyish mood

I like this outfit and the colour scheme: all brownish/greyish and a bit mysterious. Maybe that's my mood this evening. 
After being away on holiday for 9 days I feel I lost contact in SL, funny how fast things are here. Of course I know, but when returning after some time away it always surprises me how fast it really is.  

Gloves: ++Randomocity+= boxing tape lt. gray 
Fishy Strawberry Cargo shorts brown (super!)
SYSY's Chandni top pastels antiquerose (love the color as well as the hem around the neck )
Skin: Essences Katy 01 & cat eyeliner tattoo layer (TFG)
A&A Kimba hair dark rose 
Le Poppycock *Spring sac* blooms exploding (cute)

Dikke kus

Friday 29 April 2011

Too late for Easter.. A&A

Hey hey dear readers I am BACK (Yeah!!) from my holiday on the isle of Sardinia, which btw was super. Loved it! 
If you have any RL questions about nice Bed and Breakfast places to stay or routes to drive around the island, please don't hesitate and ask!

But when returning to SL... sooo many new items (sighs) so pfff where do I start... well I liked the rabbit and the eggs poses ... so why not showing you A LATE, TOO LATE EASTER blog entry ;-)

A&A Fashion Pengo outfit ocean (OMG sexy)
Essences Katy cat eyeliner (TFG)
Hair: A&A Kimba Hair Dark Rose (aww love this hair!)
Juxtapose Eggstra cute 3

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their review items!

Thursday 21 April 2011

Professional photographer Fabio Lazuli

Yep this is the same outfit (mmm not wearing much) I blogged a few days ago ('Almost holiday' blog entry), but this time the pics were taken by a professional photographer Fabio Lazuli.  Now Fabio is a friend and I asked him to take pics and only send me the AWESOME ones. He did ;-) .. and yeah I really love these. Thanks so much Fabio!

When YOU want Fabio to take your SL profile pics or whatever pics please contact him inworld by sending him an IM or NC. His price, ... mmm I don't remember exactly, but it's very reasonable. Oh and say hi to him from Dido ;-)

Dikke kus

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Lay Down Sally

Stina and me on Lauria 'Lay Down Sally' pose. Fun fun! 

Dikke kus

Almost holiday

Sassy Kitty designs low unbuttoned  jeans ripped purple skinny (comes with cuffs)
Bubble Black dots tie
Sorry-Asia Tribal 2 face tattoo black
Truth Pia hair -quince
Grungelnk - Candelicious tattoo

Yeah Sardinia here I come!
Dikke kus

Thx to the Designers for their bloggers review items 

Monday 18 April 2011

Sardinia here I come

First of all a sincere thx to all the Designers for their bloggers review items!
A&M Multi-layered dress in green
Sorry.Asia Tribal 2 tattoo black
A&A (Alli&Ali) Carlotta hair Ash

C-est Moi! poncho blue
C-est Moi! white legging

Sorry.Asia Tribal 2 tattoo black
A&A (Alli&Ali) Carlotta hair Ash

Tomorrow I will go on holiday to Sardinia. YEAH (jumps into the air) 
Holiday for me sweeties ;-)
Dikke kus

Saturday 16 April 2011

TDR Blue

 Andy and me in my new outfit on HelaMiyo pose ball 'My Favorite Seat'

Yeah it's finally there: The Dressing Room (TDR) BLUE one year birthday collection. 
I immediately felt in love with this awesome Lelutka Nastasia jacket in pink (valentine the color is called). The sculpted chest part is fun, soo different from other jackets and moverover it fits perfectly without hardly any adjustment. Wow I love this!

Another awesome outfit is the Baiastice Limnea high waist pants and Mides shirt. Those textures, high quality and so so detailed. The shirt has a sort of worn out and therefore see through look. I put a black bra underneath, 
yeah in a sort of decent mood this evening ;-)
The high waist pants come in several layers, with sculpted parts and a nice belt. Yep happy with this outfit.

In love with my new Pia Truth hair, wow looks super on my avi.

Dikke kus

Friday 15 April 2011

Pia hair and Nikita outfit


I received several bloggers review items today and I will show you some I really like:

Let me start with one of the two new hairs this week of Truth called Pia.
Now here is a hair I really really like (it reminds me of a wig I bought ages ago), yeah this is definitely my style. I am showing you the brown streaked version. Love it!

Also showing this cute Glitterati set called Nikita, which consists of a capri with sculpted folded ends, a top (many layers), a belt and a collar. Love the texture and the color scheme. The outfit has separate matching sneaker passion heels in green. 
Wow looking good and ready for going out for a night on the town with my BF ;-)

Dikke kus

Thursday 14 April 2011

Girl stuff

Some bloggers review items I received today and I really like to show you coz I like them (a muah to the designers ;-)
First of all the awesome bag of FABags sensual by Fabio Thesium. Love it!

Finesmith Jewelry (FS) sent me a bloggers pack of their attribution to the Fifty5 Thursdays of TODAY. Sales going on from 7 AM to 7 AM every Thursday: designers participating set up one or more items for SALE for only 55L. Look for the Fifty 5 Thursday subscriber to find the item and... HURRY!
Check out the FashionAlert/Fifty5 Thursdays group blog for all the info, pics and LM's http://fashionalertsl.blogspot.com/

Showing the FS Design Circles set back necklace and accompanying earrings (above) and

the FS Designs Tension necklace (sort of silver snake around my neck). Wow!

Dikke kus


Inspired by Fabio, an SL photographer who had me model for him between the garbage bags, I took loads of pictures myself. So no fashion item this time but just cute pics of a lot of carbage. Of course the pics Fabio took are far more artistic and professional, but hey I am just an amateur.

Top, thong and stockings all part of different Crazy outfits
Truth Kaelyn hair - quince
Lara Hurley Heather smokey1 (new for me, wow I love this skin)
Bax Ankle Boot black patent
LouLou&Co gloves and bracelets

Dikke kus

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Fri.day Sales

Roxy and me both wearing Fri.day hair. There is a 50% off Sale for Spring cleaning going on at Fri.day. No hurries coz this Sales will last till 17th April. All items are 50% off so not only the hairs but also the awesome shirts, and the dresses, and the belts, and the shoes, and the .... 

I also bought this Paradiso romper, which took me ages to decide which colour to buy, arghhh they are all too nice. The romper comes with sculpted leg cufs and a belt in 3 colours (silver, brown and black) and all in 3 sizes (small, med and large). Showing the brown belt in the picture above. 

Roxy is wearing:
Fri.day Cassie hair - Timid Brown
Crazy" Debbie Dress
Cupido Choker BLACK" by La Forgia jewels
C:K" Simple Pearl  Earrings
C:K" Simple Silver Bracelet

LaRosa Shoes Honey Booties
LAQ Alice 05 [ Fair] Glow skin

Dido is wearing:
Fri.day Cameron 2 hair - Timid Brown
Fri.day Paradiso Romper - Amparo
LouLou&Co gloves and bracelet Crepuscule
Kookie Armada boots - Neutral
League Sia skin Bloom

Dikke kus

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Going Crazy at The Fashion Garret (TFG)

Aww I entered SL this morning, received an NC, rushed over to the attic of The Fashion Garret. TFG is a kind of FLF but better, valid for only 1 day so hurry girls! Be prepared coz the lag is killing.   
I bought several items, had to stop myself from buying all ;-)

AMD skin Misha - Vogue make up packI like the lipsticks and the dark eyeshadow, but unfortunately it doesn't have hair bases included, but hey for only 70 L$ I won't complaint), 

the super sexy adorable see through, fluffy Crazy dress in black (aww I love Crazy!)

Cheerno Femme, Menorca long shirt, which comes with this lovely prim belt. Wearing it with my MichaMi cropped & Slouchy pants in gray and Kookie Armarda boots neutral. 

And last but not least the TFG exclusive item 'sunglasses suave lady'

Dikke kus

Pics taken at a hot place ;-)

Easter bunnies

Girls just wanna have fun. And we did have fun! First we were 2 cute little bunnies (Grendel's), then we were joined by a bear (thanks Catch) and finally Kooky turned into a pink Easter bunny (Intrigue Co. - Pink Bunny Pajamas Full outfit with glasses) She is wearing the Mynerva Group Gift 4 skin)
Thanks Kooky I had soooo much fun!

Kooky is the salt and pepper bunny, I am the cinamon one

Dikke kus

Pics taken at Easter Town

Monday 11 April 2011

Trashy Girl in Style

I received this lovely TGIS MaxiDress RUDO as a bloggers review item. I did not yet have the time to find the right spot to take pictures. However, this evening I did and wow this really is a nice dress. Especially coz there is an AO included in the skirt, which locks it around the spine and makes the skirt look more natural. It really swirls around my pixel body ;-)

The outfit comes in many layers and you have the choice between a long and a short skirt. The dress comes in 8 different colors. But I love this bright red color. What I really like is the solution for the top, which is a sculpted part. Let me show you:

Btw I remember I had a sculpted top that was part of an evening dress a long time ago and was sent away from a ballroom coz my tits were showing when a camera was not closely focussed on my avi. No problem for me, but hey it was a formal place so I had to leave. 

AND... especially for my friend Stinalina I include the LM of the Trashy Girls in Style (TGIS) shop ;-)

Dikke kus

I love Nerdz

Last Friday Roxy and me we went shopping at KYOOT, coz all items were priced at 50 L$ and OMG soo difficult to choose what NOT to buy. However, I was brave and bought among other things this cute black belted mini skirt, much braver than Roxy coz she bought more ;-)

KYOOT black belted mini skirt (50 L$ Sales last Friday)
EVOL HFTN I love Nerdz shirt 
Shakeup Bandaid
TS darken Eyebrow piercing
Lauria Boheme earrings
TonkTastic biker gloves black

Dikke kus

Bandaid girls

Just a fun pic of Kooky and me. Luv yah sweetie, thanks for your help and inspiration!

Dikke kus

Bunny and Turtle

Kooky as a turtle (Wind-Up Turtle from Grendel's), aww ain't she cute

Wearing EVOL fun items: 
Evil bunny ltd edition Candy Key, as well as the Easter Madness hunt ltd edition Bunneh ears and 2 of the 4 EVOL Hunt for the Nerdz (HFTN) Tees.  Thanks so much for the bloggers review pack ;-)

Furthermore showing you my new Project Kiwi (PK) linen shorts. Hey it's getting warmer soooo ..

Dikke kus

TDR Anniversary

Wow spring has arrived finally and I had a super nice sunny RL weekend. Not been in SL that much so when I returned late afternoon argh sooo many new items.
First of all I went to TDR coz they are celebrating their 1 year anniversary.
Cool stuff and of course I bought too many. Showing you some:

While blogging Kooky joined me in one of her many disguises, this time she 
was a crazy bird (Mitzy Mynah FowlWeather from Xcentricity) having fun with one of my RunoRuno noodle chairs.

TDR Fishy Strawberry Aragon skirt Lilac (/me loves this skirt, I already bought the nude version a few days ago). I combined it with my Artilleri Selma blouse in navy (former FLF item), and Maitreya old leather belt dirty white as well as the armwarmer violet from the same shop.

TDR YS & YS Penelope skin, which comes with 4 different brow tattoo layers.
Love the look, but the skin is too dark for my taste.
The hair I am wearing is the Miamai GG; Jeanie hair shushiBrown.  

These awesome boots are TDR COCO leather and canvas flat boots cream. COCO is the guest designer this time at TDR. Good choice ;-)

Dikke kus 

Friday 8 April 2011

Bite your nose

Wow, cannot explain how much I love this cute nose bandaid. I wanted one for some time and noticed one in Lizcar Andretti's blog 'slwhatever'. So I asked her and she was so kind to IM me this evening and show me the Grixdale Body Shoppe Ouch bandaids. They come in a package of 4 colors each. Thanks and hugs Lizcar you are such a sweet girl!

Earlier this evening my dear friend Kooky had sent me an LM to Shakeup. There I bought a fatpack Nose Bandaids in many colours.
So hey bite my nose and i will bite yours!

I have been biting my BF's noses since I am in SL, however Andy bit mine. Nasty man, sooo I really needed this little bandaid ;-)

Dikke kus

Gloves and Pearls

Mmm, a bit of a strange combination: classy pearls and gloves with a see through top and short skirt. Pffff
Well makes no never mind, coz I just wanted to show you these nice Eclectica Swoon gloves in ivory in long and short option with sculpted parts. They come in many colors and look at those wrinkles I can almost feel the texture ;-)

I like the BeautyCode Pearl Crystal necklace coz it fits so well around my body and chest. The necklace is part of a set with pearl earrings, which I am wearing too, but... arghh my hair is hiding.

Furthermore I am super happy with this cute bandaid, but more about that in my next blog entry.

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their Bloggers Review copies!

Thursday 7 April 2011

Launching a Mini Cooper

wet feet

Wearing my the super Kookie Armarda neutral boots with boot warmer that I had just bought in the shop at the other side of the river. 
Furthermore wearing the Ayla's Misty dress in blue (NEW). Yeah feels like summer. Misty comes in all layers and has a sculpted part for the bottom and prim skirt. Cute summer dress. 

Dikke kus

Still Crazy after all those years

I remember years ago Ner tp-ed me to this shop (Crazy) and OMG I bought half their collection. Hadn't been there for a while but revisited this evening and bought this uber sexy sheer Mono dress. The dress comes in several layers and aww I like it muchly!

Kept my newly acquired Kookie Armarda neutral boots with boot warmer on. 
Furthermore wearing Curious Kitties hair Nyanotech 09-3B - Sakrabee and my at the moment fav necklaces ;-)

Dikke kus