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aanhef blog

Tuesday 31 January 2012


Showing the NEW Truth hair of this week called Gianna 2 in pumpkin and quince. Luv it, it's a lot of awesome curly hair swinging around me sooo nice and fluffy!

Furthermore wearing 'newishly' fav stuff:
The lovely TrendStyle leather Mini Dress Zip blue which I combined with BoHo Hobo subscriber gift Turquoise Jeans jacket, the supa Anymore punk boots, this time in Suede with green socks and WOoT bag Ahoi! shoulder.

Coz it's rather cold in the mountains (I visited Lake Tahoe for this photo shoot inspired by todays RL snow) I put on a warm Artilleri Taylor scarf in red/aqua as well as League Sheepskin Mittens light brown and a pair of comfy Plastik leggings Ankle-U-Mazi (red). 

dikke kus

Thx to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Sunday 29 January 2012

Last week at Auggers

Dear readers a reminder: if you wanna visit my exhibition at Auggers Photo Gallery then you only have one week left to do so, coz my photos will be on display there till 6th February. 
If you like more info or want me to accompany you while visiting the gallery, please feel free to IM me when I am inworld!

Wearing the NEW super sexy TrendStyle Leather Mini Dress Zipo blue. It comes in many nice colors but I luv this blue one. The nice leggins/stockings are part of the outfit.
I coloured the rope of my (r)M hair no. 19 into the same colour ^^

dikke kus

Holding a heart

Another awesome Paris Metro couture dress called 'Flower Flamingo gown sketch'. I love their long fluffly dresses. 
In my hands I hold a fierce red Valentine heart, which is one of the 6 Juxtaposes 'Heart in Hand'; cute, cute, cute! 
And... I have new hair, a gift of Nitro for my rezz day ^^, Redmint (r)M hair no. 19 - scandinavia blond. Wow luv it!

Wearing a grey skin coz I visited Not Everything is Plain B&W by Fuchsia Nightfire, MetaLES. If you didn't visit yet, DO coz it's really awesome!

Eye Band make-up tattoo in black, which is one of the many free bl/w items to be obtained at MetaLES entrance point

From my closet:
I Heart You hat (part of Valentine gift of Vita's Boudoir)
LouLou&Co gloves and bracelet Crepuscule
Plastik Gift Halloween skin Ghost smoke fog
PC eyes Moon - lavender
DT Yri LIPstick serie A - nr 8

dikke kus

Saturday 28 January 2012

I Heart You

Valentine day is approaching rapidly and gifts are coming in. Showing the lovely Vday gift of Vita's Boudoir called I Heart You. 
Vita makes awesome dresses and this little gifty dress is simple but sooooo cute. It comes with the white facial heart shaped tattoo and the heart hat. Luv it! 

dikke kus

Furthermore wearing:
Maitreya Mesh Radical boots red reptile
Paris Metro Masquerade ball brushed ruby gloves (part of outfit)
fri.day hair Deena in scornful red

Friday 27 January 2012

Black to the Future & Anymore

Graffitiwear Black back to the Future outfit, which includes the lovely tintable brooch (green to match my socks ^^). 
Sitting in front of the fountain I bought last weekend at Collarbor88

Pomme d'Amour sweetheart hair; not flex and fluffy but sooo retro and cute

Graffitiwear Rose Back tattoo (part of Baroque outfit); wow I like this tatt!

These Anymore punk boots (shown in magenta here, but available in many colors) are one of my fav tough boots, I luv them and wear them often. The hud lets you change the size of the boots and the color of laces and socks. I luvvvv these boots!

Graffitiwear Black back to the Future dress 
Graffitiwear Rose Back tattoo (part of Baroque corset top & leggings)
Pomme d'Amour sweetheart hair in rust (scripted)
Anymore punk boots in magenta : wow I love these boots, with a hud that let you change size, socks, laces 

From my invent:
AMD little rock bracelet
Angelwing coin silks white nose ring
LouLou&Co gloves and bracelet Crepuscule
TSS darken eyebrow piercing
Redmint skin pale 07
Poetic Color Moon eyes in lavender

Wish you all a supa weekend!
dikke kus

Thx to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Thursday 26 January 2012

Not so Heartless

Wearing the Finesmith Heartless necklace in black, the pre-Valentine members GG ^^
It's lovely, thx so much Yula!

A song I love muchly: Racoon with 'Love you More'. Enjoy!
dikke kus

Tuesday 24 January 2012

C&P Casual Wear Lace top

Today was my rezzday and I had a small party at my home this evening. Fabio RL sang two songs for me and played the guitar. I loved it, thanks again darling! 
Unfortunaltely Kooky couldn't be there, due to RL obligations, but Cath,  Petrov and of course my BF Nitro were present as well as Lizcar and her BF Luc4s and later in the evening Sparks and Cat visited too. 

In the beginning of the evening Cath gave me two lace tops to review. So here they are. I like them, nice texture and muchos sexy ^^. Btw the guitar picker on the photo is of course Fabio.
Taxi to C&P Casual Wear 

dikke kus
no rezzday girl Dido

Sunday 22 January 2012

A Cynful Cardigan

Supa this New Cynful curvy cardigan in dark cyan with black tie aww love it!
Combined it with the Erotic buttterfly skirt, the Maitreya bra top and Blowpop seamed fishnet tights all from my closet.

And now it's almost my rezzday here in GMT+1 and I am gonna celebrate with my love ^^
dikke kus

Land of Dreams or Nightmares

Exploring SL with Nitro: Lodon Land of Dreams or Nightmares ; a lovely sim, which is certainly worth a visit and where you will find next to art objects and a lovely scenery also many nice poses (showing one). 
(Almost) Everything is for sale .. even when its not prized.
Oh and don't forget to make the balloon ride ^^

dikke kus

Almost my Rezz day

Tomorrow, 23 January, I will be 5 years old! Arghhhhh time flies when you are having fun ....
Phew I won't bother you with old stories but show you a new outfit coz hey it's almost my rezz day and I should look gooooood!

Yesterday Kooky and I went to Collarbor88 and I bought lots of stuff: an awesome fountain, a lovely culture living room set from Trompe Loeil, a Tres Blah graphic Tee especially for my BF coz it had a French text (Merci Beau Coup) on it ^^ and this  awesome (NO) Sari-Kimono dress in red/yellow I am wearing.
I completed this outfit with New AMD Crater earrings and little rock bracelet (comes with necklace too) as well as the New BoHo Turquoise jeans jacket (supa!).

Oh and that's not all coz his evening I couldn't resist and bought these awesome New mesh Maitreya Devi booties faded teal. 

Maitreya Devi Booties in faded teal

From my closet:
MINA Dido hair 
Blowpop Seamed fishnet tights 
Redmint skin pale no. 07
Mayfly deep sky mesh eyes Paris Green
HUZ Kanji tattoo

Poses used: Label Motion From Below poses TFG

extra dikke rezz day kus

Tuesday 17 January 2012

Sweetie in brown

BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) Sweetie dress in brown (comes with cute neko boots/socks in same texture as the dress, white ears and tail: not shown)
(Sweetie in Magenta is the BDR group gift)

WOoT riding boots black/grey: high quality boots!)
WOoT shoulder bag Ahoi (with animation). I am no bag addict here in SL, after all who needs a handbag when you always carry all your stuff around whereever you go? But this bag is really really nice!

Pomme D'Amour Pom Pom girl hair in copper. Very retro and a bit stuck to my head ^^, I must admit I prefer more fluffy, moving hair.

From my invent:
EED Astro necklace and earrings
Mayfly deep sky mesh eyes Paris green
Redmint skin pale no. 07

dikke kus

Thx to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Monday 16 January 2012


Poised Mel Oxford (bodysuit and jacket with collar), so cute that zipper and the back of this bodysuit ^^
Using Miamai pose Savage Beauty

dikke kus

So many years under bridges with dirty water...

very nicely made comfy soft sweater from Poised 

combined with Fishy Strawberry Moto pants
Poised: Me Sweater soft sweater
Fishy Strawberry Moto pants black 
using Miamai model pose Savage Beauty

From my closet: 
NX-Nardcotix Kurvy T-strap Mary Jane shoes aqua
MINA hair Dido in red with hairbase RBR05
Mayfly deep sky mesh eyes paris green
Redmint pale skin No. 07
Glam Affair facial tattoo layer 04 TDR11
Dutch Touch Yri VIPsonly lipstick serie A no. 8 

dikke kus

the cough by Alanis Morissette (one of my faves!)

Sunday 15 January 2012

Mesh eyes and a stola

Amerelo Manga set Cloer

new Mayfly deep sky mesh eyes Paris Green & Truth hair Evelyn in quince

Phew a busy RL weekend so little time to blog :-( 
I will do my utmost to show you some of the many nice new items. I start with this classy set called Cloer from Amerelo Manga; luv the stola ^^

Also wearing one of the two NEW Truth hairs of this week called Evelyn, luv it.
And what about the mesh Mayfly eyes called Paris Green, wow those are supa!

Some info coming from the NC that accompanied these mesh eyes:
Mayfly mesh eyes have a custom sizing script, which is programmed with 28 preset sizes that automatically adjust their position. 
What's more, you get multiple iris size choices in one eye! The custom script actually has two sizing options that allow you to effectively choose iris sizes that are either proportioned like your regular eye and even a little larger, or ones that let you move into sizes that are smaller than your usual irises.
Because the eye textures are applied to a prim, they appear a little sharper than the slightly softened look of a regular avatar eye. That's a nice, unexpected bonus!

Amerelo Manga set Cloer. 
Mayfly Deep sky mesh eyes Paris Green (gift)
Truth hair Evelyn w/roots in quince (NEW) 
Miamai model poses Savage beauty

dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their Bloggers Review Items!

Wednesday 11 January 2012

I moved

After over 1,5 yrs living at my island on Tohl sim I moved yesterday to live with Nitro. What a step!
Here's me sitting on the stairs of my new, or should I say old Japanese house. I used to live in this Japanese teahouse a long time ago and wow I am so happy to use it again together with Nitro. It's so nicely made and was adjusted by Japanese friends specially for me to fit the limited prims I had at the time.

But not only the house is nice, what about the awesome trees, the lovely hangout AND the entire winter sim; coz yeah it sure has been snowing out here ^^ 

Wearing a new Siss Boom outfit called petite roses; consisting of socks, jacket, underpants and a sculpted skirt and waist(belt) which I combined with the awesome tintable Miel Lish necklace (one of my faves).

dikke kus

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Dido at Auggers

Supa proud me coz my photos are on exhibit at Auggers photo gallery from 7th January - 6th February! And you know what, you are ALL cordially invited to come and have a look (and maybe buy ^^)!
I worked hard to get all in place but it was worthwhile. 
Wanna thank Nitro, JMB, Michiel, Kooky, Andy and Fabio for all their input and help! Where would I be without my friends?

wearing the latest COCO groupgift 'the overall&sweater' (mesh) 
wow luv it, this is really supa nice!

on a funny DM (Del May) pose with Nitro while trying to capture my photos at Auggers Gallery

Cu at Auggers, IM me if you are there and like a tour ^^
dikke kus

Sunday 8 January 2012

Maitreya: Radical Nolita

Last nite very late I bought these mesh items at Maitreya and WOW, although not cheap, phew how I love them, sold to Mesh clothes! They make my avi look so damn real, even if i hop on akward pose balls ^^
I just didn't like most of the mesh stuff around untill now, however this dres and these boots convinced me, thx Onyx, you did it chapeau!

Maitreya Meash Nolita dress in black
Maitreya Mesh Radical Boots - red reptile

Mina hair Dido in red
Miel Lish necklace 
Redmint skin pale no 07
Mayfly deep sky eyes (Monet Dawn)
Kosh bendy nail bracelet

Have a nice weekend
dikke kus

Friday 6 January 2012

Velvet Truth

Is it the partying I did during the holidays, or have I been working too hard? So tired; falling of my chair (RunoRuno; noodle chair with cute poses). Wearing the lovely Truth Velvet hair, which comes with scripted color changing bows and many other options (aww I am late blogging this cute hair, sorry Truth!  
The romantic white dress is the Xmas group gift of G*Field and includes the  diamond necklace. Luv it!

And what about these supa short (scripted) booties with fur (articial pixel fur!) from WOot? Showing you the white ones. Look at the texture, design and details of these boots, luv it! I will place these in my 'long lasting fav closet' ^^ 

As you can see I am worn out after working soo hard these last days to get everything lined up for my exhibit at Auggers Gallery, which will open tomorrow, 7th January and lasts till 6th February! More info in my next blog post!

Truth hair Velvet w/roots - quince (without the bows)
GF (G*Field) Holidday gift dress & necklace (Xmas gift)
WOoT Booty FUR white
Redmint skin pale 07
Miamai Areree make-up,including sculpted parts (black feathers too cute, I haven't taken them off since I received them
DT (dUTCH tOUCH)  Yri VIPs only makeup lipstick Serie A - nr. 8
Mayfly eyes deep sky (Monet Dawn)
Angelic Tattoo Freedom
LouLou&Co Crepuscule gloves and bracelet
Angelwing coin silks white nose ring

dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review and Group gifts!

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Postcards from Loin des Equilibres

I tried without umbrella but nah too difficult 

Nitro is making time fly away

not helping much against the rain but keeping balance

Taxi to Loin des Equilibres

AD (AngelsDemons) Creations for Kenya jacket with sculpted parts combined with 
WAP Design Project for Kenya panties (Italian Taste)
I love this outfit, awesome colors and so joyful.

Not easy to walk the cord with the Alex shoes from G*Field in red, but they are sooooo nice ^^

Dikke kus

Time after time - Cyndi Lauper

A lazy Wednesday afternoon

Loin des Equilibres an awesome place to explore and take photos. 
Wearing SLC Couture gown Alise in grey (folder says black but... mmm light black to me ^^) nice romantic dress which comes in many colors. 

I am a Poetic Colors eyes fan but these Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes (Monet Dawn) are intriguing, almost hypnotizing.

Dido hair by MINA (big smile still)
Redmint skin pale 07
Miamai Areree makeup

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!
dikke kus