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Friday 31 July 2009

Group membership and frustration.....

Arghhh so frustrating: the message 'you are in too many groups' cannot ad you to this new group. Mmmm, I have to decide then which group to leave, or ... decline the new group membership. Afterwards I am often sorry for leaving a group because I hear from my fashion friends that they had such a nice group gift. Brrr, so I have to remove another group and join them again to get the group gift, etc.... Pffff how complicated can SL be ;-)

Anyway the above happened when I read in Amerie Naughty her blog yesterday there was a long fluffy hippie skirt as a group gift this week, which I had to have of course! Mmmm, difficult choice but I decided to leave Pixel Couture. I tp-ed to Pixel Couture first to look around see if leaving this group was a good choice. Well it was. My tp brought me to a nice parcel of land, very romantic and beautiful and for rent. My endeavours in Search to find Pixel Couture did not bring me anything. So Amerie is back in my groups. I love her clothes and have several of them in my invent.

I combined the skirt with my golden AoHaru sandals and a top of Bare Rose (part of the Duet outfit). It's also super with a jeans, cool!

Last week I spend a few evenings dancing with my French friend Voodoo at The Wave, the KeyWest Resort & Marina dance place. Actually this is Liz Harley her place. She used to be the driving force behind Hot Sax Jazz club, which was my fav club in SL. Almost lived there and therefore I was ever so sad when it closed. Liz her club at Keywest is not hot and fancy but I love the music and the people. A group of pleople and DJ's come there almost every evening and the atmosphere is relaxed. I really enjoyed it.

Dikke kus

Thursday 23 July 2009

Three Gorges Dam - worth a visit!

This week I visited
China Three Gorges with my friend Michiel. Wow, this sim is simply awesome! I also visited their website which gave lots of background info about this project of Handong Zhu (SL name Ken March).

'The aim is to build a virtual area under the route of the three gorges dam in SL, which is composed by several major places including Chongqing, Fongdu, Zhongxian, Fengjie, Wushang and Zigui.'

Well the project is not finished yet, building is still going on, BUT they already succeeded in their aim. To get an idea of how it will be see the pic above left.

What a place to visit: be surprised, make awsome pics, learn about the project. My friend Michiel and I we loved it. I took so many pics (could not resist to put many in this blog), I really was inspired by the place.
There is a chinese wall where you enter the sim with RL pics in black and white of the 3 Gorges dam area, a red temple, the villages on the bottom of the lake - all is still there: a swimmingpool, a soccer field, a bus laying upside down, cars - and more.


Dikke kus

Tuesday 21 July 2009

What's underneath (blowpop & huz tats)

Blowpop Jolen set Cranberry & Huz Tats Kanji tattoo

Yesterday I could not resist a lovely lingerie set of Blowpop. I simply had to buy it and after staring for a long long time at all the nice colours I choose Cranberry. Wow what a wild thing to do for me, as practically all my lingerie is black, red or white.
OMG it is so lovely! Well look at the pics I am a blowpop right, very lickable (big smile).

Before my visit to Blowpop I was at Huz Tats and bought the Kanji tattoo shown. I spotted it a few days ago in a blog, had to have it. There are not many tattoos I really like, but this one is awesome and it comes in all layers.

Dikke kus

Monday 20 July 2009

Bodhi - Land of Buddhadharma

Yesterday I (re)visited the awesome sim of Bodhi with my friend Noriko.

Bodhi is dedicated to the teachings of Buddha. Operated by a non-profit group comprised of real-life Buddhists from around the world. If you haven't been there, do visit. Such a peaceful, beautiful sim to explore.

I had not spoken to my friend Noriko in ages so we chatted and in the meantime explored, floated in a pond, sat in a tent reading the wise lessons of Buddha, worshipped on the stones on the path leading to the top, walked on scary bridges.... Unfortunately Noriko had to leave early, dinner time at her side of the ocean (New York).

I finished the trip to the top of the mountain to be enlightened.

Dikke kus

Friday 17 July 2009

Crimson Shadows closing

I am exhausted after hunting watermellons during the little time I had being in SL. I had some help of hunting expert Karina Larkham, ( http://theslfashionista.blogspot.com/) she gave me tips what is worthwhile hunting. Thanks Karina kiss!

I did score some nice things. However, as all the blogs are already mentioning the watermellon hunt ..... lets talk about something different:

    Crimson Shadows closed on 15th July.

When I read this last week, I rushed over there, just in time, as they had their final sales. Arghhh I bought half the shop (almost all outfits were priced L$ 50). Should have bought them all ;-(

Nice Gothic outfits in red and black (like the store itself), which happen to be my fav RL and SL colours. Some outfits were inclusive shoes and jewelry and several layer options. What a waste that this awesome shop left SL!

Dikke kus

Thursday 16 July 2009

Watermellon eyes

Lano by Lano (Flickr)

Arghhhh always so nice to receive a message of Lano Ling. Very kind of him to notify the members of his Poetic Colors Eyes group a few days before a hunt starts. Anyway I went immediately to his shop after reading the note.

This time it were WATERMELLON eyes, awesome as always. I have a collection of Poetic Color Eyes some are freebees some I bought. Sometime ago I tried some of the other eyes in my invent, but returned to Lano's cuz they're simply beautiful. Thx Lano!

Dikke kus

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Mont Saint Michel

Yesterday I was exploring *Edelweis* Mont Saint Michel when my friend Amade joined me and we continued our tour together.

I remembered I visited the RL Mont Saint Michel ages ago and believe me this SL place is so real. Amade and me, we visited the beautiful cloister and church and took some nice pics there. As I did of me taking a seat in the fast car that was parked near the church, arghhhhh what a nice animation. I felt like a real dame ;-)

The LM made me enter the sim at the foot of the mountain with my feet in the water. I had to climb a lot of stairs before arriving in a narrow street (like in RL Mont Saint Michel) with lots of shops. Most are Japanese, as is the lovely French bar there. Sooo funny I entered that place with menu's outside on the wall in French and a kind lady standing behind the bar speaking only Japanese.
Makes no never mind I loved it: the sim is really super I urge you all to visit. Many places to take nice pics.

Dikke zoen

Monday 13 July 2009

Sandals ....

Another of my SL addictions, next to exploring, is shopping. I follow several SL fashion blogs the best I can, which of course is never enough (sighs). There are so many, soooo many freebees, group gifts, hunts, lucky chairs, new hair, skin, clothes whatever pfffff.
Sometimes I simple don't wanna bother and go exploring, like I did this week. But..... then I spot something really interesting and I cannot resist it I simple have to go there and buy buy buy ;-)

I was excited when I read Aoharu has sales: 50% off from 11 - 20 July. I went there Tuesday evening and bought 2 pair of sandals. I noticed them in a blog and although I am a 'boots girl' I loved the cute flat golden sandals.

Omg they are super but........ what a lot of work to put them on! I had to cut of my feet first, otherwise the sandals wouldn't fit, adjust the prims of the sandals, colour the skin of the feet (yeah wearing them means you have artificial feet arghhhhh), adjust the colour of those feet to match with the rest of your skin and as icing on the cake: colour your toe nails.

Pfffff I am a lazy girl and was exhausted after putting on both pair of sandals. However, I returned to Aoharu wearing my new sandals to have a look at the clothes on sale. I could not resist buying some: a purple mini dress and a purple kind of hoodie. I also took some freebee socks.

Dikke kus

Jasmine's Cantina and Cafe

My friends Mojo and LuckyMoon are a wonderfull couple. They are always fun to be with and full of surprises and so is their place.

Jasmine's Cantina and Cafe is great fun: caribean music, many dance balls (flamengo, salsa, slow) and more....

my friend Amade and me got inspired by the place and started playing instruments ;-)

Mojo loves fast machines: in the pic above left we were in his speed boat. Fun!
So when you are bored of dancing be 'active' and take a ride on a fast boat or jetski, surf on the big waves, or do a chopper tour.

Wanna be cultural or meditate: Mojo and Lucky perform in their kabuki theater and lately they made a coral reef to explore and a Meditation isle.
Never a dull moment at their place.

Cu there folks.
Dikke kus

Sunday 12 July 2009

Ice hotel and a short intro of Dido

Hi this is me; Dido Haas. I started this blog because after returning from my RL holiday in the Northern part of Spain I discovered I like blogging about the things I do/see/discover and the people I meet. I plan to blog about my whereabouts in SL, which will be very divers.

Let me start by telling something about me:
Dido named after the queen of Carthage and lover of the Trojan hero Aeneas. I have loved that name for so long. Years ago I named one of my siamese kittens Dido. So Dido it was when I had to choose a name for my avi in January 2007. Mmm have been a long time in SL already come to think of it.
I love exploring, shopping, dancing, meeting new people and existing friends and some excitement. I have some good friends with whom I exchange LM's of SL places worth exploring. And there are soooooo many in SL.

Yesterday for instance I visted a very interesting place with my friend Amade. We did a tour in the Icehotel. The tour started on horseback went up the mountains along rendeer, red survival tents and a shed where the maker/owner of the Icehotel sim lives. We had to jump off the horse and board a cute chopper that took us all over the icy mountains.
There are several places to dance too, among them the club Permafrost with a stage, hotel rooms (all ice of course like in the RL ice hotel), lots of nice pose balls. I loved the 'slippery' ones, they made me laugh a lot.
Lots of snow there so put on some warm clothes when you go ;-)

More info, LM, lots of pics etc: http://icehotelsl.blogspot.com/

I took some pics in the chopper and 1 dancing.

To be continued
Dikke kus

Camisk and free collars

Last Thursday I met with my friend M., a warrior in Gor. And, as I have always been intrigued into the Gorean way of life of masters and slaves, I asked him if I could join him there to learn about this part of SL. We considered first me going there as a free woman. Mmmm the clothes of free women are sooo boring, so we decided it would be a better option to transfer myself into a slave (a trainnee that is). I needed clothes to show up there so we went shopping. The fun part ;-)

I was surprised about the amount of different stuff there is available for the Gorean way of life. I have lots of silks and even a kirtle, but omg there is soo much. And the prices arghhhhh, that is if you want the really nice stuff ... and I do of course. Always quality whatever I wear.
Anyway, he took me to
Bina and I bought this Nicole camisk (colour mint). Omg sooo sexy and revealing. I was told that in Gor they don't wear the undies .. arghhhh.

I needed a collar and guess what I found these, looking very elegant and with many options. They were made by Dari Haus, a girl that no longer is in SL, don't know what happened to her. I visited her memorial LM, where you can get lots of her stuff - among them the lovely collars I am wearing on the pics - for FREE!

silver necklace collar & filigree collar

Now I still have to use all the stuff shown above. Mmm don't know if that will happen as my Gorean friend and me we have a big time difference so we are seldom sync. I will keep you posted ;-)

Dikke kus