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Thursday 29 May 2014


CU next Tuesday after my Berlin holiday!
dikke kus

An appropriate song ^^

Tuesday 27 May 2014

I grew hornes

FBD (FireBird Designs) double slit mesh dress in burgundy (special item for the Risque Business Fair): a sexy dress that also comes in silver color as well as with a flexi skirt for those among us who don't like mesh.
GFD Bone + Blood horns (original mesh) limited edition only for the May Round of Horror Haute. The hornes have a resize script and cost only 50 L$
The cool PinUp hair is Astrid, MINA's entry for My Attic 21-31 May, which I blogged before.
Thanks to the designers for their Bloggers Review items!

Dikke kus

Wednesday 21 May 2014


The awesome mesh Astrid hair I'm wearing is MINA's newest and specially made for 'Pin-ups, Prints & Printsesses', the theme from 21-31 May 2014 at My Attic@The Deck
Moreover you pay only 95 L$ for every normal hair pack (instead of 250 L$). I think there will be a LOT of Astrids walking around in SL soon. 

more arty photo of my man and I

I luv this Pinup hair and didn't take it off after receiving the test version from Mina last week. When shopping I was asked by total strangers where I bought this cool hair. I had to tell them (strict instructions from MINA) you cannot buy this until 21 May at My Attic ^^

FBD (FireBird Designs) mesh Bloomers outfit for the Funny Puppet Fair 2014 (11-25 May 2014) exists of a kind of Burlesque-like outfit in black/white, a choker and a red rose ornament (not shown). It's fun, cute AND only 125 L$.

Pose used: SN EY (Something New) OMG items pose Express Yourself - Cheeky.

dikke kus

Monday 19 May 2014

Beautiful People

Yesterday evening/nite Skip Staheli celebrated his 7th Rezzday.
Wow, what a party it was. The location was the famous Neva's sim (soooo beautiful and well made) and all guests were asked to wear white and/or turquoise and come bare feeted. All the beautiful, well dressed people SL people were there. 

Music was super with FunkyFreddy performing and DJ RAS, who remained a red cloud on my screen, but played great tunes. Happy party, happy people.

Thanks Skip for your invitation!
dikke kus

The hair I am wearing on the photos is Tameless Tami. I like it!

My fav interpretation of the famous Melanie song by Mathilde Santing

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Speareye and more

Inspired by Maloe and Vallys who were wearing this awesome {anc} mask (tuner Speareye it's called) at the Opening party for ColdFrog & Kake Broek last Friday at Nitroglobus gallery, I went over to the Fantasy Gatcha Fair to get me one. You'll need some patience coz the color you receive is a surprise, soo before you have the right color .. LOL I spent a fortune ^^ 
I had a few green, yellow ones before I scored this pink and the silver one. However, they are Transfer so you can swap with other shoppers.
Besides the speareye mask I also received a cool
 {anc} headphone (shown on the photo below). Haven't taken my mask off since I bought it Saturday. Awesome!

The Cysleek mesh Beach dress is yummie in this black/white combination. Wow cool smexy but classy summer dress, which is definitely a fav!

The WRD (Wild Rose Design) Diana bag costs L$ 85 at LIKE Sales Room and there are other super ones available. Love these bags. 
Thx Marilyn for the Bloggers Review items. 

Pose used: Hikstani from the Gift6 animations from LEA10 (March 2014). Love this pose soooo cool.
Photos made at the 'doorstep' of our SL Japanese home.

dikke kus

Friday 9 May 2014

OpeningParty at Nitroglobus

ColdFrog at her party, radiating light

An overview of our Opening party at Nitroglobus last Friday, 9 May for the exhibition 'Every Picture tells a Song' by Cold Frog & Kake Broek.
It was a super party. Thanks to all that visited!
dikke kus

Kake in the house

Extraterrestrial creatures: ColdFrog & Maloe

Maloe in front of a Kake art work

Instincta & Stem dancing

Apples & Oranges and  Isa

Kynne visiting

Mina dancing

Nitro and I dancing ^^

Piedra smoking ... 

Sabbian in front of the ColdFrog art work 'The Jeweller' 

Tutsy visiting

Vallys visiting

WuWai visiting

Yvan visiting, lol look at his left hand ...... arghhhh

Thursday 8 May 2014

Opening party for Cold Frog & Kake Broek this Friday, 9 May at Nitroglobus

Yeah, we have a NEW exhibition at Nitroglobus gallery and the

O P E N I N G P A R T Y for Cold Frog & Kake Broek will be on
Friday, 9 May 2014
Time: 21 hrs Paris time (= 12 pm SLT)
Place: Nitroglobus gallery
Music by DJ Lex

Here's your taxi to our gallery: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Costa%20Blanco/197/131/770

dikke kus

Snapshot I made of Cold Frog & Kake Broek, the artists of our present exhibition 'Every Picture tells a Song' 


3 works from the exhibition 'Every Picture tells a Song'

Bad SL nite (MINA's Roosje & PD Joanna)

Not such a good SL nite for me: not able to move, chat lag, no music .. driving me crazy. Grrrrr 
Trying to blog these new items. Hope I will make it :-)

MINA hair Roosje (materials) which is great hair for blogging and photography. A few days ago I already blogged her hair Roos, the other MINA hair in the folder. Super!

The other new item shown is PD (Precious Designs) Joanna mesh Short Jumper. It comes with a texture HUD to change the color. I luv it, looks cool and very detailed, great colors!

Poses used: Gift6 Animations from LEA10 (March 2014)

The rest all comes from my inventory.
Dikke kus