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Tuesday 19 July 2022

ALONE by Mihailsk


The June 2022 exhibition @ Nitroglobus main hall: ALONE by Mihailsk. Shame on me for publishing soo late. Too late to visit this wonderful exhibition by Mihailsk, however, I will publish images and reviews written about the exhibition ALONE in order to be complete.

Mihailsk returned to Nitroglobus with 14 monochrome works expressing his devastating mood. At the time Mihailsk made these works he felt lost. However, he describes his state of mind much better than I am able to.

Description by Mihailsk of ALONE:
There are moments in life when you feel like you are losing everything; the laughter, the joy, in short the color disappears from your life. You are ALONE, nude, mourning about what you lost. You have to find the strength to stand on your own feet again and find the light in the darkness that surrounds you.
A week alone: me and myself. stripped of thoughts, feelings, clothes.
Absence, falling into the void, tears, sinking into myself. Dangerous balance, escape, mute crying, introversion, denial.

The images I made in the period described above are moments from a sad, lonely week.
Me in black and white.


The opening party was on MONDAY, 6 JUNE, 12 PM SLT with music by DJ Daddio Dow and  particles by Kurk Mumfuzz

poster made by David Silence

Special thanks goes to David Silence for creating the excellent poster based on a work of Mihailsk & to Adwehe for the sublime light art she created specially for this exhibition. And of course to Miha for his trust in me.


Several REVIEWS were published. My sincere THANKS to all the reviewers! Appreciate a lot!

Focus Magazine June 2022 published an article in ART ON TOUR written by Kitten


Inara Pey wrote this article in her blog Living in a Modem World 

image by Inara Pey

'as Mihailsk notes – nudity is the most physical manifestation of helplessness / being alone. When nude, we have nothing by which to hide our condition; we are literally and metaphorically laid bare to the world and our scars are openly visible; scars that are not necessarily physical, but certainly emotional (and represented here by the tattoos, marks and drawings present on Mihailsk’s torso and face). Thus its use within these images is a literal expression of naked emotion.'


Diomita also wrote an article in her blog 'Diomita & Jenny Maurer's blog

image by Diomita Maurer

'There is even a weak hologram of Mihailsk as if he and his pain were present in the exhibition. Looking at the pictures you can feel the pain, and most probably you have been yourself in such a situation already – I have been and I know the feeling, the helplessness, the finality, the absence of hope, the knowledge that life won’t be the same anymore. It takes time to get on your feet again, to continue. But it won’t be the same life anymore. Really great and expressive photographs, Mihailsk!


Last but not least Frank Atisso wrote an article about ALONE in ART KORNER

image by Frank Atisso

'The pain, sorrow and loneliness of the heart is clearly visible in Mihailsk's images. As the color disappeared from his life, it is not surprising that the artist chose the medium of black and white to further emphasize the darkness in his life and also perhaps because in the moment, everything seemed bleak and miserable.

Each of us, at some point, has felt this emotion - the deep sadness and regret that makes us think all is lost. And then, one often sits alone staring into blank space, thinking things over and over, trying to process what has happened, reliving the memories that sting like a pin as the tears start streaming from our eyes.'


OPENING PARTY (some snapshots I made)

main players of the opening party: left top DJ hEIN!, who saved the party when jumping in to replace DJ Daddio, who lost his internet connection during 1 hour, DJ Daddio, Kurk Mumfuzz, the particles man and on the right Mihailsk the artist.