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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Devil Woman

An avatar/skin not so new anymore, which I received almost 4 wks ago, the day before I went on holiday to Canada, and which I was wearing when entering SL yesterday. Wow, I love this devil me. It's called LoveCats Chasm (a MND4 hunt item) from LoveCats Designs by Thei Aries and comes with all the necessary parts to make your avi look like a devil: skin, horns, ears, legs, tail, shape (not worn) & eyes (not worn)

The hair is from Truth and awesome as ever: mesh hair Kerri 2 in ginger04 from 30 June.

Coz I didn't wanna be too nude I put on some (not new) lingerie: the ever awesome black lingerie set consisting of corset, panty and stockings of BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) called BTINH (Best Think I Never Had: I luv that name).

Pictures taken at Mechanical Circus an awesome project/exhibition by Yooma Mayo at LEA 24, which will be there till TODAY (31 July). I was fortunate Nitro took me there coz it's really worthwhile; a really awesome place. So if you haven't visited, GO NOW!

Btw my Canada trip was awesome, fighting the jetlag now and adjusting to being back here in SL.

Oh and I changed my signature as you might have noticed: I minimalized ^^
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Friday 5 July 2013

CU in 3 weeks


dikke kus

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Cold Frog and I

Cold Frog is wearing:
Shells avatar total outfit & Black gold hat by Meilo Minotaur (freebies at the exhibition 'Arts in Hat, Hats in Art' the awesome exhibit by Quan Lavender)

Awesome isn't she? I love her look. 

Dido is wearing:
One of this weeks Truth hairs: Kerri2 (also comes with bangs)
Also new is the DS (Dulce Secrets) gift to 'When Pigs Fly Hunt' the mesh red RoseLingerie wrap with black sequin bra.
The rest all comes from my invent.

Poses by Mimesis Monday, Frigg Ragu (Poses for Prose and Poetry); an awesome place where Cold took me and where I bought all these great poses for only L$ 10/each!

dikke kus

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Mix and Match et voila a colourfull outfit ^^

For the Opening party for 'The Sum of Our Parts' last Saturday at Nitroglobus gallery I needed a 'COLOURFULL outfit' arghhh
Not so easy coz normally I wear a lot of black and more darker shades in SL, sooo I went shopping ....
I found awesome dresses at dito shops, but not really suitable for the party from my point of view coz the work of Kynne Llewellyn & Alles Klaar is fun and cheerfull and my outfit should be tooo.

I dived into my closet and came up with the following: 

  • my favourit red evening dress the Paris Metro Masquerade Ball brushed ruby dress. However, when I walked over the mirorring floor of the main hall of our gallery the skirt didn't show ;-( 
  • I had to find another skirt to match the sheer smexy top, gloves and collar of the Masquerade Ball dress and I did: the AD Creation for Kenya project skirt (WAP Design Italian taste) which is also an old time fav. Lovely design and texture. Wearing the pants layer and the sculpted skirt.

I completed my outfit with:

  • SYSY's Tights bright SLink AE System compatible hotpink (love this box of stockings and tights) 
  • The Nemesis Adorable earrings honeysuckle (pink). Wow they fit super with the outfit.
  • Maitreya Mesh Radical boots Red Reptile (awesome as always)
  • Red lips: DT (Dutch Touch) Yri LIPstick Serie A nr 8 
  • DRD ChristineBW half mask (one of my fav items)
  • And my recent D!va hair Mimi with a pink cool ribbon (Mimi comes with a hud that gives you lots of different textures/colors)  
  • Skin is Belleza Mya
  • Mayfly Deep sky mesh eyes Monet Dusk

I was happy with my outfit/look and you know what ... I received lots of compliments for my 'colourfull dress'. Lol mix and match in economic crisis times.

Dikke kus

Monday 1 July 2013

Opening Party 29th June of 'The Sum of Our Parts' at Nitroglobus gallery

Just a few photos I took at the awesome opening party Saturday 29th June of the exhibition 'The Sum of Our Parts' by Kynne Llewellyn & Alles Klaar at Nitroglobus gallery.
Phew lots of work it has been the past days/week. But now Nitro and I will relax :-)

The work of Kynne and Alles will be on our walls till the end of July, so if you couldn't  tp in last nite no worries there is still time enough to go and visit this awesome exhibition.

Do take a look too at this very nice blog post our friend Pixie Rain wrote about the exhibition with lots of photos of the art work of both exhibitors. Love it! 
Thx soo much Pixie.

AND the lovely post of Kynne on Dolls and Demons. Thx soo much Kynne for your kind words. Appreciated muchly!  

More photos in Nitroglobus Flickr Group and on FB ^^

dikke kus

Also take a look at this short YouTube movie Nitro made of the exhibtion. Gives you an idea of what you can expect.