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Tuesday 29 September 2015

Empty gallery

Hope to change soon

Saturday 26 September 2015

Exploring Metamorfaces

This afternoon I visited Metamorfaces, an installaton at LEA10 by the creative Art(istik) Oluja. 

The notecard one receives at entrance point explains the installation, which is RL based and tells Art's impressive story:   
One morning, I woke up to troubled dreams, and realized, I was in a state  of metamorphosis. Like a spider trapped under skin, paralysis slowly crawled across my face, suffocating the sensation in my lips, then taking away my ability to taste, swallow, or speak normally. For the following months the distortion continued; I couldn't smile, frown, laugh or cry, and had become hyper-sensitive to sound. 
At night, I would tape down my eyelid to sleep, and think about how to accept my new face, my new mask. I had to learn to express myself despite my lack of facial expression. I had to learn to be me, transformed. 
(...In the meantime, I was quietly wandering SL’s landscapes, exploring and observing the loss of prims in SL, a transformation that resonated with me, as more and more prims faded away, and the grid’s face also went through a phase of distortion as it was gradually injected with more and more Mesh.)
My face was a Bonsai tree, raw and torn out of place; submitting to doctors, to technology.  Organic roots shifted, branches pierced with wire, twigs tamed, leaves refined. 
6 months of drugs, electric therapy, and facial exercises later, I began to heal. 
Now, almost two years since I woke up on that Kafkaesque morning, I present Metamorfaces as a metaphor of my story, my journey of transformation. It made me realize, more than ever, that I am a process of constant flux, learning. 

Don't forget to take the cool free transparent mask that hides your facial expressions. Everywhere are objects with poses, and green boxes that will tp you around the different parts of the installation.

I hope these snapshots give you an idea of the place, which is definitely worth your visit!
Here's your taxi to Metamorfaces

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
dikke kus


Friday 25 September 2015

Nitroglobus gallery worth a visit

back from my RL holiday and posing in our gallery (Nitroglobus)

Two pics I made before I went on RL holiday to Majorca. Saying goodbye to Nitro, my dear partner and co-owner of Nitroglobus gallery in his workshop, which is situated in the outer part of our gallery.

In the main hall of Nitroglobus gallery we still have the work of famous machinima artist Tutsy NAvArAthnA and the awesome mesh sculptures my partner Nitro, made especially for this exhibition 'Serie Noire'. 
In case you didn't have time to visit yet, here's your taxi to Nitroglobus gallery.

Some impressions and last but not least the poster of the exhibition 'Serie Noire':

poster, based on one of the works by the artist 

dikke kus

Thursday 10 September 2015

Autumn leaves

NEW and soooo lovely and wonderfully made with an eye for details: the Jinx mesh Shainia jacket in brown (brun) and the Shainia boots, for which I chopped off my Lara mesh feet :-)
The outfit is one of the Jinx exclusive items for the Color Me Project round: Autumn Colors, from 10-19 September.
Jinx has 3 more items for this event and all have a 50% discount (L$ 125).

The Kaa horns I grew are also Jinx and are their item for the Fair Play event. Currently available at a discounted price of L$ 99. The horns come with a HUD that lets you change the color.

Yeah lots of Jinx stuff here, coz the NEW Atumn Leaves Poses shown in 2 of the pictures are available in the Jinx Fantasy store items (50% off and now 50 L$).
The poses come with a HUD, in the form of an autumn leave, that lets you change poses; luv it!

NEW is also the AD (Analog Dog) non-rigged mesh/flex hair Sassafras. It's fun after such a long time to wear (partly) flex hair again. 

The blond hair on the other two photos is of course MINA's Aranka (exclusive for FaMESHed last April): not new but still gorgeous 

The awesome suspender and the stockings are Erratic Delice lingerie for Maitreya Lara mesh avi, which I bought at Collabor88 last month.

Yeah there's a new Collabor88, but impossible to tp in coz the sim is full. I will keep on trying of course.

dikke kus

Sunday 6 September 2015

Boho and more

Mayfly Luminous Mesh eyes London Dusk (NEW)
!IT! Gitana Necklace 9, which actually are 3 strings separate strings
[e]Lena Exclusives hair by Elikatira - although being a MINA hair addict, I like this hair as well as the color
Super cool pink Boho Fitmesh top by HUDSON (the Boho set comes with a belted skirt, not shown)

From my closet:
Lola Helena Mini skirt (animals)
LalALa bracelet orient by LeeZu
Maitreya Lara mesh avi

And then the weekend is almost over :-(
dikke kus

London Dusk

NEW Mayfly Luminous mesh eyes London Dusk. Love them, they are simply Gorgeous, as is the new HUD that lets you resize and move the eyes back and forth in a very simple way. 
Thanks sooo much Arkesh for this awesome review pack!

dikke kus and have a good weekend