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Wednesday 26 February 2014


NEW: MINA mesh hair Monique with add-on; what a charming hat and hair style!
Shown is the white basic hair, which you can change into any color with the HUD. The hat comes in black (shown) and white.
Love it!

The dress is the BDR Feeling the Spring dress, which I blogged a few days ago. The Charming Life necklace is from Addiction Jewelry.

Thanks soo much Mina for this lovely Bloggers review item.
dikke kus

Monday 24 February 2014

Feeling the Spring

Yeah it's gonna be Spring soon! 
Showing the awesome brand new BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) mesh Feeling the Spring dress in several great colours, as well as accompanying boots and panties (but you cannot see I am wearing). 
The extensive folder comes with many HUDs to change the colour of the dress and boots. Each HUD includes options for several different textures of the dress with and without belt, 2 different colours of boots, as well as Lolas Tango (& Mirage) appliers. Wow sooo many different options!

Moreover wearing the awesome MINA Nikky hair this time in white. Soo smexy this hair style. Luv it.

Thanks Cameron & Mina for these great Bloggers Review items! Now lets hope spring is near.
Poses used: Infiniti Running Scared

dikke kus

Wednesday 12 February 2014


NEW: H.E.D. Ranger mesh leather jacket (wearing black/silver), which comes in many many colors/combinations. However, as you know I am fond of black ^^  Super fit and smexy

H.E.D. has opened it's very own Facebook page and invites all to feel free to post and upload pics to the timeline. Any bloggers can post a link to their page if it contains a piece from H.E.D. 

Also wearing Nikky one of the latest MINA hairs, which I luv muchly. This time I turned myself into a (very dark) brunette.
Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items! Appreciated.

Pose used: Infitini Better to See you With
Photo made near the waterfall at my home.

dikke kus

Value for Money

Faenzo Mirte Structural mesh dress (charcoal)

I visited the February edition of Collabor88 and of course I couldn't resist buying many great quality goodies.Time after time they succeed in offering cool creations and although you don't pay 88 L$ but more, it's still an excellent value for money.

Showing 3 items: the creative outfits of Faenzo and Milk Motion as well as the awesome Maitreya thigh high boots. Luvvvv them all

Poses used: Infinity Running Scared & Better to See You With (both bought at Little Red Riding Hood fair)

Áll photos, except the last one, made at Nitroglobus gallery, exhibition Tourist in Anothers Reality' by Isa Messioptra & Serene Footman.

dikke kus

Milk Motion neoprene mesh dress black/teal

Last photo I made at MadPea in the street where it always rains ^^
superb Maitreya mesh Thigh High boots (Metal Snake)

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Looking back

Friday, 14 February Nitro & I will be partnered 2 yrs ^^

Another important SL personal event
My Rezzday 23 January 2014 : 7(!) years in SL
I totally forgot about it, BUT when I came inworld Nitro had a lovely surprise for me. Thx soo much sweetie! Luv yah, gros bisous.

Two photos from the past:
one year Partnered (Feb 2013)

Partnered 14 February 2012

 And of course a bit of music ^^ 

My head's underwater
But I'm breathing fine
You're crazy and I'm out of my mind

Sunday 9 February 2014


Today I went shopping looking for a dress and found another one 

Showing the Faster PussyCat mesh Christy black Buckled bodice & Skirt. 
I visited the shop searching for a totally different dress and ended up with this awesome outfit ^^
Luv it.

On the second photo posing on the EmmePose props 'Lazy Sunday' luv it! 
Thx soo much Biabi for the awesome bloggers review gift!

All the rest comes from my too large inventory ^^
dikke kus

EmmePose props 'Lazy Sunday'

Give you a song to conclude the weekend: J'me tire by Maitre Gims

Thursday 6 February 2014

The Wolf

The Wolf outfit in black of The Library

This evening I visited the Little Red Riding Hood market at Enchanted. Lots of fun stuff and after all RED is my fav color.
I bought next to the items shown in this blog post a lot of other cool things like red Mango Cheeks Storybrooke heels for SLINK feet, the gorgeous Peqe Riding Hood gown, Infinite pose sets and more, well hard not to buy coz there's a lot of great high stuff out there in the forest. 
dikke kus

ANE Afrodite dress

fun poses with a wolf at Enchanted

 after arrival

Tuesday 4 February 2014


Wearing Nicole a lovely mesh sexy dress of Amarelo Manga
Photos made during a posing session this evening with Senna, a wonderful SL photographer and artist. 
Thx Senna

dikke kus