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Saturday 31 December 2011

I have you still

Another awesome pose of Del May (DM) called 'I have you still'
I love the mirroring effect (thx Nitro ^^).  

Of course wearing my new Dido hair from Mina and my fav red heels from G*Field.

Iris - Goo Goo dolls

dikke kus

Friday 30 December 2011

Introducing Dido; new MINA hair

Wow I am sooo proud coz MINA, designer of awesome hair and my Dutch friend, named her newly released hair Dido! So here I am wearing Dido hair ^^ 

Dido hair is for the next weeks ONLY available at the Black Market in a 3 color pack for only L$ 100. Later on it will be available in MINA her main and satelite stores.  

Furthermore wearing:
Bliensen + MaiTai Feliz Navidad double strand and Not An Angel necklaces
Angelwing Coin silks white nose ring
AD Creations for Kenia Jacket (love the outfit will blog it later)
SP Maggie's Changeable earrings  - NEW and pre-release

dikke kus

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Hey I like my outfit today I called it 'Ruby Tuesday', also giving your my fav version of this song. 

The Cynful Xmas gift 'Day Off Sweatshirt' in red. There's also a white version in the folder, but I prefer this red one. It's so very Xmas! - NEW
From the Peqe Xmas gift I am wearing the skirt (NEW). I love the color and simplicity of this skirt and it combines sooo well with the red Cynful sweatshirt.

I finished the outfit with the cute Santa's Girl fishnet leggings (part of the December group gift outfit of BDR) and 
the DRD Xmas Looseboots with socks. I decided I will wear these boots the whole year through coz they are too good to store in my closet waiting for next Xmas.

Furthermore wearing Bliensen + MaiTai jewelry: Not an Angel necklace and Twisted Krissmuss -Yule - earrings.
Pose: Juxtapose - Munchkin

my favorite version of Ruby Tuesday by Melanie
thx Fabio for reminding me ^^

dikke kus

Little reindeer dipped into Milk in my coffee ^^


Sis Boom milk in my coffee outfit (yeah luv this one) combined it with a few items of: 
Anymore little reindeer XYROOM female (the collar hood and shirt layer as well as the cute red bag)
I adore this reindeer hoodie it's too cute ^^

Ayla's Nora Boots naturals pack chocolate
Important info from Ayla's:
Ayla's has moved to Rigby so please be sure to replace the old  landmark for the new  

Le Poppycock bow legs gold socks (December GG for VFFB)
D!va hair wearing Cat's eye (> 25 k group member celebration gift)
poses used are from Eternal Dream poses Advent Calender

dikke kus

Thanks to all the designers for their awesome Xmas bloggers preview items!

Friday 23 December 2011

Merry Xmas

gros bisous & een dikke kus ^^
Nitro & Dido

Spoiled Xmas gifty girlie

Today I received a super nice Xmas present from Kooky the DL (Dirty Lynx) Cutie Jeans. This open jeans is so nicely made; I added a detail photo to show you the awesome texture and the attached sculpted parts as well as the cute thong; aww sooo sexy.
At my feet the skully teddy-cat a gift of Ellie, Kooky her sis ^^ 
I feel like a spoiled Xmas gifty girl today! Big smile.

detail of the awesome cutie jeans

This LAQ Xmas GG Ebba skin comes in Ivory (wearing), Cocoa and Peach. I really turned myself into an icy Xmas queenie today ^^
This Finesmith Laetitia jewelry set is simply awesome!  

Overview of items I am wearing:
LAQ Ebba skin in ivory LB - Xmas GG 2011
Shag Pretty Please hair in vodka (also comes in scarlet) the December (Xmas) GG
Finesmith Laetitia earrings, hair jewel and necklace - WOW!

DL (Dirty Lynx) Cutiejeans (Xmas gift of Kooky ^^ luv them!)
AMD snuggies in blue/black (luv them and they come in many many color combinations)

Piccara unbuttoned top - black
Poetic Colors eyes Moon - lavender
Angelic Tattoo Freedom
LouLou&Co Crepuscule gloves and bracelt
Angelwing coin silks white nose ring

Dikke kus

Thx to the designers for their bloggers preview items!

Thursday 22 December 2011

Anastasia, Azalia & Ella

Essences skin Azalia & awesome LeeZu Anastasia hat and scarf

Red and black are my fav colours so I was glad with this LeeZu outfit, super nicely made and creative as always. I have been a LeeZu fan for over 4 years.
The Essences skin is available at TFG; it's not my first Essences TFG skin, I like them. This one has supa sexy lips (kissing lips). Did not remove my Bliensen + MaiTai jewelry for days, luv it ^^

LeeZu Anastasia Xmas GG

 Addiction Diamond Snowflake Cocktail Ring

Ella hair in black comes with a hairbase and two add ons: a bang and a ponytail with pearls. Lots of variation possible. It's MINA hunt item for the Depraved & Desolate Winter hunt; an exclusive grid wide hunt and will run from December 15 - January 15. More info about the hunt you will find here

LeeZu Anastasia Xmas Group Gift (includes the awesome hat and scarf)
Addiction Diamond Snowflake Cocktail Ring
MINA hair Ella in BG05
Essences Azalia skin as well as hairbase tattoo layer in Ash Black  (TFG)
Bliensen + MaiTai Felix Navidad double strand necklace, Not an Angel necklace & Twisted Krissmuss Yule earrings
Snow by Nitro

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their Group Gifts and bloggers review items!

Tuesday 20 December 2011


Hi, I am back on a temp internet connection (my neighbour was so kind to let me use hers)
I intended to blog this post about Aspen, the new ReBourne prefab last Wednesday 14th December, however my internet connection died and the other day I left for London (I had an awesome time there btw ^^). 
Well, bit late but hope you enjoy, coz Aspen it sure is an awesome place!

the loft with the awesome green sofa (those pose balls arghhh ^^)

couldn't get enough of that sofa ...

Aspen the new prefab of ReBourne: I love all the other prefabs Suite and Danny made it's so well done; the textures, the colors, the light/shadow, the atmosphere, those details I love it!
I took too many pictures of Aspen; loved to play on the green sofa (mesh and low prim with awesome poseballs ^^), beds, carpet and bubble bath you can try it all. But go and have a look yourselves here's your taxi

classy outfit by Amerelo Manga
Amerelo Manga Overall Marcelle, which comes including the nice belt and the fur awwww I sure love that fur collar: too cute, of course it's artificial virtual fur so no worries ^^  
Ferrishyn make-up delicious greys (eye shadow)  NEW

From my closet:
Enkythings Ekota-T chocolate brown shoes
RedMint skin Pale no 07
Fri.day hair tatum - Moody Brown
Angelic Tattoo Freedom

dikke kus

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Bliensen + MaiTai

lots of awesome Bliensen + MaiTai jewelry!

A for me unknown shop (shame on me) called Bliensen + MaiTai sent me lots of lovely Xmas jewelry as a bloggers review item. Wow, I truly like the items shown in the picture; Supa!
Navidad double strand necklace   
Not and Angel Necklace   
Twisted Krissmuss Yule earrings   

Also NEW are:
the Sassy! Cozy Sweater in tan (love the texture!) 
WWI Army girl garters holiday green (for only L$ 50 for the green AND the red version) 

Furthermore wearing:
Dura hair Summer GG strawberry
RedMint skin Pale no. 07
Poetic Colors Moon eyes - lavender

dikke kus

Thx to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Waiting 4 U

BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) outfit Waiting 4 U; showing the dress in dark (with one bare tit, haha not showing pffffff), the awesome coat with fur (there is a non-fur option too), the fedora and the stockings. All come in different layers and omg there is so much more in the folder. I luv Cameron she delivers quality and is sooo generous!
Ayla's Nora boots in Ecru (hey luv them, didn't take them off since yesterday ^^) 
dikke kus

Thx to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Tuesday 13 December 2011

A visit to Mysterious Wave

walking together with the aid of Nitros' hud: luv it

Graffitiwear Snow Angel, love this white dress with stole ^^
Poinsettia Hat a Vita Boudoir GG aww soo Xmas to me this hat. 
Lemme explain: I am having my RL birthday in December close to Xmas and there was a time when I used to receive these plants as a gift for my birthday, omg I hated them. Sooo didn't water them in order to let them die within a week (nasty smile) ^^
Ayla's - Nora boots in Ecru (supa so comfy and warm)

Such an awesome place Mysterious Wave, hope I gave you an impression. 
Do visit, you won't regret!

Dikke kus

Monday 12 December 2011

Dance Macabre in LaVie Snowflake

Wow, an awesome December group gift this evening coming from LaVie called Snowflake. Showing you the hair and the 'dress'. I combined it with Katsucide Laura skin from my invent and not with the accompanying LaVie Rachel skin. Although the Rachel skin is less revealing and doesn't show nipples. 

Furthermore wearing my red Alex strap heels from G*Field. The handsome guy holding me on this DM pose is of course my BF Nitro.

Wow, Nitro made a short but supa video of the two of us skating at North Pole as well as posing on Del May (Ivy) at Angel labs, while wearing this Snowflake outfit. Please take a look it's really awesome. 

dikke kus
La Dance Macabre (thx Fabio)

Saturday 10 December 2011

The worst things in life come free to us

Love the song and the outfit and one has nothing to do with the other ^^ 
dikke kus

BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) outfit 'Snowflake' in grey, which includes all items  worn in different layers and more: tail, ears, earmuffs (with and without fur) as well as a mouth piercing, several tattoo layers of freckles and blush in different combinations. Muchos and all so nicely made. 
Thanks Cameron for the awesome bloggers review items!

Ed Sheeran: The A Team 

And they scream
The worst things in life come free to us 
Cos were just under the upper hand 
And go mad for a couple of grams 
And she don't want to go outside tonight
And in a pipe she flies to the motherland 
Or sells love to another man 
It's too cold outside 
For angels to fly
Angels to fly

Friday 9 December 2011

Uptown in Daytime Dreams by MrsDay Oh

Revisiting Daytime Dreams this evening with Nitro, however this time another intriguing sphere/skybox created by MrsDay Oh: a black tree with monitors instead of fruit hanging from its branches. Nice pose balls in the tree, a parrot that starts talking to you in chat (couldn't find it must have escaped from the cage laying at the foot of the tree) and a chair with a pigeon on it. 

Siss Boom outfit uptown in black. I like it, coz it's stylish, minimal with an eye for detail (those buttons, aww luv them) and nicely made. Yesterday I blogged a skin from this shop but I must say they make nice outfits too.
Anymore winter boots in grey (more white/light grey); supa boots. They also come in black and brown.
The lovely stone black chandni necklace is part of an outfit from SS Chandni

Kept my Mina hair - Liss on today ^^
Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Ed Sheeran - Small bump
wow love this song (thx Ake for mentioning it on your blog post!)

Thursday 8 December 2011

Winter Mouse Liss

Turned into Winter Mouse Dido ^^ Showing a NEW Graffitiwear outfit with mouse ears and ditto tail with a small red bow. Luv it, especially the mouse hat and mittens are soo nice.

Also wearing a for me new skin; Siss Boom-wind chill skin. Nice face with reddish cheeks and lovely body. Don't you think I am a very young and innocent mouse with this skin ..... There is a skin Sales going on at Siss Boom so hurry coz I don't know when it will end. Here's your taxi. The skin comes with brow and shape, but to be honest I didn't like the shape that much so only showing the skin.

MINA has another new hair called Liss it comes with a hud that changes the color of the hair and let you resize. I like this scruffy hair; soo Mina! 

dikke kus

A thank you to the designers for their awesome bloggers review items!

Siss boom-wind chill skin (body freckles)
Graffitiwear Christmas Mouse outfit  
MINA hair Liss 
SO (Secret Oktober) Cold as Ice 2 earrings

NEW MINA hair Liss with beanie
From my closet:
G*Field Srap shoes Alex red
Addiction Forget You Not Locket necklace
A Birdsong Webed silver rings
Angelwing coin silks white nose ring
HoD The Crosary bracelet
Angelic Tattoo Freedom

Monday 5 December 2011


Hey, I made this pic with Firestorm new viewer. I finally downloaded the official version and threw away my beta Firestorm. Phew, well this is a nice sharp photo. 
Showing Lemania Indigo rusty line shirt burnt orange and you see a bit of the line jeans in light blues. Cute coz it goes supa with my hair ^^

dikke kus

Sunday 4 December 2011

Keep Me Warm and Winter Dream

Wow Cameron the owner/designer of BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) has been creating so many lovely winter outfits lately. I received a bloggers review pack and in this post I am showing you two of them. Luv them both!

Starting with the Winter Dream outfit which comes in many colors (showing the grey one). As always BDR outfits are very complete; this one comes with cape, boots, wollen dress and socks, including all the alpha layers and sculpted parts. Supa nice textures and design.

wow so cute sticking out my tongue on Juxtapose 'Catch a Flake'  

Next one is the Keep me Warm outfit, showing the red one.
Phew this folder has even more items; of course neko ears and a tail ^^ (not showing), top and jacket/cardigan, boots and jeans in 2 different versions (ripped and normal). Hey it's snowing here at the sim so I opted for the non-ripped one.

And you know what... there is more, but that's for another blog post coz now I go dancing with my SL BF.
dikke kus


Hey hey here I am again on a Saturday nite ^^ showing you new hair from (e) Elikatira called Quirky; wow this is super cute, luv it! 
As is the brown leather dress from League, which I picked up yesterday i.e. a FLF (Fifty Linden Friday) item. Those textures yammie but hey this is League and their clothes as well as their skins are awesome.
The necklace is Miel and not supa new but I adore this necklace coz it goes so well with every outfit. It's scripted so you can change the color of the strings, the metal and the beads; really awesome. 

League Suede Wrap dress - dark brown (FLF) - NEW
Elikatira (e) Quirky hair - red 04 - NEW
RedMint skin pale No. 7
Poetic Colors Moon eyes - lavender
Miel Lish necklace
Angelic Tattoo - Freedom
.HoD. the crosary bracelet
A Birdsong Webed silver ring

dikke kus

awww shivering I forgot to take my coat 

Friday 2 December 2011

Skinny Love

Aww love the atmosphere of this picture; the falling snow, the light, the colorscheme, the outfit AND listening to the music that goes with it (Birdy 'Skinny love').
Really awesome bloggers review gifts I am showing you in this blog post: the scripted cornes spreading snowflakes, the awesome skins, the harem outfit, the rings awww love them all!

Angelwing Coin Silks White (the harem pants option)
Acide ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter consisting of: 

  • Acide Atlantique Cornes with scripted snow 
  • Katsucide Laura Oceane and Shiva skin (awesome, luv them!)

A Birdsong Webed Silver ring
Addiction Forget You Not Locket necklace
Angelic tattoo Freedom
Both poses by DM (Del May)

DM pose 'Doll - Determination'

And here's the song I listened to over and over and over and over again while blogging this post (that's me over enthousiastic ^^)
dikke kus

And I told you to be patient
And I told you to be fine
And I told you to be balanced
And I told you to be kind

And now all your love is wasted
Then who the hell was I?
'Cause now I'm breaking at the britches
And at the end of all your lines

Who will love you?
Who will fight?
Who will fall far behind?

Come on skinny love
my, my, my, my, my, my, my ....