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Saturday 28 November 2020

hEIN! in the Mix with particles by Venus Adored @ Nitroglobus


poster of the event

On 23 November I organized a music event in the gallery with dj hEIN! tuning and Venus Adored shooting particles. It was super cool, loved the music and the visuals.

NICO made a cool short video of this event at Nitroglobus Gallery with accompanying music supplied by hEIN. 
Many many images were made. I will show you some and of course share the video here:

Some images by me and some made by Traci:

main players

hEIN by Traci

Venus by Traci

Mareea by Traci

the maker of the video

Obi my family

Next event will be the opening of the December exhibition on Sunday 6 December at 12 pm SLT. 

Thursday 12 November 2020

Camouflage in the press & party time

image made by Traci herself in the gallery
Monday, 9 November was the official opening of the exhibition 'Camouflage' by Traci, the November exhibition@ Nitroglobus with a party. DJ Ferdy tuned and Venus Adored shot great particles. 

That same afternoon two great reviews were posted which I will share here:

Inara Pey visited the gallery and wrote an article about Camouflage in her blog Living in a Modem world.

Oema wrote an article in her blog Virtuality about Camouflage and moreover she made a super cool video, which I share here:


During the party I did my utmost to make as many snapshots of visitors as possible, while in the meantime talking in IM and chat. 
When you didn't visit Traci's awesome exhibition yet, I urge you to do so. You won't regret. Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus

Some snapshots:


Hein and Romina

Feur and Hermes

DJ Ferdy at work

Ed and Metukah

Dix and Syrra


Akim, who used this snapshot, edited and placed his version on Flickr






Pepe Sevilla

Rage without Terra, who just left (pink dancng ball still there)




Talon, Traci's SL sister

Tansee and Delain

Traci in front of her 'art boxes'

Venus shooting particles



at the end of the party