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Friday 25 February 2022



16 February 2022: CRESCENT MOON by Adwehe is the February 2022 exhibition/installation @ Nitroglobus and what a pleasure for the eyes this installation is. Impressive images on the walls, various sculptures, supplemented with the awesome JadeYu sculpture KHAOS, which creates great shadows AND colorful light art, Adwehe's speciality.

poster made by David Silence, based on an image of Adwehe

Adwehe's description of CRESCENT MOON:

The moon has a mysterious attraction and influence on living beings and on many other things. As the moon makes its way around the earth, its light, a reflection of the sun, marks shapes differently than how they really are: they get distorted.
In the virtual world of SL we are literally beings made of light, we might be gods, yet are we? The light of the moon is the indirect sunlight, and we the avatars are indirectly our human selves wrapped up in our own virtual creations.
Working towards this exhibition has been a journey exploring a mix between photography and painting, the real and the virtual, bringing out changing moods in strong colors. A play with the elements in a virtual environment.

More about Adwehe:

'I have always fantasized walking inside my RL drawings, like in a dream. SL is the perfect platform to realize this dream. I explore an ever changing drawing using lines, light and darkness, strong color and whatever i can find to express. Creating depth and perspective expanding the dimensions of the exposition room, mostly abstract and animating. The theme's i always come back to are everlasting change, transformation, (in)stability, chaos, light, color, movement, slowness and (different) ways looking at the world.

Experimenting with different art forms in Second Life including painting, photography and immersive multimedia installations. I just love to experiment searching for the mysterious randomness that can occur when working with what's available in the world of second life. Recently I discovered sound design using hardware synthesizers to create my own musical moods. For the long term I am focusing on creating more interactive immersive installations, bringing all I discovered together. 

Influences I love are light- and kinetic art, minimalism and color field painting. I mix textures from my traditional RL drawings, acrylic and oil paintings inside and outside of SL to achieve abstract and figurative patterns, moods and motions.



image by Frank Atisso

Frank Atisso was the first to place a thorough detailed review in his blog ART KORNER. Love it!

Frank wrote:
'There is perhaps no other artist who uses the exhibit space as well as Adwehe does. Being well aware of the incredible power of what is possible with lights and projectors in Second Life, she uses them to create installations which are not just thought-provoking but also visual spectacles to marvel at.'


image by Diomita

Diomita of Diomita and Jenny Maurer's Blog, initially was the first who wanted to publish a review, however, Adwehe's sculptures were not yet in place so Diomita waited with placing her cool review and great images.

Diomita wrote:
'Besides the cresent moon that you can see in the sky, balloons appear and vanish in all colours of the rainbow. Although they block your view on the pictures at times, they add to the atmosphere and produce a particular light – and hence are part of the artwork.'

image made by Inara

Last but certainly not least Inara Pey wrote an awesome review in her blog Living in a Modemworld in which she analyzed the exhibition in her own precise way and included many great images of the installation she made.
Inara wrote:

'Perhaps the best way to sum up the theme of Crescent Moon would be to use a word that has become a common subject within the world of Second Life art: “identity”. However, this is also too simplistic a term when applied here; Crescent Moon is a multi-faceted exploration of interlocking themes: an exploration of self, identity, the relationship between human and avatar; questions of “godhood” and creation and artistic discovery.'


The opening party for CRESCENT MOON was on Monday 14 February, Valentine day. Soooo pink was the dresscode. DJ hEIN was tuning and Venus Adored and Kurk Mumfuzz were shooting particles in red and pink.  Of course I made too many images. 
Here are some of the snapshots I made:


Venus and Kurk

Venus testing particles before the party 



Friday 4 February 2022

BREATHE by dido haas


February 2022: BREATHE an exhibition (8 works) by dido haas @ dido's part of Nitroglobus.
Portraits and nudes in monochrome. 

Taxi to the gallery 


Showing here some images that didn't make it to be placed on the walls of the gallery, for whatever reasons.