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Tuesday 29 December 2009

Sales at The Plastik and Magika

Wow what a classy outfit.
Inspired by the article Ner wrote in The SL Fashionista about Prelude I went there yesterday and could not resist to buy the Lundi suit she blogged. But what colour ... I bought the red outfit, although I loved the grey one too. I got some help from a stranger who asked if he could help me. He introduced himself as a designer-to-be, but did not wanna give me more info nor show me his work. Not finished yet he said and as he is a perfectionist ....  mmm patience Dido ^^

Next I rushed to The Plastik for the blue and white sales (L$ 99 for a lot of their clothes in these colours). Could not resist the grey Bordello dress and combined it with the Lundi jacket as shown in the picture. I finished the look with grey Bax boots (Le.Look Christmas gift) and a grey panty. 

Then to Magika for their L$10 sales where I bought a fatpack of my fav hair: Biji. Love that hair so much and now I have all colours for only L$ 50.

The picture was taken at Butterdish: what a beautiful place! I love how the colours of my outfit match with the surroundings. I am sure I will visit this place again.
The skin I wear is Eva, the latest group gift of Tuli 

Dikke kus

Monday 28 December 2009

Rouge Forest: post Christmas mood

 interrogating Michiel ('how was your Christmas dinner....')

Mmm, guess he flipped. Was I too hard on him ooooh noooo ^ ^

After all the sumptuous (Christmas) dinners of the last days my friend Michiel and I went exploring. You can see we are in a post Christmas mood, feeling a bit worn out ^^

Very nice place to explore btw: Rouge Forest with little sheds where you can find and buy amazing things.

Dikke zoen
Dido and Michiel

Tuesday 22 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Last weekend (17-20 December) I was in Milan to celebrate my RL birthday. It was a super weekend! However, when returning home the plane could not land because the airport was closed and I finally ended up in Luik, Belgium. From there a busride of 2 hours (after 2 hrs waiting for the bus at the airport), followed by a journey home of 2 hours in our own car through snowstorms. Yeah weather is bad here in Holland. Snow is beautiful but not when you have to travel....

Anyway, I am back home RL and SL and decided to get myself into Christmas mood and take a nice pic and wish all my SL friends a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, exciting and loving 2010 with lots of super holiday trips/vacations and of course great food (last wish is for my dear friend Sparks who's addicted to good food)!

Luv you, dikke kus

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Bloggers block & another SL home

Hi here I am again. I had a bloggers block ;-(. No lust to write nor take pics and moreover being busy as my RL home has been painted from ceiling to floor.

But I have a topic to write about now: I have moved in SL! Arghhh after so many months I changed house and sim.

I had long thoughts about it, but last week I decided to change my sweet Japanese house at tiny Tohl island for a stylish one at a huge sim with no neighbours at all, except 1 ... the owner Alphons. My new house and veranda are not entirely furbished yet, but I feel at home and put my personal things there. Not all, as I want it to be a different house/atmosphere than my old home.

Alphons showed me several houses I could use. I had been experimenting too with placing stuff. But I want something totally different and I want it to fit into the atmosphere of the sim, which is a lovely place: beautiful, classy, no lag, vast, loads of available prims and good music.

I might organize a kind of open house/Christmas/RL birthday party for all my friends. This weekend I will be visiting RL Milan, Italy celebrating my RL birthday. Super, I am looking forward to see Milan, never been there before. It will be freezing there too as it is in Holland right now, sooo I will have to make a lot of 'stopovers' in bars and coffee places ;-)

A few pics I took of my house yesterday evening shown above, as well as my attempt to create an artistic nude ;-)

Dikke kus

Monday 14 December 2009

Another friend leaving SL

I feel sad because this morning I received a letter (notecard) from my dear friend Greg from the US that he will be leaving SL.
He explained the why and I understand him. But nevertheless it is sad to loose another SL friend. I did not see much of him during the last weeks as he found an SL GF. I met her too, a lovely girl.

Greg is so real, no nonsense, no RP, no player. He is himself and tells everybody he is. He had his skin made, looking like his RL face. I met him at a shop where he was debating to have another copy of this skin because he wanted to use it for his second avi. Lots of discussing followed with the owner of the shop. But, I liked him and we became good friends. I danced with him and we had fun at Halloween, partying at Wave.
He is not the first one to leave SL for a good reason. Wish you lots of RL happiness Greg!

Dikke kus

Friday 27 November 2009

Snow between the trees

Sair and me posing, in the back AM Radio himself


carrying my christmas tree home


This week I revisited IDIA Laboratories/AM Radio place. There is a christmas atmosphere all around (snow falling constantly): you can get an axe and get your own christmas tree to carry home on your back. Snowland with pine trees.

Super for taking pics. Go there and wander around, maybe you will meet the creator AM Radio as I did.
Awesome guy posing with me is Sair my Spanish rebel friend ;-)

Dikke kus

Monday 16 November 2009

leather jacket

This weekend I spent far too much money on clothes. I had been such a brave girl over the last weeks, but.... well must have been the autumn weather (wind, rain) that inspired me to go shopping in SL. And because of the fact that I spent lots of Linden dollars I now feel the obligation to blog about at least some of the items I bought ;-)

As I love the picture shown above I decided to start with the Aoharu black leather jacket. I combined this new item with my black Zaara slacks, the Coco (Update group gift) belt, a simple top, a pair of sunglasses and my fri-day red Deena hair, giving me exactly the look I like 'Dido style'.  

Dikke  kus

Jacket: Aoharu RollUPRiders
Skin:  Bella, Tuli
Hairs: fri.day Deena 
Slacks: Zaara
Tops: Sweetest Good-bye
Belts: Coco 
Gloves: Roars
Bracelet: Kosh

Friday 13 November 2009


Julien and me visited Mars after our Egyptian adventure. We had fun driving a Mars vehicle with a helmet on our head. I took some pics.
Awesome place do visit Da Vinci Gardens and tp to Mars ;-)

Dikke kus

Skate fun

While exploring yesterday evening I found this small but cosy skating rink. Skating in SL always makes me feel happy. I tp-ed my friend Sair and we had fun, we couldn't resist changing outfits a couple of times in search for the perfect skating outfit ;-)

I couldn't help thinking about my first time skating in SL at the Red Square in Moscow with Freda ..... aww that's almost 2 years ago.

Christmas is in the air. Shops are removing pumpkins and it won't be long now until reindeer and snow covered Christmas trees will be around. I love the Christmas atmosphere RL and SL. I will dig into my inventory soon in search of Christmas stuff to decorate my tropical island. 

Dikke kus

Thursday 12 November 2009

DIAPOP 'mijn zwarte trui'

Last week my friend Ner (do read her awesome blog entries on The SL Fashionista)  tp-ed me to DIAPOP, a shop of a Dutch designer (makes us feel good, being Dutch ourselves). We walked around and among other things we both bought the black sweater 'mijn zwarte trui', for 1 L$. Awesome!
Ner decided not to blog and I did not have in mind to do so either.

However, I noticed that these last days I wear this comfi black wool sweater a lot. Must be the RL change of weather here in Holland: rain, grey skys, cold ...
Mijn zwarte trui comes in different layers and with prims. It has nice texture, I love the shawl collar and the big buttons on the sleeves.

Dikke kus

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Raiders of the lost arc

Yesterday I worked at club J.A.G. with DJ Pietertje. That was great fun!
I am hosting there now (almost) every Tuesday evening from 1-3 SLT. So if you read this come and join me.

After 2 SLT more and more people came, among them my dear friend JulienSorel. Awww was so good to see him. We go back such a long SL time together. I took a few nice pics of us dancing. Julien looking awesome as always ;-)

After closing time Julien and I we went to explore a bit more of the Egyptian tomb (see my blog 'Tomb raider Dido').

Many more difficult pits with snakes, spiders, burning fire to cross. We had so much fun falling into the pits, being eaten by snakes. But in the end we managed to reach the inner center; the tomb  of Tutanchamon.

Dikke kus

Tuesday 10 November 2009


Awwwww yesterday evening I cleaned: I removed the chickens, took all the stuff into my invent (the coop, the food, the toys...... Yeah I know I am a brute.

BUT...I have two bunnies now hopping around. They are so cute and tiny, real baby rabbits; named them Deirdre and Alphons. They keep falling into the water as my island is really small, but somehow they managed to hop ashore. Well at least they did yesterday evening. Do hope they survived this long day. 

They are really small, have to look real good and zooooooom to spot them.
If you are curious, come visit me! 

Dikke kus
Bunny mother Dido

Monday 9 November 2009

Tomb raider Dido

Yesterday I received an IM of my friend Pietertje who told me he was exploring and being eaten by crocodiles. Of course I asked him for the LM and had to go there myself. I explored with my friends Michiel (who kept on crashing, poor guy) and later on my Japanese friend Hirotada joined me. A very detailed Egyptian pyramid where you have to find the treasure.

However, before you reach that spot you need to overcome your fear of spiders, snakes and crocodiles (among other dangers).
Do go and wet your pants trying to cross the pit with the snakes and spiders and fall in several times like I did; so much fun. Really an awesome place. I managed to take some pics. Have fun when you visit Orient Orient Kalepa

Dikke kus

SL marriage

Yesterday, Sunday 8th November was D-day for Jochem and Kyra: their SL weddingday and I was invited. Sair accompanied me and we dressed more or less according to the wish of the couple in white and red.
Sair initially was dressed in a giga prim eating outfit with wings arghhhh too much so he changed into something more comfortable. I had little time to dig into my closet so I put on my LeeZu white/red dress with my red Bax Coen boots.


Kyra looked lovely in her white sexy wedding dress with a top of sheer lace. But .... OMG the lag, lag, lag and the groom crashing a few times on the wrong moments.
Sitting on a bench and waiting, waiting.... Luckily I had dinner RL so less time for frustration. Comments of wedding guests were funny and afterwards there was a party with a live singer.

Here some pics I managed to take.
And yeah I wish the bride and groom all the best, although I personally are not a fan of SL marriages ;-)


Wednesday 4 November 2009


Yesterday Sparks read my blog. He was astonished by all the guys in there, but hardly any Sparks. Sure, I mentioned him as my pimp advisor and as chicken killer, but mmm that's not an image he liked 'a chicken killer pimp'. I had so much fun, tears running from my RL face.
However, came to think of it he is right there are so many men in my blogs and my oldest and dearest SL friend is not there. I decided to write a long entry about him, well here it is:

Where shall I begin to tell you about my friend Sparks? Mmm, a long long story... well lets start at the beginning: our meeting at former club Hot Sax end of July 2008. I asked him to dance and he answered 'you are all grey on my screen, so how do I know I won't be sorry?'.
I answered he wouldn't be. We danced and met later the same day when he helped me looking for animations at Bits and Bobs. Of course we ended up testing the new love balls ... and of course I took him to my place (the greenhouse, I rented from Freda). Hey this is SL ..

Must have been a few days later he took me out for a dance (see pic - sorry for bad quality).
In that period I moved out of the greenhouse to my own appartment in SL, which had a steambath on top. I took this pic of Sparks in my bath.

At that time Sparks was staying in Asia (RL speaking) for a project, it was difficult to see eachother due to the time difference, but we chatted in gchat. Sometimes RP, but more and more RL stuff: we talked about work, culture, food, exchanged recipes as he loves cooking.
After a while when he was back in Europe we saw a lot more of eachother and became good friends.

love this picture of Sparks and me

 my rezzday he said 'you shouldn't be alone' and danced with me at my island

Recently, being a host at club J.A.G., Sparks has become my music advisor, my dance partner, my friend whom I can tell everything. I trust him and ask him for advise about lots of things from escorting, to choice of music, to RL things like recipes, a visit to London, etc

I really appreciated his long email with so much usefull info for a weekend in London. Super!

So from a brief affair to a RL friend, that's our story.
Love you dearly Sparks, hope we always be friends SL and RL!

Dikke kus

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Aussie man Barry

Yesterday late - I wanted to log off - my Aussie friend Barry came inworld. Yeah our time difference is a challenge indeed. We met a few weeks ago (what is time in SL?) at Avillion on a Sunday. He was such a gentleman and very politely, asked me to dance. He looked a bit noobish then, but his charm and wit compensated.
Then a few days later I received an IM from him in which he told me he had joined Gor to because a warrior. He was in training and loved the RP, the fighting. He was surprised by all the girls/slaves that were at his feet, they all told him he was so kind. Well I was not surprised. Lot of guys in Gor are assholes (not all though - having my friend Morten in mind) who like to dominate females for all the wrong reasons.

I told Barry I could come to Gor and become his slave now and then, as I am always interested in exploring new worlds. We IM-ed a lot and he told me about his RL and the things happening to him in Gor, the cartoon f*s, as he called them, with female victims of fights ('that's part of the RP hon').

He kept his promiss and this weekend he tp-ed me to Gor. He showed me around. OMG how annoyed I got from all the long sentences, the silly emoting. Pffff, no patience to read all the crap. Sorry Gor RP-ers but Dido is far to impatient for that.
Yesterday Barry told me he had a slave. He asked to see me and I tp-ed him to Thassa. Arriving on the slave ship in Thassa he got caged, but managed to escape and join me.
We ended up in a tent with a bath and lots of massage balls where I took these steamy pics ;-) 

Dikke kus

Rafting with Sair .....

My friend Sair helped me testing my new raft yesterday evening. Fun! The raft is a present I received this week. I discovered Sair is a man with many different faces, eh I mean skins ;-).  My favorite Sair skin: the Redgrave one, although the Japanese one is great too.
Pose shown: cuddle zen.
Like my lingerie? Read my blog item on WTW 

Dikke kus

Halloween parties

So many halloween gifts these lasts weeks, my invent is growing rapidly. I really have to clean and throw away stuff.
With so many Halloween clothes I had to go to a Halloween party and show off. So I started at the Halloween party at club J.A.G. and guess what I won their Halloween contest for best looking avi (shared first price). Club J.A.G. has many more contests and events coming up.
Today and tomorrow (2 & 3 November) I will be hosting from 2-3 SLT: do come and dance with me and enjoy the live DJ performing.

pics take at Wave

trying the FilterCam hud ;-) need some more practice

After the party was over I, accompanied by my US friend Greg, went to The Wave at Key West (former club Hot Sax). When we arrived at the site, we did not see anybody although lots of activity was shown on the map. Arghhh they had constructed a complete grave yard in a skybox. There was live music and contests. Greg my friend from US had changed into a grey halloween outfit, looking weirdo and I was dressed as the 'Bride of Lost Souls'. We had fun.
Liz always manages to have such a nice group of people around her who are there almost every afternoon/evening. Very friendly, always live DJ's and nice music.

It was late when I left. Greg, who is suffering RL from flu, felt a bit better he told me ;-)
Dikke kus

Friday 30 October 2009

Sexy in WTW

WTW lingerie (by Tomoe Zenovka), what a cute little store!!!! You find lingerie and sleepwear there, lots of cotton. Mmm, love the  softness, the colours and designs of Tomoe.
Could not resist buying several sets. My favourite: ver24 flower pink, which comes with a short and longer version of the top.
Thanks Pietertje for letting me use your photostudio yesterday evening. Love the pics.

Dikke kus

ver25 F*brown

ver24 flower pink

ver29 C green/pink

And sure there is a freebee too: this pink set as shown below. Cute, cuter, cutest ;-)


Again freebees at PeppermintBlue, arghhhh this time 3 BatBabydoll dresses (available till 6th Nov). On the pic I am wearing the top Batbabydoll darkorange of the outfit.
However, the folder contained full outfits: tops, babydoll dresses, short, socks and shoes. Really awesome stuff to mix and match.

ROARS Mainstore
Cross the water and you will find Roars. Here I bought the Naughty KID pants for L$100: including prims, black gloves (shown on pic) and a tattoo. 
I love the texture of these pants, the wrinkles, the torns definitely made with an eye for detail. Roars has more nice stuff for little Lindens.

Tattoo not showing on the pic cause I promissed Alphons not to take off mine -an awesome Egyptian tattoo- as long as he wears his. He showed me the super secret spot where to obtain this Egyptian tattoo, but .... I won't tell ;-)

Dikke kus

Monday 26 October 2009

Halloween fun

So much orange freebee stuff these days. Pumpkins everywere in SL, you stumble over them. But I like it, I love the atmosphere.

Yesterday I was at PeppermintBlue where I found lots of free stuff male and female. Several total outfits all in orange included skin, hair, boots, skirts, shirts. I IM-ed my friend Jochem and asked him to buy the male stuff so we could make a pic for this blog entry.
In the pics I am wearing a combination: boots, socks and short of PeppermintBlue and the Sen*2 LongTshirt(dot) Blond.

Jochem wears one of the male PeppermintBlue outfits: leather jacket, jeans and boots. 



When going through my Halloween folder I found this oldtime fav orange dres, last years gift of Fishy Strawberry.


Dikke kus Dido