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Sunday 27 January 2013

Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray. 

Photo taken at Nitroglobus Gallery; standing in front of surrealistic art works by Mistero Hifeng. Until half February you can visit the exhibition Hidden Faces by Mistero Hifeng and Nitro Fireguard at Nitroglobus.

When shopping last Friday nite at Maitreya I met Polly, who has a gorgeous avi and moreover is a kind and friendly person. We talked for quite some time and she didn't hesitate to tell me where she had bought this gorgeous mesh open cardigan Carla in beige, which looks so soft and comfy. Love at first sight; I had to have it and rushed over to Blueberry to buy it.

The lovely Amourous fallen Gray necklace I am wearing is a Bday gift of my dear friend Mina. I love it, thanks so much Mina!  

Another new item is the Loose Denim short by GizzA. I saw this in a recent blog post of Neva Crystall. Great textures, details and colors! 

At Collabor 88 I bought this really gorgeous D!va hair Kalli in Citrine. 
Hey this looks soo real; luvvv this flex hair!

Leather mesh skirt Frensa in black, which I also bought at Blueberry 
(thx again Polly ^^)

Backside of the Carla cardigan/hoodie AND my new Maitreya Gold Suave Raven heels. After all a girl cannot have enough shoes.

Furthermore wearing:
League Sia Medium Bloom skin.
Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes Monat Dawn Shadows
Sparkly Ephelant part-Che wildflowers tattoo
[K] facial tattoo Winterbloom in black
TSS darken eyebrow piercing
Fishy Strawberry Poisonous Lotus Top black (former FLF item)
Water fire diamond ring & Mrs Haas ring, both made by Nitro
Dutch Touch Yri lipstick Serie A nr 6 (former VipsONLY item)
SLINK mesh hands elegant

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 
dikke kus

Thursday 24 January 2013


rezz day

Last evening we had a masked party at Nitroglobus Gallery for the opening of the exhibition 'Hidden Faces' by Mistero Hifeng & Nitro AND .. it was my rezz day. Yeah, I am six years old now phew!

A sincere thanks too all my friends who came and celebrated with us! Luv yah.
dikke kus

Tuesday 22 January 2013

More Exploring: DangerInEvolution

DangerInEvolution by Kicca Igaly & Nessuno Myoo; a cool place to explore!

Found these cool photos in my folder 'exploring' and revisited them this evening to make sure they still exist. They do and are certainly worthwhile exploring. Great detail and colors. 
Have fun!

Nite nite
dikke kus

Exploring SL: Arrival & Immersiva

Soo many nice installations atm. Didn't have time to blog before coz of my work at the gallery for the present exhibition 'Hidden Faces' and this Wednesday (23 January) opening party.  

Showing you photos I took at Rose Borchovski her installation 'The Arrival' and at Bryn Oh's Immersiva.

The Arrival (taxi): 


Immersiva (taxi):

me and my shadow ^^

Sunday 20 January 2013

Blue Lavinia

Photo taken at The Arrival the new installation of Rose Borchovski at LEA, which is sooooo awesome! I had been exploring before and went back this evening.
Rose wrote an extensive notecard about the different meanings of her installation. It's intriguing but I won't blog here, just go and look/read for yourself!

Sysy's mesh top Aquarius in steelblue. Wow luv this one and it comes in many cool colors. Fits super and great quality and texture.
Thx so much Sysy for this awesome Bloggers Preview item!

Furthermore wearing Lavina my fav Truth mesh hair of this week. Super cool hair, I luv it! 
Also NEW is my shape: Nadja (wearing model) from Anna Shapes. I love their shapes! This one is less voluptuous (no big tits) but soo cool. 

The rest (among them the super fitting Maitreya mesh zipper jeans) all comes from my closet and ....  when you are a regular reader of my blog posts you will recognise ^^. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
dikke kus

Saturday 19 January 2013

Masked Party at Nitroglobus

Masked Party time this Wednesday evening 23 January (12.00 -2.30 pm SLT = 21.00 - 23.30 hrs Paris time) at Nitroglobus Gallery.

We are celebrating the opening of the exhibition 'Hidden Faces' by Mistero Hifeng (photography) & Nitro Fireguard (sculptures).

You are all welcome IF you wear a mask/veil or blindfold i.e. hide your face ^^
Cu Wednesday!

dikke kus

Friday 18 January 2013

Hold my skirt

Wearing 'Le Noir' a TDS (The Dark Swamp) outfit by Cherry Manga; awesome creative lady. Le Noir exists of sculpted parts only and black crows holding my fragile skirt ^^

The Glo.Brandy.Bare V skin I wear is from DS (Dulce Secrets) and a Bloggers Review item. I like this skin.

Pose used is from Ovation called OV Cara. I didn't know this shop, but I like the Cara poses, they fit my avi super and are tasteful and delicate. Thanks Hallie for this awesome Bloggers Review item!

For a change I am wearing blond mesh Edith hair by Truth, which comes including the tintable hat (hud). My fav of the 3 Truth hairs of the past week.

Wow, we just decided on a date for the opening party of 'Hidden Faces' exhibition at Nitroglobus Gallery: Wednesday 23 January it will be.
And you know what.... that's also my rezz day! Arghhh lol I will be 6 yrs old. 

dikke kus

Thursday 17 January 2013

Cheeky Vanya in front of Hidden Faces

When I was in the galllery I met my Italian friend Alexandra who was wearing this lovely Aria outfit. Wow, had to have it, sooo I joined Cheeky group and received this mesh Group Gift. The outfit is one, so no separate sweater and shirt. It's really nice; look at the textures of the sweater... arghhh luv it!
Haven't takenAria off for the last days lol!

Moreover I am wearing Vanya one of this weeks cool Truth hairstyles. Mmm, yeah I know I am late blogging it. Reason: soo busy in Nitroglobus gallery with changing exhibitions.
Look at the awesome artwork I am posing in front of; one of Mistero Hifengs' surrealistic photos now on display at our gallery.

Do visit Nitroglobus Gallery coz it's really worthwhile!
Here's your taxi

dikke kus

mesh sculpture 'dancing fat women' by Nitro Fireguard

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Hidden Faces - New exhibit at Nitroglobus Gallery

Hidden Faces

Sneak preview: 'Hidden Faces' the new exhibition at Nitroglobus Gallery, which will be on display till half February.
Artists: Mistero Hifeng & Nitro Fireguard.

Opening: Wednesday evening 16th January 21.00 hrs  (Paris time) 
Opening party: tbd. Keep you posted!

dikke kus

Here's your taxi to the galllery 

Monday 14 January 2013


Cann't get enough of the Cica Ghost installation at Nitroglobus ^^ 

Showing you Destiny a NEW Sn@tch mesh dress I bought this weekend. Love it, coz this is really my style and could well be a RL dress. 
Destiny comes in many colors, which you all receive in one size (your size).

Wearing this weeks Truth Edith mesh hair, but this time with a black hat. I love this hair.

dikke kus

Edith in Splash dress

NEW dress and hair and last chance to take a photo surrounded by the 'Pieces of Cica' installation at Nitroglobus. I will miss it tomorrow, coz then Cica will take away all and we will change on Monday and Tuesday. However, the next installation/exhibition will be super cool too! 

SYSY's mesh Splashdress in steelgreen. I love this dress, for a change size S fits me purrrrfect and lol it makes me feel so slim ^^
Nah, joking it's a lovely dress and available in many cool colors. 

The other new item is one of this weeks new Truth hairs called Edith, which comes with a tintable hat. Super cool mesh hair!

The skin I am wearing is not new; it's the Tuli Eva skin. Tuli hasn't been active in SL for the past year (maybe longer), which is a pitty coz she made super skins.
Oh and the little guy in the back is ARnnO, a photographer friend. We wanted to take some shots of the Cica installation before it's gone and put on his party outfit ;-)

dikke kus

Friday 11 January 2013

Last chance to visit 'Pieces of Cica' at Nitroglobus Gallery

This weekend (up and including Sunday 13 January) is your last opportunity to visit the installation 'Pieces of Cica' by Cica Ghost at Nitroglobus Gallery.
We will change after the weekend, AND come back with a surprising and inspiring installation/exhibition.Here's your taxi to our galllery  

AND... YEAH as of today (Friday 11 January) we are in the official SL Destination Guide.
Please LIKE .... that's if you like ^^
Here's the url: secondlife.com/destination/nitroglobus-gallery
Wishing you a great cold (maybe skating?) weekend!
dikke kus

Thursday 10 January 2013


Not much newish today only the fedora, which btw is super cute sooo there you go:

NEW CC (Couture Chapeau) Capreze Fedora Red Sequins, which includes a sizing menu. Cool hat don't yah think?

dikke kus

Photo taken at Nitroglobus Galllery where you can enjoy the installation 'Pieces of Cica' by Cica Ghost till this Sunday, 13th January. Next week we change. 

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Naughty Schoolgirl outfit

pose used DM Driftwood (NEW)

I spent too much money this evening on items I wanted to buy for a long time. I went to Maitreya and finally bought the mesh Jazz boots in black (super cool) AND moreover the cool mini mesh skirt of the same designer in black. Onyx LeShelle of Maitreya is definitely one of my fav designers and has been for years. In my opinion Maitreya makes really geat mesh items.  

Also new is the DM pose Driftwood I used and plan to use some more.

The rest all comes from my closet:
SHINE mesh Satchel bag zebra
coldLogic top waid ebony
Bax ornament leggings fishnet
Fishy Strawberry waist belt plum
Miel RE TIE for girls (former happy Fathers day gift)
Fishy Strawberry college glasses
Elikatira hair Sound in Firey Red 06
SLINK mesh hands Elegant
Mayfly deep sky eyes monet dawn shadow
Anna shapes Angel model
the body co Summer skin
Mandala pearl rain season bracelets maple black

All photos made at Nitroglobus Gallery, Cica Ghost installation 'Pieces of Cica'.
If you haven't visited 'Pieces of Cica' do so this week before we change.
Here's your taxi

dikke kus
my naughty schoolgirl outfit ^^

detail of the zipper and the texture of the Maitreya mesh mini skirt and the great fit of the Jazz boots

Saturday 5 January 2013

The day after the party

Cica (right) with Quan

Yesterday (4th January) we (= Nitroglobus Gallery) organized a black & white party for Cica Ghost.
It was an enormous success, i.e. many came, others couldn't get in coz the sim was overloaded most of the time :-(, but hey cannot have it all not even in SL.

Soo many photos were made by those (photographers) present, really awesome. Wanna see more? Visit Nitroglobus Gallery on Flickr or watch Nitro's  video of the B/W party:

Cica her installation 'Pieces of Cica' will be in place at Nitroglobus Gallery for another week. We intend to change around 15th January.

dikke kus
Cica Ghost

Kooky trying to transform into a black cat ...

Before the party; waiting for the guests to arrive

Friday 4 January 2013

Tomboy Dido

Elikatira (e) mesh hair Sound in Firey Red -  NEW super cool hair, I luv this style muchos!

As Nitro was not around I stole his awesome Kal Rau casual mesh blazer with hoodie. He won't mind coz he will smell my perfume, which he loves, when he wears ^^
Only problem is that my tits are gone when wearing this male jacket ... lol I'm a tomboy.

I might ask the designer to make one for girls too, coz I know there are more girls interested. For instance my friend Kooky bought the jacket (see her blog post on this topic). It's really good quality, super nicely made, great textures and details AND the hud gives you many hoodie colors. 
BUT hey there already are so many great female clothes and them boys they have soo little, so why am I complaining.

Btw the scrts Leo mesh jeans and the H.O.D. necklace both come from my closet.

Wish you all a super weekend!
dikke kus

Pose used: ILAYA kneel

Thursday 3 January 2013

Dead Dollz

The other day I greeted Kiddo Oh, who visited our gallery. She wasn't in a talkative mood, being very busy it seemed. Besides welcoming, I complimented her on her outfit coz I really liked the long lace dress she was wearing. 
I was surprised, however, when I received a notecard from her that evening in which she explained why she hadn't been talkative; she had visited the gallery looking for inspiration for an advertising photo for the dress she was wearing, which is a new release AND that she was sending me the dress as a gift! Arghhh, wow super kind of her!

Of course I visited her shop Dead Dollz, where I acquired also another outfit ^^, AND I decided to blog this awesome mesh lace dress Black Beauty.
Here's your taxi to Dead Dollz. 

Pose used comes from PoStyle. They have nice poses for mesh outfits, worth a visit: here's your taxi

All the rest comes from my overweighted closet (sighs):
Hair & Pony (separate items): LeLutka JASMINE in Almost Goth
Necklace & bracelets: Mandala pearl rain in maple black
Facial Tattoo: KOOQLA Winterbloom black
Body Tattoo: S*E (Sparkly Ephelant) Part-Che - Wildflowers
Earrings: PiNK CHERRY black Disco 
SLINK mesh hands Elegant

dikke kus

Black & White party

You are all invited as long as you wear a black and/or white outfit.
dikke kus

Wednesday 2 January 2013


SYSY's mesh Racerdress. Now this is a cool dress that comes in many many great color schedules; showing redvamp.
All the rest comes from my too extensive closet. I tried to clean during the holidays but mmm sighs ....

Urban setting, made in 3d max and uploaded to SL by MiND Vision. Wow, this is so nicely made: great details and textures. More info on marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/125331, or contact MiND inworld
However, you can visit and take great photos of course like Kooky and I did ^^. Here's your urban taxi 

dikke kus

Ronda's Mushrooms

At the start of this year I'd like to give attention to a place worth exploring: Ronda's Mushrooms as I call it, although the correct name of the landmark I received is 'Eyelands' 
Designer is Ronda Saunders, a friend and very talented lady. 

Nitro and I went exploring the other day and we truly loved it! Sooo we invited Ron to exhibit at our gallery in the near future. Keep you posted ^^
Curious? Here's your taxi to Eyelands
dikke kus


Wow, my dear friend Kooky (see her blog Kooky's Clobber) gave me a link to this shop called Chillie, where they sell a 'SMARTMESH' leather jacket. Yep smartmesh meaning you receive only ONE mesh jacket, which fits all! Sooo cool. 
For now Chillie offers only the Rider leather jacket in many colors, but more items coming. Showing the pink jacket, which you receive after joining the Chillie group (free joining). There is a hud included in the folder that gives you the opportunity to change: the texture of the leather, the color of lining, zipper and brand. 

This is promissing, I luv this smartmesh which gives you the opportunity to use your own measurements instead of having to fit into standard sizing and having to change your shape over and over again.  
Here's your taxi to Chillie.

Furthermore wearing and also NEW is the lovely Truth Group Gift 'Happy 2013'. Cool hair; a great start of another Truth year.

The Maitreya bodysuit de la Ruche in black, the mesh Sn@tch velvet skirt in wine, the PiNK CHERRY disco earrings in pink and the Blowpop seamed fishnet torn tights come from my closet.

Coz I couldn't decide which photo to use, I placed them both ^^
dikke kus