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Friday 30 September 2011

Rock Me

It's been a while since I blogged one of Cameron's creations, but this afternoon I wanna show you the NEW BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) Rock Me outfit. As usual the folder is over complete with 2 pants options, including sculpted cuffs, high heel ankle boots, gloves, ears, a tail, a tattoo, a mouth chain AND 3 different Tee options (I might have forgotten some things).
The outfit is available in several bright colours; this time I opted for blue ^^

Dikke kus

Thanks Cameron for your bloggers review set!

Polka dots

Showing the cute Reila Skins polka dot dress in red. The dress also comes in green, yellow and white, but hey I am a black/red addict RL and SL, sooo red it had to be. I like the combination of textures Reila Karu used in this dress. In short a lovely feminin dress that makes me feel like a little happy girl that wants to go dancing ^^

Also wearing a NEW Angelic tattoo called Leopard, which comes in many different options (body/face only, face & body etc), versions (dark, faded and lighter versions) and layers. Now watch it or I will bite you ....

Furthermore wearing: MINA hair Famke in BG05

Dikke kus

A thank you to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Thursday 29 September 2011

Lavender Moon eyes

Yesterday I visited the Poetic Colors shop. I love Lano Ling his creations and after wearing the Preview eyes for weeks on a row I decided to buy myself a pair of his new MOON eyes. So for the coming months I will be a lavender-eyed girl ^^

Showing Moon Lavender bright. Luv them!

Dikke kus

C&P Casual Wear

My dear friends Catherine and Petrov started their own store called C&P Casual Wear! Wow, so clever they are to create clothes themselves. They definitely have a style of their own. Lemme show you some of their designs. Oh and the hot guy and girl on the photos.... Cath and Petrov themselves, as they were so kind to be my models for this shoot ^^

Cath is wearing:
C&P Black lace top (also available in white) and C&P Black linen jeans (available in light blue, dark blue, Khaki, red and pink)

Petrov is wearing:
C&P black polo (available in many other colours and some exclusive designs) and C&P Red linen jeans (available in colours as above)

Cath is wearing:
C&P Orchid & butterfly jeans - (available in a set with a pink sweater, orchid belt & butterfly necklace) and C&P Pink sweater with trim (handpainted exclusive) - (also available in pale blue, blue and  purple)

Petrov is wearing:
C&P Summerbloom polo (exclusive) and C&P Khaki linen jeans (also available in other colours as above)

this photo I took a while ago (sorry name of the shop is not correctly spelled)

All items are copy/modify
Jeans can be worn long or short and with our without cuffs.  Cuffs are supplied in 2 sizes for male or female, but can also be modified if necessary.

Polo shirts come with collars in 2 sizes for male or female and can also be modified if necessary.

the store

I wish them Cath and Petrov all the success in this world with their new store! They deserve it. Here's your taxi to C&P Casual Wear.

Dikke kus

Crazy Randi dress

This evening I visited Crazy, one of my fav shops here in SL and couldn't resist buying among other things this supa green Randi dress. Maybe for now a bit too warm to wear coz summer finally arrived here.

Dikke kus

Wednesday 28 September 2011

U96 cafe

This afternoon I visited my friend Chris in his hang out/political cafe. 
Chris and I, we go back a long SL time. Chris is always very well informed about the political situation in the world and likes to discuss. Always fun to meet him. By the way everybody is welcome to visit his hangout, so lemme give you the LM to U96 cafe

Chris was so kind to jump on a pose ball and keep me from falling. The black leather coat he is wearing is from Muism (not new). I am getting into the halloween mood as you might have noticed ^^

LI (Lemania Indigo) 'all night long' outfit dated 18 September, which comes inclusive the lovely shawl and the bangles, both resizable. Yeah, I know not brand new... hey I am catching up ^^

Also wearing Katsucide Romantica skin, which is not new but too good not to blog ^^ & Midnight Desires Angelic tattoo Freedom faded, which is brand NEW and comes in 3 options (color, black & white and faded) and 2 layers (undershirt and tattoo layer).

theme of the hangout 'das Boot', which btw is hard not to notice

From my closet:
LouLou&Co bracelet and gloves
YS&YS freckles add tattoo layer
Poetic Color new line preview eyes grey sky (adore them)
Doppelganger scrunch socks stripe in navy (I am a socks freak ^^^, bought them not so long ago)
My at the moment fav DRD boots
Truth Abigail hair in quince

Dikke kus

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Post holiday stress

Phew, not easy to pick up where I left 2 weeks ago i.e. before my holiday. SL is fast and there's no need for me to blog really 'old stuff'; meaning > 1 week old. Yeah, after 2 weeks of sunshine and relaxing in RL it's strange to step into this weirdo fast blogging SL world. 
However, I try, sooo today I blog some bloggers review items I received during my holiday, a mix of old and new stuff coz my criteria are; I truly have to like them ^^

Anymore All Star no.2 (cute, cute, cute!)
Anymore streep legging violet
AMD Catalina skin in peachy

I<3 FashiOn butterfly set in exclusive for XYROOM (showing necklace and earrings)
Truth hair Abigail in quince (it's the 10 September release but hey new to me ^^)

DRD bootslazyregblue (adore these boots)

From my closet:
Loulou&Co bracelet and gloves crepuscule
Plastik Soul Ink Pierrot/Goth tattoo
Poetic Color new line preview eyes - grey sky (awww my favs)
Miel CHUM bracelet
TSS darken eyebrow piercing
KOSH simple leather braid armband

Dikke kus

Hugs and kisses to all the designers for their supa bloggers review items!

Monday 26 September 2011

I am back

but still in a 'holiday mood' ^^
dikke kus

Sunday 11 September 2011


Crazy Calla outfit

I lost some older designer items from my invent this week. I didn't care about some, however a few items - among them the Crazy outfits Calla and Glam - I really really love. I have no idea what happened, but it's frustrating.

Anyway this afternoon I went to Crazy to get the Calla and Glam outfits, however both are no longer in the collection. 
So I asked Loan, the designer/owner of Crazy if I could 're-buy' them and .... wow she gave me the outfits! I appreciate muchly and am super happy they are back in my closet; in my opinion these two outfits are still awesome. Thanks so much Loan, luv yah!
Pose by Del May.

No blog posts from me for the coming 2 weeks coz this girl is going where it's summer ^^
Dikke kus

Saturday 10 September 2011

Egoisme Lingerie in Sepia

Showing the Egoisme Lingerie group gift which comes in black and white, inclusive stockings and gloves. Nice, nice, nice, thanks Ramses ^^

Dikke kus

the colour Grey

Inspired by the colour grey as well as the awesome poses of Del May.
Wearing some stuff from my invent I rediscovered  ^^

New: the super black unisex loose boots from DRD (Death Row Designs); a Midnight Mania item. They are scripted so you can very easily make them fitting your female small feet size 0 ^^ 
as well as the Doppelganger scrunch socks - grey stripe which are last Friday's  FLF item item. I adore socks ^^

Furthermore wearing:
FIR&MNA The Dorset Coat Charcoal
B@R (BareRose) Simple Lowrise grey 
Miel Tary skirt Cinder and tary holster with pencils
LouLou&Co gloves Crepuscule
Lelutka Oscar hair 
Natural Beauty Tulip special edition skin (db 06)
Plastik Soul Ink-Goth tattoo layer
Miel CHUM necklace and bracelet

Dikke kus

Thursday 8 September 2011

More Sassy! and Birdy

Sassy! and Birdy in the rebound: 

wearing Birdy clown girl - orange tattoo (comes in many colours) and a new release at Sassy: the Cosmopolitan dress (in brown). Hey where's the cocktail party?

A few blogposts to go and then ... this girl is going on a holiday. Really looking forward to finally catch some sun after all the rain. 

Dikke kus

Egoistic tribal Birdy

Tattoo me.
Wearing the new male (shhht) Egoisme group gift tattoo, which comes in all layers  as well as in two different percentages; 40 and 100%. I am wearing 40% coz I don't like dark tats. The gift comes with undies and a pareo. 

There is also tribal paint (Birdy) on my face; one of the many awesome tattoos that were in the box. Will show you more later. 

/me thinks of going to sleep, but first take a bath in order to wash all the ink off ^^

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!

China girl from the other side

China Sassy girl 

Wearing the Mandarin Sassy dress, a sexy new Chinese dress.  Not quite traditional coz it features a partially lacy top and high side slits. I also placed a photo of the back of this dress coz it's so nicely made and I love the lace. 

Also wearing the new Lelutka Oscar hair I bought this evening; it's a bit like a bad hair day for the Lelutka Rykiel hair ^^. I love the tiny little hairs that pop out. Supa! 

Moreover I give you a song this evening/night. I hope you will enjoy as much as I do. 
Arghhh the video of the Red Hot Chili Peppers - Other Side has been removed so I give you the url of the official Youtube video: 

Dikke kus

Wednesday 7 September 2011


I like this new ABS (Art Body Store) skin Michelle by Vick Spitteler, wearing pale1; the face is fresh and young but not too young. Natural look is my fav here in SL and this one sure is. I asked a few friends to give their opinion about this skin and they all loved it. /me writes down ABS on my list of fav skin shops ^^
I combined this pale skin with the new Truth Rowena hair, which is my fav of the moment.

Furthermore I am wearing my newly acquired Phoenix Rising push shirt in black, which comes with a lovely sculpted tie. I thought Phoenix Rising had closed it's doors ages ago, but nope they still are there and everything in store is prized down to L$ 25 !! So many awesome items, couldn't resist to buy some. Great deals from formal to sporty they have it all, so if you haven't been there, go!

From my closet:
Cupcakes fancy lacy stuff bra (black)
Coco belt black
LouLou&Co gloves and bracelets Crepuscule
A&M I<3 my jeans low rise ripped - dark blue

Dikke kus

Tuesday 6 September 2011

OMG she shrank!

This evening Kooky showed Fabio and me her two micro avi shapes, aww so tiny and cute. Couldn't help to take some photos just for fun. I think I might turn Dido into MicroDido too and we tiny girls will start teasing giant Fabio ^^

If you are interested in buying tiny avi shapes, clothes, hair, ears, furniture, etc please read Kooky her blog post 'Bitten by the micro bug' she is the expert on this subject for sure. 

I am wearing the awesome new Truth hair called Rowena in quince, League Hitch dress Floral soft brown as well as League side-gartered stockings and skin (Sia medium bloom).

Fabio holding Kooky in his giant hands ^^

Aww so cute, Kooky said she was secretly pulling his chest hair ^^

Dikke kus to Fabio and Kooky, luv yah!

Monday 5 September 2011


Here's the September Group Gift of LaVie called Mitsuko (skin and kimono showing). The folder also contains Japanese hair and slippers (okobo). It's awesome and I took too many photos for this blog post, so now I cannot decide which one to throw away .... pffff I placed all ^^

Thanks so much Pompeja for this awesome gift and welcome back to SL, kissss! 

The scripted japanese hair I am wearing is called Eve Genll by Tekeli-li and comes from my closet.

I include a song, I luv it and hope you do too. Enjoy!
Dikke kus

Alicia Keys 'doesn't mean anything'

Sunday 4 September 2011

A Bird in the Hand

Showing you the cute number 7 of the Alphabet Hunt, a new design called 'A Bird in the Hand' (which is better than 10 in the sky mmm nah guess that's another expression ^^) of Lemania Indigo.  
The outfit consists of: carpis, shirt and wedges. Have fun hunting!

And.. what about the awesome Truth hair I am wearing. Aww I tru(th)ly love this one; it's called Rowena.

The blond hunk sitting next to me is Rigo. Thx Rigo for your patience ^^
Dikke kus

A thank you to the designers for the bloggers review items!

Call me Sunshine


Wandering through the forest in my going back to school outfit, which I combined from new stuff and items from my closet. 
New are the yellow LI (Lemania Indigo) Call Me Sunshine Sweater and the super cute I<3FashiOn BBB (BackBagBelt)

From my closet:
Amerie tag pants black
League side-gartered stockings black
LouLou&Co bracelet Crepuscule
Duh! sneaker boots - black out
Miel Chum necklace and bracelet

This evening I received another bloggers review item: the Malachite Medicine Pouch necklace, the September Group Gift of EED (Element Earth Designs)

Not in the mood to write long stories this evening, sooooo that's it :-)
Dikke kus

Friday 2 September 2011

Masquerade ball

Back from a loooong weekend in Copenhagen I find it difficult to get into the SL rythm and flow. Whatever, I did take some photos this evening of an awesome dress that is a bloggers review item I received just before I went on holiday last Sunday. It's the Masquerade ball - brushed Ruby dress from Paris Metro.
I really like this dress coz it's not the usual dull evening dress, nope this one is fun and a bit naughty. Moreover I love this color red and the nicely made bodice. 

The hair I found in my inventory when cleaning, its Exile Kyanna and too good to throw away.
Pose used: IP (Infatution poses) Vogue Pack 2.7

Dikke kus