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Friday 18 June 2021

Interview with Anja by Frank Atisso in magazine 360 Gradi Magazine

image from 360 Gradi Magazine by Jarla Capalini

Yesterday, 17th June, the May-June edition of 360 Gradi Magazine was published and I am super glad with the interview, written by Frank Atisso, about 'Anja's Surrealism' the June exhibition @ Nitroglobus gallery, which is part of this issue of the magazine. 

'Frank : How have the experiences from your RL reflected in the work you are exhibiting here?

Anja : The things happening around you in real life have a huge impact on your thoughts and imagination. So eventually it does tend to affect the art that you create. For example, in the past few months, we had a lot of negative political issues where I live. So that is the time when I created the image of a chess board with stairs and chess pieces as a reactionary statement to it. Eventually all the pieces leave the board and come back to have the game start over again. All we are left with is our thoughts and the lives that need to go on.................'

Jump to pages 128 - 149 to read the whole article and admire the cool images made by Jarla Capalini.
My thanks goes to Frank and Oema (the editor/owner of the magazine)!

Monday 14 June 2021

In the Press Anja's Surrealism exhibition - June 2021

image by Anja Neobookie

Presenting an overview of all the reviews, articles in magazines and blogs as well as a short video which were published about the June 2021 exhibition 'Anja's Surrealism' by Anja Neobookie @ Nitroglobus. 

First article that was published was Inara Pey's review in her blog Living in a Modem World, in which she gave a thorough analysis of the Anja's images 

'On display is the most stunning display of surrealist art it has been my pleasure to witness, one that fully embraces the core principals of the movement whilst encompassing broader photographic and artistic techniques and commentary. 

Through her work, Anja is able to touch on subjects in her images in a way that is entirely non-directive. Take Free Willy, Survivors, and Wrong Shipping for example, with their subtle suggestions of our relationship with the world around us.
Elsewhere might be found commentary on the human condition – life and relationships – and an embracing of technique such as fata morgana and chiaroscuro that is simply captivating...... '

image by Inara Pey


At the same day I published in my blog 'Exploring SL with Dido' the official poster as well as all the necessary information about the exhibition an the artist. Information which is also to be found at entrance point in the gallery.

awesome poster made by David Silence, based on an image of Anja 


image by Frank Atisso

On 11th June another awesome article was published by Frank Atisso in Art Korner in which he too analyzed Anja's work in depth.

'The vibrant colors and a touch of magic that Anja applies in her works are what appeal to the viewer in this stunning exhibition at the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.

Anja associates a story with each work she creates. For example, “They all left the playfield” is a personal work which Anja developed to project her thoughts on canvas about the slightly negative political situation at the place where she stays in RL. Her story, thoughts and feelings might be different from the one you develop in your mind as you look at each artwork. But then isn’t this the beauty of art? The fact that each viewer is able to associate Anja’s artwork with situations in his or her life and can derive meaningful analogies so varied and different from each other.'


image made by Fenella Allen when she visited the opening party 

Fenella Allen wrote in Edition 22 of Limoncello News in the column 'Elsewhere on the Arty Grid' the following: 

'Inside Anja's mind is a fascinating, imaginative place and she's adept at sharing it through her art. She has been working on this show for a long time. Fenella has had secret previews of the work in progress and has been bursting with pride at her friend's achievements and struggling not to blurt out the secret. She is delighted finally to be able to say; "I love Anja and I love her art. It's a great show. Go! Go now!!"


image by Diomita

On 13th June, Diomita of Diomita and Jenny Maurer’s Blog wrote a cool post about Anja's exhibition. Diomita wrote:
'Like myself Anja is an explorer. She’s amazed and surprised by the beauty of the sims, islands, buildings, objects, nature and landscapes in Second Life, she’s excited about the creativity of the people that make Second Life. Her pictures are not necessarily connected to Second Life. There are elements that you might have seen in Second Life before before but there’re put together in a different way. These objects might initiate a memory of what you experienced in Second Life or in Real Life, might create an idea, a thought, a snippet of a picture. That’s all in the eyes of the spectator.'


On pages 128-149 you will find an interview with Anja Neobookie about her June exhibition 'Anja's Surrealism' at Nitroglobus, written by Frank Atisso in this professional glossy Second Life magazine '360 Gradi'of editor Oema Resident:

'An emerging sensation in the art world of SL speaks about her remarkable journey, creating her own brand of surrealism and her latest exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery.'

Sunday 13 June 2021

Opening party for Anja's Surrealism exhibition


Monday, 7 June was party time at Nitroglobus celebrating the opening of Anja Neobookie's exhibition. What a party it was with great tunes by DJ Suzen Juel and ditto particles by Venus Adored.

The sim was full during 2,5 hours and long after Suzen stopped tuning people came in to admire the works on the walls. 
In case you were unable to tp in, don't worry the exhibition Anja's Surrealism will be on the walls of the gallery during the entire month of June. So lots of time to visit.

Here are some images I made of the main players as well as of some of the visitors.