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Friday 31 December 2010

Vows on the edge of 2010

Last night at 21.00 GMT was the moment for Cat and Petrov; their SL marriage. I was invited and after major SL trouble in which I appeared as a noob on my laptop screen 30 minutes before the ceremony started... arghhhhh, I managed to be at the venue just in time wearing all parts of my fancy Gingko LeeZu dress. immediately took out my camera  and started taking pictures. I had too little time to adjust the light settings but pff at least all people present had rezzed.

Of course there was the ubiquitous lag, but hey who cares as long as the atmosphere is ok, which it was. 
Cat is a beautiful bride in her lovely Son!a Luxury Fashion dress. I loved the lace bodice, so nicely made. Notice the bridal bouquet of white and pink roses: the work of Cerberus of G*Field, she makes the best roses in SL!
Petrov is wearing the awesome suit and shoes of Redgrave. Doesn't he look handsome after his remake? 

Andy accompanied me to the wedding. He looks smashing in his suit, which he was able to find somewhere tucked away in his 3,5 (or is it 4?) years old closet. Although finding appropriate shoes was even more difficult as they were all still boxed. 

Walking together in SL ain't always easy.....

As Andy said: "This had all the trappings of a real world wedding and more.....like the lag effect that propelled the groom down the aisle ahead of his bride....and then left him stumbling over the flower decorations".  

dancing the night away
Wish you lots of happiness Cat and Petrov.
And to all who read this blog entry a SUPER 2011!
Dikke kus

Saturday 25 December 2010

G*Field's Stella at the Borobudur

This evening Michiel tped me to the Borobudur, well to be precise the project Borobudur coz it's not finished yet. However, what's finished is impressive. I took too many pics and will show you some. Do go and have a look.

Wearing G*Field cocktail dress Stella in red. I love the detailed wrinkles in the bodice and the smooth way the skirts floats around my pixel body.
Also wearing: the red Tiburon booties and Joceline skin both Xmas gifts of YS&Y and Truth Kalista hair in Champagne.

Merry Xmas
Dikke kus Dido

Friday 24 December 2010

Zaara sweaters and a bottle....

Yesterday my friend Kooky showed me the Abranimations Mocap Drunk AO, which is a Xmas gift and comes with drunk AO and Bottle of wine with drink animation. Is too funny and I had so much fun wearing it. It looks sooo real.

Anyway I decided to blog the awesome Xmas gift of Zaara: a sweater male and female, in resp. green and red. Zaara makes awesome clothes so yeah also these nice sweaters fit super, they come with a collar/shawl and sleeve prims.  
Of course I had to adjust the sleeves of the male one a bit, but I do wanna show you coz it's a super sweater. I love the wrinkles, aww they both look so real. Thanks Zaara for your kind gift!

Wearing also a Xmas gift I picked up at the Rumor sim: the CiCo Uggs powdered, wow they are cute and fit super.

LaVie Advent Calender 2010 #20 Crazy for Christmas pants in green and red
LAQ Vilda Xmas gift Glow skin in Fair Blonde 
Maitreya Lauren hair in Charcoal
Kosh Bendy nail bracelet
The Rock - caLLie cLine red diamant ring
Dikke kus



Posing in another awesome Xmas gift: LAQ Vilda Glow skin (wearing the Fair Blonde option)
Thanks so much Mallory! Smooch

YS&YS Freckles Add Tatoo layer, part of the Xmas Joceline skin gift. Think I won't remove this layer anymore; luv it!
Truth Kalista hair in champagne
Poetic Color eyes Easter Lilac

Happy Xmas

Thursday 23 December 2010


As this is a blog about my SL I have to mention that I finished my relationship with my SL BF Matt. Basta, finito or whatever.
This last picture I took I do wanna post however, coz he does have a nice avi and good taste ;-) No hard feelings I hope we can stay friends.

Matt is wearing his Redgrave skin and UncleWeb hair (see former blog entries for info) and:
SF design hoodie duffle jacket mens red
NU i Simple T Shirts Letter black
Dikke kus


Red is the color



Red is for sure the colour of Christmas. Showing you some of the awesome gifts I received these days:

YS&YS has been very generous for groupmembers: there are 3 Xmas boxes in store. I show you two, the 3rd is a necklace with earrings.

One gift box contains several Joceline shapes, I am wearing the Joceline Tall skirt, Jocelin skin with several options AND last but not least a freckles add tattoo layer. Wow now this last option is really gorgeous.
The other box contained the Tiburon ankleboots in red with white and red socks option. Love them!

PeppermintBlue: cellFrame glasses hollygreen with hollyleaves
Ellabella: Holly Jolly Xmas piercing (3 wearing options)
The lovely Turtleneck dress I am wearing is from Acid & Mala and a hunt gift
The hair with hairband is the Xmas gift of Maitreya called Lauren, it comes in several colours and you can change the color of the hairband of course ;-).

And you know what this is by far not all ;-) but I picked out a few favorits. Thanks to all the designers for their generosity!
Dikke kus

Happy holidays

After returning from my super RL birthday trip to Lisbon and Barcelona I logged into SL and have been soo busy with downloading new viewers, hunting/unpacking Xmas gifts and many more useless things. Yeah sooo many Xmas and hunt gifts .... //me sighs. Some are really awesome, some are crap but hey they're gifts right.

And then there are the many SL holiday greeting cards from friends I received, (hugs, thx so much!), buy presents, pack them and make a holiday greeting myself. Well here it is, I posted it last nite: snowqueen Dido (wearing part of LaVie Advent Calender gift #15)  
Wish you all my dear readers a merry Xmas (don't eat too much and no furry animals like rabbits coz they are too cute) and a smashing, happy, healthy, wealthy 2011!

Dikke kus

Friday 10 December 2010

Santa's Helper (LaVie Advent Calender #9)

Today I fetched the LaVie Calender gift number 9 'Santa's helper outfit. Pff how green can you get ;-)
Wearing only part of the total outfit that comes with big green shoes, big ears, a skin, scarf, hat and a yum yum.

Dikke kus

YunA'sHAIR [YH]-22 brown 02
L.Fauna dimples freckles
PC eyes easter lilac
Tuli Claire brunette
Dark Mouse chocolate sparkles earringgs
LaVie Advent Calender 2010 #9 Santa's helper (part of it)
PeppermintBlue Pawswalker tartangreen sneakers
MS FlapJack scarf - sage 

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Fishy Christmas gift

Yesterday evening I fetched the Christmas gift of Fishy Strawberry; a super cute babydoll in bright red, which comes with a fur shawl. I love it and combined it with the Joanna highwaist short of R.icielli which I bought this week in the 'Red clothes Sales' (indicated red items priced L$ 20).
Furthermore wearing red Naive Vixie socks, red Enkythings high heels, red diamond Callie Cline ring and *W*red gloves all from my wardrobe.
Posing with Matt at his driveway.

Matt is wearing:

Redgrave Pale Skin Craig 
pc eyes dark wood  
UncleWeb  Jin-Hair02 coffee
Scars Design jacket set [Gray]
Scars - Design Pants [Black]
Redgrave Strap Loafer -Black-  
[MANDALA] Kookai Belt /Black
*Charismatika* Men's Nail Styles - Black

the bear and me ...

I prefer the high waisted R.icielli shorts underneath this babydoll as it shows nicely when the sculpted skirt moves around my pixel body. Boots: Twisted & Spoiled furry cherry.

Dikke kus

Golden Dress at TDR

When I put on the dress I had to find a matching top coz the dress comes without one, soooo naked tits ;-)
I found this Maitreya Bastille top and yep it fits well same kind of texture.

A&A Fashion Tal Dress Gold (TDR 18)
Maitreya Bastille top Yellow
Tuli Clair skin
Poetic Color eyes Spring Meadow
Truth Tamina hair blood
R2 Pumehana eluha  boots orange

Dikke kus

Sunday 5 December 2010

Christmas feeling

Matt is wearing:
A:S:S - Furline hoodie - black
Scars - Design Pants [Black]
[*RG*] Strap Loafer -Black- *REDGRAVE*
Barbed Islands Necklace *KR*
[MANDALA] Kookai Belt /Black

Dido is wearing
Fishy Strawberry Winter Outfit: Cuddle Maxipull beige, brown Curduroy Treggings
YS&YS ankleboot Tiburon beige

Picture taken at Snowflake Experience sim

R.icielli Petra II at TDR

Not really suitable for the winter season this Petra II dress coz it's really cold now here in Holland and other Nothern European countries. However, before you know it, it will be Spring again ;-)
I love the textures of this R.icielli dress, the sculpted upperparts and the way the skirts moves around my body. 
Matt joined me at the 'Snowflake Experience' sim, wearing an outfit in a matching color ;-)

Dikke kus

Dido is wearing:
R.icielli Petra dress
Tuli Clair skin
Poetic Color eyes Spring Meadow
Truth Tamina hair blood
CaLLie cLine ring: the ROCK red diamond
Scribble Necklace Hemp and Glass beads

Matt is wearing:
Redgrave Pale Skin -Cruz- /3daybeard
Poetic Color eyes dark wood
UncleWeb  Jin-Hair02, coffee
Outfit: Phoenix Rising- Risk (Red)
MANDALA Kookai Belt /Black
Hermony Wristbands (black)

Saturday 4 December 2010

LeeZu Vaughn at TDR

I went shopping this afternoon at TDR (The Dressing Room) as there is a new collection out, i.e. the 18th already. Couldn't resist this brown-red  LeeZu Vaugn dress. It comes with two different skirts styles: flexi & sculpted. Showing the flexi version. I love the textures and style and... sooo LeeZu ;-)

Dikke kus

+Mocha+ short loose socks plain dirty brown
Truth Tamina hair blood
Tuli Clair skin 
Enkythings Ekota T chocolate brown shoes
CaLLie cLine ring: the ROCK red diamond

Friday 3 December 2010

Hunt and gift girl December 2010

Wearing a mix of hunt gifts:
WLF (With Love For hunt) Fishy Strawberry Metal Foil top
WLF Fall Out Pucketti Jeans (wow super textures!)
League Sheepskin Mittens light brown FLF
DeeTaLeZ wool scarf, part of WLF hunt outfit
COCO belt (old Group Gift)
Fishy Strawberry college glasses (FLF)

D!va hair Chisato topaz forelock (8000 member groupgift)
Poetic Color Spring Meadow eyes
Redgrave pale skin Jessica smoky 
Dark Mouse color change pearl stud gold earrings
Sassy Kitty high heels damask black
C&D Benelli bunny tattoo

Dikke kus and wish you a nice weekend!

Pics taken at Matt's home 

Gold finger(s)

Yesterday I received this bloggers preview item (55 L Thursday) from Finesmith Jewelry: golden (& purple) nails in three sizes including the awesome rings. I never wear nailpolish in SL but I like these golden nails and I adore the rings coz they resemble my RL taste. 

Dikke kus

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Bints and Slookbook: male stuff

Accidently I stumbled on these cool blogs about male stuff. I like the style and bet a lot of guys with an interest in SL fashion (sometimes I wonder if there are any when I look around me in SL ... ahum) will like to read. And girls who want their SL BF to look good.

Header for 'BINTS'

 Slookbook entry 'Forever Young

Yeah some free marketing for BINTS by Senan Gardner and Slookbook by Ravi Loresfield. Great blogs guys!
Dikke kus