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Wednesday 28 August 2013

Sina Souza at Nitroglobus gallery

STARTING SUNDAY EVENING (Paris time) 1st SEPTEMBER we'll have a NEW exhibition at Nitroglobus gallery: 

Nitro & I are happy & proud to have Sina's work on the walls of our gallery during the month of September. Moreover, coz all artwork shown will be especially created by Sina for this exhibition at Nitroglobus.

Although Sina started making SL art a relatively short time ago, she already gained a lot of publicity as well as admirers. She developed her own very personal and expressive style; in other words you recognize a true 'Sina'. 
The images shown at our gallery will be reflecting parts of her past, of her deepest feelings and thoughts; that's why she named it 'The Reflection of my Mind'. They tell you about her wishes, her concerns, her past and the eternal search for her soul, which seems unreachable in the cage of her mind. 
Searching for herself between all the chaos that reigns in her mind: trying to find the real Sina, who is hidden behind the mask of despair.

The images give you an insight into her mind, which is surrounded by the cold steel of her protective armor and is like a difficult mountain to climb. So feel what she feels and you get a small glimpse of her life.

Dido Haas, 
manager Nitroglobus gallery

Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus gallery

Monday 26 August 2013

The Beautiful Ones - Elisabeth

[e] Appear hair

TBO (The Beautiful Ones) Elisabeth gothic outfit, which comes with a shirt, jacket, gloves and pants layer as well as a mesh skirt with alpha layer. Wow this is such a cool and smexy dress. I just love the see through part lol ^^
Here's your taxi to TBO 

Also showing both Elikatira preview mesh hairs Appear - and Allie - Essentials, which both come with a HUD to change the color of the hair. 
These lovely preview gifts are only for the loyal group members. The group is closed now, but will reopen after a while. 
Big hug to Elika for her generous GG!

That's it for today. 
dikke kus

[e] Alli hair

Ink Secrets

Wearing the ISecrets mesh BeltedBra and ChainedPants, which both are soo cool. They come with a HUD that lets you change texture/color.
Wow I love this look ^^
Thanks for this lovely bloggers review item!

The other NEW item is my hair; it's Elikatira's Allie mesh hair, which also comes with a HUD that lets you change the color. Allie as well as Appear - the other new hairstyle - are a little preview of a preview planned to release shortly!   

Well that's it ^^
dikke kus

Sunday 25 August 2013

Exploring SL: Last Stop

Last Stop

I have been exploring Last Stop sim, which is super. An extensive article with great photos about this place you can find in Eddi Haskell his blog post.  

Sysy's mesh Geste Top Taupe (solid colors)
This is a NEW summer item released in the mainstore. It combines with the asymetric skirt (not shown), available in 12 floral patterns or 12 solids: super to mix and match to your liking!
The geste skirts and halters are sold seperately, or in colorpacks with a discount.

SLAVE mesh EleSkirt, which comes with a HUD containing 8 different colors. Another super item of Cristine.

EMO-tions hair Nadine (reds), which is a rigged mesh. I love the way the hair swings around my head. I missed that with the mesh hairs lately ^^

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
dikke kus

BBQ rabbit ... arghhhhhh

Friday 23 August 2013

Mirrored Bloom

Two lovely mesh Bloom dresses you get for only 25L$ at AMD if you hurry. 

It's the Back 2 School Sale
AMD is expanding the 25L weekly special to the majority of items in the main store of Apple May Designs AND the AMD for Men store!

Just find items marked with the teacher's red apple and rack up the savings! 
But remember, just as the 25L weekly sales on new releases.... this sale is ***one week only***. Starting today until August 24th and ONLY in store.


Think I forgot to mention that Nitroglobus gallery is on top of the Editor's Picks of the SL Destination Guide. YEAH!
Meaning loads of people visiting the gallery & sim over the past week. 
Nitro & I are sooo proud ^^

dikke kus

Wednesday 21 August 2013

SLAVE Marie & Truth Elaine

Love this NEW SLAVE mesh Marie CorsetDreSs, that comes with a color changing HUD with sooo many different great color combinations. Cristine makes awesome mesh clothes, she is getting better and better AND her clothes are definitely NOT only for slave girls :-)

The other NEW item is one of this weeks Truth mesh hairs called Elaine. Yummie it is and soo well made! Wearing the lightblond 03 with roots.

The cute Tolay hat is from LiNe and not new.

Dikke kus

the back of Marie (red version) 
the hair is EMO-tions NADINE in red


one of my atm fav songs

I am a hunter, but I won't hunt for you. 
I am a lover, I am a lover
I am a runner, but I can't run from you

Hunter by Sandra van Nieuwland  

Monday 19 August 2013

Goodies from The Dressing Room (TDR)

I visited The Dressing Room (tdr) and received a bloggers review item:

LoQ hair Scotch in fiery red (tdr)
Glow Laguna necklace, which comes in a 2pack: turqoise and red (tdr)
Cynful mesh Isia jeans short camo comes with and without belt option (tdr)
SMS (So Many Styles) mesh Ajour Cami Flower Lace. I bought the black & white pack, but the item comes in many other colours too (tdr)

Hot Stuff Mariele skin which comes in 3 skin tones (wearing pale) with many options like cleavage, slink hands and toes appliers etc. 
Thx for this lovely bloggers review item!

dikke kus 

Sunday 18 August 2013

Tutsy's opening party last Thursday 15th August

Wow it was a great party last Thursday! We had awesome music by DJ Lex and when he didn't pay attention for a minute, SaveMe Oh took over ^^ 
She made us dance between flowerbeds and donkeys. 
Pixie made an awesome movie. Quan wrote a super informative blog post in her Travelogues. Thanks to both!

Tutsy drank loads of coffee and managed to last till very late his time (South of India). We all had great fun and the atmosphere was relaxed. 
Take a look at some of the many photo's I made as well as Pixie her movie to get an idea. Enjoy!

dikke kus

star from Tutsy his last movie 'Narcissus'
the artist

love this photo of Sina, 
who will btw will be the September artist at Nitroglobus 


Catchafire as a sulky mermaid ^^

Cold Frog as a drag queen

us dancing ^^

SaveMe Oh paid us a visit ^^

great movie made by Pixie Rain of Tutsy Navarathna's opening party 
at Nitroglobus gallery last Thursday (15 August)

Tuesday 13 August 2013


Wow this is such a nice item: the LODE Melancholy hat by Chirzaka Vlodovic, which I obtained for only 1 L$ thanks to Quan Lavender who tipped me (first 10 white hats are priced at 1 L$). Big hug and thank you Quan! 
Btw the Melancholy hat comes in many many lovely colors. 

This hat reminds me of the RL black hat I bought a few weeks ago at the Hat shop in Vancouver when I visited Granville island during my holiday.

Here's your taxi to Lode
dikke kus

Monday 12 August 2013

Tutsy Navarathna's Journeys into the Metaverse at Nitroglobus gallery

YEAH, we changed: Nitroglobus gallery is totally utterly looking different now. 
Proudly presenting the exhibition 'Tutsy  Navarathna's Journeys into the Metaverse'  

AND we already set the date for the OPENING party

When: Thursday 15th August 2013
Time:  11 am - 2 pm SLT (= 20.00 - 23.00 hrs Paris time)

Dress code:  dress like a 'movie star' ^^

Music: DJ Lex 

The exhibition will be at Nitroglobus during the month of August. Soooo you have 3 weeks to explore!
Here's your taxi to our gallery.

dikke kus

Tutsy Navarathna

Sunday 11 August 2013

Indecisive Browns

NEW this mesh BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) Indecisive dress, which comes with a cute big bag in the same color scheme. The pack comes with a HUD to let you change the texture of the dress (4 different ones) as well as the bag, high heel sandals with skin & nail HUD, alpha length textures and a box with more alpha textures. Phew as always Cameron is generous.

I choose for the brown pack, but the dress also comes in black.
Cool dress, yeah I like it!

Hair: MINA's Ineke

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
dikke kus

Thursday 8 August 2013

Exploring Ghostville in Plastik Glitz outfit

Yesterday I went exploring Ghostville by Cica Ghost (LM at the bottom of this blog post). 
Cica was an exhibitor at Nitroglobus gallery a while ago and wow she did it again. I love her new installation. Cica has her own style, but keeps improving, changing and surprising. Of course I made too many photos. Here are a few to convince you to visit, if you haven't done so.

Moreover showing two other items from the Plastik Glitz collection, which have great style, textures and are muchos sexy: 
the Reverence skirt & the Sephie top.  

LM to Ghostville by Cica Ghost

dikke kus

Wednesday 7 August 2013


And now for some newishness ^^:
Pandora mesh awesome detailed and textured dress with zipper, part of the Plastik Glitz collection. 
Truth mesh hair Kimbra in Ginger02Fade: wow what a super wig this is!
+Missnoise+ stud eye patch .. .looking cooool

The rest all is from my closet.
Poses used: +SS+ (Studio Sidhe) 'Music is Life'

dikke kus

Monday 5 August 2013

Tutsy Navarathna soon at Nitroglobus gallery

photo from the machinima 'Narcissus' by Tutsy Navarathna

Today Tutsy Navarathna won the 2nd prize in the UWA Machinima contest with his entry 'NARCISSUS'. In case you haven't seen it yet, here's where you can find the movie on YouTube 
Tutsy was the winner of last years UWA contest and won many prizes with his machinimas. I admire his work, it's so original, creative and well made. 

Nitro & I are honoured to welcome Tutsy to Nitroglobus gallery soon. Yeah really looking forward to this exhibtion. Will keep you posted!

More info* about the winners of the contest in Kara Trapdoors blog post. Kara too won a prize. Congrats Kara!

dikke kus

* I just read an extensive detailed overview in Quan's Travelogues entitled MACHINIMUWA VI: REFLECTIONS - Winners and my Favorites' with links to all the machinima's. Super!

Sunday 4 August 2013

Fake Snow White at reBourne Bali

The new reBourne Prefab Bali looks stunning! Another great prefab of Danny and Suite. Those two are soo creative and pursuing perfection.
Moreover, the tasteful and perfectly fitting furniture and many poseballs make exploring the place great fun. Many had the same idea coz it was crowded.  

I took some photos of this awesome place, but you better explore yourself.
Here's your taxi to the reBourne Bali Prefab

What am I wearing?
Well it's the cute cute outfit that maybe not new to you but it sure is to me ^^: the BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) Fake Snow White. Lol makes me feel like biting everybodies nose ^^
The outfit consists of a mesh yellow skirt, dito blue corset, white system stockings (all worn), AND not shown: white heels and a red panty that hangs between the knees, which of course I don't wear visiting a classy prefab like this.

Enjoy the rest of your WE
dikke kus

BDR Tropicalia

I went dancing last nite at Creamy Spot and listened to the tunes of Max, an awesome singer here in SL ^^

Wearing Tropicalia a new (remember I was away on holiday for 3 wks sooo maybe not that new ^^) dress from BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich).
The pack comes with this mesh dress, the hat as well as high heel slippers and a mesh bikini in the same design as the dress. 
Wow lovely set, thanks Cameron for the bloggers review item!

dikke kus
Enjoy the weekend!

MINA's Ingrid & Laura

Ingrid a rigged mesh hair, 
which comes with a beaded headband (5 colors HUD driven)

MINA is creative and makes awesome hair (I am a fan since ages of her hair styles) and moreover she is so generous coz when you buy a hairstyle you receive the hair and a HUD, which lets you change the color of the hair as well as of the add on (if any).  Yeah coooool girl she is.

Showing 2 of the 4 hairstyles she made for the Hair Fair 2013, who btw ended on July 28. Yeah I know I am late blogging this, but hey I was away on holiday. However, these hairs are too good not to blog ^^

dikke kus

Laura, unrigged mesh hair


Saturday 3 August 2013