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aanhef blog

Thursday 31 March 2011


Roxy is wearing:
Truth Mariska hair 
Eyes: Camera Bloody
Dress: [*RD*] Black Lace Dress
Skin: LAQ - Alice 08 [Fair]
Pierce: **Kanival Tattoo** Lip Pierce

Dido is wearing:
HoWear Bride of Lost Souls outfit
LouLou&Co gloves and bracelet crepuscule
Truth Mariska hair cranberry
League Sia Bloom
Necklaces .HoD. Mercernary, Happy Finds Dark Owl 
Dark Mouse chocolate sparkles earrings

Dikke kus

Wednesday 30 March 2011

Yaneth and Charlie

I received this awesome Beautiful Dirty Rich (BDR) Yaneth hair (brown) as a bloggers review package.
Wow I like this hair! It's A LOT of hair but wow cute.

Absolution Charlie top white (NEW)
LouLou and Co bracelet crepuscule and Myrtil
Necklaces: Happy finds Dark Owl, .HoD. Mercenary women's set
Dark Mouse Chocolate sprakles earrings
League Sia Bloom skin
Poetic eyes Easter lilac
Mynerva Moles Monroe
Lelutka 2011 lashes Natur
TSS darken eyebrow piercing

Dikke kus

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Le Noir et le Blanc


Curious Kitties GG Nyanotech 09-3B hair Sakrabee  NEW  
Wow love it!

LeeZu SamGlam pants 
Pig Ladies Like Flowers Tiger Lily cardigan
Mocha short loose socks 
Anexx laceupboots
A few of my at the moment fav necklaces: .HoD. Mercenary and Happy Finds Dark Owl
TSS Darken eyebrow piercing
LouLou&Co bracelet crepuscule

Nice horses with even more nicer poses ;-) You'll find them at: World's End Garden, Noir et Blanc

Dikke kus

Monday 28 March 2011

Oomph poses

This weekend I haven't been around much. However, when I entered yesterday afternoon and read my notecards I rushed over to Oomph store to buy their Lazy Sunday item. What a surprise that Andy arrived, so I asked him to come over and try this 'my drug pose' with me. Aren't we cute? I bought it ;-)

My Drug pose - (yesterday's Lazy Sunday item)

I had to poof but when I came back Sunday evening late I entered SL in the Oomph store, walked around and saw many nice poses. Alex was on so I asked him to help me with the 'More of You' pose. Big smile, cute again ;-)

More of you pose

Dikke kus

Thanks Andy and Alex for helping me!
/me winks

Sunday 27 March 2011

Summer time

I really love this picture; wearing the group gift (VIP collection) hair of elikatira called Comfort. It comes in 5 colors, showing Brown 11. 
The awesome white loose shirt is Mr. Poet and shhht but it's actually a male shirt ;-) 
The Diamond Spray earrings are Yummy Accessories and are last FLF; love them!
Furthermore wearing my at the moment fav skin League's Sia Bloom, with a Mynerva Monroe mole tattoo layer, Poetic Color eyes easter lilac, Lelutka lashes natur, LouLou&Co gloves/bracelets, TSS darken eyebrow piercing and last but not least Bax ankle black patent boots.

Showing a bloggers review item of GCD (Gwen Carillon Designs); GJeans messy paint and peach tank. Cute cute, cute
The tank comes in 2 jacket layers: with and without nipples showing. The messy paint jeans come in even more options: boots version, low and loose, straight and skinny. The outfit also contains a crochet black lace vest (not shown).

Btw don't forget to move your clock to SUMMER time tonite. Phew, will miss that hour of sleep ;-(

Dikke kus

Saturday 26 March 2011

Truth Carina

Yeah this week one of the Truth hairs is called Carina. Awww now that's a special name coz that's my RL name. So yeah I had to blog this one for sure. 
Thanks Truth ;-)

Dikke kus

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Help Japan

It's good to see/feel that Second Life is a community that cares about Real Life people all over the globe, with literally no boundaries. Spontaneous fund raisings and events are initiated for whatever disaster happens in the world like the recent tsunami in Japan. 

I remember the first time I became aware of this strong community feeling: an SL friend from the US lost his RL home coz of a fire. He had nothing left and had to live in a hotel room for a while. His SL partner and friends organized a fundraising party and we all attended, showed our sympathy and donated Lindens. 

Of course Alex and me we went to the fundraising sales for Japan and bought stuff and donated to the Red Cross. 
However, sometimes I have the feeling to drown into all these charity events, fund raisings, 'special days' like Valentines, St. Patrick, Halloween, Christmas, Easter you name it. Oh and I forgot all the hunts that are going on. Yep no time to linger ;-) 

Alex is wearing:

Various Mr Poet clothes he bought at fundraising sales for Japan:

Mr Poet Woven Pants red
Mr Poet White Shirts
Mr Poet White Slim scarf (stripe)
Mr Poet Leather woven belt red
He also bought the red Aoharu Woven Shirt there
Mandala Reiki Bracelet Silver GEM/Male

Urbatik Chook boots

Dido is wearing:

DG (Deviant Girls) shawl 'Boro Sumi Ai'; it's simply gorgeous!
Plastik Boudoir Ruby dress
League Sia skin Bloom NEW
Truth RiRi hair champagne NEW; yep I also love blond RiRi ;-)
Miel Echo Necklace (FLF)
.HoD. Mercenary women's set necklaces
and using SMP poses '/me helps Japan'

Dikke kus



Mmmm yeah Alex is fond of Element 8, according to him the hottest club in SL... Soooo I danced there with him (and crashed hard), yeah looking cool and clubby pfff ;-)

NEW League Sia skin Bloom, a late Rezzday gift (thanks so much Andy, kissssssss) I love it ;-)
This weeks NEW Truth RiRi hair. Adore this one
Miel Echo Necklace (latest FLF)
HoD Mercenary necklaces (set of several necklaces) Super!
R.icielli Joanne highwaist short Teal (50% off sales) I would like to have this item in all colors. 
BAX ankle boots green leather (St. Patrick's day GG)

MONS bodysuit blackFashion
Maiiki stripedstrap gloves (part of outfit)
Crazy Mala stockings (part of outfit)
Lelutka 2011 lashes natur
Poetic Color eyes Easter Lilac

Alex is wearing:

MR POET Vest Drab Shirt
Redgrave Jeans Used Look nº3 Lightgrey 
AOHARU JeanJacket Black
Redgrave pocket chains 
URBATIK Chook boots 
Bryce Designs Edo stone blonde  
Mandala Kookai belt
Whippet and Buck Memory Collector Necklace 
Jeffrey_M8_ skin- UNIQUE
Poetic Color eyes grey sea

Dikke kus

Wednesday 16 March 2011


Standing in front of a RL painting of creative Andy (VirtualAndy to you  ;-). I think it breathes a Japanese atmosphere. When I mentioned this to Andy he told me it was a Japanese artist that taught him painting years ago. I love the blue serenity of this watercolor and posed in front to show you:

Bluebird the first item of the jewelry line of MINA called MINA Bijoux consisting of a necklace, a pair of earrings and a bracelet. All jewelry is menu driven resizing for easy fittting. Wow I love it, thanks Mina for your bloggers review copy, kiss!

Another sweet bloggers review giftie is the dress I am wearing, called Miranda in Floral White. It's from the new Privilleged line by Lybra Rage of Finesmith.

Dikke kus

Tuesday 15 March 2011

I'll Protect You

Magnifique Poses (MP) 'I'll Project You'

Dikke kus

Grey tones and PurplePoses

Hey this is the new (non-redskin) Andy with light DNA Damian skin and fancy UncleWeb Jino4 hair. Aren't we cute on the PurplePoses ball 14.
I love the way the fierce red of my Truth Priscilla 2 hair contrasts with the greyish purple of the background and my cardigan.

Pff this evening I worked sooooo hard coz I went shopping with my brother Michiel. Wow that guy is fast... he bought skin, hair, an AO, two sweaters and a pair of jeans in less than 1 hours. And he looked awesome, phew.

For this picture I rediscovered my Pig wrap plum stone cardigan, combined it with the CB black jeans, LouLou&Co Crepuscule gloves/bracelets, the Cupcakes black lace bra, my at the moment fav necklaces of HoD and Happy Finds, the League Wanderer earrings (FLF) and last but not least the Maitreya Gold Shanti Eggplant heels. Pfff a loooong sentence  ;-)
Dikke kus

FFL and Truth's Mandy and Priscilla

Today almost all notecards I received mentioned Fashion For Life (FFL). So I went there and bought stuff.
But I also received this FFL group gift of Glam Affair; the Primula pink shirt with black lace (showing). It also comes with white lace sculpties btw. When Andy saw me like this he said 'hey pregnant today'.... Arghhhh!

Wearing this weeks Truth hair called Mandy and Priscilla. Both hairs come in two different versions and with many options (streaked, separate upper/lower parts). I like those hairs, both of them.
The super jeans are Cool Beans black lowrise enrolment giftie (no joining fee).  

Dikke kus

Saturday 12 March 2011

Tobacco and Indigo

Showing the YS&YS Amber Rainbow skin combined with Freckles3 tatoo layer, NEW at TDR and MINA hair Janna, her Depraved and Luckless hunt gift (http://depravednation.wordpress.com/depravedluckless for more info and her hint).

FLF it was yesterday so I scanned the shops/stuff (The Rumor website gives all the info, I love it!) and went to Whippet and Buck to get the Ladies Umber Pack consisting of several Tobacco shirts/tops a necklace and earrings. Showing the Hykova buttoned tank. 
I walked around the shop and found these nice Georgie Tapered trousers (indigo). I like them although I regret there are no sculpties included only a lot of different layers.
Alex bought the male FLF pack and is showing the trousers in tobacco.
He too walked around the shop and bought the awesome ConstrastLong sleeve sweater in two colours (showing the black/white version) and the Memory Collector Necklace (with a feather).  

Dikke kus


Shocked about the horrible things that happened in Japan yesterday, the earthquake, the tsunami, I wanted to blog to express my feelings of shock and sympathy for the people over there, but what can I say? The horror is too big for words. Japan is dear to me, especially after my holiday there last May. I care!

I blog this skin from Lionskin shop. The shop gives you the skin and a notecard telling the following: 
'When when YOU take a copy of this skin PLEASE DONATE what you can to the Red Cross Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Efforts in the Pacific. Any donation will help and go a long way to help rebuild the lives of people there after this horrific disaster.
http://redcrosschat.org/ or  any  other   redcross  THANK YOU '

Furthermore I am wearing the MONS bodysuit blackfashion of the Fashion House, Nayla Magika hair and my LouLou&Co gloves and bracelets. Keeping it simple.

Dikke kus

Friday 11 March 2011

Love spending money...

Today I spent money .... yeah ;-) Showing some of the stuff I bought:
Magika Nayla hair which comes with HUD (many options including mirroring and of course chew on hair, streaks, resizer and colouring of pins)
Milk Motion Ninon skin light (today's FLF) very natural and nude look ... how many freckles do you want....
and last but not least the new MichaMi leather dress, aww look at those wrinkles!

Dikke kus

50 - Thanks!

Arghhhhhh surprise when I noticed that suddenly I have 50 followers! OMG I wanna thank you all with a big hug, a kiss and .... a song.
Adele's 'Don't You Remember' coz that song touches my heart.

Not so long ago somebody told me the following after removing himself from my followers list and he was so right: 'I am sure you will get 50 followers even without me'
Yep I did and he was right I don't need him anymore to achieve the magical number of 50 followers.

Thanks again dear followers and my gift to you: Adele's song and more blog entries to follow ;-)

Dikke kus

Upper Man

Blogging male stuff for a change and Alex is my model. He bought the jeans and got the free group gift at Style Extrem and Upper Man (UM). I love this giftie hoodie set. Wow, super nicely made and so detailed; look at the buttons. Could not resist blogging. 

UM Red Bot Sweat Hoodie with resize scripts
Upper Man (UM) jeans

Dikke kus

Thursday 10 March 2011

Girl talk

Cath and me chatting; yeah girl talk ;-)

Style card Cath:
Belleza Elle skin dark tan 15
A&A Zinai hair
L&G Ellen G dress
makeup - Moonshadow Fire

style card Dido:
Just bought a new dress here at Cool Beans, wow red and hot with zippers;
it's called Scarlet mini dress.
I combined it with my red suede Bax Coen ankle boots 
Crazy Mala stockings (part of outfit)
Truth Billie hair champagne
League Taylor Sunkiss BlackIce skin
Jewellery: League, LouLou&Co, TSS, HoD, Happy Finds

Cool Beans Scarlet mini dress (front and back)
Dikke kus

Thanks Jane

Wow an almost non-green St. Patricks' gift of Jane called Lucky You: cutoff jeans with cuffs, socks (showing clover sculpties) and two tees (showing Milk) and all in several layers.
Aww I adore the socks coz I love wearing these kind of socks RL and SL ;-)
Thanks Jane!

Cleaning my hair folder I stumbled on this PE hair called Gilly, which I bought about 3 years ago. Yep lot of stuff did approve a lot over the years .... ;-)

Dikke kus


Poses from Glitterati.
Thanks Alex for your patience! 
Dikke kus

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Phoebe at Orangelo

Today I visited Orangelo, my friend Petrov joined me and we talked sitting on a bench. Awesome place certainly worthwhile exploring. Let me show you some of the many pictures I took ;-)

an apple a hat, a window... must be Magritte
more Magritte (I love his paintings)

the WD (Wretched Dolls) Phoebe Gunn Ensemble STeam punk hunt gift, love it and have been walking around in it for the last 2 days. It comes with a corset, stockings, several skirt options, a hat, boots, gloves. Super! I replaced some of the items with stuff from my invent:
LouLou&Co Crepuscule bracelet and gloves
LouLou&Co Myrtil bracelet
Happy Finds Dark Owl necklace
HoD fallen necklace
League Wanderer bracelet and necklace
Courtisane Marie Lu brown boots

Glam Affair Mary Green MedTan skin GG
eLastings 2 red 07
Poetic Color eyes Easter Lilac

Dikke kus

It's all about Green

Showing the Glam Affair group gift I received yesterday called Mary Green (GF of Patrick?) available in five skin tones: light,  natural, medtan, tan and dark (not shown).
And.... each tone features 3 brows tones: blonde, brown and dark. Pff too many options. But I like the green eyeshadow coz it matches well with my green Poetic Color eyes ;-)

R.icielli Larissa minitop white (TDR)
R.icielli Misseling jacket white (TDR)
LeeZu O'LaLa Micro Jeans skirt stonewashed beige belt 
League Wanderer Necklace and Earring (FLF)
TSS darken eyebrow piercing
Truth Maddy in chestnut
Poetic Color eyes Easter Lilac

Dikke kus

Monday 7 March 2011

Vinyl Cafe

The Vinyl Cafe Addicts group has many dollarbies. Keep track at the Dollarbie A Day blog at http://dollarbieaday.blogspot.com. They're not always my taste but this black leather jacket I picked up yesterday definitely is. I like it coz it comes with prims and has a fitted look, and... it fits my avi super without a lot of editing. 
I combined it with stuff I blogged about yesterday (blog entry Blues, i.e. the skirt and jewellery) and the G*Field rose lace leggings.

Do want to mention the awesome top, which has been hidden in my invent for years, and I stumpled on accidently 'MIS' (Mischief Fashion) sexy back halter in heather. The designer Janie Marlow has now a new shop called Jane.  

Dikke kus