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Sunday 31 October 2010


wearing the new Truth Tamina hair (red pack) I love it!
Last FLF L.Fauna halloween cat make-up
Neko stuff: ears and tail are a last years halloween gift
Crazy Clam outfit
Redgrave Jessica skin 

Dikke kus 

Dancing at Key West

Last night we went dancing at Key West. So much fun. Most avi's present were already in cool halloween outfits. Matt and me we loved it. 
My fav place since SL ages: always great music, great DJ's, kind people and... nice conversation. Thanks Liz you make this place rock! 

Dikke kus

Wearing: new Truth hair Tamina cherry 

Saturday 30 October 2010



I met Mysti when I was Halloween hair hunting. We talked and became friends, she took me to her fav hair/skin shop, DrLife and invited me to her home. I asked her if I could do a blog item on her because she has such a cute avi. 
Yesterday I visited her at her home in the sky, above the house of her SL parents, whom she knows now for 2 years. Two years is a long time in SL, Mysti puts it down to the fact that her SL Mum is always around when she needs help and that she has been a support right from the beginning.

I liked her home immediately, it's lovely and so nicely decorated. Mysti told me she spends a lot of time there. When I asked her why a child avi she said  'that's a long story, do you have enough time?' I told her I had, so she told me the whole story.

Afterwards we went dancing and had great fun. She is a nice person and don't let her avi misguid you she is a bright intelligent woman!

Thanks so much Mysti for letting me in!
Dikke kus

Mysti is wearing:
Skin: DrLife Skin SilkGirl Crystal -Natural-0
Hair: DrLife healthy hair Lene-Wave(All Color)
Shape: a unique shape made by Circe Ishtari, Tokyo.Girl/NATSU Shapes & Skins - Asian Petite Mainstore
Clothes: Hello Kitty Shirt and Jeans from Catz Ninetails

Thursday 28 October 2010


Smiling and me visited this creative 'art experience' at SaliMar, an enchanting very well made sim. Smiling said 'there goes my reputation when you blog this item.....' Sorry sweetie, but I think many will be interested to have a look at this artistic sim.
Salimar is a residential place, a medieval Tuscany kind of town on a hill, where people can share art experiences. It's also a community you can join, the SaliMar group organizes music events and other forms of art. There is even a blog: http://salimarblog.com
All made possible by the gentle owners and builders of the place Mila and Rod. 

Smiling and me we did not have much time to wander around the place. I entered (of course) with my feet in the water and we walked over the bottom of the ocean beneath the legs of a giant woman to a small exhibition place where we found hot artistic nude pictures, a sort of SL porn or was it the Second Life Botticelli?
I liked the pictures; high quality. I show you the hottest one (of course, big smile).

The house in the sky is great fun too. Well don't linger go and explore. Here's your taxi to SaliMar

Dikke kus

'Second Life Botticelli'?

PS the grey sweater I am wearing is the Ronsem halloween gift for guys and girls.  

Tuesday 26 October 2010


Finesmith Jewelry

Today I received a bloggers package and .... well look at me isn't this breathtaking and beautiful, awww I love it; the Finesmith Disturbia collection-veil. Wow!

Some background info about the store and jewelry shown:

"Finesmith Jewelry style about...." a challenging styling contest. The contest will run for 10 weeks and every week there's one unique theme that will test your creative stylings! Research the fashion and art styles using exclusively the Jewelries from Finesmith Jewelry. Create that one breath taking look that will take you to the finals. Intrepret the theme into your own vision and let's see it on the runway.
This week (week no. 3) - Manierism

And a request of Yula Finesmith: Contest Ms FS*Stylista 
FS Jewelry is looking for a unique model, one with the ability to see the right styling for the JS creations. The winning model will get exposure in SL and lead the Finesmith campaign. High payment and exposure. Interested? IM  Yula Finesmith.

Dikke kus

Mr. and Mrs Redgrave

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Redgrave..
Nope this is not my first Redgrave skin and I'm sure it will not be my last, but hey I love the new Jessica skin, coz it's so different from all the others I have. I bought it after walking around in the demo version for a few days ;-)
This skin makes me a redhaired girl and I like it for a change. Lots of freckles, red lips and smokey eyes.

Matt is wearing his Redgrave Cruz skin, although he bought a demo of Craig, the new Redgrave male skin a few days ago, which is btw awesome on his avi. However, he did not have time to go and buy it. 

Taxi to Redgrave
Dikke kus

Sunday 24 October 2010

Mysterious Wave

This afternoon Smiling was here and he tp-ed me to an awesome sim called 'Mysterious Wave', aww really enchanting AND this time I entered the place with dry feet (landed on solid ground). Well not for long coz there's a lot of water there. 

The sim is made by the French artist Cherry Manga. No notecard or other info to be obtained so I clicked on the land and I got the following info: 'sim minimalist , sculptures exhibition on a musical and outstanding atmosphere that inspires creativity . A world apart: art, sculpture, concert and plant by Cherry Manga , Elfe Imako & Anley Piers'. 

Wow Smiling and me we liked the place; so creative and full of surprises and works of art. Reminded me a bit of Bryn Oh's Immersiva

We walked around and of course I took too many pictures. We noticed Cherry was there and we IM-ed her. A friendly lady, telling us we were welcome to explore and blog ;-)
Let my pictures tell the story...

Intrigued like to see more? Here is your taxi to Mysterious Wave
Have fun!
Dikke kus

Saturday 23 October 2010

walking together

Walking together .... not easy but we did it!
Dikke kus

barbed wire


Crazy Leire Grey Top
COCO Shirt and Parka CheckRed (GG October)
Apple May Designs Berry White smart skirt
COCO flatAnkleBoots Red (Christmas GG)
Action Womens Craze Sox Xmas style 05
MINA Jean Pure Orange
Redgrave Jessica (demo, love it...have to go there and buy it)

Have a nice weekend!
Dikke kus

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Tea Hunt

Posing with my friend Ner for a blog item about the Tea Hunt for her blog The SL Fashionista. No doubt she will give all the details in her blog of the stuff we are wearing, sooooo being a lazy girl I will merely mention we are wearing 'some of the prices'  ;-)
Awesome stuff btw (kimono's, boots, sweaters, leggings, hair, skin, umbrella, etc). What are you waiting for...go and hunt.
Tea Hunt at Mijn's place

Mijn's; an enchanting place worth a visit
Dikke kus

Fitting under bridges...

[Create-Clix] Beach House / Home High Detail
Mmm, it's because I really like this beach house and it's on sale (ONLY TODAY) for 100 L$ that I blog it. I received a kind of spam mail from the owner Clix Akros. But hey, what the heck that's marketing AND it's a nice house, low prim (164) and not too large (30x12 meters). Interested? More details see the link or IM the maker.

//me wonders if it fits under bridges so Matt can exchange his box for this b.house... (big smile).

Dikke kus

Over the top?

with my fav guy Matt and his creation MD-1

Matt and me testing MD-1 at a deserted beach. MD-1 can move around on his own now. 
My outfit is definitely over the top: looking like Harry Potter's older sis, arghh.
In case you wanna be a member of the Potter family too here's the stylecard:

+YRCooL bubly girl jean pants (part of opening gift for their new shop)
Plastik PrototypeTop Tornup Orange (part of the extensive Halloween gift)
LaVie top hat Lady (halloween hunt gift)
COCO black belt (group gift)
Fishy Strawberry college glasses
CoL Naomi smoke cardigan (part of outfit with tee and jeans)
B.Nutts star necklace (FF2 hunt gift)
Magika Delora Red hair pack (group gift)
YS and YS Sharon skin

MD-1 is wearing: nothing but his green skin and flex ears

Matt is wearing: arghhh no idea but I really love his jeans and sweater. Was it at Redgrave where he bought this outfit? Have to ask him. He looks cool, yep a hunk alright. 

Dikke kus

Halloween at G*Field

Wearing this years G*Field halloween gifts and ditto boots  

Halloween black and orange stripe Erika dress and borelo set
Halloween spider web tights, which come in a pack of 4 colors (black, orange, purple and sheer black) and ... 

a super gift for only 50 L$ the short western boots Halloween special pumpkin pattern, available till 31st October. OMG I love them!

Above that G*Field has a Halloween Sale: selected Black and Orange items are 50% off.
Thanks Cerberus you are so generous! 

Dikke kus

Michiel Bechir, a photographer

one of the works of Michiel
not a standard exhibition area 
posing with my friend Michiel in front of one of his works  

Yesterday evening I had an appointment with my friend Michiel to talk about the exhibition in which he is taking part with 4 of his works. Wow this exhibition space was not the regular dull building, but an open space with lots of flowers and grass.  

Let me start with introducing Michiel Bechir: he is Dutch like me and one of the few SL friends I have known for ages. We both love travelling a lot in RL as well as in SL. He sends me LM's to awesome places and sometimes we go exploring together.
He is also one of the few SL friends with whom I share RL info. For instance last year he informed me about a super nice villa with a private pool on the Greek isle of Cephalonia in which he had stayed in spring. I went there in autumn and had a lovely holiday at this truly awesome villa and ditto island.  

Michiel explained his passion for taking pictures in SL and showing them to a broad audience:

'I try to capture exceptional and/or beautiful places in SL. Most of the time my pictures don't show people but landscapes and special constructions, but also surroundings that have unique characteristics. The new SL viewers have extensive possibilities to adjust the settings (i.e. sky & water) which I like to experiment with. I try to picture an SL place in a way I experience it, I seek the ultimate representation.  
The places I shoot are usually very quiet, that's why I have the idea not many people know about these unique places. With my pictures I hope in a modest way to give more publicity to these awesome sims, and inspire people to visit them.
I noticed the quality of the sims is getting better and better over the years, which inspires me to seek new worlds that are suitable to shoot.'

Inspired, like to visit? Here is your taxi to the exibition space.
More work of Michiel can be seen on Flickr

Dikke kus

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Brownie and MD-1

Yesterday I definitely must have been in a brown mood.

Phoenix Rising (or rather Phoenix closing): Tastee Gold dress which comes with a cute black belt (for only L$ 1!). Although lag is killing it definitely is worthwhile paying a visit to this Closing Sale. 
R.icielli Misseiling maroon jacket
Bax Prestige boots brown leather
Fishy Strawberry college glasses
Magika Delora hair blond (gift)
YS and YS Sharon skin combined with L.Fauna Dimples Freckles layer
TonkTastic biker gloves

MD-1 the prototype 

And now for something completely different: spot the prototype green robot on the picture above; it's called MD-1. It's Matt's first creation in SL, awesome isn't it. It follows you around and guess what, it has flexie ears arghhh. I love it! 
But best part is; this is only the prototype, MD-1 will be able to fly around on it's own and Matt biggest wish is to have MD-1 talk to me ..... (big smile)  

Dikke kus

Sunday 17 October 2010

Rising from the Myst

Wearing HoWear awesome outfit 'Rising from the Myst' which was the 25 L$ outfit yesterday (and I guess this whole weekend).
Comes with skin, eyes, shape (not shown coz I love my own shape and skin tooo much).

Dikke kus

taxi to HoWear


This awesome black lace Armony (AG37) evening gown (made of lace only), uber sexy and see through is a gift of Mattia. He said he would hide at the other end of SL after giving me coz he was not sure if I would like it, hey no need to, I love it!
Thanks Mat kiss!

Dikke kus

Friday 15 October 2010


Yep, he was here my dear friend Smiling ;-) ... sighs yeah finally we met again. And of course he tp-ed me into an awesome sim. He always does, this one is called Embryo

  after all HE is the artist ....

I went back there this evening coz wow this is such a nice sim, so much to see, so many pictures to take.
Showing you some.

Wearing my new YunA's hair (no. 22) and my HoWear outfit of the day called 'Enforcer'. Also wearing my 'new' YS&YS Sharon skin. 

Go and explore this awesome sim!
Dikke kus

Thursday 14 October 2010


Arghh I did it, I bought a skin! Feels like long, long time ago, .... and nope it's not a new one coz this demo has been in my inventory for ages , but I never had the heart to throw this demo skin away coz I really really liked it. And now (no idea why) I bought it, just like that. Hey I love it; it's called Sharon and from YS&YS

LAQ Kira hair
and ... my HoWear 'Enforcer' outfit of today. OMG lot of latex/leather... ;-)

Dikke kus

Sunday 10 October 2010

Beige Raincoat

Pff due to a busy RL weekend I had no time to blog this lovely coat, last FLF item of Surf Couture; the Corriedale coat. 
However, I simply cannot resist blogging this coat coz I really really like it. It's so elegant and classy and .. so autumn-like. Therefore, here I am in beige ;-)

Maitreya Allure Girdle and Stockings black
Bax Prestige Boots Beige
Zaara Ballari Gold earrings
Fri.day Tatum hair Moody Brown
Dutch Touch Cleo skin
And... wearing the 'Dream Umbrella', a present of Smiling.

Dikke kus

Thursday 7 October 2010


Aww too many Halloween gift. Love it! Showing you some of my fav's, hey where are those Halloween parties? 

D!va Chiaki hair Amber Forelock (include the scripted hat!). This is the 7000 member Group Gift.
Crazy Boo (Halloween outfit: leggings, Tee, Tee sculptures). Gift in shop.
Miel Elle uber bow (FLF item)
SLink Lra MaryJane heels (Subscribo Gift)

Love Soul Halloween dress purple
MINA FTLO Halloween huntgift: Lulu hair dark chocolate special ed. and Amanite Hat (orange mushroom hat I call it). I received bloggers preview item. Thanks Mina kiss.

To add some autumn color to the scene I took the BC Fall Parasol from my invent. Love this item, one of my fav.

Dikke kus

hO wEAr - outfits of the day

hO wEAr is certainly a group worthwhile joining! You daily receive info about their 'Outfit of the Day', which is available in store for only 25 L$!
I am getting into the Halloween mood and therefore liked to blog this hO wEAr outfit called 'Out of the Shadows2', existing of prim skirt, panties or pants, lots of sculpture parts for the armor and.. a scripted crystal spear. 

Btw today's (7 Oct) hO wEAr outfit is 'Halloween Harlequin'. Cute, arghhh I want this one toooooo

URL for info about hO wEAR outfit of the day 

Mattia joined me. He created an outfit combining several freebies from his closet. Cool look! I think I will ask him more often to help me! The graveyard is a spooky place, dogs walking around, ghosts and beggars .... but hey it's almost halloween!

Dikke kus

Stylecard Dido

hO wEAr : outfit of the day 'Out of the shadows2' (existing of a scripted crystal spear, prim skirt, panties or pants and lost of sculpture parts for the armor).
Wearing the Halloween MINA FTLO huntgift hair (bloggers preview), which comes with a lovely orange mushroom hat. Will show more later.
The Plastik halloweenskin-Ghost smoke smoke (Halloween gift 2009)

Stylecard Mattia:
Patrick Shirt, Pants and Kragen from the Women's Black Master outfit
La Perla / Radhan Cape lang zusan

Wednesday 6 October 2010


Yep this is him, his name is Mattia. Yeah I know he is an SL noob, but he is super IT smart and so fast. I told him he doesn't need a coach anymore, but well he didn't leave and me I do really like him to stay. Big smile, oh and of course he is Italian... 
(me/ wonders what it is I have with Italian men)


Monday 4 October 2010


When I see a staircase nowadays I cannot help but take extra care when descending. Reason: I felt down RL stairs a few months ago. I won't bother you with drama stories, but I was shaken when the Xray pics taken last week showed that my back did break during that fall. At least this explains why there is still pain after months of sessions with my physio/manual- therapist. 
So this 'broken' girl in RL shows you an intact girl in SL sitting on the stairs.

FIR and MNA The Dorset coat charcoal (FLF 1st Oct)
Plastik Boudoir dress Magnolia
LeeZu Corazon stockings gold
R2 Ankle boots Pumehana elua Orange  (50% off coz of the Halloween Wagon sale at the Love Soul sim, which will last till 15 October).

L.Fauna Dimples Freckles
League Taylor Sunkiss
MINA hair Jean
XTC Shirley lace gloves
Dikke kus

Saturday 2 October 2010

Sitting on a fence...

Halloween must be close coz I received this skin gift and arghhh it's bloody and looks pretty weirdo. Sitting on a fence (with 10 different poses all very cute), which is a gift of Glitterati.

Wearing lots of new stuff:

cStar Miss Hallowtober*2010 Edition Pale skin
League Native Dress, Necklace and Waist Tie-Belt (Project Themeory, with this week subject 'Birds and Beasts')
Ankle boots R2 Pumehana elua Orange

Stuff from my invent:
L.Fauna Dimples Freckles Pale (FLF) 
MINA hair Lulu dark chocolate
Poetic Color eyes Easter Lilac (freebie)

Have a nice weekend!
Dikke kus