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Saturday 30 November 2013

Closing party at Nitroglobus

This evening, 29th November, Nitro andn I had our Closing party for the exhibit 'Secret Places' at Nitroglobus gallery. Phew first time after 1,5 yrs my work is exhibited in the main hall of our gallery. Feels wonderful I must say, however, after this weekend we will be changing exhibits and the gallery will be totally utterly changed.

Sooooo if you wanna see our exhibit i.e. my NUDES and Nitro's MAZE filled with mesh sculptures; do visit this WEEKEND.

dikke kus and hope to cu at Nitroglobus gallery

Friday 22 November 2013

My Attic items and JD GG again

Showing two items of the many available right now at My Attic till the 31st of November. Theme this time is 'Baby it's Cold Outside' 

SYSY's mesh CoCo Suede dress in Moss - (available in many great colors) is well cut, has a great fitting and texture and moreover is warm and comfy to wear. 

MINA has a new hair called Carlijn, which is ONLY available at The Attic for the reduced price of 95 L$. Carlijn comes with a HUD to change the color of hair and texture of the cap. After all it's cold outside so a warm cap it had to be.

What an awesome GG, these JD boots Tundra in Kaki Suede are. I luvvv the stockings with belts and the socks that come with these boots. 
You can change the color of some parts of the boots, the socks and stockings with a HUD.
Yes I blogged these boots before, but not the stockings with belts ^^

dikke kus

Thursday 21 November 2013


I have this Noirette dress of Vita's Boudoir in my invent for a while. I bought it a while ago for only 100 L$  and didn't unpack untill yesterday evening. 

WOW I am completely in love with this lace dress that consists of system layers, mesh skirt and sculpted items (skirt and collar both not shown coz I love it's simplicity without ^^). Wonderful textures and design; look at the back how nicely cut; SUPER!
Yep definitely a fav

Two not new items, which I blogged before, but luvvv muchly atm are:
Nadia hair from LaViere & the Collar Resort Necklace from Swallow, which is a TDR (The Dressing Room) item.

Posed used: Label Motion - Fairy Pose (also a TDR item).

Photos made at Shoetopia. Phew not easy to get there and when I finally arrived there was a lot of lag & dramatic crashing. I couldn't buy a demo coz my money was gone (-1 L$ in my SL purse) and I ended up at a Noob Hub when I tried to tp home arghhhh.
BUT it was of course worth all the effort: gave me a good overview of what's HAWT atm. I saw a lot of cool shoes, boots as well as shoes for SLINK feet.

dikke kus

Tuesday 19 November 2013

not Made in Your World


H.E.D. mesh Rockers Leather Jacket, which comes with a HUD, that lets you change the color (black or white) AND the print on the back of the jacket. I choose white and this cute print ^^

The other cool NEW item are the BDR's mesh shiny Platform leggings 'not Made in Your World', (including boots/shoes). 
The various HUD's included let you change the texture/color of the leggings (basic colors, bicolor, camo, leopard, tripes etc). I am wearing stripes in black. Wow this is such a super cool pair of leggings. Luv it!!!!! 

I like to thank the designers mentioned above for there cool Bloggers Review items.

Furthermore showing:

LaViere - Nadia hair. Wearing dark chocolate and the alpha layer. Wow, super, super cool hair. I love this style.

^^Swallow^^ Collar Necklace Resort black another TDR item. Showed this collar before in a former blog post.

The non-mesh, system layer, but really super top I am wearing is the Maitreya Bratop in black. Hey hey I love this item coz it always comes in handy.

dikke kus

Thursday 14 November 2013

Secret Places, explore and be surprised !

Wander around in Nitro's maze, admire his mesh sculptures and be surprised and scared what's going on there1
Admire my Nudes (ahum...)

In other words come, explore and enjoy yourselves at Nitroglobus Gallery.
Here's your taxi to our gallery: 

dikke kus

Wednesday 13 November 2013

H.E.D.'s Fall's Fav dress & new TDR items

NEW this super mesh H.E.D. Fall's Fav dress in red and also showing the grey version as the dress comes with a color changing HUD. Wow what a great dress, look at the natural folds and how it fits around my pixel body! 

Kunglers Celine pumps red, which I bought at latest TDR (The Dressing Room). Luv them!

^^Swallow^^ Collar Necklace Resort black another TDR item. Cute, cute, cute!

Furthermore wearing:
Monso mesh My Leg Warmer in black from ColorPack2. Not new (September 2013) but definitely one of my a fav items coz I luvv socks and leg warmers ^^

Poses used: ED (Eternal Dream) Poses Shoots (Bloggers Review pack 12 October 2013)

I am posing for the mesh art object Nitro made and which we used as the invitation to our new exhibition 'Secret Places' (see my blog of a few days ago). 
Moreover, this sign is also at the entrance of Nitro's MAZE at Nitroglobus gallery atm. The MAZE is exciting to explore (there was a murder and you will find blood everywhere, a corps and more ....  )
Here's your taxi to our gallery.

Dikke kus

Monday 11 November 2013

Secret Places, November exhibition at Nitroglobus Gallery

Secret Places shows during the month of November work of both Dido and Nitro, the owners of Nitroglobus gallery.

Dido made new work, mainly nudes and Nitro made a Maze with inside lots of new mesh art works as well as some of Dido's photos.
Teamwork indeed.

Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus gallery

dikke kus

Saturday 9 November 2013

Kake's fan

First of all a closer look at my new Elysium Lena skin, with make-up from my closet among them the Izzie's dark red lipstick. Hey I love this skin.

Next are 2 NEW VG items:

  • the VG mesh Biker Jacket Damask in red: hey this is a fav coz I like the model, the color as well as the texture and 
  • the VG Xtreme Pumps, which come with a HUD to change the size, shoe color (3 different color options inside) as well as the skin color.
The KOSH uncut necklace is not brand new (September) but very nice. 

A have-to-have item is the Coco Chanel Hula Hoop bag created by my friend Kake Broek. 
Hey who doesn't wanna walk around carrying this CC bag? I am wearing the black & white giant version on the photo.

Shown above is the texture that was inside the folder with all the different bags (size, color) Kake gave me. But don't let the prize mentioned here put you off ladies, first please take a look at this too funny movie Kake made: http://www.flickr.com/photos/philsidek/10728561063/
Recognized the guy in the white suit? ^^

Pose used 'Fairy Pose' by Label Motion (TDR Fusion)

Wish you all a super weekend!
dikke kus

VG Xtreme pumps

Friday 8 November 2013

Tundra Hunter girl

Last week I discovered a great shop called !gO! and bought among other things this really awesomely made mesh outfit called Hunter Girl. The outfit comes in several colors (showing brown) and with a mesh wrap in 3 sizes. 
I couldn't resist to take several photos of the outfit and of the great textures on the hip/upper leg and the wrap: look at those details! 
I showed Hunter girl to my friend who is a designer herself and even she was impressed ^^.

The other NEW item I am wearing are the JD GG boots Tundra in kaki suede. To fit Hunter girl I am not wearing the mesh socks nor stockings that come with the boots, however, opted to show the skin. The HUD that lets you change the color of details of the boot as well as of the socks/stockings works very well. Luvvv these booties ^^

No idea if you noticed but I changed my shape! Arghhhh, I gained weight lol! 
The skin is new too: Elysium - Lena in fair. Sooo Nitro, my SL BF has a new GF, fortunately he likes.

Poses used are called Desire by miwa Poses, except one which is made by Mimesis Monday, who makes poses for prose and poetry.

Dikke kus

pose SuppressedRedRidingHood by Mimesis

Monday 4 November 2013

Shopping at TDR Fusion

Yep Sunday is shopping day and this time I bought at TDR (The Dressing Room Fusion):
  • the awesome sooo well textured and made (look at the details arghhh super) mesh Drift city coat Onyx Tweed. Luv it!
  • the YS&YS Irene Autumn Skin which I am wearing with the red eyebrow & breast tattoo layer. There are 2 skins in the folder with and without teeth (both showing) and loads of tattoo layers for eyebrows, hairbase, eyelashes etc 
Photo taken at the NEW LEA17 art sim, worthwhile to visit

I also bought the cute Cynful Vale's Sweatshirt dress in dark teal (not mesh). 
As well as the Fairy Poses from Label Motion which I used to make most of these pics ^^

The hair is Lelutka's Jasmine hair & pony in walnutwhip and not new.

dikke kus

YS&YS Irene Autumn skin with teeth