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Wednesday 29 August 2012


Going away on a short trip to Munich. Cu soon!
dikke kus

Tuesday 28 August 2012

SALE at coldLogic

Yep hurry ladies coz there is a SALE at one of the shops in SL that have really great mesh clothes; talking about coldLogic.
I went, looked and bought, simply impossible to resist ^^

First of all I bought this cool mesh set in taupe and ebony; it consists of the waid top and the eise trousers. Luv it!

I combined the taupe set with one of my a fav items; the Amarelo Manga fur collar (part of the Overall Marcelle outfit).  
With the ebony set I wear League Wanderer black necklace.
The belt is a long ago GG from Coco and an old time fav.  
Wearing no shoes but my Slink mesh feet

This coldLogic mesh romper mathis in crimson is sooo nicely made look at the detailed sleeves: luv it! Combined the romper with my new Bax Ornament leggings fishnet and my mesh Maitreya Radical boots red reptile. 

Also NEW is the cool Juicy Box (JB) Mecha tattoo. Thx for the bloggers review item!

Poses used in all 3 photos above are Del May (DM). I am a fan ^^ 

From my closet:
Hair: Truth Kalle 2 w/roots in mahogany with tintable band.
Skin: The body co. Summer
Facial piercings: Acide Jam Grey & TSS darken eyebrow
Eyes: Mayfly Deep sky Monet Dawn Shadow
Gloves & upper arm bracelet: LouLou&Co 

dikke kus

Saturday 25 August 2012

Home made

Hey look at my top it's a real 'Nitroglobus' ^^
Nitro made this mesh top with a design that's based on one of his RL paintings. Soooo proud of my guy.

Do watch my new BAX Ornament leggings fishnet; luv them coz they are silky and smooth AND without the dreadful texture clashing on my legs sides. Great product, that comes in many supa patterns/designs.

Enjoy your weekend!
dikke kus

Pose used: ED (Eternal Dream) Womenstuff

Friday 24 August 2012

Lola is closing

I already mentioned the closing of Lola in my blogpost 'Izzie & Helena at Circo Loon'. Next to the cute mesh skirt I also bought this Virginia mesh black lace shirt (no alpha layer needed). Here there's a saying 'one cannot stand on one leg' ^^

Also NEW is the EMO-tions Tracey hair, which I bought this week at My Attic @ the Deck. Loads of nice stuff there for little money (L$ 95) from 21 through to 31 August.

From my closet:
black mini skirt Atomic of Apple May Design  
The DRD christineBW half mask (part of outfit)
SSD Frils Bijou Roulette jewelry set (earrings & princess necklace)
Hot Stuff floreal body tattoo
Plastik facial tattoo

Photos taken at Circo Loon. Do visit you won't regret!

Wish you all a SUPA weekend!
dikke kus

Izzie & Helena at Circo Loon

Showing Izzie, this weeks new Truth mesh hair w/roots in quince and streaks. Did you notice the cute (tintable) bow? Yeah, another awesome Truth hair and this week there's only one. Mmm, wonder if Truth is getting lazy ^^

The other item I wanna show you is the Lola Helena mesh mini skirt (design: animals)
I received a group notice that Lola shop is closing and all items are prized to 20 L$! So of course I rushed over and couldn't resist to buy some.
Here's your taxi to Lola

All photos were taken at Circo Loon a lovely sim I visited this evening with loads of pose balls and fun stuff. Have fun!

dikke kus

Nitro and I enjoying a slow dance 

Nitro, Kara and I, so much fun to meet Flickr friends 

Thursday 23 August 2012

Shaken not Stirred

It's been a while but yeah wearing Mina hair. This one is called Ingrid (name of my RL best friend ^^) including a tintable headband (HUD) and hairbases in all colours and available at My Attic. Cute cute cute, I like it, it's very 'Mina'.
There is only one hair in the pack, you can change the colors and resize 
the hair by wearing the provided HUD. Luv it!

My Attic August session from 21st of August through to August 31st offers all items for only 95L. The theme is 'Shaken not Stirred. 
Here's your taxi to the Attic.

Moreover wearing HS (Hot Stuff) items: 
the Sensation oufit that's very simple but effective ^^: tiny denim short and lace top and the Floreal Tattoo layer, which is lovely and part of the ubersexy Gold&Dark outfit.

These are a few of the many HS outfits available at the Wash's Biannual Cart Sale event that's held from Aug 15th - Sept 5th 2012.

All items are priced at L$ 10 or less and there's also a gift at 1L
Here's your taxi to the Wash.

dikke kus

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Arghh I painted my (Bria) hair pink

Pink girl these days:
Wearing the NEW Maitreya rigged Stagioni Boots (rose), which come in 3 sizes as well as in a non-rigged version; all in one folder. Great boots as one can expect from Maitreya. Luv them, definitely my style!

Also NEW is Bria one of the two new Truth hairs of this week. I like this mesh rigged hair and opted this time for a pink w/roots. Arghhhhh traditional moi painting my hair pink. Lol what will be next you wonder ^^

All photos I took at the awesome sim of Lost Town - La Citta'Perduta; a truly inspiring place (take care or you will leave with pink hair...). 
Here's your taxi

Furthermore wearing stuff from my closet (doors won't close anymore pfff):
NOYA VIP gift - Swinging Curls full body Tattoo
BDR Grace skirt (part of outfit)
HoWear Bride of Lost Souls top (part of outfit)
Amarelo Mango Flapper Onyx ring
!SSD Frils bijou roulette earrings
League Wanderer black necklace 4 discs
DRD christineBW mask (part of outfit)

dikke kus

Desert Rose by Sting (song that was played at the Lost Town sim)

Friday 17 August 2012

The Inevitability of Fate

Exploring Two Fish - The Inevitability of Fate


The Inevitability of Fate, a fabulous art installation about angry Beth and the child Lot made by Rose Borchovski. A serious theme: the holocaust of jewish people in WW2.
Worth exploring!

Wish you all a sunny weekend!
dikke kus

Summertime and the living is easy

pink mesh Mon Tissu scarf

Tropical temps here in Holland, so yesterday I bought this Mon Tissu mesh summer dress to stay cool. Luv it, coz it's a great mesh and fits my avi well i.e. I don't have to wear the alpha layer yeah! 
I walked around Mon Tissu shop and found many many nice mesh items. I added Mon Tissu to my small list of fav mesh clothes shops ^^ 
The Frock dress comes in several designs, but I liked this floral one best. Being a scarf addict in RL, I couldn't resist the mesh skinny scarf had to have it and although pink is not my color, I thought it would match the dress and my lovely pink beads sandals best. 

NEW too is the NOYA VIP gift tattoo called Swinging Curls. It comes in all layers as well as a tattoo layer. I like it and will wear this one more often. Thx for the bloggers review item.

NOYA VIP Gift Swinging curls full body tattoo  
Mon Tissu mesh Frock dress Ditsy Floral
Mon Tissu mesh Skinny Scarf - pink

From my closet:
Clawtooth Peek a boo Red mesh hair 
Izzie's Brianna skin red brows
Acide! Jam Grey piercing
Mayfly Deep sky eyes Monet Dawn Shadow
DRD ChristineBW half mask (part of outfit)
!SSD Frils - Bijou Roulette earrings
SLAVE Dressing Room mesh Beads Sandals
LOULOU&Co gloves and bracelets

dikke kus

summertime ^^

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Beach dress

Nope that's not me, it's Yoko modelling her newly acquired goodie; the rigged mesh Beach dress "Animal print" by Real Fashion. I like it and moreover it fits her purfectly! Thx Yoko for your patience ^^

Style card Yoko:

Buroughs eyes - black
Dr Life hair - Leena
Lizzi's prim lashes
Makeup by [MOCK]
Skin by Dr Life
Hair flower from Snowpaws
Sexy Mamas prim nails
Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)

Nite nite
dikke kus

photo taken at Nitroglobus Labs, my home

Tuesday 14 August 2012

UtopiaH & Electric Smoke

This is the exclusive welcome gift of Paris Metro Couture to celebrate their New Store at The Premier Mall. It's called the Electric Smoke Gown and available only at The Premier Mall. 
Here's your taxi

Furthermore wearing a new tattoo called 'Dream This Day' which I bought at UtopiaH. I am picky and seldom find a tat I really like, but hey this one is cool.

The mask I wear is part of the DRD ChristineBW outfit (lucky chair item) it's a sculptie. Wow mysterious.

From my closet:
JeSyLiLo Yummy lightskin J6BT
Mayfly Liquid Light eyes Rising Spring
Truth Cynthia hair pumpkin w/roots
Happy Finds dark owl necklace
SSD Frils Bijou roulette earrings
Water-fire-diamond ring (gift made by Nitro)
LouLou&Co Crepuscule gloves and bracelet
Hot Stuff Don't Trust me red nails

dikke kus

Jaune Amour de Paris

NEW Modish Murra August GG skin in fair 
NEW DeColores Beige Mesh skirt part of the outfit Les Amours de Paris d'Helene 

Pig Billy wrap linen
Pig Pearl bra (former FLF)
LeeZu Corazon stockings gold
Mayfly Liquid Light eyes Rising Spring
Angelic tattoo Freedom 
SSD Frils bijou roulette earrings

dikke kus

Monday 13 August 2012

Lost town


Lost Town a truly AWESOME sim to explore! Mysterious, surprising, detailed (shall I go on ^^)
here's your taxi go and see for yourselves! 

dikke kus

Saturday 11 August 2012

Damn we lost

Yeah it's weekend and I just watched our national hockey mens team lost the Olympic final arghhh :-( damn damn damn ....
Soooo no text just photo's  lol 

Slave Dressing Room mesh CorSeT M6 (thx Cristine for this awesome bloggers review item) Awesome colours, great texture and fit, this lovely corset in great colors.
Truth Elsa mesh hair w/roots in Jupiter (one of the two new hair styles this week). Yeah another great hair from a great designer. Thx Truth!

Cynful Ruffle mesh skirt dark blue (TDR) 
and more ^^
dikke kus

Friday 10 August 2012

Peek a Boo

Yeah I went shopping this evening (read 'was able to tp to') at Collabor88 and phew soo many nice items. I couldn't resist soo I bought and show you my goodies. Collabor is celebrating soo there are many many great items for sale for little money.

Iren Baroque outfit sea: awesome mesh corset+ , wich  comes in lovely colors. I picked the blue one this time ^^
Clawtooth rigged mesh Peek a Boo hair (sunset)
Elikatira mesh hair 'Found' in red

Not from Collabor but also NEW are the lovely SLAVE dressing room Braided Wedge Sandals (blue) I am wearing. Wow great quality, luv them. Thx Cristine for the bloggers review item!

From my closet: 
DL cutie jeans (Xmas gift of my dear friend Kooky)
the body co skin Summer
Mayfly Liquid light eyes Rising spring
Acide GSP 7.1 piercing Jam grey
LouLou&Co bracelet and gloves
Munique bad tattoo don't look at me
Juicy Box tattoo In your dreams
!SSD Frills Bijou Roulette earrings

dikke kus

Elikatira mesh hair Found in red

SLAVE dressing room Braided Wedge Sandals 

Thursday 9 August 2012

Amanda in Tuscany

When exploring the country side one needs sporty clothes to be able to climb on hay bales. Sooo wearing the NEW M&M Amanda Blue outfit, which consists of a short jeans with belt in pants layer and a mesh ladies cardigan in blue with white top (one item). Wow this is nice! 

Also wearing another pair of the NEW SLAVE Dressing Room beads sandals; this time the violet ones.
My Clawtooth Going Steady hair 
the body co Summer skin
Mayfly Liquid Light eyes Rising Spring
Munique Bad tattoo Don't look at me
BJuicy Box In your dreams tattoo
Flower eye patch black wish BND TNB 2011 special edition

Photos taken at Cap Estel/a tuscan summer a lovely place to walk around or take the carriage for a tour and take loads of pictures of course ^^. 
Here's your taxi

Dikke kus

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Crystall Dunes


I visited Crystall Dunes, the private sim of Neva Crystall, this evening. Just in time coz it will be open until August 8th! Soooo if you wanna visit well you have to hurry. It's worthwhile though; coz it's really a lovely place. Thx Neva for sharing! I took loads of pics, among them these to show you a few new items.

First of all I wanted to blog the SLAVE DreSSing RooM mesh S Sandals. I received the bloggers review folder this weekend containing several lovely colors. Wow great sandals, love them! Thx Cristine!

The other new item is the Cynful mesh Ruffle skirt dark blue, which I bought at TDR last nite: cute cute cute. Pff not easy to find a thong to fit under it. I finally choose the LoveCats Twilight thong, which is supa tiny, but still visible. Oh well hope you don't mind ^^

The top is the urbana Zina top night from the Vintage Fair, which I blogged yesterday.
Hair: Clawtooth Going Steady - girl next door (from the Hair Fair)
Eyes: Mayfly Liquid Light - Rising Spring
Skin: the body co. Summer 
Gloves and bracelet are from LouLou&Co

That's it nite nite
dikke kus

Fun coz RL I have the same color nailpolish on my toes at the moment ^^

Tuesday 7 August 2012


Wow, I truly love this DeColores Psly black mesh Boho skirt. Besides the fact that it fits my avi so well, the textures and design are super tooo. Yeah, a great skirt this is! It comes with a nice Tee in top, shirt and jacket layer, BUT ... I combined it with the urbana Zina top night; an awesome top I bought at the Vintage Fair this evening. 

Zina comes in 3 layers and it's so nicely made with an eye for detail and perfection! Luv it.

dikke kus

Monday 6 August 2012

Goodbyes are no fun

Nope they are not. 
This photo I made last Thursday when saying goodbye to Nitro who will be enjoying his RL holidays. Hope you will enjoy yourself sweetie, will miss you though.. muchly!

red nails from Hot Stuff, which are part of the outfit Dont' Trust me' as well as the really awesome Amarelo Manga ring Flapper Onyx (part of a set). Wow I love this big ring!

dikke kus

M. Sharple

Wearing another awesome Paris Metro Couture dress called M. Sharple gown
Now this one I put on when visiting the amazing Virtual Unreality Party at Kou!
Luv the back of this dress muchly tooo.  

Nite nite ^^
dikke kus