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Wednesday 29 September 2010

Soul Divas Isolde and Delora

I felt showered with gifts today when I received the Magika Delora hair in 5 color packs. All color packs (blond, brown, red, B&W and colors) include a mirrored version of the Delora hair and.... a HUD. Arghhh, I love this hud, it allows me to choose the color of my choice, take some hair into my mouth (big smile) and color part of my hair in a different shade.  
Moreover this solution saves a lot of space in my invent. 

The next (group)gift I received was Exodi Isolde skin-17 in all tones. It comes with eyelashes and in several options: Dark/Light Freckles, Cleavage AND V2 compatible underlayer hairbases in 4 colors. Awww love this!
Joining fee is 250 L$ for which you will receive Exodi GG every month as well as a membership discount of 10% on any skin.

Exodi Isolde Vivante- 17 skin
Magika Delora hair blond  

Cardigan: Soul Divas Gray Bliss and believe it or not ... it's a freebie! 
As are the Gray Bliss flat boots I am wearing. Now this really is an awesome freebie so here is your taxi to Soul Divas. 

From my invent:
Skirt: part of RunoRuno silk dress medium
Socks: LeeZu Baxter PunkStockings blue stripes
Gloves: XTC Shirtley lace glove

Dikke kus

Monday 27 September 2010

Green leaves at Elate

Green, greener, greenest... wearing the Seasons hunt gift of Elate: Mei Emerald lace minidress which comes in several layers and with prims for skirt and bow. I have loved Elate dresses for SL ages. There are many in my invent.  

Being in a green mood I combined the dress with my R.icielli Gabriela militaryjacket and my recently acquired Kookie Nyox boots (FLF 24.09)
Lelutka Ava tan skin and Seth hair AlmostGoth (GG).
From my invent: an oldtime favorite the LeeZu Corazon stockings in green. 

Dikke kus

Picture taken in the Elate store ;-)

Autumn leaves

Hunt and gift girl ;-) wearing the awesome Babycakes fall parasol in my hand. I admit I saw in another blog, but just loved it soooo much, had to have it ;-)
Dikke kus 

Two seasons hunt prizes: 
+Mocha+ fallen acorn mini (khaki) skirt 
Pig there b leaves on it cardigan

Lelutka Ava skin tanned (GG)
MINA Lulu (dark chocolate) hair (NEW)
Plastik Bordello leggings fray-jade
B-nuts star necklace and lip piercing (FFH2)

Sunday 26 September 2010


Lelutka showered me with gifts this evening: awesome Ava skin (showing light skin), fatpack of Seth hair (showing Sweeden) and CADMIO bag (smoked/topaz) which comes with an AO. 

Dikke kus

Armidi grace jeans
Grixdale/Tyranny Deco layered necklace top sterling
Maitreya leather belt faded blue
Dark Mouse chocolate sparkles earrings
XTC Shirley lace gloves

Ava and Lulu

Wow so many (review) gifts on a late Saturday night. 
  • Lelutka skin Ava tan and 
  • New MINA hair 'Lulu' (showing dark chocolate). Not free.
    Thanks Mina for the review copy. I love this hair, it looks gooood on my avi!
  • The Deco layered necklace top (sterling) I am wearing is from Grixdale/Tyranny (Project Themeory 26.09, theme this week was Art Impressions).

Dikke kus

Saturday 25 September 2010

A bit of O...

And now for something completely different .... (smiles)

A lazy Saturday afternoon in SL (raining in RL) and me visiting an 'O' place,  based on histoire d'O (the French story of the slave 'O'). Where I met guys that like to dominate girls and girls that like to be dominated. 
I had great fun and yeah I learned about this experience, as I always do.
Shoot some pics of me and my master of the moment - whom I met there -, sitting on his lap in the library. Other pic showing visitors of the place. Nice books don't you think. Lot of wisdom there, must be ... ;-)

What did I learn, .... let me shut my big mouth coz I like to return for further exploration. Definitely an interesting place to enjoy.

Dikke kus

Friday 24 September 2010

Make him over ...

I met him at a store, his name is Raul. We started talking and he told me he liked the Make Him Over Hunt. I told him I liked his avi and would like to dedicate a blog item on him and the hunt. 
Soooo here he is wearing stuff from the hunt and looking good!

Thanks Raul for your patience!
Dikke kus

Raul is wearing:
Hair form AITUI  - MHOH4 no.4
Eyes from DNA (cloning Facility) - MHOH4 no. 27
Belt from Equilibrium Design - MHOH4 no 75
Bracelet from Rozoregalia - MHOH4 no. 10

Tribal necklace from GQ Fashions 
Pants are from Robbish (Raul told me they felt so soft on his skin ;-)
His skin is from a store called The best avatar in SL (hey I like this male skin)

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Closing Sale at GryphonWings (GW)

The two color shirt I am wearing with separate prim collar is from  GryphonWings (GW). A lovely shop that however is closing. Thanks Emma for telling me ;-)
The owner/designer of GW is going to focus on her RL. So hurry coz I have no idea when this closing sale will end. Almost all items are priced 10-75 L$
taxi to GW

Skin: Tuli Audrey tone 2 (VIP group preview gift September)
Hair: Diva Haruka (former GG)
Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes Easter Lilac (former GG)
Shirt: GW Arum Tunic RedDusk 
Short: Grasp short pants dal A1
Shoes: ALB (Analee Balut) Bizarre boots (awesome recent GG!)
Stockings: Miel LO refurbished socks - muticolor (former GG)
Gloves: XTC Shirley Lace
Tattoo: Katatonik Fruit Swirl sleeves (latest FLF)
Lip piercing: B.Nuts star (FFH2 see my blog on B.Nuts)
Earrings: Seville Pearl Drop Tuttle's and Co (not sure if this shop still exists) 

Big Daddy's 80's club

Big Daddy's rocks. I had great fun there last Sunday on pirates night. Seems this place is very hot lately as it is high up in the top 10 of popular places.
Well I revisited today and liked it.

me dancing, on stage: DJ ChrissyJune & host Joy
Here is your taxi
Dikke kus

Friday 10 September 2010

Ulrika with dimples and freckles

L.Fauna 2.0 tattoo Dimples and Freckles: I love it ... and best thing is it was one of the FLF items this Friday 10 September. So cute the dimples in my cheeks and I have been freckles lover for ages. So now all my skins can have freckles and dimples with this tattoo layer. 

Wearing another FLF item, the Atilleri top Ulrika. Yep this sure makes me think of Heidi. Well very applicable as I will visit Cologne this looong weekend RL.  

Wishing you all a sunny weekend!
Dikke kus

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Phoenix rising from the Emerald grave

Yesterday I received the following email from Linden Lab, which pissed me off. Blergh I like the Emerald Viewer and hate politics and power play. 

Dear Second Life Resident,

As of 10am PT Wednesday, September 8, the Emerald Viewer will be blocked from logging in to Second Life as a result of violations of our Policy on Third Party Viewers. Residents who have been using any version of the Emerald Viewer will need to use a different Viewer to access Second Life.
You can download the official Second Life Viewer, developed by Linden Lab, here.
Or, you can learn more about alternative Viewers, developed by third parties, here.
Please be aware that attempting to circumvent our blocking to access Second Life with a banned Viewer is a violation of the Policy on Third Party Viewers and may result in the loss of one's account. For more information, please read the blog post.

Joe Linden
VP, Platform & Technology Development

My initial reaction was to kick ass and I placed a pissed of blog. However, (me/ sighs) after a (too short) but good night sleep I realized this is life: changing all the time, things come and go. Yep, Second Life is no different from Real Life, although I want it to be. The perfect fantasy/dream world in which everybody can be what she/he wants and do whatever she/he wants.

Jule Lemondrop, an SL friend and fellow blogger (visit her awesome blog Lemondrop), who read my initial pissed of blog item and IM-ed me mentioning  the Phoenix viewer.
I downloaded the Phoenix viewer, which is more or less the same as Emerald, being developed by a former Emerald scripter who created a new team.
Thanks Jule I appreciate your help. Please forgive me for not being in the best of moods yesterday night.

(Second) Life goes on and if we wanna stay here we do too: Phoenix rising from the Emerald grave.
Or maybe there will be a new virtual sort of SL game in the near future, who knows time will tell.

* * * * * * * *

However, now (Wednesday my afternoon, which is GMT +1) after reading the blog item of Arabella Steadham, communications manager Emerald on the Emerald Forum I believe my initial gut feeling wasn't so wrong. Damn it's all politics and ego powerplay!

It's a long but interesting letter, I encourage you all to read it and then make up your mind. After all one should always listen to both sides of a story before judging! 

Dikke kus

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Girls just wanna have fun

Dikke kus

stylecards see blog item carry you, carry me

Carry you, carry me

Thanks Emma for your patience!
Dikke kus

Emma stylecard:
Skin - Atomic bambi Applesunblush
Hair - Cake - Beck
Eyes - Poetic eyes - Lilac blossoms
Shirt - BareRose Chronicle
Pants - Torrid Wear Plaids
Shoes - Jeepers Creepers All Black Buckles
Piercings - DK Piercings Anti-Brow and Septum rings
DK piercings Mouth rings and Spikes 
Tattoo - Dysotpoia Deviation from Normality
Hands - Sinistyle taped fingers

Dido stylecard:
Skin: League Taylor Sunkiss BlackIce
Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes Easter Lilac
Hair: LAQ Kira 2 
Dress: Fishy Strawberry Tube top/dress plum (NEW)
Belt: Fishy Strawberry Waist Belt plum (NEW)
Slacks: Zaara Churidar slacks plum
Boots: Fri.day Journey Boots duo eggplant
Glasses: Artilleri gladys
Gloves: XTC Shirley lace 

Necklace: Scribble - Hemp & Glass beads/red
Earrings: Dark Mouse Chocolate Sparkles

Saturday 4 September 2010

Nice game

Sometimes SL really sucks and yesterday night I had another fine example: a friend (lets call him Mr. X) told me about his SL and RL mixing up. Weirdo story as he and his SL GF were gonna meet in RL, really in love, hours in SL, emails, phone calls, etc etc well you know the story.... (sounds familiar doesn't it). 

Anyway, when returning to SL after being away for a long weekend, my friend his SL GF told him she had been intimate with her former RL lover. Tears, more tears, drama, etc. But, that's not all coz the story continues: the SL GF seems she was reckless and she might be pregnant now with her ex lovers' child. OMG what drama. My friend is devastaded and hurts. What should he do?   
Mm, yeah nice game Second Life .... 

Dikke kus

Friday 3 September 2010

MINA at the Hair Fair

MINA sent me fatpacks of her new hairs, that will be for sale at her booth at the upcoming Hair Fair. This year's Hair Fair will be from 4-19 September and Wigs for Kids is the charity of choice. MINA offers several Charity items as well as a special gift for all who visit her booth. 

Alana charcoal, MINA hair fair gift

To prevent lag as much as possible the builder, who is also the sponsor, set up two lots of two on the four available sims. Another way to combat lag this year is the demo group that is up (Hair Fair Demo Group), which is the inworld group all of the designers will be sending their demos to. More info? Read the Hairfair wordpress info.

My MINA favourites are: 
Carice (I bet Mina named this hair after the famous Dutch actress Carice van Houten), a long flexi hair which comes with a separate (!) hat. The hat has a prim menu to adjust/change scale and texture. There are 9 texture options for the hat itself, as well as for the ribbon. Luv it

Carice with scripted hat

and Thulani, which is a flexible curly updo with a texture changing sort of bandana. Fun hair and.... it's unisex so you and your BF can show up at that beach party wearing the same hair ;-)


I bet you are dying to visit MINA's booth by now, collect your gift and buy other (charity) hairs. Have a nice weekend!

Taxi to MINA's booth at the Hair Fair. 
Dikke kus

Art Box

Fun, fun, fun at Art boxArt Box is a place where you find famous paintings and photographs in great 3D detail. Many different backgrounds with pose balls in front which give you the idea you really are a part of the scene. 

I show you three: dolls house, ants and Abbey Road, but there are soooo many more. Find out yourselves and don't forget to take your camera with you, you'll need it ;-)

Dikke kus

Wednesday 1 September 2010

The Colour Purple


Skin: Dutch Touch JoSje Caramel (preview VIP Group gift)
Hair: Truth Kalista champagne
Top: Muhi part of asymmetrical bodysuit
Skirt: SMS chiffon skirt violet for The Dressing Room (NEW)
Legging: The Plastik part of Platinum Hunt outfit
Boots: Courtisane Hors 'd haleine booties violet
Gloves: XTC shirley lace gloves

Dikke kus

Sculpted JoSje

Now here is a skin that is really love at first sight coz it fits my avi so well. Wearing JoSje skin, a Dutch Touch preview skin and VIP Group gift only (join fee 250 L). Thanks Iki you are so generous. 

The attached notecard gave the following info, which made JoSje even more sympathetic: 'This face is of a girl who doesn't show any interest in winning a beauty queen contest. She is just another girl next door, cute, a bit cheeky and clever. A natural blond with common sense'. 

Sculpted me coz I wear part of the new tube top/dress of Fishy Strawberry - which can be bought at The Dressing Room (new collection is out) - and combined it with COCO's high waisted bubble skirt (polka dot). .
I love this look, but mmm hey guys don't derender me .....
Dikke kus

Tube Top Parade for TDR
Top (longer and shorter version) comes in grey and dust blue for 60 L$

Fri.day hair Tatum scronful red
Poetic Color Eyes Easter lilac
Exodi eyelashes
Dark Mouse chocolate sparkles earrings
League Ella stockings 
XTC Shirley lace gloves

JoSje Caramel EyeLiner EBBlond Freckles CL2