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Tuesday 31 May 2011

MIAMAI 3rd Anniversary

This weekend I received a note from MIAMAI announcing a 50% off Sale for VIP customers on a range of products selected. This Sale is part of the celebrations for their 3rd Anniversary and will be from 28 May to Friday 4 June. 
So no need to tell you I rushed over to MIAMAI and bought this awesome brown Henna jacket.  

Southpaw Selma's Gold Heirloom necklace (a bloggers review item)

Dikke kus

Pictures taken at reBourne Prefabs, The Ultimate skybox experience.

Mercy dress

Wow this is such a cute dress! It's called Mercy dress and it's CM (Cracked Mirror); it's simple but super and so nicely made. Wearing a bra underneath coz I felt like, sometimes i do ;-)

Also wearing new hair from A&A (Alli & Ali) called Charis in darkbrown. It's a bit too classy for this dress but what the heck, it's nice.

Furthermore, I am wearing my Blowpop seamed fishnet tights in black ripped and an awesome necklace and earrings of Finesmith Designs called Circles.

Dikke kus

Sunday 29 May 2011

Cats are grey

I love masks and this one (Split Pea 'All cats are grey') I found accidently when cleaning my closet. Arghh I have too many items (over 21 k) so I need to throw away stuff, but where do I start ... (hand in hair)
Anyway, this afternoon I received this cute SoO (Shades of October) Reach and Groan top as a bloggers review item. SoO will be participating in the Creature Feature Hunt (June 1 to June 30) put on by the Dead Dolls of SL group. More info about this hunt to be found here  
The item you are looking for in this hunt is a BONE.

pic taken by Fabio (thanks sweetie!!)

Furthermore showing you one of this weeks new Truth hairs called Teshan in quince. Wow, don't I look ravishing with this hair ;-)

The seamed fishnet tights are from Blowpop and OMG how I love them! I accidently stumbled on to them when visiting the Blowpop shop coz I bought some lingerie this afernoon to replace the stuff I lost in February (my entire lingerie folder gone ... drama). 

The animation (white box I am sitting on) is this Friday's FLF Olive Juice item called Sexy Sexin. Wow I love it!

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Hot Topic

Showing an awesome outfit called Hot Topic from SD Wears. Wow this black leather outfit is so nicely made and super sexy. Yeah it's a hot topic for sure. The texture of the leather and the sheer see through shirt layer to wear underneath the corset aww love it.

I went to Alpha Point this afternoon after receiving a tp from Andy. The sim is certainly worthwhile exploring; a sort of labyrinth and a mix of SF and steampunk. 

Dikke kus

Thanks to SD Wear for this awesome bloggers review item!

Saturday 28 May 2011

A Saturday spent shopping

This Saturday afternoon I was alone RL and SL, sooo I went shopping with my good friend Cath. We shopped for hair, no reason whatsoever but hey who doesn't need hair....
We ended up at the hair only mall where we couldn't resist buying some awesome hairs ;-)
Showing sWeet Hair sWeet FACEs Nathalie V1.0 blond 0.2. Long time ago I was a blond, but I love this hair, it looks super on my avi.

Furthermore, I bought the MIEL Tary outfit in Cinder. Yeah I know it's not so new anymore, so what it's gorgeous!

Dikke kus


A&M (Acid & Mala Creations) Smocked dress & shirt purple, which is the Super bargain Saturday item available for 60 L in front of the store. 

This FLF (Fifty Linden Friday) item Miel FRIENDO necklace which comes with a hud. You can change the text to your liking and change it again and again. Cool! Aww, I love it!

Thanks Justininho's for letting me use your house.  

Dikke kus

Thursday 26 May 2011



Showing the new BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) outfit Untouched in red (the outfit comes in many colours), a bloggers review item. I am a fan of BDR; look how detailed the sneakers are, the fluffy tail and aww what a consumptious outfit this is: so many items, layers and tattoo combinations. Luv it!
Enjoy being a neko or just wear without the tail and ears. Yeah I know I don't like pasties, but hey don't wanna show you my tits all the time, although they are gorgeous of course ;-)

Dikke kus

Thanks Cameron!


I adore poppies and there are so many many here at Two Sisters Market & Sweet Stuff Mall sim (thanks brother Michiel for the LM)! 

Showing you a bloggers review item called 'Blue Netty' of Graffitiwear that's quite hot coz it shows your nipples through the texture of the dress. Although you can of course hide them if you are shy with the pasties that are included in the outfit. 

The outfit comes with a cute white dice bracelet and earrings (not showing).

Furthermore wearing:
BeautyCode long pearl Necklace
Truth Sia hair in quince
Tesla fedora - we adore here
Randomocity boxing tape gloves in light blue
LouLou&Co bracelet crepuscule
Lelutka Sunkissed Friday (a skin I have for ages and found when cleaning skin folder in my inventory)
Artilleri antie eyes silent purple
TSS darken eyebrow piercing

Dikke kus

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Waterfall (Graffitiwear)

This outfit makes me feel soooo feminin. It's the Graffitiwear Waterfall outfit, which comes with a cute umbrella, a necklace (showing) and earrings. 
I love the colors. 
Also wearing the cute and tintable LiNe Tolay hat. Aww love this cute little tintable hat with the lace in front and the big bow. I think this will be a valued piece in my closet.

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items

Thanks Cerberus (G*Field GG)


Aww I love Cerberus, coz this is such a lovely gift she made for her G*Field group members! I know I am not the first to blog this Yellow/Flower set, but what the heck this is too good not to blog.
I especially like the lace on the bra and skirt and the cute bra with the detailed wrinkles and bow.  Yes really really nice! 

Feels like summer is here, so let the sunshine in....
Dikke kus

Iman Jumpsuit

When visiting TFG 9th Edition this evening I bought this blue VACKRA Iman Jumpsuit. It's nice for wearing around the house, ... but mmm to be honest I don't think I will. Well maybe I am not that much around the house ;-)

The blue bracelet I am wearing is called .Legit. steampunk and a bloggers review gift. 

I slipped into my beloved League Sia Bloom skin, with the YS&YS freckles add tattoo layer and the Irish red Lelutka Rykiel hair (aww I adore this hair and consider buying more colours, coz it's sooo cool). 

A special thanks to Fabio for taking this awesome picture and let me use it for this blog entry. Luv yah sweetie ;-)
Dikke kus

Lawless Vilda and Sarah

This evening I went to a sort of balloon with an awesome steampunk-style captains cabin (thanks Fabio for the tp). I took loads of photo's of many new item I wanted to show you:

First of all Sassy CAW (Celtic Amazon Warriors) Hunt for Life gift called Lawless. This hunt with fantasy and roleplay prices is being run from 16 May till 16 July to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. I like this outfit.

Moreover, I am wearing the Essences Sarah skin which I bought for little money at the 9th Edition of the TFG (The Fashion Garret). To be honest I am not enthousiastic about this skin. I prefer Katy, which too is an Essences skin I bought at TFG. 

I finally went to the Shoe Fair and could not resist buying these awesome G*Field Open Boots 'Vilda' in beige and black. Wow love them!
Moverover, I took demo's of awesome heels but... pfff have to wait till the ship with money comes sailing in ;-)

Dikke kus

Monday 23 May 2011


This is the new outfit of BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) called Rapture. I decided to unpack the brown version instead of the black one for a change ;-)
Rapture exists of many many different layers and sculpted parts with various options and comes in 9 colours. I am 
not wearing tail and ears in the photo, although they are lovely. The nice brown boots are part of the outfit too. All textures are so detailed; yeah guess I am definitely a fan of BDR designs.
Thanks for the bloggers review item Cameron.

Futhermore wearing this weeks other new Truth hair called Cecilia streaked - copper. Love this hair on my avi. 

Picture taking at House of V, while dancing with Fabio at the awesome music of DJ Justininho.

Dikke kus and nite nite

Sunday 22 May 2011

Miku and La Dance bikini

And again another lovely Truth hair called Miku (one of 2 new releases this week Cecilia and Miku). It has a cute small bow that is tintable as are the streaks of course. 

Also showing a purple with white lace sculpted bikini (no layers whatsoever only 2 sculpties one for the bra and one for the pants) from AnaLee Balut (ALB Dream Fashion) called 'La Dance'. Wow this is nice! Showing you the front and the back, coz both are lovely and so detailed.

Dikke kus

PS Thanks  Analee Balut for the bloggers review item!

Caged at ReBourne

There is a large cage at the awesome ReBourne moroccan skybox, which contains a few poses, one of them is nadu. Don't I look like an obedient slave girl ....

Wearing my new Willow Doric bra and undies in grape. 
More info about the sales (50% off) going on at Willow see my blog entry about this nice store: http://exploringslwithdido.blogspot.com/2011/05/willow.html   

Dikke kus and have a nice Sunday!

Friday 20 May 2011


I love this Rebourne skybox soooo much! So I went back there this evening to blog a few new items:

Graffitiwear Kitty Cat Nighties in blue. The pack comes with tail and cute headbank (not shown here)  NEW
Graffitiwear Trash jeans (yeah I like those jeans!)  NEW
Finesmith Giz necklace bronze  NEW
DECO Bloom heels Licorice (FLF 20-05-2011)  NEW

DECO Bloom heels

Thanks Graffitiwear for the bloggers review items

Dikke kus

Timmy Sensual

Flying high up in the sky where the light of the sun is so awesome and there's nothing to spoil my view on another Jetpack gift of Fabio. 

Wearing a bloggers review item I received today: Timmy SENSUAL brown minidress. The dress comes with sculpted neck flower and a nicely made prim skirt with a separate prim pink flower. I like this dress, the draped skirt gives it a feminin touch, so yeah it's sensual alright ;-)

Also wearing:
Essences Katy 01 skin
Lelutka Rykiel hair - IrishRed
Poetic Color Eyes - Easter Lilac
.HoD. Fallen Necklace
LouLou&Co crepuscule gloves and bracelets

Dikke kus

Tuesday 17 May 2011


 Beaded Cardigan - Beige

Ricci Cardi - Hawk

Hey ladies there's a sales (50% off) going on at Willow and they really have gorgeous stuff here. Sales ends at 27th May if I am well informed sooo no hurries. It's a cute store so I want to show you 2 cardigans I bought (as well as a cute lingerie set):

Pic 1:
Willow Beaded Cardigan - Beige
Willow Doric Bra - Grape
Fishy Strawberry Cargo shorts brown (TDR april 2011)
[e]Move pumps - antique
arghhh I bought new hair: Lelutka Rykiel - IrishRed (luv it!)

Pic 2:
Willow Ricci Cardi - hawk
Willow Doric Bra - Grape
MichaMi cropped & slouchy pants in gray
Necklace: Happy Finds : dark owl necklace (collectors item, no longer available)
Gloves: LouLou&Co Crepuscule

Dikke kus

Toxicat at Neko Playground

Fun, fun, fun playing at the Neko playground
I went there to have fun as well as take pictures of this new awesome Toxicat outfit of BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich). 

The Toxicat outfit consists of many, many items as well as different options. Of course it contains the ears, tail, paws (with or without footprints) and claws, but it also has several pair of gloves (wearing the long version with nails), different socks, lots of make up tattoo layers, a gasmask, etc

I am showing you Toxicat Purple, but the outfit is also available in hot pink, blue, yellow, orange, red, white, green and cyan.
Well it was fun to be a neko for a change! Although I did miss my neko friend Kooky to play with.

Dikke kus

Thanks Cameron for the bloggers review item!

Monday 16 May 2011

Beach girl

TrendStyle - OMG, so sexy bikini in black

Don't I look like a Bond girl who just rose from the ocean?
Well this 'OMG, so sexy' bikini (lol what a name) is cute. It comes in many colours, so if you don't like black no problem.
The nicely made and well fitting belt is .Legit.

 .Legit. Stars and Spikes belt in black
Dikke kus

DJ Ali in his Blue Sky booth

Let's all swing on the tunes of DJ Ali in his Blue Sky 'DJ Booth Wood'. Wow super details and sooo well made! Love it!

Your DJ this evening is wearing:
JeSyLiLo Ali shape and tan skinJ1   NEW
BM (Black Maria) Tiara hair black
Kanival 86.Grunge Mania tattoo

MichaMi cropped & slouchy pants in gray (which are actually female pants, but lol who cares I make a handsome guy don't I ;-)

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their blogger review items!

Sunday 15 May 2011


Yep this is me posing as Botticelli's Venus. I luv it!
Thanks Fabio ;-)

Dikke kus

Saturday 14 May 2011

The truth and nothing but the truth ...

Yeah yeah new Truth hair: showing you Sia, new release 13 May, aww love this one! And you know what my skin is called SIA toooooo (League). So I am SIA girl ;-)
Btw the guy sitting next to me on the pic is Fabio, he makes awesome pics, better than me lol.

Dikke kus

Thanks Truth for the bloggers review item.

Wednesday 11 May 2011


My brother Michiel AFTER his makeover :
DNA Damien - skin
W&B Mens - Long sleeve beige
Scars - Jeans

Yep this is my SL brother Michiel Bechir AFTER his makeover. A while ago we went shopping coz he definitively needed new skin, hair, eyes, AO and clothes. Michiel was still wearing his first SL hair and skin .... arghhh .... men!
Anyway, I took him shopping and OMG that guy is fast. He bought all within the hour: we entered a shop, he looked around, found something he liked and bought, next shop... etc. Wow!
Anyway the result is shown in the pictures above: the new Michiel after his makeover: a handsome guy! I am proud to be his SL sister.

Especially coz Michiel is also a gifted photographer, who already had several expositions of his work in SL. 
This week I was his model in a photoshoot. You can find the result (4 awesome pics) on his FlickR page: 

my brothers 'old' look
Dikke kus

Lucky Board Y&R

Just to let you know there is a new Lucky Board gift at Y&R : the Floral Tight dress. It's all lace and aww I like it!
So get your asses to Y&R and wait till your first letter or nummber appears on the Lucky Board. Success!

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designer for the bloggers review item
P.S. Cath I included the LM especially for you ;-)

Dikke kus

Blindfolded by BDR

 Insomnia (exclusive top which is Maitreya bra top, coz I don't like pasties)

Beautiful Sin

Today I received a bloggers review pack from BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) containing 2 outfits called Insomnia and Beautiful Sin, which inspired me to go to a naughty place, awww

Both outfits contain many items: a scripted tail, ears, boots, skirt, panties, top, jacket, blindfold, scarf, several make up tattoo layers and more, with which you can make many many combinations. 
I like the quality of the textures. Take a look at the high waisted leather skirt of the Insomnia outfit: love it!

I drooled over the mask and blindfold coz they fitted so well with hardly any adjustment (both are scripted). 
Yep this is not the regular ballroom stuff but so well made and fun too ;-)

Dikke kus