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Thursday 27 August 2009

Chickens II

Omg my hen Kylia is producing eggs ..... one egg a day. Have to stop her otherwise I will be out of prims soon. My roosters Sparks and Morten are angry, pffff was just in time yesterday to save them as the level of their anger was almost 100%, which kills them. Morten was at 95 and Sparks at 79%, that old devil Sparks won't give up. I had to laugh imagining them sitting in the coop. Sorry, guys I have a vivid imagination ;-)

Anyway, I took care of the egg and divided the roosters by a fence, which reduced their anger. I noticed this morning there was another egg .... arghhh Kylia is a virtile creature. Soo funny, but mmm willl cost me time to manage all this. I asked my friend Words, who just moved to another skybox with an excellent chicken proof toproof if he could take some of my chickens to breed. He bluntly refused, cold-hearted man.

I checked my messages a few minutes ago and ..... another egg. Omg I won't be in time to stop it from hatching. See I have to hire a chicken manager soon.

Dikke kus

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Pink me

Triggered by a blog in which a minihood pink of  Fishy Strawberry (FS) was described and Naive socks I went and bought the hoodie and a fatpack of the socks.

I also bought a cute dress with pink buttons at FS. I matched the outfit with pink sneakers from my invent and my pink Artillerie pair of glasses, which made me look like a school teacher.

Skin: League, Misty
Hair: Magika
Pic taken at my home

Formal night

Last night (Tuesday, 25th August) was formal night at Key West Resort (The Wave). Lovely to notice that everybody had dressed up.
I was wearing my Zaara evening gown. I went there with my Canadian friend Wordsmith, who of course wore a tux. I let him choose the colour of my dress: red it was.
We had great fun, lovely music, walzing the night away. Well that was until Words had to leave.

There was a best dressed contest and guess what..... Yeah I won, split 1st place with Loriii (she is the girl in the white dress dancing behind me on the picture above).
I was happy with the price: 500 L$ wow! Thanks to all who voted for me, among them a girl who IM-ed me before the voting started and said 'I will vote for you, you look stunning, you European girls beat us'). I had to think of my friend Nereisse who describes herself as 'classy non-American (or at least loves being called one ^_^) in her blog.

Dikke kus


The past weeks I investigated the issue of escorting. Dido as an escort is that an option?
A lot of q
uestions popped up like: will I be able to go with any guy that wants me to, dare I ask them for money ...? Questions I seeked to answer by trial and error .....

The thought came up when something strange happened to me. I was dancing alone at Sleek's, investigating for my job-to-be as a host at JAGGERS, when all of a sudden I received a rather over enthousiastic IM from a guy telling me how nice it was to see me again after such a long time.
Of course after spotting him I checked his profile, however this did not ring a bell (yeah I know my memory is awfull). Anyway I asked where we had met in the past. He promissed to tell me later and.... gave me 3000 L$ and a little later another 3000 L$. He told me to go shopping, buy red lingerie and strip for him .... Arghhh I was puzzled and before I could analyse the situation, he offered friendship and left, telling me he had to work in RL.
There I was a few minutes later, 5500 L$ richer and puzzled what to do. I was intrigued who was this guy, where did we met....
I had returned 500 L$ telling him to buy hair, as he was bold and looked like a noob, although his rezz year mentioned 2007. Asked him if he was an alt, nope was the answer.

Mmmm I had several options: return the money or go shopping and buy nice things for a stripping. So ..... I went to Blowpop and bought red lingerie and a few pair of Bax Coen ankle boots ;-)

This started the idea of escorting. I told my friend Sparks and he mentioned the Escort Lounche (EL). He advised me on how to behave ('never IM a guy, wait till he IMs you') and what to wear. He got rather frustrated by me trying on all kind of sexy stuff and not listening to his advise. Had so much fun.

I went to EL, feeling rather akward, standing there at the entrance of the club, waiting for some guy to IM me. Feeling rather silly and bored after a while. But then a nice guy IM-ed me and we talked. He had to leave but I felt ok and started to enjoy. Until now I have met interesting guys there, who tell me they are not looking for an escort at all, but are just wandering around looking for nice people to meet (sure... ;-)
Btw of course there are also sleazy guys at EL, asking me if I do webcam, voice, have RL nude pics etc
I tell them 'no' and they stop bothering me.

So now and then you can find me dancing at the pole at EL trying to earn some money. But an escort... am I an escort now? 

Dikke kus

Thursday 13 August 2009

Noah & a sleezy alley

I met Noah Perinal a while ago on the Red Square in Moscow (wow that sounds good, doesn't it). He is Polish and speaks English as well as a little Russian. He complained about being old, so I gave him a wheelchair. He loved it ;-)

A few days ago he IM-ed me and said come and look at me I look really old now. Noach had bought a perfectly made Japanese shape and skin. I was impressed and had to take a few pics.
Thanks Noah!


Talking about nice pics and dito places: these pics I took in a sleezy alley. Actually the pose ball I am on is to rob someone and hit him/her hard..... unfortunately I was alone there so I had no victim ;-(

Dikke kus

Monday 10 August 2009


Me... and how I will spent my evening in the days to come I am afraid: staring at my little chickens. They are so cute. I had 2 eggs to start with and they hatched last evening, however grrrr I had an 'original' male and a 'new wave' female, which I named Kylia btw. Don't know how to name the booster, tried several times. Grrr now I cannot breed.

I contacted my friend Kylia and late last evening she gave me 2 New Wave eggs, which I started to hatch immedidately (far tooo late -long after midnight- it was when the chickens were born: 2 roosters). Arghhh they will fight together, I need females ;-(
Again with these ones, I could not give them a name and I found out .... they are New Wave version 12. Kylia, the hen, is a version 11 New Wave hen. OMG version management. Arghhhh drives me crazy already. Help!

Have to confess ..... I did something awfull ... I killed the 'original chicken' (it died 'unnamed', sob it was so cute). I blame the lack of prims. I could not rezz the chicken menu anymore with 4 chickens and knew I had to get rid of the 'Original' rooster anyway. But is that a good reason to kill such a sweet little chicken? I really felt quilty afterwards.

I will contact my friend Kylia and ask her for a little help. This morning when peeking in to see my little ones I noticed the food is for version 11sub or something. Well I do hope my unnamed 2 version 12 roosters can eat it. The above proves you better buy a starter package and save yourself a lot of frustration and worries.

Will be continued.

Dikke kus


A new fav. outfit: HaruBara (khaki) from Sey.

I wear it here with leggings (Sumi colorable legging Tuli gift)
Redgrave Skin, Jennifer
Magika hair Biji black (sales going on at Magika all the 'old' hair for only L$ 99)
Bax Ankle boot red
TMS puppy colar
Huz Kanji tattoo

Kusshon craydon gift by Beolas Whitfield: a skybox. Loved it when I still could rezz it ;-) above my island (that is before the chicken came, but more about them in the next entry) and took a few super pics. This is sooooo nicely made. Thanks Beolas!!!
Btw it is sometimes a bit confusion as Kusshon and Poetic Color Eyes used to be in one shop but Beolas is the owner of Kusshon and Lano of Poetic Color Eyes.

wearing my Milk Motion admiral jacket,
Maiiki legging black
Plastik boudoir dress magnolia.
The dress combines super with this jacket. Loved it so much that I also bought the heartacheblack version, which will become my 'little black dress'.

with my friend Gunna on my new deckchairs in the water. Aarghhh don't we look cute!

Mean machines (gifts of TMS): love to play, always!

Dikke kus

Thursday 6 August 2009

In Africa




So much fun with my explorer friend Michiel in Africa !

Dikke kus

combi more

Combinations are great fun:

Today I received an ICING Group Gift called Robot Love, existing of a grey knitten bolero sweater and an old rose/brownish red/eggplant (difficult to describe the colour) dress. The dress is nice but not special it has a bow sash on the back and the bolero has a silver closure.
In the other picture you see my Surf Couture Cabana dress tan/cranberry. In the pics above I wear the complete outfits as described. Except for the bow sash, with I added to the Cabana dress.

Now in the pic left above I combined the top and undies of the Cabana dress with the skirt and slash bow of the Robot Love dress. Wow same colours, looks super.
Combined with my red bax boots AND... another group gift I received today: Fishnet high thighs Morgana. Aren't they cute with the with skulls.

Dikke kus

my Sgt. Pepper jacket

Inspired by an SL magazine I bought this jacket (Milk Motion, my admiral jacket). I love it as it has so many possibilities. For instance combined with a black mini skirt (Elate) and golden top ([VG] Y-strap layered tank banana) and the Corazon stockings of LeeZu (group gift) or more sexy with a black jeans from Zaara, my Huz Tatts Kanji tattoos and a nice belt (right).

And I am sure there are many more combinations, for instance with a legging and a straight mini black skirt (advise of my friend Nereisse, who has great taste AND knowledge of where to find fashionable quality clothes in SL! - see her contributions in The SL Fashionist blog).

Dikke kus

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Making a turn.....

Dido with the lovely earrings (groupgift Zaara), my favourite skin at the moment (Redgrave Jennifer) and Detour hair, hazy black. I love this pic had to blog it ;-)

These last days I cleaned my inventory, threw away lots of notecards, read a couple of emotional ones from the past and started cleaning my landmarks. OMG sooooo many, I tried a few and when I was at an Italian dancing place I received an IM from Miche.
I met Miche this weekend at a dance place where we both were watching and listening. I looked around making a 360 degree turn and he sent me an IM saying he liked my turn. Anyway, Miche IM'ed me and I tp-ed him over to the dancing place. We had a lovely dance and chat, talking about our SL past and present. Here's a pic of us dancing yesterday.

I met him again today and took him to Thassa. We took a boat trip, exploring the place and had a relaxed time in a hammock.
Btw the last pic of Dido hanging on a tree I took after he left, I could not resist the poseball ;-) Fun!

Dikke kus

crying, black swan and more...

So nice pics pfff I have to blog them but what theme... no idea sooooo I make an overall blog with my adventures of the last week. The pics shown above were taken at my friend Ner's sandbox. You see me crying my eyes out ahum. I wear the Tuli Meridith Maya skin (I call this my 'crying my eyes out' skin) and a super sexy sweat shirt and pants, which was a Twisted and Spoiled group gift.

On Monday this week I went exploring with my friend Pietertje: we took a boat and I was so stupid to hump onto the steering place. Grrr hard work, however nice pics ;-)
I am wearing the gorgeous blouse of Bare Rose (part of the Duet outfit).

Black Swan, what an awesome place! However not for long as it will close down soon, but before that there was an enormous fashion show with lots of famous designers participating. I went there to take some pics.
Wearing my Surf Couture red Driftwood tank (very sexy) & the lovely Surf Couture Cabana dress tan/cranberry. The black jeans are from Zaara.

Dikke kus