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Tuesday 22 September 2009

DT, Church of Luxe and Embryo

I simply had to show you this awesome outfit AND my new skin. Arghhhhh I did it I bought it! Had been drooling over it, thinking, rethinking....., but here I am: Dido in Dutch Touch again (back to DT). I have a weak spot for Iki her skins. After all the first real skin I bought was from Iki. And... I felt good in that skin for over a year. And now back in DT CleO, aww love it!

I took these pics at Embryo, a really awesome place so nicely made. Go and have a look!

Wearing an outfit I feel good in, nice and warm ;-) especially with autumm in the air. I bought it yesterday at Church of Luxe (COL). The vest is accompanied with a black jeans and a white Tee. Not the white Tee I am wearing in the pics above, that's Ohmai (high rise tank white - free).

The boots are my bikers boots from Redgrave.
Skin : Doutch Touch CleO Olive EB2 Smokey FR
Hair : Magika hair Biji Black
Eyes: PC eyes Ocean Seaweed

Dikke kus

Modelling & an awesome place

Last Saturday Sabine, my sister asked me if I had time to model. She wanted to take some pics of us for her gallery. I just had been exploring and found an awesome place; the perfect spot. When Sabine and me arrived at this spot, after the necessary preparations in her studio, we were naked standing in the waves of the rough sea. We were alone, except for one guy who stood at the black beach without moving (he had not moved since I was there 1 hour before exploring) nor speaking.

My sister took lots of pics, but not enough and she told me she needs another session. So Mr Unknown we will be back there.... ;-)
I took the pic shown above (mmmm not such a good quality, hers are much better).

Alphons, my Italian friend has an awsome place: lots of water, rolling waves, sandy beaches, palm trees which produce enough shade, boats, private dancefloor with super dances (the hot new ones), a sophisticated house, no traffic AND awesome music. I love the music at his place and therefore like to sit at his beach and order my invent, unpack gifts or just relax.

My cat Shamus has been living at his house now for a few weeks and became great friends with Buck, Alphons his dog.
Right now Alphons his place is restricted to a happy few (5 persons if I am not mistaken). Sorry guys if you read this.... lucky me ;-)

Dikke kus

Thursday 10 September 2009

Hosting at Club J.A.G.

Last weekend was the opening of club J.A.G. (Jaggers) and guess what I am a host there ;-)

So, I was there last Friday 4th September, opening night and hosted for 1,5 hours. I got rather frustrated because of all the silly sentences being SHOUTED (I hate capitals, but noticed I had to use them too to make myself heard). Because of this no conversation was possible. Well maybe the plp present did not want to. Anyway, I was a bit disappointed and tired and left immediately after my shift, leaving my friend Ner behind who had her mind set on winning the contest that was going on.
A few of my friends came which I appreciated A LOT. Thanks Ner, Michiel, Kavian, Rokia, Ake and of course my love Alphons!
The next evening, Saturday nite late I had another shift at club J.A.G. and this time it was fun. We had cool music and dito conversation. My first SL lover Fred Z. was there. Arghhh, had not seen him for 2 years I think. Great fun to talk to him. 
When I signed out the system paid me L$ 15 at the end of my 1,5 hours shift. Grrrr, ... a mistake, mmm well won't leave my SL bed for that amount.
The system still needs to be fine tuned. Well this week I expect all to be running more smoothly.
Hey come and judge yourselves and join me this Thursday, 10th September between 1 and 2 SLT at club J.A.G. and lets dance.....!!!!

Dikke kus

Tuesday 8 September 2009


Hey guys, I will be famous... surf to http://theslfashionista.blogspot.com and read what my best friend Ner writes in her item about Bare Rose. Especially read the part about me (big smile). 
Awww, I love this item on Bare Rose. There are two pics in it figuring me(proud, proud, proud).
One with the B@R Black Mist outfit and one figuring Ner and me in Wastelands in B@R clothes (Ner wearing Lowrise and me in Duet, which I bought because of the awesome white blouse).
Copied the pic into my blog, hope you don't mind Ner.

Ner and me we met June Dion, owner, creator of Bare Rose, last week when shopping at Bare Rose. June helped me to locate a dress I wanted to buy. Arghhh THE June Dion herself helped me and talked to me!
This morning I sent June an IM mentioning Ner's blog item on Bare Rose. Hope she will have a look at Ner's blog.

Dikke kus

PS just received the following IM of June (sweet!):
[3:12] June Dion: Hello :) was took your time, and thank you very much for the blog with lot of introduce :D sending small gift to you girls, thanks again :)

Death in SL...

Sob, sob one of my roosters died, Morten est mort....
This morning I received the following messages

The object 'sionChicken' has sent you a message from Second Life:

I (Morten) died because of another chicken! My position is Tohl777D at pos <....>
The object 'sionChicken' has sent you a message from Second Life:
Use the sionChicken healing kit in order to revive me!
I hurried over to the coop and stared at Morten lying there on the ground and Sparks, the killer rooster peacefully asleep beside him. Mmmm, I did not know what to do, revive Morten or.......
I have so many eggs, trying to sell them at the moment and because of the shortage of prims.... and then ... during a fit of madness I did it I erased Morten, I killed him.....
So in the end Sparks won he owns all the ladies now. Bastard he is! I might have Kylia, the hen for dinner too this evening, as I am sure she would like to be in chicken heaven together with her lover/master Morten. Mmmm, so Sparks has all the virgins hens now (i.e. Nere, KC and Sabine).
Question: am I a sadist or just being practical?
I won't tell Leeuwie, a Dutch guy I met at a chicken orphanage. Yes they exist in SL. He told me he saved abonned, mistreated and hungry chickens, feeds them. He has sooo many. Such a sweet guy. Hope he won't read this item btw.
Anyone want beautiful green/yello/brown eggs? Please IM me. You can have them for free.
Dikke zoen

Saturday 5 September 2009


Guess what..... I am having an afffair (big smile on my face). Alphons is his name. We met at Escorts Lounge during one of my first nights there. He was ever so silent, just stood there at the stairs. I - being instructed by my friend Sparks (read my Escorts entry) - did not IM him of course, ...although I wanted to.
Then the next evening he was there again and we talked a little. I think I did IM him first (unpatient Dido). He was not kind at all, told me he was only interested in the person behind the avi, not in avi looks. Asked me how I would react when escorting a guy I did not like. Anyway, our first encounter was far from romantic. To tell you the truth I thought he was a bastard.

Then he was there again and sat in front of my pole and paid me, not to dance but to talk. He asked me to go with him and I did. Not knowing what to expect. He took me to his house. We danced on the beach, it felt good. However, the next time we met we were nasty again, cautious both of us, fighting to establish boundaries. I called him a bastard and he replied I was too. But after a week of close contact I can say 'hey I love this bastard a lot'

Dikke kus 

Friday 4 September 2009


I have a sister in SL called KC Haas, we met a long time ago and although we see eachother rarely, when we do it's great fun. KC is a charming and kind person, I love her a lot.

KC and me

This week I met my other sister Sabine (no not Haas, not the same father I guess ;-). Wow Sabine and me we do look alike a lot. It was shocking to discover an avi that has similar features as I do and even has the same interests in SL: we both are interested in Japanese culture; like me she lives in a Japanese house.
She is very creative too, she owns a gallery in SL that exhibits her work as a photographer. I am truly happy to have met her.

me in front of pic Sabine

So now I have two sisters ;-)
Love them both a lot!

Dikke kus